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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons

WWE presents

Survivor Series Elimination Tag Match:

Team RAW (The Undertaker, John Cena, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus)
Team Smackdown (Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, JBL, Batista)

When they refer to the Survivor Series Elimination tag match, they refer it to as ‘not your usual tag team match’. I will go one step ahead. This match is ‘not your usual Survivor Series Elimination tag match’. The WWE Champion’s title is on the line as well as the World Champion’s unparalleled ego.

Never before has being a part of the teams been such a big issue. When John Cena earned the spot on Team RAW, Jack Swagger went to lengths only he could think of in order to snatch that spot by polluting the WWE Champion The Undertaker’s mind. Jack Swagger is confident that John Cena will turn on RAW at Survivor Series and hence his good friend RAW GM Eric Bischoff has announced that if Cena turns on RAW resulting in their loss, then The Undertaker will be stripped of his WWE Title.

On the other hand, there is the World Champion Wade Barrett. He has an impeccable record of leading stables to create havoc in WWE. This is also his first chance, and a big one at that, to prove himself as the leader of Smackdown just after winning his first World Title. And Barrett has done everything to gain any advantage possible. Barrett brought back Batista and Orton who were injured to his team, he played mind games with the devil himself making his decision to choose John Cena even tougher, and last but not the least, Barrett is 100% confident that his team will win at Survivor Series.

All the questions will be answered come Survivor Series when ten of the megastars of WWE collide in the ring. Don’t miss this one!

Intercontinental Championship match:

IC Champion Dolph Ziggler vs Mark Henry

Dolph Ziggler tricked Mark Henry into a title match a couple of months ago and with some help from his valet Maria, Ziggler won the IC title less than two months since his debut. Since then, Mark Henry has been in a bad mood. He wants his rematch and did anything he could to get it. When Henry hoisted Maria up for the World’s Strongest Slam, Ziggler had no choice than to accept the rematch. However, Henry delivered the Slam on Maria. Come SS, there will be an angry giant and a furious champion in the ring. Who will win?

No Disqualification Match:

Chris Jericho vs Edge

Things turned personal between these two when Jericho interfered and attacked Edge in his rematch with World Champion Barrett. Jericho considers Edge as someone who always got more than he deserved and who does not deserve any more title shots. Jericho hates Edge to the core and promises to demolish him at SS. Teddy Long announced this No Disqualification match so that this feud ends in a decisive manner.

Tag Team match:

Zack Ryder & Santino Marella vs The Great Khali & Ranjin Singh

Santino Marella promised that his disciple Ryder will never lose a match under his training. Marella has performed antics in between the match which have distracted, angered and pissed off several referees, but Ryder always benefited and won. Khali wants a singles match with Ryder, and if Khali’s team wins here, Khali will face Ryder at Smackdown.

US Championship Match:

US Champion John Morrison vs William Regal

John Morrison considers that the means don’t matter, only the end does. After he cheated his way out of the US title match with McIntyre, Morrison was totally vocal about his actions and vowed to do anything to keep the title on him. Come SS, he faces an Englishman who has been following these tricks since a time longer than Morrison’s whole career. William Regal is not called the devious Englishman for nothing. And with the US title on the stake, it only remains to be seen which of these competitors steals the title from the other one.

Grudge Match:

The Miz vs Drew McIntyre

The Miz considers Drew Mac as a loser who just cribs about his bad luck, Drew had an unbeaten streak till recently but has lost matches since. Miz interfered in his match for earning the spot on Team RAW. Drew however got the better of Miz when he rolled him back into the ring with the Texas Rattlesnake and Miz ended up getting a stunner. At Survivor Series, both of them will be looking for a win over their biggest enemy in the WWE currently.

Prediction Template:

1) Predict the winner(s) of each match.
2) Predict the survivor(s) in the Elimination Tag Match.
3) Do you think John Cena will turn on Team RAW. Yes/No?

The results will be put up within 48 hours.

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