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Re: WWE: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries


I like it that you are using Dibiase as Cody's lackey. I mean the role is of a lackey but being a future star's lackey is better than Dibiase being all alone by himself coz he sucks lol. Damn I was about to predict Rhodes but changed it to Sheamus in the last moment. It was a shocking but great decision to open the night with this match. Just a small thing, at the end Cody delivered his finisher to Sin Cara and then took the pinfall over Sheamus, it looked a bit odd. I know you were saving Sin Cara's streak but a direct finisher and pinfall on Sheamus would have been better. But, a great match and refreshing result with Rhodes winning.

Mason Ryan's win was also very surprising. CM Punk being involved in the match, i would like to see how you develop his character forward now that WWE has put him in the limelight. I liked the way in which Jackson won and looked like a monster. The result was expected and a good one. However, Barrett got buried a bit but hell, the next event is MITB lol.

Skip Sheffeld being back is a good thing. I am not well-versed with this storyline so will read some shows to know it better. Del Rio winning looked like an expected result but a DQ result is good, rather than making Del Rio lose clean to Swagger. Kharma still being in your BTB is good for the divas division. Her becoming the Women's champ will now get some interest in the divas roster and would like to see who challenges her.

Punk coming out after Cena's match makes it look a bit like WWE. But i will be expecting a different storyline than what's going in WWE now. However, at this moment, Punk is the best man to become No.1 contender to Cena unless you are going to give Truth one more chance in a gimmick match like Steel cage or something.

I liked the ending of Ironman match. That spot with Orton keeping his lead intact and Christian using the weapon to get the scores even by countout was awesome. Christian looks really credible as the champion and will be looking forward to how the storyline proceeds. Orton will probably get one more match i believe.

Overall, your PPV was much better than WWE Capitol Punishment. I believe the Ironman match and the first match for No.1 contendership were the picks of the show. I can see a Rhodes vs Orton angle to become the No.1 contender or a Triple Threat. And with Dibiase being involved, the whole Legacy thing might work out. It seems interesting and I will be reading how it develops.
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