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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


The show begins with a recap of Monday Night RAW when Team Smackdown invaded RAW and attacked every member of Team RAW except John Cena. Jack Swagger’s insinuation of John Cena being an infiltrator who will screw RAW at SS seemed to be valid under the circumstances and the WWE Champion The Undertaker was himself unsure about his decision to choose Cena over Swagger in his team at SS.

1. After the pyro occurs and the show starts, suddenly the lights go off. The crowd gives a huge pop when suddenly the titantron begins to show the MITB briefcase revolving and making sounds.

Cole – “Well, who the hell is this guy? I was beginning to think there was no mysterious Mr.MITB and this was all a play by Mr. Mcmahon but it seems I am wrong”

Striker – “This is the biggest question currently which has us all spellbounded – Who is the mysterious Mr. MITB”

Suddenly, the titantron returns to normal, and then the music hits.

*****WE ARE ONE ***** (Barrett comes out with his World Title to a huge pop. He poses on the ramp with the title and then turns around and looks towards the titantron for some time)

Cole – “What? Don’t tell me the World champion is the Mr. Money in the Bank”

Barrett turns back and comes to the ring and takes the mic.

Barrett – “Now I was here to talk about what happened at RAW but the mysterious Mr. MITB decided to disturb me. Let me tell you something whoever you are, I promise that you will never be the World Heavyweight Champion. So, if you are that sensible and cunning, you know which title you should go for”.

Barrett – “Coming back to what happened this week earlier on RAW, people have been talking about how I fear John Cena being a part of Team RAW so that our chances of winning increase. Let me tell you something, I don’t care if John Cena or The Undertaker or for that matter, anyone else is a part of Team RAW. I know that my team will win at Survivor Series and there is not even a shred of doubt in that.”

Barrett – “I know what I did last week and I have my reasons for that. But one of my team members was unhappy for not being able to get his hands upon Cena. Tonight, I choose him to be my partner against The Undertaker and his partner for the main event. And tonight I will prove why we will win at Survivor Series”.

2. Mark Henry comes to the ring for his squash match with Super Crazy. Henry wins the match via World’s Strongest Slam. IC Champion Dolph Ziggler watches the match from the ringside. After the match ends, Ziggler comes to the ring to attack Henry, but gets overpowered. Henry delivers the WS Slam to Ziggler and raises the IC title high in the air.

Mark Henry def. Super Crazy via pinfall at 3:39

3. Tag Team match: (Chavo/Rey vs Masters/Carlito)

Masters gains control against Rey and both him and Carlito stop Rey from tagging in Chavo into the match. Chavo finally gets the tag and gains momentum. Finally, Rey breaks the Masterlock on Chavo preventing him from tapping out, Rey delivers the 619 on Masters and Chavo delivers the Frog Splash for the win.

Chavo/Rey def. Masters/Carlito via pinfall at 8:09

4. Ryder and Marella backstage talk about Khali’s challenge. Marella decides that there is no chance that he will let Ryder face Khali. Teddy Long comes suddenly and announces a tag match at Survivor Series – Ryder and Marella will face Khali and Ranjin Singh. If Khali’s team wins, Khali will get his singles match against Ryder at next Smackdown.

5. Batista comes out for his match. The opponent is Ted Dibiase. Batista manhandles Dibiase though he is in his first match since months. Batista wins the match by Batista Bomb.

Batista def. Ted Dibiase via pinfall at 5:43

6. Mr. Kennedy comes out with JBL and both of them announce that at Survivor Series, they will be more than happy to embarrass Team RAW. JBL also said that Kennedy should be the next World Champion and if he is the survivor at SS, Teddy Long should give Kennedy a shot at the World Title. Suddenly the opponent Kane comes out to face Kennedy.

The match goes on for long with Kane gaining control over the match. Kane chokeslammed Kennedy and went for the cover but JBL came up on the apron and distracted the referee. Kane choked JBL and tried to deliver the chokeslam when Kennedy delivered a low blow from behind. The referee was distracted by JBL on the apron and Kennedy did a quick roll up for the pinfall.

Mr. Kennedy def. Kane via pinfall at 7:14

7. Chris Jericho comes out to the ring and the audience booes loud. Jericho announces that he did what he had to do last week and Edge deserved it. Jericho said that he should had been the guy to face Barrett for the World title match and Edge keeps getting undeserved shots at the title. He said that he is the bigger star than Edge but Edge went on to become multi time world champion within a short span of being in the main event and never deserved that glory. Jericho promised that at Survivor Series, he will demolish Edge and prove that he is the better man.

8. Main Event: (World Champ Barrett and partner face WWE Champ Undertaker and partner)

Barrett comes out with his partner Orton. The Undertaker’s partner is surprisingly Jack Swagger. Taker starts the match against Orton. Both look in control in different moments. Orton tags in Barrett and Taker tags in Swagger. Barrett takes control of the match. Swagger finally gets to tag in Taker and the World and WWE Champion fight in the ring to a huge pop.

Taker tries to deliver the chokeslam when suddenly Orton enters without a tag and delivers the RKO to Taker. Swagger runs in and Barrett clotheslines him. Barrett delivers the Wasteland on him for the pinfall.

Wade Barrett & Randy Orton def. The Undertaker & Jack Swagger via pinfall at 10:13

After the match, Orton gets to the corner of the ring and begins to become paranoid. Barrett keeps looking as Orton waits for Undertaker to get up as he gets ready to punt Taker’s head off. Swagger gets up and leaves the ring in fear leaving Taker in danger. Taker begins to rise suddenly and Orton just gets ready to take off for the punt.

Suddenly, the crowd gives a huge pop as John Cena runs down the ring wearing a RAW T-shirt. Orton rushes towards him as Cena ducks and hoists him up for the Attitude Adjustment, Orton comes out and tries the RKO but Cena pushes him away and Orton slips out of the ring. Barrett has already left the ring and both he and Orton leave through the ramp. Taker gets up on his feet and looks towards Cena who points his finger on his shirt showing the RAW logo. Cena leaves the ring while Taker keeps looking at him.

The screen fades to black.
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