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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry this is late, Wolfy me old mucker. I'd say I was busy, but we all know that's a filthy lie

No Michael Cole?

The opening to this show should be required reading for all new bookers. In fact, the entire build to The Great American Bash should be required reading, but this segment in particular. It's the final show before a big PPV, and most people have it stapled in their brains that a humungous bloody promo between the WWE Title contenders or Batista/Edge would be the only way to go here, because that's what Vince & co. have told them over the years. And they wonder why they have trouble building other angles The Brian Kendrick's build has been slow and predictable, but well handled, and the addition of Paul London to the mix was perfect. It makes Spanky's heel turn more meaningful than just turning on a guy like Chavo, with whom he has no real relationship. And it was only a matter of time before he got this kind of big star treatment to kick off a show. I've always quite like Kendrick on the mic. He sounds like a goofy, moronic cocky prick because that's what he probably is. Nothing really spectacular out of this promo, with Spanky's reasonings for his problem with London about as clichéd as one can get, but I'm not sure what I was expecting. Their feud defintely has legs, despite both holding separate titles. At first I wasn't a fan, but you've booked it so well that I don't want it to just be a 'one off' thing. Now, the stuff with Noble was gold, pure gold. I'm so glad you've gone this route, having Noble become the voice of the Cruiserweight division and call out Kendrick for his blatant disrespect by pursuing another title. Increases Spanky's dickishness and makes Noble look great in the process. I would have preferred just a random jobber for Noble to squash than Daivari, as a bit of solidarity amongst the Cruiserweights might have helped this angle, but I guess this win makes Noble looks much better. He seems to be the next in line for a Cruiserweight title shot, but I'm not sure exactly when Spanky will be done with London. Great opening though. Who's have thought it, secondary titles actually meaning something

Pretty goofy heel promo from Albright and Haas. I'd keep their promos to a minimum if I were you. Neither man is exactly Arn Anderson on the stick. They're not terrible; I just think it would do wonders for their current gimmick if they said very little. I guess they pretty much ruled out Primo though, which is reassuring. I don't mind him. It would just be a tad boring.

Great match between Haas and Carlito to go into the PPV with. Haas controlling things until his buddy gets sent to the back, but Haas still looks strong with a loss via a roll-up. I'm probably looking forward to the tag team match at GAB more than anything else, and this is exactly why. I'm absolutely clueless as to who 'Lito's partner could be though

Nice little promo from London, who seems to be taking this feud with his former partner a little too lightly for me. The fact that he hasn't come across as serious yet makes me think that this rivalry has legs, and the Great American Bash won't be the last London versus Kendrick match we see in this thread. I said the tag match was what I was most looking forward to, but this comes a close second.

So Nemeth's now a pimp? I hope you give him a manager. He's an awesome wrestler, but he's pretty dire on the mic.

Typical Brock nonsense. He's so boring

Very surprised by just how good the match between Booker and JBL was. Okay, so it wasn't Steamboat/Flair or anything, but considering the limits of the two guys in there, it was a ton of fun thanks to AMW, Elijah Burke and The Undertaker. Booker's win pretty much guarantees he's leaving this Sunday, but that was never really in doubt. JBL is losing also, but I imagine he'll be sticking around in some other capacity.

Nice crazy promo after the match by Layfield. He's been gold building this essentially squash feud up in recent weeks, and it's a shame he's literally going to be buried on Sunday by that glory hog. Typical Undertaker shit too with the tombstone and grave. He's so boring, yet you can't help but book him. You'd be a fool not to really.

Raw already sold me on SummerSlam. You've got mine beat

I told you my thoughts on the Ricky Hatton press conference in my Raw review, so I won't repeat myself.

Ah, a last promo from Booker T before he bids us a fond farewell. I wonder what Burke will be doing though. I always thought he was actually rather good.

So it's going to be MVP/Finlay this Sunday? Nice. Neither man has much else going on right now, so I'm glad you're putting them in a sort of mini feud. With all the use of the shillelagh there's been between them, if you were Vince Russo you'd probably have them in a shillelagh on a pole match or something. Thank god you're not Russo. Surprised to see Porter gain the upperhand here, as I have him as a sure thing to go over at the PPV. He still will I reckon.

Here's Randy Orton. Time for a boring promo. Lol, I kid. He is a bit a damp squib of a champion, but you at least have him in a slightly different angle with his stable, which has been all over the place, which was proved by this very odd promo.

@ AMW's 'gifts' to Booker and Burke. Harris and Storm are such brilliant wankers, It's a shame they haven't really got anyone to feud with.

Holy shit at the main event. That's some nifty, Heyman-esque booking right there, Wolfster. I doubt anyone saw that coming. Kendrick and Edge add some SERIOUS fuel to their respective feuds with their attacks. I'm glad to see Spanky has the U.S Title belt again. I like the idea of him as some kind of magpie who steals things. And as for Edge, I think the con-chair-to to Batista will lead to The Animal's downfall at the PPV. I can't see him recovering in time, and Edge really should be the one going over, because, well, he's more talented. And there everyone was thinking we were just going to get the usual 3-on-1 handicap match a la Goldberg and Evolution back in the day, with Lesnar looking like Superman or something ... but you've FINALLY ended this New Wave nonsence, and in the process created two more babyfaces to prop your roster. Cade and Doane instantly look great for this, and it's such a great way to go into the PPV, with Orton looking so unbelievably vulnerable and afraid. I actually can't wait to see what old school shenanigans he uses to pull out the win, 'cause it ain't gonna be clean, baby.

Really enjoyable send off show, Wolfy, add some serious weight to ALL of your title matches, and making the best decision possible by disbanding The New Wave with some very nifty booking at the end.

Official Card for WWE Great American Bash:
Date: 8th July 2007
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Alter Bridge; Rise Today

7. WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar
As dirty a win as humanly possible I reckon here, possibly with some interference from Triple H.

6. WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick
I don't see Spanky becoming a double champion yet, but I DO see this match having a controversial finish and Kendrick nicking the belt again.

3. WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke
AMW are great, you're building your tag division around them, and you've wanted to get rid of Booker for a while now.

Buried Alive Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker
He squashes people for no reason, that's what he does!

1. Belfast Brawl:
Finlay vs. M.V.P
Despite Porter getting the last laugh on SD, I still think he's your next U.S Champion, so he'll go over here.

2. Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista
He's obviously better than 'Tista, and the con-chair-to could prove to be the deciding factor,

5. Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Any partner of his choosing
Albright's just won the King Of The Ring. You'd foolish to NOT have him get the pin here. He shouldn't be losing a match for a LOOOOONG time.

1) Predict the winners of each match (7 points)
2) Predict the match order (7 Points)
3) Longest Match (3 points)
4) Shortest Match (3 points)
Buried Alive.
5) Who will be Carlitos tag team partner? *hint; NOT Primo* (5 points)
Uh... I'm really stumped with this one. Jeff Hardy?
6) Will there be any surprise appearances; and if so, WHO?? (3 points)
Triple H in the WWE Title match.
7) Which competitor will suffer the fall in the WWE Tag Team Titles Match?? (2 points)
Da' Book Man.

Should be a great show, mate. Looking forward to it
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