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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Review

First show coming off No Mercy, hopefully it's a good one building towards Survivor Series. Let's see what we got.

Punk opening the show obviously makes sense. He won the main event at a Pay-Per-View. I like everything he said, he's probably the best thing you have going on Smackdown at the moment other than maybe Sydal. Very good stuff from Punk. I was expecting Edge to be on Punk's team. I was suprised we saw him before Cena in this segment. Oh well. Edge and Cena were both good. Del-Rio was also good here standing up for Punk the way he does him facing Cena will be good but I could see a glorified squash with it being Cena's first match back on the Blue Brand.

While were on the subject of the Survivor Series match, I really just wanna say I hope it brings how should I say this, direction to Smackdown. Because right now, and really for most of the Summer, fall area on Smackdown. It's felt like you've had a ton of great main eventers who are randomly fighting each other with very little rhyme or reason to whose fighting who. Like that triple threat last night felt really thrown together. This Punk-Cena if well built can be Punk, I'm looking foward to it.

This tag match was very very good, but are you really pushing Lashley and Hass as a team? Like I just don't see it. Unlike Raw's tag division, Smackdown's is getting stale. I felt like a title change needed to happen last Sunday as Devine and Petey were the hot tag team the Pak would've had enough time to win the belts back before Mania to set up what it seems you're going for UK Pack vs. Empire. I don't know, please quit jobbing a good tag team. Though I will be interested to see if you can pull off Lashley and Hass as a team because I really don't see it.

Now this on the other hand is something I loved. This segment was perfectly written and I love Sydal on Team Cena. He's an upcoming face and if he gets a big elimination in this match it could do wonders for him. Sydal ftw.

I was expecting Dolph to win at No Mercy and take Layla and eventually sheíd turn heel and I could still see something like that happening despite this engagement. I donít know yet. I hope you do something with Elijah though, the man is a talent.

Iíll admit, I laughed at Santinoís promo on Jeter. It gave me a good chuckle. Iím almost positive that heís just in there for a while to build tension between Yoshi and Jeter, but I still not liking him in the title picture. The Cruiserweights are your wrestlers, an X Division of sorts, Santino just feels off in that setting. Get his title shot out of the way so Yoshi and J-Red can step up. And a few more entertaining Santino promos along the way wouldnít hurt anyone

HmmmmÖMaybe Empire vs. the Pack isnít as obvious as it seems, considering I forgot about the addition of the Harts into their storyline. Iím going to be interested to see where you take this as Burchill appears to be the odd man out.

Ziggler and Crazy had a very good, and also necessary match. The action was all solid and it really got Ziggler back on track. Being as new as he is losing his first big pay-per-view match couldíve been hurtful. This should get him turned around. Very good job

All I have to stay about the Divaís segment. Smackdown Divaís Division = 1000x better than Rawís. Iím really interested to see where you go from here. As it looks like were gonna get Beth versus Michelle 1v1

Though it wasnít as good as the original the rematch between HBK and Swagger was still a fantastic match. I kinda saw the DQ coming. Michaels wasnít gonna go cleanly over Swagger twice in a row. Miz getting his in on HBK Was all fine and dandy, Iím looking forward to see who else is added to Michaelís team on the Survivor Series considering most of Smackdownís top faces will be on Cenaís team. Iím sure Morrison and Kofi will make an appearance somewhere. All around great segment though

A good tag match, it seems like youíre really pushing this Hart Dynasty splitting up the UK Pack angle which is fine looks to be a good story, but Iím more concerned about whose challenging for the belts. Next two of your better heel teams took losses tonight, it seems like the Empire has to be the choice at this point.

Speaking of the Empire. Regal added to the bunch? All right. Weíll see what you do with it, Iím not going to right off it because both Regal and the Empire are great so this could end up great, though I donít see what roll he fits as he Barrett already does all the talking for the group. None the less this could be very good.

The main event was exactly what it shouldíve been. I was hoping Del Rio wouldnít get buried here because I feared that could happen being a rookie against Cena and you didnít disappoint. Throwing Christian into the fray makes perfect sense having the match in the ring and the teams battling outside was great. I all around enjoyed this main event and Iím really really looking forward to that match at Survivor Series. Can not wait.

Overall, A quality show, the way the main storylines progressed was fantastic. Had a handful of good matches and as well some good promos. Really nothing to complain about with this show (even though it probably looks like I complained a lot up there) I enjoyed it.
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