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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

i give ur event a 7/10 lol
let's rate the match one by one

the fatal four way: i loved it, a great way to open the show
though i thought Cody would be the one to get pinned, lots of near falls, for second i thought no way Cara's winning and thank god i was right... and we'll be seeing a Cody/Christian feud real soon i guess.

Next up, Mason/Kofi a solid match to say, Kofi losing the U.S title is good, love to see how u give Ryan the title reign and Kofi got robbed lol.

the intercontinetnal championship was also solid, i see u kept the corre together and Ezekiel using the torutre rack is good and kinda weird, hopefully Wade will move on to big and better things. and i'm sure ull have him win MITB

Alberto got his Brodus replacement as he brought over Skip shefieeld and yah he lost, i'm hoping u push Del Rio correctly unlike WWE lol.

Kharma & Kelly, not much to say we all knew Kharma was gonna win, TOTAL SQUASH

R-Truth vs. Cena, well looks like u made Cena look like a superman lol, a steel pipe hit his freaking head and he still won lol, good match though.

Christian/Orton :match of the night, and as expected Chrisitan retained. good job having christian hit the killswitch at the last second but it's not like it would have made a difference if he didn't hit it, cuz a drew results in retaining lol

i honestly think u should have written more detail in Christian/Orton
looking forward to MITB, where u will be comepting against us lol
good luck
oh and btw who won the prediction contest?
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