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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries


Sorry about doing the “half – half” sort of thing where part of the show is full and part isn’t, I tried to do it all in full but some segments I had no motivation for and I felt that I would never get them done if I hadn’t recapped them. Enjoy.

Monday Night Raw | July 1st 2002 | Manchester, New Hampshire
DX or not to DX..that is the question

*Pyro Pyro Pyro Pyro*

Monday Night Raw is hosted this week from Manchester, New Hampshire as Raw kicks off with a bang and a video package highlighting the events that took place last week. With a huge emphasis on Shawn Michaels, the newly awarded General Manager of Raw and Triple H; closing the show with D-X chops and a hug. The commentating team of Jerry the King Lawler and Jim Ross began the show off as the fans were on their feet screaming at ringside holding signs up.

Jim Ross: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another brand-spanking new edition of Monday Night… Raw! I’m Good O’ JR, Jim Ross here alongside Jerry the King Lawler and we are in store for one hell of an evening isn’t that right partner.

Jerry Lawler: I can barely hear you over the roar of this capacity crowd. Ha-ha.

Jim Ross: Nevertheless, I personally cannot wait for Shawn Michaels and Triple H to come out and possibly make things official.

Jerry Lawler: I shudder at the fact that we may have to see them two immature grown men run Raw again, until we got rid of them the first time... ha-ha

Jim Ross: What do you mean? It was great…

Jerry Lawler: I’d much rather have Raw revolve around King Lesnar, and him decimating the Undertaker ha-ha.

Jim Ross: I am sure that the American Badass will have something to say about that, there is a reason why he is the reigning Undisputed Champion.

Jerry Lawler: And that is because King Lesnar has allowed it Ha-ha.

Jim Ross: I am not disrespecting Lesnar’s abilities in any way what-so-ever but get over yourself, the Undertaker defeated the immortal Hulk Hogan to win that title which not many can honestly say that they have done it, let alone twice like the Undertaker.

Jerry Lawler:
Not many people can say that they have beaten Brock Lesnar either. Besides, the Undertaker might not even have to face Brock Lesnar; he may lose his title to my man, the Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle at Vengeance.


Shawn Michaels receives himself a standing ovation as the Heart Break Kid, the General Manager of Raw makes his way down the aisle very energetically and poses in the ring before grabbing a microphone and looking around at the screaming fans before beginning to speak.

Jim Ross: Looks like we are wasting little time to hear from our General Manager.

Jerry Lawler: Look at these two-faced fools, the last time we saw Shawn in 1998 he was booed out the building, he was their enemy at Wrestlemania… he goes away and now look at him, they act like he is god.

Jim Ross: I’m not even going to dignify that with an answer.

Shawn Michaels: For those of you who missed it, weren’t near a television set last week or just want to be reminded…

HBK Chants begin

Shawn Michaels: I am the new sheriff in town and things are going to be very different around here… with…

Shawn looks around a bit, smiling at the approval of the fans screaming at ringside

Shawn Michaels: With ME! In charge around these parts.

Shawn laughs a bit before continuing.

Shawn Michaels: With Vengeance right around the corner…


Shawn Michaels: And Summerslam following soon after… things are going to pick up as JR calls it.


Shawn Michaels: And there is one man who is going to lead the pack, one man who is the main reason why I am back in the business…

HHH chants start as they know what is coming next.

Shawn Michaels: My good friend…. Triple H!


Shawn smiles and applauds Triple H as his theme music plays and he makes his way down the aisle to a standing ovation by the crowd. Triple H doesn’t do his usual ‘spitting’ of the water on the ring apron instead enters the ring and hugs Shawn who gives him a few moments to play to the crowd and stand on the turnbuckles.

Triple H at this point of time grabs a microphone from a nearby camera man and begins to speak.

Triple H: Do you all know what today is?


Jim Ross: It’s the first of July.

Triple H looks at an imaginary wrist watch for a moment before continuing

Triple H: I suggest you all mark this day down in the history books, in your diaries and call your friends up and let them know because today…

Shawn Michaels suddenly walks up to Triple H and asks him in his ear-

Shawn Michaels: What is today anyway?

Triple H and Shawn look at each other for a moment sarcastically continuing.

Triple H goes down and leans forward as he goes for the D-X usual promo position.

Triple H: Shawn today is the 22nd anniversary of “O’ Canada” becoming Canada’s national anthem.

Triple H looks around for a moment at the crowd popping at ringside.

Triple H: Nahh that ain’t why we are here…

Shawn then goes up to Triple H and whispers something else in his ear.

Triple H: Thank you Shawn, that’s it… July 1st is the independence day of Somalia…

Triple H then stands up right as does Shawn and they look at each other.

Triple H: Wait… what is so special about today anyway?

Shawn scratches the back of his head and has a baffled look on his face before both he and Triple H turn to the crowd once again this time in a serious look.

Triple H: Enough with the playing games and crackin' jokes, today is the day that the Monday Night Raw changes and its foundations will corrupt as D-Generation X reunite for the first time in over four years.

Massive Pop

Triple H: And unlike the last time when we were fighting against the law and authority. This time we are the law and authority around here.

Deafening crowd reaction

Jim Ross: Oh Yeah!

Jerry Lawler: This is a dark day for the WWE.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels once again go down and look at the mat going for the usual D-X promo position

Triple H: Now then…

Huge pop

Triple H: For the thousands in attendance, for the millions watching around the world…

Triple H looks around a bit for the crowd’s approval

Triple H: L - l - l - l - l - l - l - l - l - l - let’s get ready to SUCK IT!

Crowd Erupts

Shawn Michaels: And if you’re not down with that we’ve got two words for ya’ …

Crowd in unison: SUCK IT!

Jim Ross: Vintage D-X right there King.

Jerry Lawler: this is the worst night in the history of the WWE.

Shawn Michaels and Triple H crotch chop the crowd a bit before leaving the ring and up the back during the commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

Monday Night Raw returns with D’Lo Brown in the ring ready for in-ring action as the theme music of the young, up and coming rookie- Christopher Nowinski. Nowisnki garnered some heat as the self proclaimed genius made his way down the aisle and into the ring alongside mentor, William Regal. The matchup would begin quite evenly as both men engaged in a back and forth style match, each delivering to one another several grappling maneuvers before D’Lo’s experience would have him capitalize on a mistake made by Nowisnki which gave D’Lo the advantage and the control of the next few minutes in the matchup. Regal would prove to be a deciding factor in the bout’ as he would cause a distraction long enough for Nowinski to play possum, crawl up behind D’Lo and steal a victory with a school boy roll-up pin fall. The fans weren’t happy at all as Nowinski made his way up the back with his hands held high above his head as if he just won the ‘big’ one and pleased with his actions. While a frustrated D’Lo Brown was left in the ring kicking the ropes in disappointment.

At this point of time a video package aired featuring the happenings over on SmackDown! Last Thursday night. The SmackDown! Smack Back showed Eddie Guerrero becoming part of the SmackDown roster and appearing on the show, costing Rey Mysterio his match with nephew- Chavo Guerrero before cutting over to Randy Orton who managed to defeat veteran, Lance Storm. John Cena was seen giving some harsh words to Chris Jericho who is out currently due to injury after the Hell in a Cell contest with Triple H two months ago and Rey Mysterio getting attacked backstage by an individual who is yet to be revealed. In the closing moments of the video package the Undertaker was seen irate as the show went off the air as King Lesnar cost him the victory against Kurt Angle in a match where if Kurt won he got a World title match at Vengeance.

Once the video package ceased, the theme music of Bradshaw played as Bradshaw came out to a mixed crowd reaction. A confused crowd at that, Bradshaw would have a smile across his face from ear-to-ear, sport a new haircut (the JBL style) and no longer look like the long haired redneck as he rolled under the bottom rope and entered the ring with a purpose. Bradshaw requested a microphone before getting the crowd’s attention and beginning to talk. Bradshaw first and foremost announced that he is no longer calling himself Bradshaw as that was his old, former self nickname. A confused crowd shut up and let him talk as he then went on to call himself John Bradshaw Layfeild. A confused crowd shut up and let him talk, unsure what to make of this whole ordeal as JBL said that the envelope he received anonymously last week on Raw was about his stock and that now he is wealthier then he could ever have imagined due to smart business planning. JBL went on to make fun of the people in the crowd and tell them that they need to learn how to properly invest their money before the show cut to a commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

As Raw came back, JBL was waiting in the ring as a hometown wrestler came out to a dull reaction. JBL bullied him and tossed him around the ring with several fall away slams, suplexes, arm throws and finishing him off with a big boot. The kid tried to get some offense in, eventually connecting with a couple of blows before running at the ropes behind him only for JBL to explode out of nowhere with a devastating Clothesline from Hell which had him flip inside out. JBL covered him emphatically gaining the three count and the win within minutes. At this time the broadcast sent us backstage to the locker room of one Triple H. Triple H is seen sitting in his locker room on the couch, freshening up and drinking water. The crowd gives him a welcoming reaction as he relaxes there. Suddenly Triple H’s attention was diverted as he stood up and noticed Kevin Nash entering.

Triple H: What do you want?

Kevin Nash: Calm down, calm down… take a seat… I am not here to cause any harm, in fact I am here to help you.

Triple H reluctantly takes a seat back on his couch before Kevin Nash sits on one opposite him; Nash then begins to speak his mind.

Kevin Nash: I saw what transpired last week with Shawn returning… And him saying the only reason he came back was because he wanted to be with you again and for you two to once again cause a muck on Raw.

Pop for D-X return

Triple H: What’s your point…

Kevin Nash: Look, you and I may have differing opinions about pretty much everything there is and we have never seen eye to eye on anything but I am about to give you cold hard facts about Shawn, take it or leave it, it’s your choice but I am just trying to warn you, because what happened to me is bound to happen to you.

Triple H: What are you talking about?

Kevin Nash: Shawn has had many alliances and partners in the past, me being one of them, I know Shawn very well and unfortunately I had to learn the hard way about who Shawn really is.

An intrigued Triple H lets him continue

Kevin Nash: Shawn Michaels isn’t a changed man he is a liar he is the same old snake he always was. Mark my words. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at history, long before Shawn sided with you he was turning on partners for years and years and years.

Tremendous amounts of Heat

Kevin Nash: Want evidence? January 11th 1992 Shawn Michaels was in the barber shop with long time friend and buddy Marty Jannetty. A duo that were considered to be the best tag team of its time. Yet when Shawn wanted to go out on his own and his ego got the best of him, he had no problem super kicking Marty in the jaw and driving his face through the glass window to jump-start his career and get exactly where he wanted.

Further heat

Kevin Nash: November 23rd 1994, Madison Square Garden, Shawn knocked my teeth in with a super kick to the jaw after I helped him with his match and guarded him from any problems he had for the most part of the year.

H-B-K chants build up

Kevin Nash: You probably sit there thinking what the hell does Nash want from me, why does he think this will happen to me Shawn and I are like brothers. Let me break it to you plain and simple, the way I see it Hunter is that Shawn came back for one reason and one reason only, and that is to make your life a living hell as the Raw General Manager, it ate him up inside that he had to sit at home for four years and watch you hold the WWE title and take the spotlight away from him, his ego couldn’t handle it so he had to come back and do something about it.

Triple H seems to lose his patience

Jim Ross: I think Kevin Nash is just jealous plain and simple. His actions disgust me.

Jerry Lawler: He is telling the truth Ross, maybe you can’t handle the truth.

Kevin Nash: I’ll leave now to give you some time to think about it, but trust me on this one… Shawn is someone who cannot be trusted.

Kevin Nash walks out as Triple H stares at a D-X shirt and tries to digest what he just heard.

Afterwards the show was sent back down to the ring as the theme music played of the reigning Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, the Undertaker with the title rode down to the ring, riding on his motorbike as the crowd went nuts for his appearance. The Undertaker parked the bike, grabbed a microphone and stepped into the ring as he was not in a pleasant mood. He cut his promo straight to the point and said that Brock Lesnar better learn some respect because he has made a living, a career out of making people famous. Undertaker went on to threaten Lesnar and Heyman that he is going to go through Kurt Angle at Vengeance and then meet him at Summerslam where he will – “Beat him up, then he will Shut him Up before Busting him Up” the Undertaker got himself a standing ovation before continuing to ramble on about his accomplishments here in the WWE, the Undertaker would leave up the ramp during the commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

After the commercial break the theme music of the Hardy Boys played throughout the arena floor as the brothers got themselves a huge face pop. Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy made their way down to the ring for tag team action as Jeff Hardy was wearing the coveted Intercontinental title. Seconds later on their opponents, the Dudley Cousins- Bubba Ray and Spike Dudley made their entrance way down into the ring and the tag team bout’ got underway. Both teams would show some great amounts of offense and both teams at one point or another would look like they were going to pick up the victory, all four men gave it their all in the longest match thus far in the night and the crowd was heavily behind it with the Hardy Boys getting some tag team offense and high flying maneuvers in on the final few moments before Matt Hardy would connect with a Twist of Fate before tagging Jeff in and having him finish of Spike with a Swanton Bomb before pinning him for the victory.

As the Hardy Boys had their hands raised and celebrated in the ring, Jeff was ambushed and jumped from behind by his brother Matt Hardy. Jeff would lay on the mat as Matt would pummel him with hard rights and lefts, showing little remorse for his family. A shocked crowd went silent in amazement as they looked on at a crazed and changed Matt Hardy unleash an onslaught of stomping and shots to a weakened and battered Jeff Hardy before telling him and the world that he was always the better and more talented brother. He went on to explain that Jeff was the one that was talked about having a bright future while he was the one always pushed aside and always talked about being just Jeff’s brother, and he is sick and tired of it. Matt would want to prove himself and his worth by challenging Jeff at Vengeance for the Intercontinental title before leaving the ring and up to the back to a disgusted crowd giving him deafening heat.

From here the Big Show would make his way down to the ring as the largest athlete in the WWE would grab a microphone and challenge anyone to a match at Vengeance, anyone back there at all. For a moment there was no answer however soon after, Steven Richards appeared on the entrance ramp and made his way down to the ring. Big Show laughed at him as he looked like a midget next to him and Jerry Lawler cracked some jokes about this being his death wish, but a valiant and brave, possibly stupid Steven Richards did get in the ring with the Big Show to try and prove his worth but to no avail as the Big Show would throw him around like a rag doll and just play with him before chokeslaming him down to the mat and pining him in what would be a squash match. As Steven Richards was helped up the back by referees and officials suddenly, out of nowhere Kane’s music played as the Big Red Monster appeared on the ramp before the Big Show shaking his head. The Big Show wanted no piece of him as a returning Kane made his way down the aisle and stepped in the ring, the Big Show would leave up through the crowd as Kane would set his pyro off in the ring and have the turnbuckles go up in flames like he does during the break. Kane would receive a positive reaction as he returned from injury.

{Commercial Break}

At this point of time the show was sent backstage to the General Manager’s office, Shawn Michael’s locker room. The Undertaker would walk in and demand Brock Lesnar here tonight, however, Shawn would decline and not deliver the match instead tell him that, that match is just too much of a high caliber match not to hold at a PPV event, Shawn continued by saying that if he wants his hands on someone that bad and wants to send Brock a message he will give him Paul Heyman here tonight which delighted the fans. A smirk came across the face of the Undertaker as Shawn excused himself and left the locker room. Shawn continued walking down the hallway and turned into the locker room of Triple H before talking to him about what Kevin Nash told him and finding out what transpired earlier on, asking Hunter if he really believed what Kevin Nash was babbling on about. Triple H confidently said no way as Shawn laughed and said great because he booked him and Nash to go at it in the main event tonight.

At this point of time a video package played hyping up the debut of the self proclaimed, World’s Greatest Tag Team. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas were seen on the screen, seen training for their inevitable WWE debut and seen doing well as former All – Americans and Amateur Wrestling Style backgrounds. Both of them cut a short promo on the tron about how they are coming with a bang and to take the Tag Team Division by storm before closing ending the video package with – Coming Soon.

At this point of time the Undertaker’s music played once again throughout the P.A system and the American Badass rolled down the aisle and to the ring before getting himself ready for in ring action. After a few moments Paul Heyman would hesitantly make his way down into the ring and stand on the ring apron not wanting to get anywhere near him and knowing that the Undertaker would ‘eat him alive’. Paul would bide his time and plead with the referee while on the ring apron, trying to reason with him and try to weasel his way out of the matchup before a frustrated Undertaker would lose his patients and shove the referee out of the way and knock Paul with a hard strike to the jaw sending him on his back on the outside before the match could even get underway. The Undertaker would chase and stalk Paul Heyman as he crawled away towards the crowd barrier before the Undertaker would continue to unleash a fury of rights and lefts on him before the referee would continuously ring the bell and try and bring some order to the attack. The match would end in a no contest and never get underway or even in the ring, the Undertaker would bust Paul Heyman up before SmackDown’s United States Champion- Kurt Angle would receive tremendous amounts of heat by breaking things up and coming up behind the Undertaker with a steel chair. Referees would have to race down and break things up as Angle would have Undertaker thriving in pain on the entrance ramp with an Ankle Lock sending him a message.

{Commercial Break}

As Raw came back onto the air from its last commercial break of the evening a short promo aired hyping up the upcoming Vengeance PPV in two and a half weeks time, which will take place in Detroit Michigan that has already some huge title matches announced for it, the so-far card for Vengeance was talked about and hyped before returning down to ringside for the main event. Triple H would be first out with a positive reaction from the crowd as he would get in the ring after he spit up the water as usual and be pumped up ready for his match, soon after Kevin Nash would make his entrance down the ramp and into the ring stepping over the top rope and standing opposite the Game. Both men know each other well and don’t rush into things as they know that the first mistake the other would capitalize on, both men circle around each other and lock up, taking the first few minutes of the matchup slowly and carefully. Keeping an eye on one another.

The first to get a clear advantage and momentum going was the Game after a running high knee lift after Nash went for the ropes in hope for a clothesline. Triple H would dominate the next few moments with knee drops to the upper body, clubbing shots, take downs and really pick apart Kevin Nash. Nash would eventually later on gain some momentum of his own but it would be short lived after Triple H would connect with a hard Spine Buster to the canvas. With Nash down, Triple H went for the pedigree slowly picking him up and placing him in between his legs however Nash would wisely trip Triple H over and chop block him down before targeting his leg and stomping away on it, he would elbow drop it before backing up at the ropes and taking a groggy Triple H down with a hard Big Boot to the jaw. Nash would hold Triple H up on spaghetti legs before throwing a right arm at him only for Triple H to duck underneath, in a turn of events Nash would accidently knock the referee out as Triple H began throwing some rights and lefts at Nash backing him up against the ropes. As Kevin Nash would win the brawl between them and take Triple H off of his feet, Shawn Michaels would race down to the ring to try and make the save. Shawn would enter the ring and stand behind Nash as he got his leg ready for a Superkick, Nash realized what was happening as he in the last moment moved out of the way and threw Triple H at Shawn Michaels, Shawn would ‘accidently’ take Triple H out with the Superkick! As a shocked Michaels would leave the ring and stand on the entrance ramp unsure of what to do, Nash would pin Triple H as the referee would come-to and make the three count and the win. As the show went off the air a pissed off Triple H laid on his stomach looking at Shawn wondering if he can really trust him.

{Fade to Black}


Tagline; Quick & Merciless
Brand(s); Raw & Smackdown
Date; July 21st 2002
Venue; Detroit, Michigan

WWE Undisputed Championship
The Undertaker © vs. Kurt Angle (United States champion)

Intercontinental Championship
Jeff Hardy © vs. Matt Hardy

Battle of the Monsters
Big Show vs. Kane

WWE Tag Team Championships
Rikishi © & Scotty 2 Hotty © vs. Billy & Chuck w/ Rico

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