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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


The show begins with Jack Swagger standing in the middle of the ring in formal wear. The audience boos loud while Swagger holds a document in his hand and looks in a bad mood.

Swagger – “Last week, John Cena earned the right to be a part of Team RAW at Survivor Series (crowd pop). Ya, you all must be so happy and ecstatic because your hero will be fighting for your favourite show. But, I have some information which will change the way things seem right now.”
He looks towards the document and then continues.

Swagger –“Now, Undertaker deemed it necessary to interfere last week and thus making Cena win the match. Let me tell you something Deadman, you just dug your own grave. (Swagger opens the document and continues) My sources have informed me that John Cena will screw Team RAW at Survivor Series. John Cena is an infiltrator from Smackdown and all his love for RAW is just an act. Now I do not know if Teddy Long or Wade Barrett is instrumental behind this gameplan, but John Cena being a part of Team RAW is the worst thing that can happen to our show.”

The audience begins to chant “Cena,Cena,Cena” while Swagger sulks in disgust.

Swagger –“As John Cena earned his spot, Mr. Bischoff does not have the power to remove him from Team RAW. However, the captain of the team can remove any member he wants. So Deadman, you need to rethink your decision of siding by John Cena. And let me tell you something on behalf of our beloved General Manager Mr. Bischoff, if you decide to go ahead with John Cena, and Cena causes Team RAW to lose at SS, YOU WILL BE STRIPPED OFF THE WWE TITLE.”

The audience begins to boo loudly.

Swagger –“Deadman, I will be awaiting your decision tonight. Think hard and make the correct choice, your one mistake can cost you the WWE Championship.”

Swagger throws the mic on the floor and leaves the ring.

JR –“What is Swagger trying to prove? How can he be so sure that John Cena will turn on RAW”

Lawler –“Well JR, we all are as puzzled as you, and I will be awaiting The Undertaker’s decision tonight. Well it’s going to be either Jack Swagger or John Cena in the team at SS, and that depends on our WWE Champion.”

1. MVP faces Shelton Benjamin:

The tag team partners have been banned from ringside. MVP takes control of the match and both of them being good workers give a great match. MVP wins the match by delivering the Playmaker when Benjamin misses a Superkick.

MVP def. Shelton Benjamin via pinfall at 7:24

2. Backstage, Bischoff calls and asks Rhodes to leave the arena as John Cena is looking for him. He gives Rhodes the night off and Rhodes leaves.

Josh Matthews interviews Miz and asks his thoughts on the match announced recently: Miz faces McIntyre in singles match at SS. Miz laughs it off and says that he is not concerned about a loser like Drew Mac and he will win it easily because he is the Miz and he is awesome.

3. R-Truth comes out to the ring. He begins to crib that he should be a part of Team RAW. Suddenly, his opponent comes out in a bad mood. Its Ezekiel Jackson who comes out alone without his manager. Jackson wins the match by delivering the Ura-nage.

Ezekiel Jackson def. R-Truth via pinfall at 4:02

4. Daniel Bryan comes out for his match. The opponent is Gregory Helms. Bryan wins via Lebell Lock submission.

Daniel Bryan def. Gregory Helms via submission at 5:39

Backstage, Christian meets Bryan and tell him that he is really happy to see such a technically gifted wrestler come to WWE. Bryan mentions he would love to lock hands with Christian to which Christian smiles.

5. Backstage, Sheamus and Punk stand with Josh Matthews who asks them about their enmity and how it can affect Team RAW’s chances at SS. Punk replies that he is ready to forget the past for just one night where the prime objective is that RAW wins. Sheamus concurs and responds that his sole objective is to be the survivor who wins it for RAW. He look towards Punk who smiles and then suddenly turns a serious face.

6. John Morrison faces Big Show in a non-title match. Regal sits alongwith the commentators for the match. Morrison works on Show’s bad arm and kicks it regularly to maintain the momentum. Show tries the chokeslam but Morrison comes out. Morrison is thrown out of the ring by Show and then Regal tries to mock him. Morrison snatches his title from the bell guy and when Show tries to lift him into the ring by his hair, Morrison hits him with the title to end the match via DQ.

Big Show def. John Morrison via DQ at 8:18

Morrison leaves with his title held high smiling while Regal stares at him from the ring.

7. ****GONG SOUNDS***

The Undertaker comes out to the ring as the crowd awaits his decision. He takes the mic and proceeds to say.

Taker – “I stand by my decision, John Cena will be a part of Team RAW at Survivor Series.”

Taker puts the mic down and proceeds to go backstage when suddenly the music hits.

****WE ARE ONE**** (Barrett comes out to the ramp and stands there with a steel chair in his hand)

Suddenly, Batista, Orton, JBL and Kennedy come from the crowd from different directions and surround the ring. Taker looks around and does his boxing action asking them to enter the ring. All the four enter and attack Taker.

Barrett rushes to the ring and hits Taker with the steel chair on his head. The crowd boos loudly as the five Smackdown superstars begin to beat Taker. Suddenly, Punk and Sheamus rush down to the ring and attack Barrett’s team but are soon over-powered. Del Rio rushes to the ring just after and he also gets beaten.

Barrett hits steel chairs on Del Rio and Sheamus. Punk is lifted by JBL and Barrett hits the steel chair on him. Suddenly, the crowd gives a humongous pop as John Cena rushes to the ring. Barrett asks his team to clear the ring and all the five rush down. Orton stands on the apron and begins to make strained faces wanting to enter the ring while Cena taunts him to enter it.

Barrett asks Orton to step down and all the Smackdown superstars leave through the ramp. Barrett looks towards Cena and smiles. Cena comes to the front in ring and taunts them to come back. Taker gets up slowly leveraging the ropes and Cena turns back. Taker locks his eyes on Cena and he looks unsure. The audience gives a huge pop as Cena realizes the mistrust developing there and keeps looking at Taker.

The screen fades to black.

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