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Re: JBWinner Presents: WWE 2006 - The Future is Here

First off, good to hear you're doing well again, and it's great to see you back here. Anyway...

Raw Feedback

Not too sure putting the titles on the line here was needed, TBH. I just don't think title shots should be thrown around in such a way that The Heart Throbs get one. Less of that makes the belts look better IMO, but that's just me. WGTT win as expected, can't go wrong there.

Ken Doane on his own? NO SPIRIT SQUAD?!

But seriously, Doane's a great talent and judging by his victory over Goldust it looks you're gonna be pushing him which is very good news, so well done.

I was just thinking that there needed to be a big star on the show, as the show has been solid but unspectacular so far, and Michaels fits the bill. Not so sure about a rematch next year with HBK and 'Taker, seeing as that's what happened IRL, but a HBK/Cena feud does sound exciting. The only thing I'm concerned about is the fact that Michaels/Cena is a very popular rivalry, especially in 2006 threads it seems. If you're gonna do it, I really hope you add an element to it that will make it stand out.

Carlito/RVD sounded solid, wouldn't expect an Asai Moonsault from 'Lito but that's probably because I haven't seen him do it before. It's a very cool move nonetheless. Ending to the match seemed a bit abrupt, with 'Lito hitting the Moonsault, wasting time, and RVD hitting the kick and Frog Splash. Van Dam was the right winner in the end though, and didn't expect him to challenge Edge for the title. Interested to see where it goes, not expecting anything major like a PPV match though.

I'm supposing Triple H is entering the title picture now then. Smart choice, seeing as Angle/Edge already happened at 'Mania, Cena/Edge won't work seeing as Cena is a heel and will presumably be feuding with Michaels. I'm gonna go ahead and predict a 4-way at Backlash, Edge versus Angle versus HHH versus ... RVD? After his post-match promo, he seems the most likely option.

I loved heel Cena in your old '06 thread, and this promo was great. Really liked the whole speech about Flair, very nice content there, and good set-up for a Cena/Michaels confrontation too. Loved Cena referring to HBK as "kid", BTW. I'm sure the best is yet to come for heel Cena.

I presume you're gonna be pushing Helms, judging by this Eugene squash. No problem with that, looks like you've got your priorities in order pretty well as to pushes, with Helms and Doane looking impressive on the show.

Nice Mickie interview, looks like you've got a good grasp of her crazy character. Very interested to see what's next for Mickie with Trish out of action, looks like the only non-heel divas you have on the roster are Torrie and Candice and neither are very credible, so unless Victoria or Lita get involved with her, it looks like Mickie won't have much to do until Trish comes back.

I certainly wouldn't be desperate to see a ten-minute match with Big Show and Lance Cade, but I guess it has to be of that kind of length seeing as it's the main event and all. I think you made a mistake with the final moments of the match if I read it right, it says:

"After Cade slams Kane face first into the ringpost, Murdoch gets into the ring and clubs show in the back, warranting the disqualification!"

Wasn't Cade in the ring about to get Chokeslammed?

A DQ finish was probably the right move here. I'm guessing that Cade and Murdoch might be facing Kane and 'Show some time soon, and you don't want Cade to get beat to make him and Murdoch look weak, and on the other hand Cade beating 'Show without Murdoch inflicting some kind of physical damage doesn't sound too believable to me, TBH.

Tag Team Battle Royal sounds good, formulaic but reliable way to set up a title match. Looking at the tag teams you have I'm gonna say that Carlito and Masters will be winning to set up a match there and leave RWC and 'Show and Kane to have a match at the PPV too, perhaps.

Great Edge promo, the introduction was pretty much everything you'd expect from a guy like Edge the night after beating a guy like Kurt Angle at 'Mania. at the whole "WRONG!" thing, I always find it amusing when he does that (or should I say did ). Liked the whole walk down memory lane if you will, nice Christian reference too. If only he wasn't in TNA at this time. 5-second pose too? Wow, a lot nice things coming from this promo. Expected Angle to appear seeing as we haven't seen him all night, and judging by Edge's last line I think a 4-way is definitely on the cards. Shame HHH didn't get to say anything, but Edge's sneak attack was a good way to set up what was to come. Nice ending to the show with Angle standing tall, with Edge beating him at 'Mania he wasn't the right guy to come out on top, and HHH didn't need it as much as Angle.

Great work from you as always Chris, always enjoy reading your shows and this was no exception. You've set up some very exciting stuff here, and I can't wait to see more. Good job.
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