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Re: WWE Heroes

February 14, 2011

The show kick starts off with Jerry 'The King' Lawler in the ring with a mic while Michael Cole and Josh Matthews stand by on commentary. 'The King' starts talking about this career as both a wrestler and a commentator, but also how he has blurred the lines of both in the past. Over the last few months, Lawler has noticed someone else getting more involved in the WWE matches as of late, Michael Cole. Cole has gotten involved so often in The Miz's WWE Title matches, including 'The King's' chance at the belt so long ago. For the last two weeks, Michael Cole even attempted to “save” The Miz from Randy Orton, with very little success. At this point, Lawler calls Michael Cole into the ring.

Michael Cole enters the ring and tries to justify that he was only getting involved on The Miz's behalf for the better good. Miz deserves to be champion and is good for business. 'King' immediately slaps Cole across the face. The WWE Hall of Famer continues saying how together, Michael Cole, Alex Riley, and The Miz, have tarnished what it means to be WWE Champion with all of the cheating and interfering. 'The King' takes this time to ask Michael Cole to promise that this Sunday during the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view when Miz defends the title against John Morrison, for Michael Cole to stay behind the announcer's table and not get involved. Only then will 'The King' forgive Michael Cole for costing him the WWE Title, but also Cole will be on his way to getting the WWE fans' respect. Before Michael Cole can respond, he is interrupted by...

-I Came To Play-

The Miz does his usual strut down to the ring with his WWE Title and Alex Riley near by. With his own mic, while heading to the ring, The Miz starts to berate 'The King' for saying how 'The Awesome' has tarnished the WWE Title. Miz continues saying how Lawler needs to get over the fact that he's too old to become a WWE Champion and needs to get over it. Also when it comes to facing John Morrison this Sunday, The Miz needs no one else to get the job done, and that includes everyone the WWE Champion has faced since he cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase. The WWE Champion continues stating that, “I'm The Miz and I'm AWEEEESOOO...”


The Miz finds himself interrupted by a former contender for the WWE Title, the man Miz beat to become champion, 'The Viper' Randy Orton. The Miz gulps as Randy Orton makes his way slowly to the ring. Once inside the ring, Orton grabs his own microphone. Orton points out that not only has The Miz needed Alex Riley, Michael Cole, or both of them to successfully defend his title against 'The Viper' and John Morrison in the past, but also against Jerry 'The King' Lawler. 'The Viper' continues on how he would love to see The Miz defend his title for the first time ever without either Cole or Riley around. Soon Orton realizes how he can ensure that, by ensuring Riley and Cole don't make it to Elimination Chamber with a good punt to the skull! Orton drops his mic and closes in on Michael Cole as Miz and Riley get ready to fight.


The RAW General Manager Alert goes off. Before Cole can try to answer it, Orton steps in the way followed by Lawler going to flank his fellow announcer. Josh Matthews goes and answers the email. Matthews reads and says the RAW GM would also love to see The Miz defend his title for once without Riley and Cole at ringside. Though the General Manager could easily just ban them both this Sunday, but that wouldn't make for as interesting television. Instead he organizes a tag match, where if The Miz's team loses, both Alex Riley and Michael Cole will be banned from the upcoming pay-per-view. The Miz will compete in this tag team match against two men he defended the title against and need both Michael Cole and Alex Riley to pull off the victory: Randy Orton and Jerry 'The King' Lawler. For this match, The Miz will team up with not Alex Riley, but Michael Cole! The RAW GM then suggests all five men should leave before he changes the match tonight around as the match will take place later tonight. To replace the two missing commentators, the RAW GM has organized a special commentator: Good Ol' Jim Ross!

--------------------Cut to Commercial--------------------

Ad for the Elimination Chamber Match where the winner will get a World Title Shot at Wrestlemania 27. Which champion will they choose and who will be the champions after Sunday?

--------------------Cut to Ringside--------------------

Match One:
R-Truth vs. Zack Ryder

A short match with Ryder getting some moves in but the win eventually goes to Truth after a Scissors Kick.

Winner: R-Truth

Truth celebrates the win as Jim Ross and Josh Matthews hype up the two big matches announced for tonight so far. The #1 WWE Title Contender John Morrison versus Elimination Chamber Competitor John Cena, also the tag team match with Randy Orton and Jerry Lawler against The Miz and Michael Cole to decide if Cole and Riley will attend this Sunday's event.

--------------------Cut to The Miz's Locker Room--------------------

Michael Cole is trying to put on an orange singlet that was given to him to dress in for his match tonight. It seems Cole doesn't know how to put one on. As Miz and Alex Riley watch Cole put on the singlet, they both become very worried about tonight's match.

--------------------Cut to Interview Area--------------------

John Cena is on being interviewed about tonight's match and the Elimination Chamber. As much as Cena wants to see Morrison win this Sunday, the former World Champion acknowledges Morrison has yet to win a big match in the last few weeks. Two weeks ago Morrison only won because the Nexus screwed up causing a disqualification that led to Morrison getting the title match in the first place. Last week 'The Monday Night Delight' challenged and lost to CM Punk, but still but on a great, competitive match. Now tonight, John Morrison has chosen to challenge Cena, both to get some momentum going into the title match Sunday but also to for Morrison to prove to himself and everyone that 'The Monday Night Delight' deserves to be champion. With that in mind, John Cena plans to throw everything he can at Morrison tonight, so Morrison can prove he deserves to be world champion and for Cena to continue his momentum he has built up for the Elimination Chamber in six days.

Cena continues talking about each competitor in the chamber. How Cena has beaten Randy Orton before and will do so again this Sunday. How Cena will love to finally put it once again to the Nexus and the Corre when he gets his hands on both CM Punk and Wade Barrett. How Cena promises that he will show more heart then Rey Mysterio to win the match, How Cena knows he can take out Drew McIntyre as well. Also, how Cena knows that he will go on to challenge a World Champion at Wrestlemania 27.

--------------------Cut to Ringside--------------------

-Victory Is Mine-

The music plays as the WWE Tag Team Champions The Foreign Powers and Tamina get in the ring find themselves microphones. They discuss last week how the Nexus challenged for the titles and attacked the Tag Champions on Smackdown during their match with the Corre. Then Marella points out the announcement on WWE.com made over the weekend. Marella and Kozlov will be defending their titles against both the Nexus and the Corre this Sunday at Elimination Chamber.

-We Are One-

Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris from the Nexus come down to confront the champions. Before they can say a word or attack the champions...


Suddenly all four members the Corre invade RAW and attack both the Nexus members and the Foreign Powers. CM Punk with Ryan and Otunga come running down to save their stablemates. Before it can turn into a giant fight...


Josh Matthews goes and answers the RAW GM email. To stop the fighting, the RAW GM announces whoever continues fighting will have their team either pulled out of the match this weekend or be stripped of the titles. Slowly the fighting stops. Though the RAW GM is upset with the Corre invading tonight, it is understandable considering what the Nexus did on Smackdown. Choosing to give the tag champions a break, the RAW GM requests the tag champions to leave the arena. Once the Foreign Powers and Tamina are gone, the General Manager organizes a 6-Man Tag Match pitting the Corre against the Nexus to take lace right now.

Match Two:
New Nexus' CM Punk, Michael McGillicutty, and Husky Harris w/ Mason Ryan and David Otunga
vs. The Corre's Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, and Justin Gabriel w/Ezekiel Jackson

All hell breaks loose to put it simply. Constant cheating and interfering prevents this match from ending anytime soon. Eventually Ryan, Otunga, and Jackson get too involved ending the match being ruled as a no contest. As the referee makes the ruling, both groups continue fighting.

Winners: No Contest

Security comes and separates them all. RAW's GM dings back in and makes a report. After getting permission from the Board of Directors a match has been made for this Smackdown. A non-title tag team match with the Foreign Powers against New Nexus' CM Punk and the Corre's Wade Barrett. If any members of the Nexus or the Corre come down to the ring, that group's team will be removed from the title match. Punk and Barrett start yelling how they already hate the match as security takes each group to the back seperately.

--------------------Cut to the Backstage Area--------------------

John Morrison is warming up for his big match tonight. During the warm up, he shows off his parkour skills. Again, like last week, enter the Miz. The Miz mocks Morrison for even thinking he can beat John Cena tonight. Morrison then wishes the WWE Champion luck in defeating two men he's never beaten without outside help: Randy Orton and Jerry 'The King' Lawler. Though Miz frowns over that thought again, Morrison mentions that the champion should cheer up, at least Miz has Michael Cole in his corner. Patting The Mis on the shoulder, Morrison walks out.

--------------------Cut to the Green Room-------------------

United States Champion Daniel Bryan tries to explain the bet he made with the Bella Twins two weeks back to his very upset girlfriend Gail Kim. Gail Kim is upset she wasn't told about it originally and wasn't a fan of he put his title on the line for her. As Bryan tries to console Kim, King Sheamus and Bella Twins walk in having heard the lover's spat. Sheamus tells Daniel Bryan to watch the next match closely to see what a true champion can do and for Gail Kim to watch to see what a real man can do. Holding on to a different arm, the Bellas agree with the 2011 King of the Ring before the three walk off. Kim breathes and tells Bryan she wants to see the US Champion destory Sheamus this Sunday.

--------------------Cut to Ringside--------------------

Match Three:
King Sheamus w/the Bella Twins vs. Goldust

Goldust gets little in as Sheamus simply dominates for the whole match, before ending it with a Brough Kick.

Winner: King Sheamus

Sheamus celebrates with the Twins but Daniel Bryan comes out from the back and jumps Sheamus. Bryan locks in the LeBell Lock, but Sheamus breaks free of it through sheer force. Sheamus then nails Bryan with a Brough Kick as the Bella Twins smile approvingly and Gail Kim watches on worried from the entrance ramp.

--------------------Cut to the Backstage--------------------

Maryse and Ted DiBiase are arguing as they always seem to do lately. DiBiase promises to do something big to impress Maryse but she responds saying that he'll never do anything at this rate. He's not even on RAW this week, how can he expect to do something big ever?

--------------------Cut to Commercial--------------------

An ad featuring the WWE Championship Match between The Miz and John Morrison. Who will prove to be a deserving World Champion this Sunday?

--------------------Cut to Ringside--------------------

WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix is in the ring as Natalya enters after Phoenix called her long time friend to come out. After emailing and talking it over with the RAW GM and Board of Directors, Phoenix was able to arrange Natalya the right to challenge for the Divas Title this Sunday at Elimination Chamber. Taking a moment to think, Natalya rejects the offer not wanting a hand out but to earn the title. Out of anger, due to Phoenix not staying out of Nattie's problems like she asked, Natalya storms out of the ring upset.


Josh Matthews reads and states that the General Manager requests Natalya to stay out at ringside. From the great job of refereeing on Nattie did on Smackdown, the RAW GM has decided she will officiate the next match. In fact its the match Nattie organized last week.

-Bed of Nails-

Tyson Kidd comes out and before he can drive to talk to Nattie, his opponent comes out.


David Hart Smith comes running down and Natalya immediately calls for the bell wanting to avoid talking to either man. Beth Phoenix joins commentary for this match.

Match Four:
Special Guest Referee: Natalya Niedhart
Divas Champion Beth Phoenix on commentary
Tyson Kidd vs. DH Smith

Kidd and Smith fight their hardest in this quick encounter. Tyson does for speed, while David Hart aims to over power. Smith picks Kidd up and suplexes him to the outside floor. Smith rolls out as they both start to brawl. Wanting the match to end, Natalya makes a fast 10 count.

Winner: Double Count Out

Beth Phoenix tries to run to talk to Nattie, which Kidd and Smith try to do after they stop fighting. Natalya simply runs through the back before either of the three can catch up in time.

--------------------Cut to Backstage Split Screen--------------------

The screen is split in half. On one side is Randy Orton and Jerry Lawler heading to the ring. In the other is The Miz whispering to Alex Riley and Michael Cole as they head to the ring. The tag match is next!

--------------------Cut to Commercial--------------------

Ad for the World Heavyweight Championship Match with Edge defending against Dolph Ziggler. Who will come out ahead, 'The Ultimate Opportunist' or the newly self-proclaimed 'The Perfect Opportunist?'

--------------------Cut to Ringside--------------------

Match Five:

Jerry Lawler and Randy Orton vs. Michael Cole and WWE Champion The Miz w/ Alex Riley

Refusing to tag in Michael Cole, The Miz does all the fighting and manages to stay in the match thanks to Riley's constant interference. While Lawler is in the ring with Miz, Orton catches Riley sticking his head through the ropes trying to grab 'The King's' legs. Orton runs and punts Alex Riley! Riley goes limp as Miz watches on horrified. With the referee busy with the out cold Riley and yelling at Orton, Cole low blows Lawler and Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale! Spotting the low blow, Orton bolts and charges for Michael Cole. Cole runs for his life as Miz uses the distraction for the pinfall on Lawler for the win.

Winners: The Miz and Michael Cole.

Once it seems security has a handle on Randy Orton, The Miz celebrates with Michael Cole briefly. Miz goes to check on Riley who has medics attending to him. Orton breaks free of security and rolls into the ring. RKO on Michael Cole! Orton turns around seeing Cole down. In shock Miz stands there seeing everything crumbling around him. As Cole and Riley hold their necks, Miz realizes that though he won the match, neither of them may make it for this Sunday either way. Security gets a hold on Orton again and pulls him to the back.

--------------------Cut to New Nexus Locker Room--------------------

The Nexus are having a huge argument over the match tonight. CM Punk takes charge and quiets them all down. Punk finally chooses who will represent Nexus: McGillicutty and Harris. Otunga and Ryan become upset but Punk points out that they did nothing to earn the shot. McGillicutty and Harris not only convinced Punk, but joined him in invading Smackdown. Also Punk points out it was McGillicutty and Husky's idea in the first place. Punk leaves as the four Nexus members stand to a different side showing a rift growing between them.

--------------------Cut to Smackdown Rebound--------------------

Referees on strike refusing to appear on Smackdown. The last episode has a Special Guest Referee for each match, including RAW's own Tamina and Natalya.

With Dolph Ziggler as the referee, World Heavyweight Champion Edge battled Wade Barrett. Edge lost after being ganged up on. Afterwards, Ziggler announced he would get one more title shot against Edge at Elimination Chamber.

Drew McIntyre, after confronting Edge earlier in the night over Kelly Kelly being fired, won a 10-Man Battle Royal to earn the sixth and final spot in the Interpromotional Elimination Chamber Match. During the match, Alberto Del Rio eliminated Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston.

--------------------Cut to Ringside--------------------

Match Six/Main Event:

'The Monday Night Delight' John Morrison vs. 'The CeNation Commander' John Cena

Similar to last week, John Morrison puts on a great show with a former World Champion. They both pull out all the stops to find a way to end the match. The end comes when Morrison goes for a Super Kick but Cena counters with a roll up for the win.

Winner: John Cena

Morrison is upset over failing to win yet another big match or build momentum for the title match this Sunday. Cena gets a microphone and talks about Morrison's accomplishments in his life. How Morrison has been World Tag Team Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and ECW Champion. The next step for Morrison is to grab hold and win the WWE Title. The match he had last week with Punk was exciting and close to winning to. The match tonight was exciting and close as well. John Cena believes without a doubt that when he wins the Elimination Chamber this Sunday, he will be challenging John Morrison for the WWE Title. Cena puts his hand out. After a moment of hesitation, John Morrison shakes John Cena's hand.

The End

Coming this Sunday...
Elimination Chamber
February 20, 2011

Elimination Chamber Match
Three from RAW and Three from Smackdown
Winner gets a World Title shot at Wrestlemania 27

Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk vs. Wade Barrett vs. John Cena vs. Drew McIntyre

WWE Championship
'The Awesome One' The Miz(c) w/Alex Riley vs. 'The Everyday Delight' John Morrison

World Heavyweight Championship
'Ultimate Opportunist' Edge(c) vs. 'The Perfect Opportunist' Dolph Ziggler

Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston(c) vs. The 2011 Royal Rumble Winner Alberto Del Rio

United States Championship
Daniel Bryan(c) w/Gail Kim vs. King Sheamus w/The Bella Twins

WWE Tag Team Championships
Foreign Powers(c) w/Tamina vs.The Corre vs. New Nexus

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