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Re: Being The Booker

Really looking forward to the bash, keep up the good work mate!

Official Card for WWE Great American Bash:
Date: 8th July 2007
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Alter Bridge; Rise Today

7: WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar

I see things going Orton's way here but not in the way it looks. I think Orton will try every trick under the sun and eventually get himself disqualified but still keep the belt. So Lesnar to win but Orton to retain the championship.

4: WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick

Great, I mean incredible build up to this one. Kendrick's turn has been great to read and you've nailed it spot on. Although i know you have a thing for London, I think you'll eventually have Kendrick drop the Cruiser belt to Noble so as he can focus on the US title. London will win here after a great back and forth match.

3: WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke

Like it's been said, You have been wanting rid of Booker and this is the perfect way to do it. Turn AMW's heat from red to white hot by having them screw Booker out of his career. I can see Booker almost winning it but then AMW will get the sneaky win. Bye Booker!

Buried Alive Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker

JBL has given some great promos over the last few weeks and kudos on that but I dont see him betaing Taker. Short match hopefully with Taker destroying JBL and putting him on the shelf for a while.

1: Belfast Brawl:
Finlay vs. M.V.P

Finlay does not need to win here, MVP meanwhile needs his momentum back and i think this si the perfect chance for that. MVP to win emphatically.

5: Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista

Another well built match with your depiction of the crazed Edge being spot on. I see Big Dave almost taking the win only for Edge to again sneak a win out of nowhere.

2: Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Any partner of his choosing

No way is Albright losing this soon after his performance at SNME. TMC will win and push Albright on towards the world title shot he deserves.

1) Predict the winners of each match (7 points)Done
2) Predict the match order (7 Points)Done
3) Longest Match (3 points)WWE Title
4) Shortest Match (3 points)Belfast Brawl
5) Who will be Carlitos tag team partner? *hint; NOT Primo* (5 points)Jamie Noble?
6) Will there be any surprise appearances; and if so, WHO?? (3 points)No
7) Which competitor will suffer the fall in the WWE Tag Team Titles Match?? (2 points)Elijah Burke
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