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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


The pyro occurs and huge sparks fly all over the arena marking the beginning of the event. Then the theme song for the event hits.

IC Title Match (Dolph Ziggler(c) vs Mark Henry):

Henry begins the offense on Ziggler and takes control of the match. Ziggler tries to go for the DDT but Henry puts him down. Ziggler finally gets the upper hand and begins to beat up Henry. Ziggler runs between the ropes and puts Henry down with clotheslines. As Henry rises up, Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag but Henry prevents it and delivers the World’s Strongest Slam. As Henry proceeds to take the cover, Maria comes running down the ring and the referee gets distracted. Ziggler begins to come up but Henry delivers a massive clothesline and Ziggler rolls out of the ring. Henry proceeds to follow him but Ziggler comes back with the right hand. Ziggler gets over-powered soon and Henry pushes him into the barricades. Henry runs into the barricades to clothesline Ziggler but Ziggler moves away and puts Henry into the barricades. Ziggler comes into the ring as the referee begins to count out Henry. Henry begins to come up on the apron but Maria catches his leg. Ziggler distracts the referee and Henry kicks his leg and Maria falls down. Ziggler runs from the ropes and delivers a clothesline with Henry falling outside on the floor. The referee counts till ten and Ziggler retains the title via countout.

Dolph Ziggler def. Mark Henry via countout at 8:19 to retain the IC Title.

Ziggler and a half-conscious Maria celebrate with the Intercontinental Title in the ring while medics rush to attend to Mark Henry.

Backstage segment with Bischoff and Swagger:

Swagger comes to Bischoff and announces that Taker had already made the decision to go with Cena, and on Smackdown when Taker tested Swagger by making him his partner, Swagger could not do the needful and Cena turned out to be the hero saving Taker from the punt from Orton. Bischoff asks Swagger to relax and just wait as Taker will be taking the final decision only before the match. Bischoff also says that if Swagger is instrumental in Team RAW winning, then Swagger will be the No.1 contender to Taker’s WWE Title. Swagger smiles and leaves the office.

Grudge Match (The Miz vs Drew McIntyre):

McIntyre begins the assault on Miz as the referee tries to separate the two. Miz takes advantage of the referee stopping McIntyre and hits the DDT. Miz takes advantage and hits the big boot. Miz takes the cover but gets a 2-count. McIntyre comes back and hits the Snap Suplex for the 2-count. McIntyre gets Miz up for the Future Shock but Miz comes out and pushes him into the corner. Miz delivers the swinging corner clothesline. And as McIntyre comes in between the ring, Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale. McIntyre blocks it and delivers a clothesline. Miz comes up and McIntyre hits the big boot and takes the cover for a 2.5-count. McIntyre raises Miz up and delivers the Future Shock DDT and takes the cover scoring the pinfall.

Drew McIntyre def. The Miz via pinfall at 7:33

McIntyre leaves the ring with content eyes and poses to the audience at the ramp while Miz lies down in the ring looking towards the sky not knowing where he is.

Backstage segment interview with RVD & MVP:

Josh Matthews interviews the tag team champions RVD & MVP and informs them that this coming Smackdown, there will be a Tag Team Battle Royal in which many teams will take part. Teddy Long has announced this match for the No.1 contendership to Tag Titles at New Year’s Revolution. The rule will be that if any of the member of a tag team gets thrown out of the ring, that tag team will be eliminated then and there. Also, it’s an open invitational Battle Royal and any new tag team can take part. RVD responds that he is happy to see this match and he wants the best team to win it because they expect the competition with the best. MVP says that whichever team wins, we will be ready for facing them for our Tag Team Championships.

Lumberjack match(Ryder/Marella vs Khali/Ranjin):

All the lumberjacks come out, most of them are Marella’s former disciples. Khali starts the match from his team. Ryder asks Marella to start the match as Marella had promised that he won’t let Khali face Ryder in the ring. Marella unwillingly enters the ring and Khali delivers the Head Chop. Khali takes the cover but Ryder breaks the count. Khali throws Ryder outside the ring and all the lumberjacks attack him as Ryder had turned on them to join Marella. Marella gets up and as Khali who was enjoying Ryder being beaten turns back, Marella delivers the Cobra to Khali’s stomach. Khali lifts him and throws him into the lumberjacks.

Marella warns all of them not to touch him. But Tatsu and Viscera advance and beat the hell out of Marella. Khali delivers the Khali Bomb to Ryder in the ring and tags in Ranjin. Marella is thrown into the ring and Ranjin begins to do the antics of the Cobra. Ranjin delivers the Cobra to Marella and takes the cover to score the pinfall.

The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh def. Santino Marella & Zack Ryder via pinfall at 5:02

No Disqualification Match (Chris Jericho vs Edge):

Both Jericho and Edge exchange right hands and fight viciously. Edge delivers the DDT and keeps on punching Jericho until the referee asks him to leave. Edge goes to the ring corner for the spear and as Jericho gets up, he runs for the spear but Jericho gets away. Edge stops himself in time before hitting the ring corner and turns around. Jericho pulls his leg and goes for the Walls of Jericho but Edge blocks it and kicks Jericho away. As Jericho gets up, Edge delivers the spear and gets a 2.5-count. Edge goes outside the ring and brings a kendo stick into the ring and pummels Jericho with it. Edge keeps hitting it and poses to the audience. Edge takes the cover and Jericho kicks out just before the 3-count.

Jericho leaves the ring and begins to go back through the ramp. Edge follows him and Jericho turns and punches Edge in the face. Jericho pushes Edge into the barricades. Jericho brings Edge to the announcer’s table and bangs his head on the table. Jericho brings out a steel chair and hits Edge with it continuously. Jericho rolls Edge into the ring and locks the Walls of Jericho. Edge cries in agony while Jericho keeps bringing him back in the middle of the ring as Edge tries to reach the ropes. After long minutes of pain, Edge finally gets to the ropes. The referee asks to break the hold, but Jericho brings Edge back into the ring. Jericho is then warned by the referee and he has to break the hold.

Jericho takes the kendo stick and keeps hitting it on Edge. He holds the kendo stick around Edge’s neck and strangles him while putting pressure on Edge’s back with his knees. Jericho gets up and raises the kendo stick and the audience booes. Jericho goes to lock the Walls of Jericho again and Edge suddenly counters it into a hold and the referee counts the pinfall. But Jericho kicks out. Edge gets up leveraging the ropes while Jericho gets up and Edge delivers the SPEAR !!!! Edge takes the cover and the referee counts ... ONE....TWO.....THRE........Jericho kicks out!!!!!

Edge holds his legs in pain and goes for the steel chair and as he swings it, Jericho ducks down and kicks Edge in his legs. Edge falls down and Jericho locks the Walls of Jericho again. Edge makes all attempts of reaching the ropes as the crowd gasps collectively. Jericho brings him back into the ring again and again and Edge looks like he has passed out. The referee raises Edge’s hands ..... ONE .... the hand falls down..... TWO .....the hand falls down .... THREE... the hand falls down in mid-air Edge suddenly puts his hands up and Jericho looks mad. Edge makes full attempts of rolling around on the floor and shaking his legs abruptly but Jericho keeps the hold with his face strained from the pressure he is applying. Finally, Edge taps out and Jericho leaves the hold.

Chris Jericho def. Edge via submission at 15:43

Jericho looks towards Edge and goes to bring the steel chair but medics come down to the ring and they separate Jericho from Edge. Jericho leaves the ring and smiles while the audience boos.

US Title Match: (John Morrison(c) vs William Regal)

The referee checks Morrison for any weapons. Then the referee checks Regal but Regal stops him. Regal himself takes out brass knuckles from his armband and gives it to the referee. Morrison looks shocked and the referee goes to put the knuckles outside the ring. Regal then takes out another brass knuckles from his other armband and hits it on an unsuspecting Morrison’s head behind the referee’s back and throws the weapon outside. The crowd cheers loud and the referee comes back and Regal takes the cover..... ONE ..... TWO... THR.....Morrison kicks out. Regal puts him up and takes control of the match. Regal tries to lock the Figure Four leglock but Morrison reaches the ropes before the hold is completely locked. Regal clotheslines Morrison and goes down and throws the steel steps into the ring.

The referee shouts at Regal and tries to put the steel steps out of the ring, Regal hits the low blow on Morrison behind the ref’s back. Regal takes the cover and gets a 2.5-count again. Regal continues the assault on Morrison and Morrison begins to falter on his legs and holds the referee for balancing himself. Regal comes from the back and Morrison delivers the low blow by kicking his leg backwards. Regal looks like the lights have been knocked out of his face. Morrison delivers the Superkick taking the cover but Regal just kicks out before the pinfall.

Morrison goes outside the ring and takes his title with his intentions being to disqualify himself. Morrison rushes with the title towards Regal who ducks and then clotheslines Morrison. Regal locks the Figure Four leglock and Morrison cries in pain. Morrison just reaches the ropes finally and the referee breaks the hold. Morrison begins to hold his leg and crying in pain and leaves the ring and sits down outside. As he stands, Regal catches him by his hair to get him into the ring. Morrison has caught hold of Regal’s brass knucks lying outside the ring and hits it on Regal’s head. The referee who is in the ring could not watch this. Morrison comes into the ring and delivers the Starship Pain for the pinfall.

John Morrison def. William Regal via pinfall at 8:49 to retain the US Title

Classic Survivor Series Elimination Tag Match [Team RAW (The Undertaker, John Cena, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus) vs Team Smackdown (Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, JBL, Batista)]:

Team Smackdown members come down one by one to the ring. Barrett comes out at last with his World Title held high with a smug smile on his face. Barrett talks to his members in the ring while Team RAW members begin to come out. The WWE Champ Undertaker comes out second last to a huge pop while all the members of Team Smackdown stand at one corner of the ring in anticipation of the last member of Team RAW and Undertaker’s decision to go with Cena or Swagger. Suddenly the music hits and John Cena comes out to a huge pop, Barrett looks worried and begins to talk to his members again. Cena comes out in an uncharacteristic manner and does not do his salute and the usual running routine to the ring. Cena comes out walking slowly while Undertaker keeps looking at him. Sheamus and Del Rio look angry with Taker’s decision and begin to see Cena with questioning eyes.

The match begins with Kennedy facing off against Punk. Kennedy begins the offense on Punk and gains momentum. Punk rallies back with a failed GTS but delivers a DDT to put Kennedy down. Punk tags in Sheamus who hits the Brogue Kick on Kennedy for a 2-count. Sheamus takes full control of the match and clotheslines Kennedy. Sheamus poses to the audience while Team Smackdown try hard to get the tag from Kennedy. Sheamus tags in Punk again and Kennedy tries to hit the DDT but Punk delivers the GTS. Punk takes the cover and scores the first pinfall for his team.

Elimination: Mr. Kennedy (Team Smackdown) by CM Punk

Barrett rushes into the ring and clotheslines Punk. Barrett hits the big boot over Punk and gets a 2-count. Barrett mocks Team RAW members especially Undertaker while he picks up Punk who kicks Barrett and puts him down. Punk finally tags in Undertaker and the audience gives a huge pop as the WWE Champion and World Champion face off in the ring.

Taker and Barrett exchange right hands and Taker puts him in the ring corner and delivers the big boot. JBL rushes in the ring without a tag and Taker hits the big boot on him. Taker picks up JBL and delivers the chokeslam. Barrett suddenly comes from the back and hits Taker and gains control while the referee asks JBL to go outside the ring on the apron. Barrett finally tags in JBL who begins to work on Taker. JBL rushes into the ropes and delivers the Clothesline from Hell but gets only a 2-count. Taker gets up leveraging the ropes and JBL goes for his finisher again but Taker ducks down and kicks JBL in the groin. Taker delivers the Last Ride for the pinfall.

Elimination: JBL (Team Smackdown) by The Undertaker

Barrett looks shocked on the apron while Taker waits for the next person to come in. Batista comes to the ring to a huge pop. Batista and Taker fight off and Batista being fresh takes the advantage soon. He tags in Barrett and both beat up Taker. Barrett puts down Taker and raises his hand in the middle of the ring to huge boos from the crowd. Barrett goes for the Wasteland but Taker comes out and delivers the chokeslam. The audience pop was huge as both the champions lay down in the middle of the ring. Taker goes in for the tag and tags in Del Rio. Orton gets the tag from the other side and clotheslines Del Rio.

Orton takes the advantage and Del Rio tries the cross armbreaker but Orton keeps coming out and preventing the hold. Orton finally catches Del Rio unawares and delivers the RKO for the pinfall.

Elimination: Alberto Del Rio (Team RAW) by Randy Orton

Sheamus comes in with the Brogue Kick but Orton ducks down, as Sheamus turns, Orton hits the RKO and the audience gasps. The referee counts the pinfall and both the teams become equal.

Elimination: Sheamus (Team RAW) by Randy Orton

Orton begins to coil like a Viper and asks Cena to come into the ring. Taker looks towards Cena and sends him in. The whole crowd erupts as Cena and Orton fight off in the ring reminiscent of their epic Summerslam match. Cena over-powers Orton and begins the assault on him. Barrett comes rushing in with the Big Boot but Cena ducks down. Cena lifts Barrett for the Attitude Adjustment but Orton comes up and delivers the RKO on Cena. Punk comes in and runs into the big boot from Barrett. Taker also rushes in with the big boot on Orton. Barrett hits Taker but Taker delivers a chokeslam on him. As Taker turns, Batista has entered the ring and delivers the spinebuster. Batista becomes hyper as CM Punk gets up, Batista hoists him up and delivers the Batista Bomb for the pinfall.

Elimination: CM Punk (Team RAW) by Batista

The referee clears the ring with Batista and Taker continuing the action. Batista keeps the momentum and hits clotheslines on Taker. Cena stands on the apron asking for the tag. Batista goes for the Batista Bomb but Taker comes out and delivers the chokeslam. Taker takes the cover for a 2-count. Cena asks for the tag and Taker comes towards him. Batista being nearer also gets to tag Orton in. Orton comes in rushing towards Cena and Cena ducks down and hoists him up for the Attitude Adjustment. Orton comes out and goes for the RKO but Cena prevents it. Cena hits the spinout slam on Orton. As he comes up, Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment for the pinfall. The crowd erupts as Orton is eliminated.

Elimination: Randy Orton (Team Smackdown) by John Cena

Batista comes running in and hits the clothesline on Cena. Batista goes for the Batista Bomb and Cena prevents Batista from hoisting him up. As Cena comes out, Batista goes for the right hand and Cena ducks down and delivers the Attitude Adjustment. Cena pins Batista and the whole crowd gives a huge pop.

Elimination: Batista (Team Smackdown) by John Cena

Suddenly, Orton who has been eliminated comes into the ring and the referee begins to stop him. Cena gets distracted and as he turns, Barrett comes with a steel chair and smashes it on Cena’s head knocking him out. Orton goes down the ring and Barrett throws the steel chair out of the ring. Barrett takes the cover and the referee counts..... ONE ... TWO..... THR.... But Taker breaks the count. Cena rolls out of the ring and Taker and Barrett exchange right hands. Barrett hits the big boot for a 2-count. Taker comes up and Barrett goes for the Wasteland and Taker comes out and picks up Barrett and goes for the Last Ride. Barrett in the mid-air punches Taker’s head and Taker loses control but smashes Barrett on the ring while falling down. Both of them are down when Cena begins to enter the ring.

Cena comes with a steel chair and the referee asks him to stop. The crowd becomes mad and begins to give a huge pop as Cena waits. Both Taker and Barrett get up slowly and Cena begins to get ready with the steel chair. The referee comes close but Cena pushes him away. As Barrett and Taker both get up, Cena raises the steel chair and swings it. Taker covers his head with his hands and Cena hits the steel chair on Barrett’s head. The referee disqualifies Cena from the match while Taker looks towards Cena.

Elimination: John Cena (Team RAW) via disqualification

The audience begins the ‘Cena’ chants and Taker keeps looking at Cena. Cena leaves the ring and stands down asking Taker to do the needful. Taker keeps an eye on Cena and picks up Barrett for the Tombstone Piledriver. Taker delivers the Tombstone and takes the cover while sticking his tongue out looking towards Cena. The referee counts ... ONE.... TWO.... THREE................ The Undertaker is the sole survivor and Team RAW emerges victorious.

Elimination: Wade Barrett (Team Smackdown) by The Undertaker

The gong sound fills the atmosphere and the music hits with everyone at their feet at the inhuman display by The Undertaker. The referee gets the WWE Title to The Undertaker who lifts it high in the air and poses to the audience.

Lawler – “JR, This man is invincible. He is truly the Phenom. Tonight The Undertaker took the correct decision to keep John Cena in Team RAW and won the match for our show”

JR – “Well King let me tell you something, this man has a lot of records to his name, he is 19-0 at Wrestlemania, but I have never seen such a dominant WWE Champion before as The Undertaker. He has done it all, he ended the streak of Ezekiel Jackson, he just ended the streak of World Champion Wade Barrett, I am proud to say that The Undertaker is Our WWE Champion”

Lawler – “Well, I share your thoughts, JR. Who can beat this man? Who can surpass The Phenom? If you ask me, I say no one. If you.... wait.... what....”

Suddenly, the lights go out. The audience gives a horrendous pop as Taker stands upright in the ring relieving from his pose with the title. The titantron begins showing the Money in the Bank briefcase making revolving sounds. The crowd pop was huge when suddenly every superstar’s picture keeps coming on the titantron fast as it does during the WWE Draft. Suddenly, the pictures keep shuffling at rapid speed and the titantron goes off. The crowd begins to shriek and the whole atmosphere becomes chaotic.

Someone is seen coming to the ring with a briefcase in his hand. Taker keeps looking towards the ramp as the lights come back slowly. It’s Mr. Mcmahon who comes down with the briefcase. Taker looks unbelievably at Vince and his face expressions change. He turns his head suddenly in his characteristic manner and A STEEL CHAIR TO THE HEAD OF TAKER !!!!!!!!! Taker is knocked down cold while the whole crowd stand up shouting and the whole arena gets charged. Mr. Mcmahon calls the referee and points towards the MITB briefcase. The camera pans on a pair of hands raising the steel chair and beating the hell out of The Undertaker.

Suddenly, someone sits down on his knees and picks up Taker who is bleeding from his head. He puts his left hand under Taker’s chin and raises Taker’s face up while he comes closer to Taker’ face and with his right hands does his gesture ----- “You can’t see me”. It’s JOHN CENA !!!!!!!

Wade Barrett leaves through the ramp with his World Title moving backwards looking towards the ring and in his haste, he slips down. Barrett lies down and look towards his World Title and rises up and leaves towards the backstage.

The referee asks for the bell to be rung and Cena lifts Taker up on his shoulders and pauses looking towards the crowd who are all at their feet. Cena delivers the Attitude Adjustment and takes the cover. ------ ONE ------ TWO------- THREE----------------

John Cena def. The Undertaker to become the NEW WWE Champion at 0:11

JR – “Is this happening, King?”

Lawler – “I am speechless, JR. I don’t know what to say”

The referee brings the title to Cena as he looks like a possessed man and bites the title between his teeth. Mr. Mcmahon raises Cena’s hand up in the air while the whole crowd boos begin to over-power the cheers. Cena looks towards Taker lying down in the ring and then looks towards the WWE Title.

The screen fades to black.

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