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Re: JBWinner Presents: WWE 2006 - The Future is Here

I apologize for the lateness of this show. I was hospitalized over the past few days due to some rapid heartbeat and anxiety/stress issues. Everything appears to have worked itself out though. With that said, without further ado, here's Raw:

Monday Night Raw - April 3rd, 2006; Rosemont, Illinois

Aftermath, Part One

After the WrestleMania 22 recap, the opening video and pyro, our commentators, Joey Styles and Jerry Lawler, welcome us to the program, hyping up the edition of Monday Night Raw that takes place tonight, with Gregory Helms taking on Carlito in a Money in the Bank Rewind Match, new Women’s Champion Mickie James in action, and appearances from Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle and Edge are all hyped up. But up next, The World’s Greatest Tag Team defend their World Tag Team Championships against The Heart Throbs.

1 - World Tag Team Championships Match
The World’s Greatest Tag Team defend against The Heart Throbs

Fresh off from besting SmackDown’s WWE Tag Team Champions MNM in the ‘Interpromotional Tag Team Challenge’ Match last night at WrestleMania, Benjamin and Haas pick up from where they left off with a strong showing against Antonio and Romeo. Living up to their billing, te World Tag Team Champions look like the greatest tandem on the planet, leaving The Heart Throbs on edge and with little offense throughout most of the contest. The match comes to a close when Shelton Benjamin springboards into the ring and brings Romeo down with a bulldog, getting the pinfall shortly thereafter.

Winners - The World's Greatest Tag Team via pin fall @ 7:18. TWGTT retain the World Tag Team titles.

Benjamin and Haas, after receiving their title belts, head to opposite corners to raise them high in the air to a chorus of cheers and applause from the Rosemont audience. They then head up the ramp, while in the ring Antonio checks on an upset Romeo, who struggles back up to his feet.

Joey Styles: The World’s Greatest Tag Team has not lessened up a BIT from last night!! What a performance.

Jerry Lawler: I very much agree with you Joey; Benjamin and Haas reunited to be the best tag team in the whole world again, and they seem to be getting better and better each and every week!! Who is going to stop them?

Joey Styles: Well that question will be answered someday, tonight however, we are going to be hearing from the man who proved a lot of people wrong last night at WrestleMania, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge, who defeated Kurt Angle in the Raw main event to retain the WWE Championship!

{Commercial Break}

*Backstage - GM’s Office*

Jonathan Coachman sits at his desk with his feet up, in a smart black suit, reading a magazine when he looks up and sees the door open and someone coming through his office.

Jonathan Coachman: Excuse me, there’s a door, you can knock y’know.

~ A figure is seen then; standing at about 6’1, 230 lbs., looking to be in his early 20s, short blone hair and a lean physique, wearing a black tee and short white and blue trunks. Coach looks at him, and seems to be on to something.

Jonathan Coachman: Oh, you must be the new kid around here that Mister McMahon had told me about.

???: That’s right, Mister Coachman, allow me to introduce myself and … my apologies for coming in without knocking, I was just excited to be here. My name’s Ken Doane, the newest superstar here on Monday Night Raw.

~ Coach nods as Ken Doane has made his first appearance here on the flagship brand.

Ken Doane: When I heard that I was going to be coming here to Monday Night Raw tonight, quite frankly I was ecstatic. So much that I had made the mistake in coming inhere without knocking, and once again I’m sorry. I would just like an opportunity.

Jonathan Coachman: (Scratching his chin) Well, Mister McMahon informed me that he’s very, very high on you Ken. So going with Mister McMahon’s judgment I’m going to give you that opportunity here tonight on Monday Night Raw. How about your first match in your career, right here tonight? How’s that sound?

~ A smile forms on Ken’s face.

Ken Doane: Oh Mi-

Jonathan Coachman: Please. Call me Coach please.

Ken Doane: Sir, I would love that opportunity to have my first match here tonight.

~ Coach rubs his chin.

Jonathan Coachman: Alright kid, you’ve got it. Go get ready because you’re up next.

Ken Doane: Thank you sir.

~ Ken shakes Coach’s hand and then leaves the office, as Coach, still a bit unsure of what he’s seeing from him, looks on. We go to the commentator’s area where Styles and King discuss for a moment the match between John Cena and Ric Flair, where we saw Cena defeat ‘The Nature Boy,’ and then in a disrespectful move, Cena left the ring after Flair looked for a handshake.

2 - The Debuting Ken Doane vs. Goldust

After a brief self-hype, Ken Doane takes on the bizarre one known as Goldust, and the two have a pretty decent match that makes Doane look like a million bucks. Goldust puts up enough of a fight to not make the match a squash in the slightest bit, and it is probably one of the most competitive matches Goldust has had in quite some time. The finish of the match comes after Goldust misses the Shattered Dreams, and Doane then drove Goldust down with a snap swinging neckbreaker! Doane then ascended to the top rope, and perched up high, he would leap off to hit a sky-high leg drop straight across Goldust’s throat!! Doane then flops over and CLEANLY pins Goldust for his very first victory of his career.

Winner - Ken Doane at 6:47.

Doane celebrates the victory and high fives Styles and King, before walking around with a swagger and heading up the ramp touting himself.

{Commercial Break}

*Backstage - Interview Area*

Todd Grisham stands by, microphone in hand.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time … ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ … Shawn Michaels!

~ The crowd lets out a thunderous ovation, as ‘Mr. WrestleMania’ himself Shawn Michaels steps into screenshot, dressed to compete, in a black cutoff ‘HBK’ tee, white tape on his wrists and his usual gaudy gray and red colored pants.

Todd Grisham: Shawn, last night, you and The Undertaker put on one of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history, undoubtedly one of the greatest matches in WWE history as well, however, you came up short in your quest to end The Undertaker’s winning streak so I have to ask … what’s going through your mind right now?

Shawn Michaels: Well Todd … you’re right. HBK’s attempt to end the winning streak of one of the best guys to ever lace the boots, ‘The Phenom’ himself, came up just a bit short last night on the grandest stage of ‘em all. So Todd I’m not feelin’ too great about it.

~ HBK runs his hand through his hair.

Shawn Michaels: I gave The Undertaker all that I could give him to handle, and he outdid me and there’s nothing that I can do to go back and change that result. I’d like to but even in defeat, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels is still standing here in this arena tonight, and will continue to give everything, why? Because I can.

~ Cheers for The Icon, flashing some of that famed arrogance that he has always shown whether good or bad guy.

Shawn Michaels: And if The Undertaker wants to step back into the ring with me, with the very same stakes on the line, next year at WrestleMania 23 in Detroit, ‘Taker … I won’t hesitate to accept.

~ More cheers for The Headliner ring out, with the possibility of yet another classic matchup between these two icons still in the balance for next year.

Todd Grisham: Well there you have-

Shawn Michaels: Hold on a second there, big guy. ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ has something to say, so if you could do HBK a favor, please, vamoose.

~ Perplexed, Grisham hands off the mic to HBK and then walks off out of screenshot. Michaels turns toward the camera.

Shawn Michaels: There was something last night before my match against The Undertaker that caught my eye, so if you’ll excuse me ladies and gentlemen, there’s something that I’d like to give my thoughts on. And what this something was … was what I saw during the match between my good friend … ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair … and John Cena …

~ Crowd boos The Doctor of Thuganomics, as Michaels’ face sours.

Shawn Michaels: John, I know you’re here in the building tonight, so listen up, and listen real good, kid. I’ve watched you rise from being a punk kid in rainbow colored tights coming down to the ring and slapping Kurt Angle, right here in the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois, to becoming arguably the best in the business. And lately all that I’ve seen from you … is the opposite of what I used to see. You’ve got a lot of nerve disrespecting a man that paved the way for you to even step into a ring. Without Ric Flair John Cena, you wouldn’t even be in this business at all.

~ A stern look from Michaels into the camera comes after these fiery words.

Shawn Michaels: So since you disrespected Ric Flair … you disrespected every single person in this business that came before you … and in case you lost a bit of knowledge along the way, that includes … me. So if were you, I’d start thinking of some slippery and trickery, because ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ is comin’ … for you!

~ The crowd lets out another strong reaction, and The Heartbreak Kid shakes his head before heading out of screenshot.

3 - Semi Main Event; Money in the Bank Rewind Match
Carlito vs. Rob Van Dam

Two of the five men who failed to become the holder of the Money in the Bank contract, Carlito and Rob Van Dam, who have a very noted history with one another, compete with mixed emotions following the contest last night. Both feel annoyed that they couldn’t get the MITB contract, but both also have a grudge with one another so they go at it with all guns blazing for the allotted time that they compete against each other with…

…and it’s a terrific contest at that. Carly towards the finish looks to use some of RVD’s tricks, springboarding onto the top rope, then turning around, leaping to the perpendicular rope, and then looking for an Asai Moonsault on Van Dam and … connects!!! Carlito pulls up the legs of RVD, and looks for the cover…

…but RVD kicks out!! CCC commits a large mistake, turning his attention then to the referee looking for an explanation for what he believes was a slow count, while we see Van Dam has enough time to regain his composure. Carly turns around and Van Dam fights him off as he approaches him in the corner, and then connects with a spinning heel kick. Van Dam then rolls up, and ascends to the top rope and then connects with the Five-Star Frog Splash!!! RVD then lies across Carlito’s body, one … two … THREE!!!

Winner - Rob Van Dam via pin fall @ 9:41.

Having his hand raised by the official, RVD grins widely while the fans are going crazy all around him. Van Dam then takes the corner and uses it to go to the second rope and he does his signature thumb taunt as the crowd chants ‘R - V – D’ along with him.

Joey Styles: Well it may not be the last time that we see the two of these men inside the ring with one another, but for this time, Rob Van Dam has come out victorious and in a huge way.

Jerry Lawler: Van Dam has a lot of momentum going for him right now, Joey Styles. Even in defeat last night in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, I’ve got a feeling that very soon he’s going to be the WWE Champion. I can feel it.

Van Dam bounces off the second rope, and then requests a mic. He grabs it from a stagehand, and brings it up.

Rob Van Dam: What’s up Chicago?

~ Cheap pop as Van Dam bounces and nods.

Rob Van Dam: I gotta say, RVD’s feeling a little down in the dumps today. But hey, it’s cool, it’s cool. Last night I might have come up short in my chance to get the Money in the Bank contract…

~ Boos, as Van Dam nods in agreement.

Rob Van Dam: …I know, dudes. It sucks a lot, that everybody’s favorite superstar doesn’t have a guaranteed opportunity at the WWE Championship. However, I am going to throw my name into the hat right now, and I am going to take the time right here, and right now, to tell YOU Edge…

~ Mixed reaction.

Rob Van Dam: …that I’m challenging YOU for your WWE Championship, any time, any place, whenever you want to go one on one with ‘The Whole … Damn … Show …’ I’m right here, so I’ll be waiting.

~ Van Dam’s music hits moments after he leaves the ring, as a bombshell announcement from RVD - CHALLENGING the WWE Champion Edge to a WWE Title Match!!! Van Dam high fives some of the members of the crowd as he backs up the ramp, and does his thumb taunt once more before turning to the backstage area.

*Backstage - Hallway*

‘The Game’ Triple H, donned in a spiffy looking black suit and his trademark shades, walks down a corridor. With his body a bit broken to say the least, a product of his war with John Bradshaw Layfield just 24 hours ago, Hunter gets to his destination - the GM’s office - and bangs on the door with his right hand. After several knocks, Jonathan Coachman opens the door.

Jonathan Coachman: Ah, Hunter, nice to see you. How can I help you?

Triple H: Don’t try to brown nose me right now, Coach, let me in.

~ Intimidated a little, Coach opens the door, and Hunter strides through.

Jonathan Coachman: As I said, how can I help you?

~ HHH takes his shades off, letting out a full-blown smile.

Triple H: You know what I want.

Jonathan Coachman: Is that right?

Triple H: (Moving forward) Yeah.

~ Triple H points at Coach’s face.

Triple H: I - want - MY - WWE … Title.

~ Cheers despite the foreshadowing of H’s politicking.

Triple H: You know as well as I do Coach, I haven’t had a title shot in MONTHS. Hell, it’s almost been a year since I’ve been in a match for what rightfully belongs to me. And you know that there isn’t a guy in this locker room right now that’s more deserving of a WWE Championship shot than me.

~ Hunter points at himself.

Triple H: So either you’re gonna give it to me … or I’m gonna take matters into my own hands. And if you don’t want your show being seized in a hostile takeover run by the sickest son of a bitch in this industry today … you better given in to my demands, jack.

~ HHH scowls at The Coach, scrunching up his face as Coach tries to stay calm.

Jonathan Coachman: First off, Hunter. The name is “Coach.”

~ HHH mouths, “really?”

Jonathan Coachman: Second of all, I am NOT going to give in to your demands.

~ Huge heat in the background as Hunter smirks as if to say, “you don’t think I’m serious?”

Jonathan Coachman: Monday Night Raw is the place of opportunity. So I’m not going to subside and give in to your politicking, nor your demands. You’re going to have to EARN your opportunity Triple H … so deal with it.

~ HHH mockingly puts his hand over his mouth, before moving his face closer to Coach’s.

Triple H: …you just made the biggest mistake of your life.

~ Hunter steps back and looks at Coach with a cold, hard stare, before walking out of screenshot. The camera shows Coach looking awfully timid as he looks on.

{Commercial Break}

A video plays, in place of the usual spot for the SmackDown Rebound, promoting this week’s edition of Friday Night SmackDown, which will feature an epic 10-Man Tag Team Match: Batista, Booker T, Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash, and WWE Tag Team Champions MNM taking on newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit, newly crowned United States Champion Rey Mysterio, Jamie Noble, and The Hooligans!

Back from the SD advertisement, we come into the arena cold …


The Allstate Arena comes alive with a MONSTROUS mixed reaction, as they all turn toward the stage, with the hundreds of thousands all buzzing in anticipation … as ‘The Doctor of Thuganomics’ John Cena emerges. The megastar is met with a lot more boos than cheers, as it always seems to be these days, as ‘The Franchise’ looks around with a wide smile on his face. Cena sports his black tee with ‘HUSTLE LOYALTY RESPECT’ in white written across the center of it, black jean shorts that go down past his knees, black Reebok Omni Pump sneakers, and a black ‘Chain Gang’ hat on forwards, along with white wristbands.

Joey Styles: Oh my God! Well if you wanna talk about controversy, if you wanna talk about a man that brings along with him a swagger, a story, and as of late a lot of arrogance, look no further than this man the FORMER WWE Champion who had the longest reign in a decade, John Cena.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, Cena’s had a lot of arrogance as of late Joey, but can you blame him? Look at all of the accomplishments that he’s attained since the beginning of his career, and heck, last night, he beat Ric Flair!! Not a lot of people can say that, especially at WrestleMania, so while I’m not saying I don’t like it, it shouldn’t be a surprise.

Cena marches down the ramp, talking to some members of the crowd before sliding into the ring, and throwing up his hands. Cena moves around the ring briefly, before taking the mic away from Lillian Garcia as she hands it to him.

John Cena: The Franchise has arrived … so listen up! Cause I got a few things I’d like to get off my chest right now.

~ Cena’s grin glows, while the crowd sounds annoyed.

John Cena: Last night, at WrestleMania Twenty Two, “the greatest WrestleMania of all-time,” ‘The Showcase of the Immortals,’ ‘The Granddaddy of ‘em All,’ I ... beat … the VERY best in the business.

~ Mixed reaction, as Cena adjusts his cap.

John Cena: Lemme’ just say right off the bat … that I’ve been listenin’ close to what all of ya’ll have had to say in the last twenty four hours. I’ve listened to the critics, the pundits, the people, the bitchin’, the whinin’, the complainin’, the cryin’, and it’s down right sickenin’ to me…

~ Heat for Cena’s words.

John Cena: …that people are making a big deal about me not shakin’ hands with ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair.


John Cena: As I said a moment ago, Ric Flair is the very best in the business. A man of high respect and honor. Somebody people look at with a starstruck gaze, actin’ like he’s a godly presence and isn’t worthy of mere mortals. Well Ric, you might look like that to everyone else in the world … but I don’t look at you that way … at all.

~ Another showing of heat.

John Cena: I looked at Ric Flair last night … as a beatable man. I looked at him as a mere mortal, unlike the rest of ya’ll, who feel the need to bow every time the man comes down to the ring. Psh, Ric Flair oh yeah, the 16-time World Champion, he deserves respect, blah blah blah. Why should I respect a man that I know I can beat, and that I did beat?

The Allstate Arena lets out another heavy amount of heat, resonating from the rafters at this point.

John Cena: So no I’m not sorry for my actions last night, nor would I do a damn thing different. Heck if I beat Ric Flair within an inch of his life … I wouldn’t put him on my shoulder. I don’t see why I have to be friendly with a guy I’m lookin’ across the ring with. With me, if you’re not my friend, you’re my enemy … and Ric, you’re sure as hell … not my friend.

~ Cena looks into the hard camera.

John Cena: Y’see ever since I lost the WWE Championship, 2 months ago from yesterday you’ve been stickin’ your nose in my business, week in and week out actin’ like you gotta keep praisin’ me, and tellin’ me to do the right things and what not to do, acting as if I’m some punk ass child of yours. Ric I don’t need you to be my guardian, my parent, or my adviser. I’m my own man, and you should know that. I did EVERYTHING that I have so far in this business and I will CONTINUE to do everything in this business on … my … own.

~ Cena scowls as a lot of heat is still generating around the arena.

John Cena: So when you started gettin’ in my business, I was gettin’ angry. But I didn’t wanna show it. No, that’s not my thing. I take care of my business, and let out my anger in the ring. And last night, that’s exactly what I did, and what I SAID that I would do. I SAID to all of you people around the world, that I would beat Ric Flair. I said that I, John Cena, would become ‘THE MAN.’ Like you say Ric, to be ‘the man,’ you gotta beat ‘the man.’ Well partner, you’re lookin’ … at the MAN, John … Cena.

~ Cena smiles arrogantly.

John Cena: I have taken the next … step in my career, to the next level of my career. I am in the pantheon of greatness, I AM now known as the man who beat Ric Flair at WrestleMania, the greatest stage in this industry. I will live FOREVER with that in my mind, in my heart, and it will be remembered by EVERYONE that comes after me in this business. And as far as I’m concerned … Ric Flair’s old news now.

~ Cena strides around the ring.

John Cena: So Ric I’m not sure where you are right now, quite frankly I don’t give a damn, but wherever you are … I got a message for you.

~ Cena steps into the hard camera once again.

John Cena: If you ever … step in my business again, get your nose in whatever I’m involved with … I’ll do you worse than I did last night, boy.

~ Cena’s facial reaction turns stoic and cold.

John Cena: And don’t think I’d hold back, either…

~ Cena steps out of the hard camera, and goes to leave, but stops.

John Cena: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on, I almost forgot something. I almost forgot, what I heard earlier tonight from a man that I consider to be in the same boat … as Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels.

~ A very positive response to the mentioning of HBK fills the Allstate Arena.

John Cena: Shawn, what I just said doesn’t just speak for Ric Flair … (points at camera) goes for you too, kid.

~ Cena puts his cap on backwards.

John Cena: You wanna call me out, tell me you’re comin’ for me, from an interview set? Shawn, I don’t play like that. So the next time that you got somethin’ to say to me … or that’s about me … do it face to face … and if you wanna dance … kid, I got open dates any time you want in every country of the world, every continent, wherever we could dance in Alaska, the North Pole, Antarctica, Africa, Australia, Papua Guinea, New Zealand hell I don’t care if it was in Walla Walla, Washington, like I say all the time, if YOU … want some…

~ Cena gets into the hard camera once again.

John Cena: (Whispering) …come … get some…

Cena drops the mic in the center of the ring to a thud, as he then leaves the ring to his entrance music. Styles and Lawler discuss the last few moments, with Cena making it clear he does not care about what anyone has to say about his actions, that he does not respect Ric Flair, or Shawn Michaels, and that he has proverbially called out ‘The Heartbreak Kid.’ As Cena reaches the top of the stage, Raw fades into another commercial with Cena grinning widely from ear to ear.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the commercial break to our announce team discussing the matters that occurred moments ago with John Cena ripping Ric Flair as well as throwing down the gauntlet to ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels.

4 - Gregory Helms vs. Eugene

The remaining Money in the Bank competitor from the Raw side goes one on one with the most “special” of competitors tonight, the lovable Eugene. However it appears that Helms has no love or affection for Eugene, as he makes quick work of him and really shows an aggressive side unlike what we’ve seen from him the last few weeks. Helms eventually finishes up the match after hitting the Shining Wizard, despite Eugene going for a last ditch effort. Helms makes the cover, and picks up the pin fall.

Winner - Gregory Helms at 4:29.

Helms shakes away the referee’s attempt to raise his arm, as he then stomps down on Eugene to add insult to injury and trash talks him, before heading out of the ring. He mouths off to some of the fans on the way up the ramp before we cut away.

*Backstage - Parking Lot*

Coming out of a black Nissan 350Z is none other than ‘The Rated R Superstar’ and WWE Champion Edge, along with girlfriend Lita latched onto his side. The Champ has the gold slung on his shoulder while wearing a black leather jacket, jeans, a black designer t-shirt underneath and a black beanie as well. Styles and Lawler hype up him taking the stage later on tonight before we cut to a commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

*Backstage - Interview Area*

Standing by is the lovely Maria with a microphone in front of the interview set.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest, the new WWE Women’s Champion, Mickie James…

~ A very large mixed reaction greets Mickie James as she steps into screenshot, wearing similar attire to last night {think the actual WrestleMania 22} with the Women’s Title slung on her shoulder.

Maria: …Mickie, 24 hours after your victory in the Triple Threat Match for the Women’s Championship, how are you feeling? What are your thoughts on defeating Victoria, and your mentor, Trish Stratus?

~ Mickie’s face lights up.

Mickie James: Mixed feelings, to be honest sweetie. Y’know … I feel great that I’m the Women’s Champion for the first time career. I’m proud to say that I can be held in the same regard as women that have come before me like The Fabulous Moolah, Wendi Richter, Lita, Jacqueline, Molly Holly, and, of course, (smiling) Trish Stratus…

~ Mickie wipes her hair away behind her ear.

Mickie James: …however I can’t say that I enjoyed that I had to do what I did last night, kicking Trish in the head to get the victory. As you saw last night I was … I was pretty distraught with it and as far as I know, Trish isn’t going to be around for a little while because now she has a concussion.

~ Mickie frowns a little bit.

Mickie James: And I’ve tried to contact her, but she hasn’t been answering my calls, texts, pages, e-mails, Facebook messages, anything really. So Trish if you’re watching right now, in your home in Toronto, I just wanna say … I’m sorry, and well … I love you.

~ Mickie takes a breath as some of the crowd (male audience) hoots and hollers.

Mickie James: And whenever you’re back, don’t worry, I’ll be the first to greet you with wide … open … arms.

~ Mickie turns to Maria and smiles before walking out of screenshot.

*Back to ringside*

5 - Main Event - Big Show w/ Kane vs. Lance Cade

The defacto main event of the evening pits two men with some history with one another in The Big Show and Lance Cade, who of course, when Lance Cade was aligned with Trevor Murdoch, in The Redneck Wrecking Crew, had battles with The Big Show and Kane in late 2005. This one isn’t any much different from those matches besides the fact that it’s a singles contest. They go about ten minutes before the finish approaches…

…Show hoists Cade up in the air with a Gorilla Press, before just merely letting him fall behind him on the mat rather hard, and Cade favors his body as he writhes in pain. Show then turns around and grabs him by the head with his skillet sized hands, and gives him a good headbutt, before he raises his hand up in the air along with a roar, getting the crowd excited.

As Show prepares to give Cade a ride with the Chokeslam, suddenly, we are turned to the stage where … TREVOR MURDOCH is on his way down to ringside!! Murdoch has come down to ringside in apparent aid of Cade! Murdoch knocks Kane in the back with a double axe-handle smash, and then continues to lay into the 7-foot monster while we see Big Show grab Lance Cade by the throat.

After Cade slams Kane face first into the ringpost, Murdoch gets into the ring and clubs show in the back, warranting the disqualification!

Winner - The Big Show @ 10:19 via disqualification.

Joey Styles: Well Trevor Murdoch is out here and we’ve got a situation out here now!

Cade takes a quick look at Murdoch and it’s all he needs before he begins to attack The Big Show along with him! Kane then gets on the apron, but we see Lance Cade charge over and knock him back down off the apron with a right hand, before barking at Murdoch. Cade goes outside of the ring, and then grabs a steel chair before going into the ring. Murdoch however is shoved away by The Big Show, and Cade looks to crack the steel chair across the back of The Big Show, but the world’s largest athlete turns around and knocks the steel chair out of Cade’s hands with a thunderous right hand!!!!

Cade’s eyes widen as he timidly looks at the monstrous mammoth in front of him, and before he can attack, he skedaddles out of the ring, tailing along with Murdoch as they head up the ramp to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Raw fades to a commercial break with Murdoch and Cade glaring out at The Big Show and Kane, who stand tall in the center of the ring doing more of the same.

{Commercial Break}

*Backstage - GM's Office*

Raw returns from the commercial break to the office of Jonathan Coachman, whom of course we saw earlier with Triple H. This time, The Coach is standing in his office already, wearing the same attire as before, with The World’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin, of course) standing along, with the World Tag Team Championship belts on their shoulders.

Jonathan Coachman: Gentlemen, gentlemen. Thank you for joining me here in my office.

Shelton Benjamin: What’s the deal here, Coach? Why’d you call us in here?

~ Coach puts his hand up.

Jonathan Coachman: I’ll explain that. You see it’s been brought to my attention that the tag team scene on Monday Night Raw is as fresh as its been in years. We might have the best tag team division in the entire industry, and you boys seem to be leading the charge, especially since you defeated those boys from SmackDown, MNM, last night at WrestleMania, which I would like to take the time now to congratulate you for.

~ Benjamin skeptically looks at Haas, who also shares the same look.

Jonathan Coachman: Now that leads me to my next point. As I said, Raw’s tag team division is fresh, it’s exciting, and it’s deep in talent. And as the champions of the division, I would like to hope and expect for you both to compete against the best of the best time and time again. So, I am letting the two of you know that you will be defending your Tag Team Titles in less than four weeks at the Raw-produced Pay-Per-View, Backlash.

~ Benjamin and Haas both nod, appearing to be content.

Shelton Benjamin: Alright, that’s fine by me.

Charlie Haas: Yeah but, who’re we facing?

~ Coach smirks and puts his right index finger up.

Jonathan Coachman: That was my next point to address. I’m not gonna tell you who you’re facing, because that has not been decided yet. Next week, we’re going to have an Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal featuring all of the tag teams on Monday Night Raw, and the winners of that Battle Royal will be the ones to challenge you both at Backlash for your World Tag Team Titles. Are we clear?

~ Benjamin and Haas look at one another, before turning to Coach and Shelton nods.

Shelton Benjamin: Crystal.

~ Benjamin and Haas leave the office, with the thoughts of all the tag teams on their minds.

*Backstage - Hallway*

The camera cuts away backstage to a corridor, where the WWE Champion Edge is heading towards the ‘Gorilla Position’ with Lita at his side, with the ‘Up Next’ graphic on the bottom right hand side of the screen.

Joey Styles: We will hear from the WWE Champion, Edge, WHEN WE RETURN!!!



The Allstate Arena comes alive for the final segment of the night, erupting in a THUNDEROUS mixed reaction that soon degenerates to scorching heat. The smoke pours out … until finally, the man arrives, the opportunistic WWE Champion, EDGE,hand-in-hand with Lita, steps out on stage.

The couple looks out into the crowd, before they both raise their arms up in the air, as an enormous amount of pyro goes off beside them, as Edge looks up in the sky, soaking it all in, before they both head down the ramp. Styles and Lawler hype him up, and his impressive victory over Kurt Angle last night at WrestleMania 22 in Raw’s main event.

Breaking away from his girlfriend, Edge slides into the ring and lays on his stomach as he does always, with the WWE Championship in his clutches. Lita enters the ring as Edge grins at her, and he springs up to his feet energetically before climbing up the to the second rope holding his belt up high with one hand and throwing up his other.

Lita grabs a mic from ringside for her boyfriend, and she hands it to Edge as he steps back down to the ring, with his music ending, and finally walking to the center of the ring. He brings the mic up.

Edge: Y’know, for days, weeks, and months leading up to last night, the only name that I kept hearing from EVERYONE in the locker room, in the crowd, from guys like Joey Styles and Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole and Tazz, the backstage interviewers, the production team, anybody around the WWE was … Kurt Angle, and all of the accomplishments, the accolades, the championships, the moments, the things that made Kurt Angle GREAT … and not one person -- not ONE person in the world except for me … and Lita, (puts arm around Lita) believed that I, not Kurt Angle, would walk out of WrestleMania … WWE Champion…

~ Edge looks around, chomping on his gum.

Edge: Nobody gave me a second thought. People called me a “transitional champion.” People said, “Edge doesn’t have it,” “Edge can’t win the big one,” and that the only reason I became WWE Champion was because Kurt Angle had gone through a war, a Last Man Standing Match at the Royal Rumble against John Cena. Nobody believed in me, nobody thought I had what it took to be in the main event of WrestleMania, nobody believed that I had what it took to step in the ring against the self-proclaimed “greatest wrestler in the history of the industry,” and no one believed that I could walk into WrestleMania as WWE Champion, and walk out as WWE Champion…

~ Edge puts a smirk on his face as he pats his title belt.

Edge: …well everyone, guess what? You were WRONG!

~ Edge pulls his arm off Lita and begins pointing to the crowd.


~ Molten-hot heat from the crowd, as Edge embellishes it all.

Edge: None of you believed in me, none of you thought I had what it took, and look at what happened? I walked RIGHT into … the greatest spectacle in sports entertainment, in the main event on the grandest stage of them all, against “the best in the world,” and I … BEAT … KURT … ANGLE …

~ Mixed reaction, as The Rated R Superstar angrily shakes his head.

Edge: Kurt threw every single thing that he could at me and it still didn’t matter. He put me in the Ankle Lock, he hit me with the Angle Slam, he put me in submission holds, he took me off the top turnbuckles, hit me with every forearm and chop and clothesline that he could, but it all … wasn’t … enough. I came out victorious, and I’m STILL YOUR W-W-E Champion.

~ Edge calms himself a little bit as Lita walks over and rubs his chest.

Edge: And y’know I like to think that I’ve had a great journey to this moment, MY moment last night at WrestleMania. A -- a journey that you could probably sell to a motion picture company, and get a movie off of. It all started, as many of you know as a child, when I was sitting right there in the crowd, in my hometown of Toronto, at the Skydome, when I watched The Ultimate Warrior defeat the legendary Hulk Hogan.

~ A huge pop, and a “HOGAN” chant begins to start up.

Edge: Yeah, yeah and then, and then a short time later, about ten years later I made my debut here in the WWE in 1998, June 22nd in Austin, Texas, and from there I was on the road … to greatness. I took a long, toiled run through some of the most death-defying, back-breaking, brutal matches in the history of my company, with a sibling of mine, ya might know him, in Tables matches, Ladder matches, and of course, Tables … Ladders … and Chairs matches.

~ Some know who Edge is talking about, some don’t.

Edge: And then once I was able to give my career the jumpstart it needed, the rest is history. I went through two neck surgeries, that could have ended my career, didn’t stop me. I had to fight for my opportunity to become the WWE Champion last year at WrestleMania 21 in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match against 5 of the best that Raw had to offer, didn’t stop me. I had to … manipulate, and break the heart of Matt Hardy and take his pride and joy, his girlfriend away from him … (snickers along with Lita) and had to deal with his angry backlash, (shrugs) didn’t stop me.

~ Edge lets out a laugh as he puts his arm around Lita again.

Edge: And then on came the opportunity … three months ago at the Royal Rumble, and I cashed in my Money in the Bank contract, and seized the moment … and FINALLY became the WWE Champion for the very first time in my career.

~ Edge hoists up his belt as the crowd gives a mixed reaction again, leaning towards cheers from the male audience.

Edge: So I was more than credible to do what I said that I would do last night at WrestleMania, to defeat Kurt Angle in the main event. So to all of you that doubted me … to bring a little bit of, a little bit of nostalgia back, for the benefit of those with flash photography …

~ HUGE pop from the Rosemont crowd.

Edge: …here’s a five-second pose, to remind you all of how stupid you really are…

~ Some heat from the crowd as Edge and Lita look at one another as Edge hoists his belt up, and as they look like they’re about to kiss …


What the hell!? The Allstate Arena absolutely EXPLODES with yet another RIDICULOUS pop, this time with all cheers, and no boos, as emerging through the curtain is a disgruntled FORMER WWE Champion, KURT ANGLE! Dressed in black sweats, and a close fitting black ‘TAP OUT’ shirt, and gold medal draped around his neck, Angle keeps his stare on Edge the whole way down the ramp, and then enters the ring and darts right for Edge, getting his face as neither man backs down an inch!

After moments with awe inspiring reactions going all around them from the crowd, Kurt SNATCHES the mic from Edge, and brings it up.

Kurt Angle: … … … … … … … … … … … You’re right Edge.

~ Edge looks on skeptically.

Kurt Angle: I AM the greatest wrestler, in the history of this company. But make no mistake about it … just because you beat me last night at WrestleMania … it doesn’t mean a DAMN thing to make that not anymore true than it is today.

~ BIG pop, as “ANGLE” chants surface through the crowd.

Kurt Angle: As far as I’m concerned, Edge, buddy old pal, this thing between you and me … is NOT over.

~ Kurt scowls.

Kurt Angle: And I’m issuing a challenge to you, RIGHT NOW, you and me for the WWE Title, the Title that belongs to ME, not you, on April the 30th, at Backlash!

~ A huge pop comes from the audience, as Angle looks on at Edge with a grin on his face, but Edge snatches away the mic and brings it up.

Edge: No.

~ Huge heat.

Edge: As far as I’m concerned, Kurt, this thing between you and me … it is over. And I’m not giving in to what you want. And that goes for you … Triple H … or even Rob Van Dam. So Kurt, step off, before you get embarrassed… y’know, like about 4 years ago, when I shaved your head bald

~ Owned. Kurt laughs it off, and gets in Edge’s face. Tension mounts, and before anything can happen …


An UNGODLY pop fills the arena, as both men in the ring crane their necks slowly to turn around as the arena goes dark and a spotlight hits the stage. Smoke pours up and strobe lights flash around, as none other than ‘The Game’ TRIPLE H emerges on stage. Dressed in the attire we saw him earlier in, Hunter begins to march down to the ring, as Angle turns his attention to him and stands in the ring with Edge behind him. As Hunter gets to the ringside area, Edge BLINDSIDES KURT!!!

Edge blasts Kurt in the back of the head with the WWE Title belt, a cheap shot that the crowd does not receive well, as HHH then steps onto the apron, with Edge then hightailing it out of the ringside area over the barricade. The Game points out to Edge, who continues to backpedal with Lita and title belt in tow, as Hunter then turns his attention to Kurt Angle in the ring. He methodically waits for Kurt to get up, and when he does, the two lock eyes, and then lunge at each other and a brawl ensues!!!

The two megastars and two men who believe they could very well be in prime position to take the WWE Championship away from ‘The Rated R Superstar’, trading blows and strikes repeatedly until HHH rakes the eyes of ‘The Wrestling Machine.’ Hunter grabs Kurt and goes for THE PEDIGREE, but Kurt backdrops him!!! Kurt then charges in and clotheslines HHH over the top rope!!

Kurt extends his arms out and lets out a lioness roar, as his music hits, and he stares across at Hunter who is backing up the ramp now feeling the back of his head all the way. Styles and Lawler hype up the madness surrounding the WWE Championship, before we fade out.



Announced for Next Week’s Monday Night Raw (4/10/06 - The Man)

Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal; #1 Contender’s Match for the World Tag Team Championships
Announced Teams: The Big Show & Kane, The (newly reformed) Redneck Wrecking Crew, Carlito & Chris Masters,
Gene Snitsky & Tyson Tomko, The Heartthrobs, Eugene & Goldust


Current Card for WWE Backlash
April 30th, 2006
Lexington, Kentucky

World Tag Team Championships Match:
World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Winners of Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal

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