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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries


4 way was a great choice to open the show. Very good match. I expected Sheamus to take it but it was a big win for Cody. Sin Cara had the match won but Cody got it. Good to see Cody in the main event. Cody vs Orton or Cody vs Christian would be great. I wonder what’s next for Sheamus.

Mason Ryan winning us belt is interesting, don’t really like him as champ but it should be interesting how you book him. I wonder what is next for Kofi, a rematch or he finally gets elevated to the main event? Ezekiel winning the IC Title is a good thing. I liked how you made him win by submission. Zeke would make a great dominating IC Champion. Barrett will probably bounce back at the next ppv. He will move on to bigger and better things. That loss won’t hurt him as I think you will probably make him the next MITB winner. I would like to see a Wade Barrett vs The Undertaker feud in the future.

I like how you made Skip Sheffield return, better replacement than Brodus Clay. The dq result was good as it keeps Del Rio still look strong. Would like to see Del Rio/Cena feud soon.

I like how you’ve kept Kharma still in the divas division, and with her being in the divas division it will be a major improvement for the division. Good squash. I enjoyed the post match reaction from Kharma. Not sure where this is leading too but will she refuse to be champion? I’d like to know who her next challenger will be. Maybe Melina, Natalya or Beth.

I expected Cena to go over Truth and Punk coming out after the match is a good way to set up the next ppv match. Continue to push Truth though.

The Iron Man Match was well written but i do think 4-3 is a bit too much of a score for a 30 man Iron Man Match. The final stretch of the match was fun, both men were desperate to win. Christian getting the winning fall with 10 secs to go to retain the title. Good result. You’ve done a great job by having Christian as champion as he shouldn’t have lost it in the first place. He deserved a longer and better reign and i believe you will book Christian to have a very good reign. The Iron Man match is perfect for Christian and Orton because they’ve had a great feud, they’ve put on great matches and this is the right way to go.

My fave matches were the Iron Man Match and the #1 contenders 4 way. Looking forward to the MITB ppv, keep up the good work. Overall a good ppv, would have nice if Miz had a match on the ppv.

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