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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

I saw the preview in the ad section figured I'd check it out. Keep in mind I haven't read this thread ever before so I really have no background on these matches.

The opening match was, outstanding. Very Very fun, I like Cody getting the win it's a fresh face in the main event. Hopefully his character in this thread isn't as, horrible, as it is in real life. Overall all though I throughly enjoyed this match, a great great opener. Good story telling and some nice spots. My only tiny beef is on the spot where Cara hurricanared Bryan out of the high cross, I just don't think that can physically work. Sheamus is like 6'6 and then gets a good 6 inches of elevation above his head on that move. I doubt Cara can jump 7 feet high. None the less, absolutely fantastic match. If the whole card is like this one, this card should be overall great.

The US Title match was good. You did the best you could with Mason Ryan's lack of in-ring talent and that's fine. He got his power moves in and Kofi gave us his little, I'm gonna beat the odds push for the win but in the end the heels got him. Good little story, typical Face vs. Heel match. I enjoyed it. Mason Ryan as super beast champ that kills all challengers? I think so.

PS I noticed you brought back the SES with Ryan Punk Mercury and Tyler Black aka Seth Rollings, he's Tyler Black in my heart. Thats something interesting to me

The IC title match, wasn't as big of a fan. It seemed like you were trying to have Zeke look like this face in trouble, constantly geting worked over by Barret no matter what he tried then eventaully pulling it out in the end. HAVE YOU SEEN BIG ZEKE. He's a monster face it just didn't seem believable and was pretty boring. I feel like the real life way they took it with Zeke just beating the shit out of Barrett would'v worked better here, though I credit you for going away from what they did in real life it just didn't come off well.

The action in the Swagger-Del Rio match was good while it lasted. I wish would've taken a few minutes off the IC Title match and added them here quite honestly. Again on the realism in the action though, do you honestly believe that some like Swagger whose been taught how to block a German suplex since he was like six or whenever would start wrestlign would get taken down by one by someone who isn't a pure mat tactition. I doubt it, either way a decent match. Sheffield attack was interesting, we'll see where you take it, I always thought he'd be a good comedy face but it appears you want him to be a BA heel. Let's see where it goes.

Diva's match was exactly what it should've been. Squash for Kharma. Make Kharma vs. Beth happen that's all I got to say.

I'm gonna review the last two matches in one blob. It's obvious you got in such a such hurry to get this up that getting it up became more important that match quality. A two minute Diva's match should not be longer than a 13 minute WWE Title match, it just can't happen. Or a 30 minute match with 7 falls shouldn't be 5 or 6 paragraphs. None the less the champs retain ok.

The start of this show was very very good. You have some interesting stuff going on with Cody getting a title shot and the SES. I'm going to keep reading, but next time right every match in full please. The card was going so good until the end, just sort of left a bad taste in my mouth.

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