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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

Sorry about the delay, but here's your review for Survivor Series, finally.

The match style is kind of weird, I don't know if it's meant to be recaps or endings. You're not really recapping the match but if this was in full all the matches would be too short. i suggest for the future, writing only the endings of the match so you can write in full but get away with not writing as much.

Anyway, for match one, the right man won in the right fashion, but wouldn't Ziggler rush to help Maria if she got injured, or at least attend to her after the match? And why were medics out there to attend to Mark Henry, who was just knocked to the floor.

Again with match two, the style disappoints me because there's no real flow so it's hard to get into the match. The right man won again but once more it's hard to comment on the match itself.

I'm happy with a tag team battle royale on Smackdown, but it only seems like the announcement was made here to get RVD/MVP to appear on the show. Good tag team although they'd probably be better suited to singles competition.

The tag team match is weird. I didn't know what was going on, whether Santino is serious or not and whether Ranjin Singh is meant to be wrestling. Sorry but I didn't like it at all, should have been left off the card altogether.

The Chris Jericho/Edge match is definitely a more acceptable length for PPV, but once again it's short for a full match especially considering one whole paragraph was Edge in the Walls of Jericho. As for the match, it was entertaining while it lasted but I didn't like the finish as when the guy manages to keep his arm in the air, it usually means they break the hold.

The next match was just dirty tactics versus dirty tactics, I don't know who the crowd is meant to cheer for and although it fits Regal's character, I don't see Morrison being the one to hit a low blow. At least he won.

Now for the main event and it is impressive compared to the rest of the card, really makes the rest look like an episode of Raw in comparison. Best thing I've seen you write with the eliminations (which were in probably the perfect order btw) and just the action overall. Little confused by the ending of the match but I guess it sort of makes sense with what goes on afterwards? I don't know. I didn't know Cena had the Money In The Bank briefcase either so I guess it was shocking. It creates a good although predictable storyline that even I've used before, in Cena turning heel against Taker. I look forward to see how you write it.

Overall, the PPV got better as it went along. The main event was quite good and in comparison, segments like the Khali match just looked poor and out of place. Overall, I've said all I want about the matches so i think I got my point across there. Good ending to the show as well and I look forward to the fallout.
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