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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

March 3rd, 2007
Madison Square Garden; New York, New York

Number One Contenders Tournament Final Match:
Winner will face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXIII for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP

Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam

It started with eight, and now we're down to two. For Rob Van Dam and Triple H, winning the Number One Contenders Tournament has taken on a greater meaning in recent weeks, with Saturday Night's Main Event being about more than just the chance to head to Wrestlemania to fight for the WWE Championship. The reason for this increased desire to head to Detroit? The ever escalating personal vendetta both men hold towards the WWE Champion Shawn Michaels... and each other. Ever since Shawn Michaels turned his back on Triple H to become WWE Champion during Raw: Night Of Champions, 'The Game' has been hell-bent on getting his hands on his former D-Generation X colleague. Likewise, from the moment Van Dam was struck with Sweet Chin Music, leaving him down and out on the mat and allowing Mr. McMahon to cherry-pick Van Dam's cherished ECW Championship, 'RVD' has too sought a way to even the score with Michaels. Although the WWE Champion has remained evasive, he knows that one of these men are his destiny by the time we reach Detroit. But will it be Triple H, the 10 time Heavyweight Champion, who goes on to main event yet another Wrestlemania, this time in one of the most personal, hate fuelled matches in Wrestlemania history? Or will it be Van Dam, a man so often lost in the shuffle come Wrestlemania season, who earns the chance to settle the score with Michaels. And what role, if any, will Michaels play in the match? The WWE Champion has been a distant, almost soul-less character over the last few months, but what way will his emotions sway as he watches on while his Wrestlemania opponent is decided? The richest prize in the business and the scent of revenge is firmly in the sights of Van Dam and Triple H. Who will face Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania XXIII for the WWE Championship? All is set to be revealed live on Saturday Night's Main Event!

Steel Cage Handicap Match:
Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon vs. John Cena

It was during the run in to the Royal Rumble that John Cena and Mr. McMahon first crossed paths, with the two going back and forth for several weeks over Cena accepting the challenge of Rob Van Dam for a WWE Championship match. McMahon felt Van Dam should be nowhere near the WWE Championship, but Cena remained defiant, sticking to his virtue of taking on any and all challengers by agreeing to face Van Dam at the Rumble. The verbals continued to be traded between Cena and McMahon, until the words turned to a more physical confrontation, as during the contract signing for the Cena/Van Dam match, McMahon found himself the subject of a FU through a table! This prompted the return of Shane McMahon to the WWE, and since then the McMahon's have done everything in their power to make Cena's life a misery. So much so that it was Shane and his hired security team who removed Cena from the WWE Championship Match during Raw: Night Of Champions. From that moment, Cena has made Shane and Vince his priority, but the McMahons have always been able to stay one step ahead of Cena. With a bounty placed on Cena's head, various people have stepped forward to do the dirty work of the McMahons for their own personal gain. Umaga, Edge, Johnny Nitro, Chris Masters and Melina have all benefitted from attacking Cena, causing many to wonder when Cena's personal hell would finally be at an end. It could all happen tonight after Cena goaded Vince and Shane into meeting him inside a Steel Cage. But recently, Vince has alluded to mystery man, the proverbial ace up his sleeve. Could the identity of the McMahon's latest hired gun be revealed tonight? Will the steel cage serve it's purpose of keeping outside interference out of the match? And will Cena finally be able to settle his differences with the McMahons the old fashioned way... a straight up ass kicking?!

Last Chance Tag Team Match:
If Edge and Kennedy win, Kennedy will join Edge and Batista in a WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania XXIII

World Heavyweight Champion Batista and Matt Hardy vs. Edge and Mr. Kennedy

Ever since he won the 2007 Royal Rumble and made his intentions known that he was challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XXIII, Edge has longed to see anyone but Batista holding the big gold belt by the time we hit Detroit. Edge claims it's because he wants his Wrestlemania moment, the moment where he becomes the new World Heavyweight Champion, to be the most spectacular match in Wrestlemania history. The more popular belief is that Edge is simply running scared of 'The Animal'. Kennedy has been on Batista's radar ever since Kennedy viciously assaulted Ric Flair after Flair eliminated Kennedy from the Royal Rumble Match. With Kennedy's repeated requests for a match with Flair denied, Kennedy set his sights on Batista and the World Heavyweight Championship, with the two clashing for the gold at No Way Out. An assist from Edge appeared to have handed the title to Kennedy, only for Flair to make his presence felt, costing Kennedy the title. Tonight, Kennedy has his last chance to be involved in the World Heavyweight Championship Match at Wrestlemania, as if he and Edge can beat Batista and Hardy tonight, the match will be contested under triple threat rules. And what about Matt Hardy? For so long, Hardy has been a struggling mid-carder, always chasing but never reaching that higher level. But with an United States Championship Match at Wrestlemania XXIII already in his back pocket, tonight is another chance for Hardy to prove he belongs with the big boys in the WWE. Will Hardy be able to shake off the wannabe reputation he's earned over the last few years? Can Batista finally get his hands on Edge after weeks of evasion from the Number One Contender? And will Edge and Kennedy be able to work as a cohesive unit to get both their wishes, a Triple Threat World Heavyweight Championship Match at Wrestlemania XXIII?

United States Championship Belfast Brawl:
United States Champion Finlay vs. Chris Benoit

At No Way Out, Benoit defended the United States Championship against Finlay in a match that was advertised as a battle between two tough as nails competitors. But if the match at No Way Out was hard hitting, then tonight should be an absolute war as Benoit and Finlay clash in the first ever Belfast Brawl! After losing the championship to Finlay, Benoit moved quickly to call for a rematch. However, Finlay only agreed to the rematch on one condition... that he was allowed to name the stipulation of the match. The stipulation Finlay settled on was the Belfast Brawl, a match that sounds right up the United States Champion's alley. Simply put, they're are no rules in a Belfast Brawl other than the match must end in either a pinfall or submission. Madison Square Garden has been the sight of many a chaotic and brutal fight over the years, but tonight could see the famous building witness one of the most brutal contests in WWE history. Neither man will be the same after this one is over, but one of them will leave Saturday Night's Main Event the United States Champion and head to Wrestlemania XXIII for a showdown with Matt Hardy.

World Tag Team Championship Match:
World Tag Team Champions Ric Flair and Carlito vs. The World's Greatest Tag Team

It was January 1st that Ric Flair first crossed paths with The World's Greatest Tag Team, as on that night 'The Dirtiest Player In The Game' was up to his usual tricks as he grabbed a win over Shelton Benjamin. The following week, it was the same scenario as Flair saw off Charlie Haas. But Haas and Benjamin weren't about to let the situation die as they sought a way to even the score. Two on one beatings followed, until a chance meeting between Flair and Carlito brought 'Lito into the situation. Flair and Carlito beat Haas and Benjamin to earn a shot at then World Tag Team Champions Rated-RKO, but even after winning the gold, and even despite Flair's issues with Mr. Kennedy, the new champions couldn't shake off the attentions of The World's Greatest Tag Team. Tonight, the two teams meet to finally put their issues to bed, but with all the drama that surrounds 'The Nature Boy' right now, could his head be elsewhere... and could the titles be in jeopardy because of this?

Four Way Elimination Match:
Winner will face Gregory Helms at Wrestlemania XXIII for the CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP

Bryan Danielson vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Joey Mercury vs. Shannon Moore

The Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms has long-claimed that he is the greatest cruiserweight in the world, and after seeing off all competition during his year-plus reign, nobody was in a position to argue with him. However, the arrival of Bryan Danielson to the WWE sent shockwaves through the division, with the champion showing signs that he realises his title was in grave danger after the signing of the indy favourite. At No Way Out, Danielson made a spectacular WWE debut, impressing everyone with his performance during the Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet and coming within inches of winning the title on his debut. Helms held onto the gold yet again at No Way Out, but he's scheduled to defend his title again at Wrestlemania, this time in one on one action. At Saturday Night's Main Event, the four men who were involved in the Cruiserweight Championship Gauntlet for the longest duration of time, Shannon Moore, Joey Mercury, Chavo Guerrero and of course Danielson, will meet to determine who will face Helms in Detroit. Although Danielson impressed at No Way Out, word has been going around the dressing room that his performance that night was a fluke, credited to him catching Guerrero and Mercury by surprise. With everybody in the WWE now fully aware of what Danielson is capable of, tonight promises to be a true test fir all four of these cruiserweights, as they battle to secure a shot at Gregory Helms and the Cruiserweight Title.

Grudge Match:
Umaga vs. Kane

At No Way Out, the world watched on in shock as Umaga destroyed The Undertaker during a Casket Match featuring 'The Deadman' and King Booker. It was a display of dominance over 'The Phenom' the likes of which had never before been seen in a WWE ring. With sheer brute power and strength, 'The Samoan Bulldozer' decimated The Undertaker, driving through the casket lid before brutalizing him in the ring. Once Umaga was finished, the mysterious druids arrived, carrying the lifeless body of The Undertaker from the ring. This was to prove to be the last appearance of The Undertaker, as he hasn't been seen since. The Undertaker's brother Kane would look to take the fight to Umaga on the following Smackdown, storming the ring and trading blows with the 'The Savage of Samoa' that brought back memories of their titanic feud from last year. Tonight, restoring the family name is on Kane's mind, as is becoming the first man to finally pin or cause Umaga to submit. Umaga seems hell-bent on continuing to obliterate his opponents in typical fashion, but while 'Mags focuses on Kane and Saturday Night's Main Event, Armando Alejandro Estrada has his eyes set on the bigger picture... namely Wrestlemania XXIII and 'The Deadman'. Not only has the challenge been made for Detroit, but Estrada has invited The Undertaker to be in New York City to witness first hand the destruction Umaga is capable of. Can Kane somehow stop the incredible undefeated streak of Umaga? Or will he become another victim of Umaga's path of destruction? And after Kane's comments last Friday night about 'The Deadman' returning home to Death Valley, will we see The Undertaker tonight... or have we already seen the last of 'The Phenom'?

Grudge Match:
CM Punk vs. Mike Knox

Every damsel in distress needs her knight in shining armour to eventually save the day. But for CM Punk, he was thrust into the position of fighting for Kelly Kelly not by choice... but by sheer jealousy. Ever since they first crossed paths back in ECW, it was clear that Kelly Kelly had a crush on CM Punk. Unfortunately, she also had an over protective boyfriend in the shape of the dangerous Mike Knox. After Punk arrived on Monday Night Raw, Kelly soon also signed a contract with the Monday show... and of course, that meant that Knox wasn't far behind. Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, Punk was subjected to several vile beatings at the hands of Knox, while at the same time Knox exerted his control over Kelly, threatening her on several occasions and even dragging her around arena after arena by the wrist. Kelly needed a hero, and it was Punk who stepped up to the plate, determined to do the right thing. While Knox is determined to prove to Kelly that Punk is nothing but a fantasy, Punk is out to set Kelly free from the shackles of Knox. There may not be much love in this match, but they'll certainly be plenty of bad feeling all round when these two meet, with Kelly Kelly sure to be watching on from ringside.


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