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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Revolution Canada was a great show, much stronger than the USA show. It's definitely a show that I can see some people rating every match ***+

Claudio vs O'Reilly was a great opener. Started off slow but eventually it turned into a great opener with some awesome near falls for O'Reilly.

Corino vs Bennett was AWESOME. So much far and away the best Bennett match so far and largely due to him not having a lengthy control segment which kills everyone. Corino was godly awesome. When I saw the first TV tapings of this year with Corino turning face and working with the new guys like Ridge and Redwood I really lost interest in Corino but I couldn't have been more wrong. He's the best promo guy they have and jesus the guy can work a match without having to do loads of flashy stuff. Corino/Otani is now my dream team. Corino's shtick working the crowd is incredible and the ringbell spot was great. I so hope that Corino gets to hit that suicide dive at some point. In the feud ender vs Steen would be perfection. Bennett actually looked pretty good but the match was awesome because of Corino. Bennett didn't bring the match down though and the dropkick to block Corino's dive was sweet.

Need to rewatch the 6 man because I wasn't paying full attention to it but it looked a heap of fun. Loads of high spots and the crowd were going crazy for it all.

Richards/King was alright but far far from being a great match. These two have odd chemistry, sometimes they have good chemistry and then sometimes it's really quite bad. This was a bad case sadly. The botch did look bad. King really didn't look ready to be a top singles guy either. Maybe it was just the poor chemistry though. Davey throwing a hissy fit and storming out after the pin was pretty shitty of him.

Bravado's promo was the greatest thing ever. Jesus this promo was incredible. Lancealot Bravado may be the best name for a heel ever. Dudes are genuinly great mic workers too and not just in reading a script well, they work the crowd really fucking well too. If these guys can work their butts off to improve in the ring then they'll be mega superstars. They got mega heat too. "He hasn't even started talking yet, don't talk to Adam Cole like that". So many great lines in there. Ended on a downer though when Cole & O'Reilly started brawling with them and it turned into MOVEZ. Harlem got in a "If I can be serious for a minute" too.

Cabana/Delirious was a fine tribute match.

Daniels/Generico was a good match. Nothing memorable though I didn't think.

Briscoes/WGTT was the worst match on the card I thought. It was just totally irrelevant until the low blow spot and then it picked up a little. As in it picked up from a bad match to an ok one. Benjamin and Haas are just so ordinary it's abysmal at this point. Finish yet again was weak. Not sure how anyone is supposed to be excited to see a Briscoes/WGTT match in the future after they had an iPPV main event which was only decent and then this match was below par and felt so unimportant.

Talked about the main event in the MOTYC thread. No point in repeating myself. It was great.
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