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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday 10th October 2008
Live from the XL Center
Hartford, Connecticut

*Video Recap*
From No Mercy

World Heavyweight Championship
Christian w/Tyson Tomko vs. CM Punk © w/Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez vs. Chris Jericho
Closing Minutes:
Captain Charisma takes a few seconds to compose himself and take a breather before standing back up. Punk too sits up and this time he is the one being stalked as Christian lifts both his hands up, looking like he’s getting ready for the KILLSWITCH!!!. . . . . The fans cheer as Punk unwittingly gets back up and turns in to his opponent’s path and a kick to the gut. Christian grabs the champion by the arms and tries to spin him round, but no! Punk counters and shoves him forward in to the corner pads. Christian puts the brakes on though and turns round. Punk’s not happy by that and runs right at him and in to a raised boot from the Canadian.

A pop breaks out in the stands as Christian grabs him by the head. Punk panics and swings his arm round, knocking the ref down while Christian explodes to drill Punk with an INVERTED DDT OFF THE SECOND ROPE!!!. . . . . Punk’s lights are out, but so are the ref’s and Christian doesn’t have a clue. He turns Punk over again to make a cover, then sees there’s no one there to make the count. He looks gutted to see the ref down and goes to help him, trying to shake him back to life when a chorus of boos rings out around the arena. Christian doesn’t know what’s going on and turns round to see EDGE CHARGE AT HIM AND SPEAR HIM OUT OF HIS BOOTS!!!. . . . .

Edge stares down with no remorse whatsoever, sn-iggering at the sight of Christian flat on his back. A huge cheer breaks out though, surprising the hell out of The Rated-R Superstar. He turns round and there’s John Cena sliding under the bottom race at speed. The fans are going nuts as Cena flies up to his feet and ducks a right hand to run through in to the ropes. Cena comes flying back off the ropes and sends Edge down courtesy of a flying shoulder tackle. It’s deafening in the Wachovia Center as Cena & Edge pick themselves up with Cena lifting Edge up on to his shoulders to plant him with the F-U!!!. . . . . Edge rolls under the bottom rope and on to the floor as Jericho looks shocked as he stands up to see Cena standing there staring right back at him. Jericho looks furious and runs right at Cena, right in to a kick to the gut and another F-U!!!. . . . .

Cena leans forward and waves his hand at the out cold Jericho, but as he stands up, Punk sneaks up behind him and takes him by surprise, lifting him up on to his shoulders and nailing him with the GTS!!!. . . . . Boos ring out as Punk smirks down at the fallen Cena and kicks him over to the apron and down to the floor. The World Champion turns round to a ton of heat to see Christian and the referee struggling to make it back up. The smug champion walks over to Christian and gives him a helping hand up off the mat and in to place for the GTS!!!. . . . . More boos ring out as Punk smirks at the crowd and then sends Christian’s head crashing in to his knee and down to the mat. It’s deafening in the arena as Punk coolly shimmies forward and makes the cover with the drowsy referee slowly crawling across to count the fall. . . . .

1. . . . .

. . . . .

2. . . . .

. . . . .

. . . . . 3!


“This Fire Burns” plays with the fans continuing to boo as the smug champion rises to his feet with a big smile on his face. Del Rio-Ramirez heads back down the ramp and applauds his mentor. The Mexican walks round the ring to collect the World Championship and heads in to the ring. As Edge & Cena come round on the outside, Del Rio-Ramirez straps the title around his mentor’s waist and then raises his hand in victory to even more heat. Punk walks over to the apron and throws his arms up in the air in front of the unimpressed Cena.

Jericho lifts his head up not looking too sure of what’s happened, and the same goes for the angry Edge. Punk heads to the corner and poses for the jeering crowd while Del Rio continues to applaud him. The Straight-Edge Superstar then steps down, cocky as hell as he leaves the ring with is rookie. They turn round on the ramp and looks back to see Jericho & Cena glaring back at them as the show comes to a close with Punk & Del Rio-Ramirez smiling without a care in the world.

*Opening Video*
“If You Rock Like Me”

*Cut to the Arena*

Standing proudly in the ring with the fans jeering is CM Punk’s rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez and he’s holding a microphone with a big smile on his face. Looking very smart in black trousers and a white shirt, he calmly waits for the crowd to quieten down. Eventually, they do!

Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez:
At this time it is my pleasure to announce t’ you, the man who was not only was victorious at No Mercy but left still the World Heavyweight Champion. . . my mentor, C-M PUNK!

“This Fire Burns”

A barrage of heat is thrown in the direction of CM Punk as he walks out to the stage with a huge grin on his face. Wearing jeans, a T-shirt and a black leather jacket with the world title draped over his shoulder, he looks down to see his rookie applauding him in the ring. The World Heavyweight Champion nods at him and makes his way coolly down the ramp, taking great pleasure in seeing the fans fury at him holding the world title still. As he steps inside the ring, he walks over to Del Rio-Ramirez and shakes hands with him and is passed the microphone. He continues to revel in the fans’ frustration as his music cuts, bringing out the sheer volume of the heat even more. He soaks it up and laughs it off with his rookie.

CM Punk:
You know by now you’d think I’d be angry that you blind ignorant so called wrestling fans continue to show me this ill-founded disrespect, but the fact remains that I am still your World Heavyweight Champion.

Punk raises his title in the air with great pleasure, winding the crowd up even more, much to Del Rio-Ramirez’s amusement.

CM Punk:
Quite frankly I don’t care about what you people think anymore. The fact remains that this prestigious title belongs t’ me no matter what obstacle is put in my place, whether that be a scramble match against no fewer than four challengers, a challenge from one of the greatest of all time in ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels in the main event of SummerSlam or a triple threat match this past Sunday night. Just so you’re left without any confusion like I’m sure you people are ev’ry day of your lives, each of those predicaments ended in the same outcome; me with my hand raised and announced as still the World Heavyweight Champion.

*Major Heat*

CM Punk: Whatever your opinion of me as champion or even as a person, I don’t care. All that matters is ev’rytime I defend this title I fight as if my life depends on it and the end result is always the same no matter how much that disappoints you and your pathetic lives.


CM Punk: However despite my latest triumph at No Mercy, I have to tell you that it’s been tainted. It’s been tainted in a way that I said could happen and would happen if a certain general manager of ours followed through with his ridiculous idea of bringing a superstar by the name of John Cena over from Raw.

*Huge Pop*

CM Punk: Yeah, John Cena. Ev’rywhere he goes ev’ryone knows who John Cena is, but the problem that I pointed out unsurprisingly has happened in front of my very eyes. I said with total confidence that if John Cena was brought to Smackdown he would steal the limelight away from ev’ryone else, most notably the one person most deserving of it, the one person who’s beaten ev’ryone put in front of him for the last six months, your World Champion C-M Punk.

*More Heat*

CM Punk: I said that Cena would swan over here without a care in the world wanting to be the headline attraction like he was on Raw and look what happened. He had no right getting involved in my match Sunday night, but did that stop the legend that is John Cena, the man you all worship? Of course not. He wasn’t happy not being in the main event and he had to get under the spotlight like he always does. Well guess what Cena? I welcome you to Smackdown, really I do, because John this isn’t Raw. This isn’t the John Cena show. This is Smackdown. There’ll be no fanfare for you each week here. See this is a place where we appreciate being away from the world that revolves around John Cena on Raw. Here we can express ourselves as we wish. We don’t have to worry about John Cena acting as he sees fit, disrespecting ev’ryone who can actually wrestle.


CM Punk: Now I’m not going t’ stand here an’ lie an’ tell you I didn’t enjoy my time on Raw because I did, all until one moment, the moment John Cena came back and did what he did best, made ev’rything about him at a time when I was really making a name for myself. I was making noises over there. The spotlight was finally shifting in my direction but when I became the Intercontinental Champion at the Royal Rumble, no one cared all because it was the big return of John Cena.


CM Punk: It didn’t matter that I was successful that night and Cena wasn’t, as was also the case at WrestleMania, then in a moment that changed my career forever, I escaped from the land of no recognition to come t’ Smackdown where I stand before you right now as the headline star of this company.


CM Punk: In the short time I’ve been here I’ve climbed to the top and overcome challenges no one else before me has time an’ time again. Like I said before; you don’t have t’ believe me, I have the title here to prove it.

Punk smirks at the crowd again with Del Rio-Ramirez sn-iggering while the fans make their feelings clear.

CM Punk:
So Cena you can do whatever you have to t’ try and take the spotlight away from me, only this time you’re not going t’ get it. I won’t allow it t’ happen, and if you don’t believe me, take a look at this.

A recap from No Mercy is shown where Cena stormed the ring during the main event for Punk’s world title and FU’d Edge before doing the same to Chris Jericho and then being caught out by Punk to fall on the receiving end of a GTS. As the camera cuts back to the ring, Punk and his rookie are still grinning arrogantly at the crowd.

CM Punk:
See John, I’m ready for anything you have to throw at me. I’ve been through tougher challenges than you, and this incentive you’ve been thrown by Tazz to bring here you, giving you the chance to lead a team to take on a team chosen by me isn’t going to go the way you Tazz or these people would like to think. I sent you a clear message at No Mercy that I’m not afraid of you Cena, and unlike you I’m not going to have a problem going back to the locker room and finding a team of men who’ll jump at the chance to beat the hell out of you and send you on your way back to Raw.

*Ton of Heat*

CM Punk: You can forget all about beating me at the Survivor Series and earning yourself a shot at my world title at Night of Champions because it’s simply not going to. . .

“On this day, I see clearly, ev’rything has come to. . .”

Punk, Del Rio-Ramirez and the fans look stunned to see ‘The Rated-R Superstar’ Edge in a serious looking mood walk out to the stage to a mixed reception, largely boos though. He paces his way down the ramp and in to the ring, past Punk and his rookie to collect a microphone. The music stops and Punk stares at Edge, still shocked to see him standing there.

CM Punk:
I don’t mean t’ be rude. . .

Edge: . . . Whoa hold on there champ, I’m just going t’ say what it is I have t’ say if y’don’t mind?

Punk stands back, seemingly allowing Edge to get whatever it is off his chest.

See Punk, it seems that we’ve both got a similar problem here as far as John Cena goes. Both of us have been vocal in saying how much we don’t want him over here, and for the record no one hates Cena more than I do.


Edge: Cena an’ me have taken each other t’ hell an’ back an’ back again, so I guess you can imagine just how pissed I was t’ see him here when I came back, just as much as I was t’ see my brother get a shot at that world title you’ve got resting on that shoulder of yours. An’ since we’re on the subject of that champ, you might wanna thank me, ‘cause if it weren’t for me spearing Christian the other night, the odds are you wouldn’t be World Champion right now.


Punk doesn’t look happy about that at all.

CM Punk:
Alright Edge just what it is you came out here t’ say because. . .

Edge: . . . Whoa take a chill pill, I’m not here t’ cause trouble. I’m here t’ help. . . See we all know that at Survivor Series you an’ Cena are gonna be puttin’ teams t’gether t’ go against each other, an’ since we both hate Cena an’ want him gone, I’m here for one reason only Punk, to offer you my services.


CM Punk: Let me get this straight; you want to be part of my team to take on Cena at Survivor Series right?

Edge: Exactly, however there’s a bit more to it than that, just like the match at Survivor Series. Like you said before, our joke of a general manager has promised his good buddy Cena a shot at the world title if his team can beat yours, but with me on board that’s not gonna happen. That’ll leave you not having t’ face Cena at Night of Champions, leaving a shot open for someone else t’ face you instead.

Punk smirks, sensing where Edge is going.

CM Punk:
Right, now I get it. You wanna help me beat Cena and get yourself a world title shot? Nice thinking! Seriously it is, an’ you know what? I respect that. I respect you coming out here an’ being honest. It might be somewhat selfish but I believe you when you say how much you wanna beat Cena and I have to admit that having someone of your experience and ability on board along with myself and Alberto here would definitely help, so Edge, you can count yourself in.

Punk extends his hand to Edge and the two men shake, and then Edge turns to Del Rio-Ramirez to shake his hand. . .

“My Time is Now”

John Cena
hits the stage to a huge roar, and the crowd are going crazy as he runs out to each side of the stage, obviously not at the same time! He might be known as Superman but actually he’s not kids! He heads back to centre stage with a microphone in hand as his music cuts to reveal the full extent of the noise the kids & women are making. Cena looks like he’s loving the attention, unlike Punk, Edge & Del Rio-Ramirez as they stare up at him with disgust.

John Cena:
It’s great t’ see my fan club is in full force t’night.

*Big Pop*

John Cena: Thanks guys.

He turns to the crowd and shakes his head, then points down to the ring.

John Cena:
No I mean you guys. I can feel your love an’ you have no idea how much I appreciate it so thanks.

Cena smiles down at them but they’re really not happy to see him standing there making jokes.

CM Punk:
Alright Cena cut the crap. It’s not exactly a surprise you felt the need to come out here and do what you always do, and by that I mean suck up t’ these gullible morons and make sure the whole world knows John Cena’s in town, but for once why don’t you just cut t’ the chase and say what you’ve gotta say so we can get out of here before our ears start t’ bleed?

Cena’s the one smirking now, quite enjoying Punk’s bluntness it seems.

John Cena:
Y’know for a man who’s just got lucky t’ hold on to the world title one more time, you’ve got yourself a whole lot o’ confidence Punk.


John Cena: An’ as far as me stealin’ this limelight you’re talkin’ about, well it ain’t exactly my fault these guys don’t care about you an’ you bore them t’ death is it?

*Huge Cheer*

Punk glares up at him.

CM Punk:
I don’t have to entertain them. That’s not what I’m here t’ do. I’m the World Heavyweight Champion and I’m. . .

John Cena: . . . Blah blah blah blah blah blah.


John Cena: We’ve heard it all before Punk. You’ve overcome so many challenges; scramble matches, triple threat matches, we get it. The fact is these people don’t like you, they don’t respect you an’ they don’t have to.

*Big Pop*

John Cena: They don’t respect you because you go about your business the wrong way, by hook or by crook. Me, I go out an’ fight f’ my life, an’ if that ain’t enough, at least I’ve given it all I’ve got. You Punk, you wonder why these people don’t respect you? It’s because you’re a hypocrite. You go on an’ on about this journey t’ being the best the business has to offer. Well from where I’m standin’, an’ I don’t often agree with Edge. . . if it weren’t f’ him you wouldn’t be standing there World Champion right now.

*Big Cheer*

There’s some awkwardness between Punk & Edge as they turn and look at each other with Edge trying to play it down.

John Cena:
But y’know what champ? You ain’t gotta worry ‘bout that right now. You’ve gotta worry ‘bout Survivor Series, an’ even if no one back there wants t’ help me out an’ be on Team Cena, so be it. I ain’t got no problem goin’ through the whole locker room if I have to t’ get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship come Night of Champions. An’ Punk, when I get t’ Night of Champions, I promise y’this; you won’t have t’ worry ‘bout who saved you the title ‘cause you won’t have it.

*Massive Pop*

Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez: Excuse me but who do you think you are coming out here and disrespecting the heavyweight champion of the world like this?


Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez: Do you have any respect? Clearly it would seem not, but since you’re here Cena, I would like t’ tell you some home truths, literally. See where I come from back in Mexico, our wrestling fans respect C-M Punk because he is a wrestler, a great wrestler. You Cena, you’re not even an okay wrestler. I wouldn’t even call you a wrestler. And as these American fans would say. . . you suck.

*More Boos*

Cena laughs it off, not taking Punk’s rookie that seriously.

Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez:
My mentor is ten times the wrestler you will ever be and I’ve already learned so much from him about American wrestling. In fact tonight I want to sure you how much I’ve learnt from watching him, only this time I want to do it in the ring.


Punk looks curiously at his rookie. Del Rio-Ramirez is looking very self assured and looks up at Cena.

Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez:
What better way John Cena than to show you just how good a mentor he is by beating you here t’night in your first official match back as a Smackdown superstar?

*Huge Pop*

John Cena: Whoa hold it there Alby ‘cause you look like you’re kinda serious ‘bout this.

Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez: Hey, my name is not Alby, it’s Alberto and I am serious, deadly serious. I want you in this ring tonight.

Punk tries to talk to the Mexican, but Del Rio-Ramirez is fixed on Cena.

John Cena:
Well if you’re serious Alby I ain’t got a problem with it. I guess I’ll see y’later on. ‘til then, take care!

“My Time is Now” plays to a big cheer in the arena with Punk questioning Del Rio-Ramirez, but he is very self assured and tries to reassure his mentor with Edge looking up disapprovingly at the all smiling face of Cena who salutes back at him before turning round to walk backstage.

*Video Promo*

We cut to the back where we see the angry duo of Petey Williams & Johnny Devine dressed for action making their way through the back, and we switch to a shot of the fired up team of Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas as they too walk through the halls of the arena as they prepare to lock horns when we come back after the break!

*Commercial Break*

Michael Cole:
Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, live t’night from the X-L Center in Hartford Connecticut, and boy what a start we had before the break. We found that out later on in our main event, we will see John Cena in action in his first match back as a Smackdown superstar when he takes on the rookie of the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez.

Matt Striker: That is indeed going to be in an interesting contest Michael, not just because it will be John Cena’s first match back here on Smackdown but of the implications it’s going to have on the elimination match between Cena and Del Rio-Ramirez’s mentor C-M Punk at the Survivor Series. You can be sure that Punk and Edge won’t be too far away and we’ll get to see just how much Del Rio-Ramirez will add to that team too.

Michael Cole: Well as exciting as our main event is folks, we’ve got a whole lot more than to look forward to t’night. We’re going to see a rematch from No Mercy when Shawn Michaels goes one on one with Jack Swagger, and we heard The Miz say on Raw Monday night that he will be here t’night as he has something he wants to say t’ The Heartbreak Kid. God knows what that will be, but in addition to that we’ll see the W-W-E Tag Team Champions The UK Pack in action too after their successful title defence Sunday night, and speaking of tag team action, we’re about to kick things off with some right now.

“Hell Will Be Callin’ Your Name”

The team of Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas make their way out to the stage to a decent pop, both looking pretty focused for the upcoming match.

*Video Recap*
From No Mercy

Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas vs. Chris Masters & Ryan Sheffield
Closing Minutes:
Masters furiously turns round and runs right at him with Haas lifting his boot up in to his former partner’s face, sending him staggering out of the corner to a pop from the crowd. Haas follows him out and connects with the OLYMPIC SLAM TO A FEROCIOUS POP FROM THE PHILADELPHIA CROWD!!!. . . . . Masters is flat on his back with Sheffield panicking like mad on the apron, but Haas can’t take advantage. Slowly he lifts his head up of the mat, still dazed, and Masters shows signs of life too. He can’t stop Haas crawling towards his corner with the ultra pumped Lashley desperately holding out his hand for the cover, and he gets it too to a massive roar in the Wachovia Center.

The crowd erupts as Lashley hits the ring with Masters oblivious to it as he sits up. Sensing the danger, Sheffield races in to the ring, but Lashley sees it and charges at him to level him with a SPEAR!!!. . . . . The crowd are on their feet as Masters makes it up to his knees and up to his feet, trying to steady himself as Lashley locks his eyes on him with Sheffield rolling out to the floor. Haas stands up on the apron and watches on as Masters turns round to see Lashley charging at him to connect with the SPEAR!!!. . . . . Cheers are ringing out as Lashley shifts across on his knees to make the cover. . . . . .

1. . . . .

2. . . . .

. . . . . 3!

*Cut to the Arena*

Petey Williams & Johnny Devine walk out in to the arena with their music playing and they’re certainly not in a good mood at all. The fans throw some boos their way, and the Canadian duo give them some dirty looks as they stomp their way down the ramp.

*Video Recap*
From No Mercy

WWE Tag Team Championship
The UK Pack © w/TJ Wilson & Natalya Neidhart vs. Petey Williams & Johnny Devine
Closing Minutes:
Devine gets his shoulder but is obviously struggling as he lifts his head up off the mat. There’s no sympathy from Harry who quickly stands back up and brings his opponent up with him, connecting with a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!!. . . . . Holding on for a cover, Smith waits for the ref to rush across and make the count. . . . .

1. . . . .

2. . . . .

No! Devine holds on again as Petey makes it back up in the corner. He sees Smith getting back up and runs right at him, but Harry sees him coming and grabs him by the head to send him flying over the ropes down to the floor below. The crowd are cheering now as TJ watches on approvingly with his mentor hell bent on finishing the job. Devine’s struggling to make it back up on to his knees, but Smith gives him a helping hand, scooping him up on to his shoulder. Retreating to the corner with Devine putting up no resistance, the crowd rise to their feet as the focused Smith runs across the ring and plants him with the RUNNING POWERSLAM!!!. . . . . It’s all over or so it seems as Smith reaches to the side and hooks Devine’s legs for the cover. . . . .

1. . . . .

2. . . . .

. . . . . 3!

*Cut to the Arena*

*The Opening Match*
Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas vs. Petey Williams & Johnny Devine

Lashley & Haas were on fire in this one, up & at it from the moment the bell rung. Cole & Striker were in awe of them, commenting on how quickly they’re becoming an effective unit, and their Canadian opponents were left frustrated by their opponents. They didn’t seem to have gotten over their failure to win the tag team titles at No Mercy either, and Petey especially was in one foul mood. He did manage however to find a way in to the contest for himself & Devine. Haas was in control and looking sharper than he has in a long time with his sights set on Williams, but as he tossed Petey behind for an overhead belly to belly to suplex, the Canadian landed on his feet.

He steadied himself and turned round as quickly as he could, surprising the hell out of Haas as he too turned round and ran right in to an enzuigiri. Petey & Devine took it turns to isolate Charlie from there, but when Devine went looking for a split-legged moonsault that he calls the Love Gun Moonsault, Haas lifted his knees up and Devine’s gut crashed right in to them. It gave Haas the chance to crawl across to his corner and tag in the monster that is Lashley, and at the same time Devine just about managed to drag himself across to tag Petey back in. He & Lashley ran at each other with Lashley striking first with a clothesline.

Petey stood up to walk in to another, and his punishment for showing some resiliency to get up again was a military press gutbuster. The crowd were cheering Lashley on, and despite Petey kicking out at two, Lashley took it on the chin and went right back to work, showing no frustration whatsoever. He showed off his impressive strength by dragging Petey up and holding him up in the air for almost ten seconds before sending him crashing down in to the pads with a delayed vertical suplex. Devine slowly stood up on the apron and could only watch on as Lashley once again made his way back up bringing Williams with him.

Petey was in deep trouble, quickly fired in to the ropes and the victim of a bone-crunching spinebuster. The crowd were cheering as Lashley’s dominance shone through, and as he retreated to his corner with his eyes locked firmly on the squirming Canadian, Devine panicked knowing his partner was in serious danger. He rushed in to the ring and ran across at Lashley, but the former military man ran at him to meet him halfway and take him down with an explosive spear. The cheers broke out again as the impact sent Devine rolling out to the floor while Petey unwittingly struggled to get back up.

Lashley watched him up every step of the way before losing patience to pull him in to place for the Dominator. Petey was defenceless and was quickly slammed in to the mat, putting up no resistance whatsover as Lashley made the cover, picking up the three count to give him & Haas another impressive victory. The two men got themselves a very decent pop and show of appreciation from the crowd as they had their arms raised by the referee while Cole & Striker raved about how much of a threat they’re becoming to the rest of the tag team division.

Winners: Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas by pinfall.

*Cut Backstage*

An impressed John Cena is watching on a monitor in the back, nodding his head.

John Cena:
Alright. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Cena’s eyes take him away from the screen, looking in another direction.

John Cena:
There he is; the United States Champion, the two thousand an’ eight King of the Ring, Matt I’m on a one hell of a roll Sydal.

The camera zooms out and there stands an almost embarrassed looking Matt Sydal along with Mickie James. The United States Champion has the title over his shoulder in his casual gear and his other arm round Mickie.

Mickie James:
Hey John, how’s it goin’?

John Cena: How’s it goin’ y’say? Here I am standin’ with the man of the moment, Smackdown’s next big star. . .

Matt Sydal: . . . Stop. . . Wait, don’t! Carry on!

Cena offers his hand to Sydal and the youngster is only too happy to shake it, and Cena then hugs his old friend, Mickie from their Raw days.

John Cena:
I gotta say man, you’ve made quite the name f’ y’self the last few months. All the guys on Raw have been talkin’ ‘bout you Matt, an’ I watched your match Sunday with Tazz an’ you impressed the hell out o’ the both of us. That shooting star press on the ladder. Man that was sick.

Matt Sydal: I don’t know about that.

Mickie James: I do. He won’t tell anyone else but he’s still in pain because of that, and there was no need for you to do it.

John Cena: Come on now Mickie, he did what he had t’ do t’ keep the title, an’ he did it.

Matt Sydal: I sure did.

John Cena: Damn straight y’did an’ while you’re here bro’, there’s somethin’ I wan’ed to ask ya. You might’ve heard C-M Punk an’ Edge earlier talkin’ bout Survivor Series an’ how no one wants me here, well what I wan’ed to ask y’was whether you’d be the first member of Team Cena. I know it’s a lot to ask with how much those guys are on my bac. . .

Matt Sydal: . . . You want me to be part of your team?

John Cena: First choice champ.

Matt Sydal: Wow I’m honoured.

John Cena: You’re honoured but you’re in right?

Matt Sydal: Oh yeah, you can count me in alright. Thanks f’ asking me.

John Cena: Hey, no need t’ thank me, it was a no brainer. Just make sure those ribs get better an’ you’re ready f’ war at Survivor Series.

Matt Sydal: Yeah I’ll be ready. Bring it on!

John Cena: Great, well I guess I better go find someone else t’ help us out. I’ll see y’later champ. Take care y’hear.

Cena taps Sydal on the shoulder before walking away, leaving Sydal smiling away alongside Mickie, and she too is looking pleased for her boyfriend.

Matt Sydal:
Me on Team Cena? Can you believe that? I can’t wait.

Mickie James: Well Survivor Series is about six weeks away. You’ll have to, let those ribs heal up.

Matt Sydal: There’ll be fine but I like how you worry about me.

Mickie James: It’s my job baby, and since you’re happy jumping off ladders f’ no reason, it’s a good thing somebody does.

They smile and look in to each other’s eyes before moving in for a kiss, getting quite steamy as the camera fades to black and we go to another commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We’re at an undisclosed location, outside what appears to be a restaurant and now we head inside what looks like a very nice establishment, cutting to a table where Elijah Burke is sitting with his girlfriend, Layla. They’re both looking extremely relaxed for the first time in months after Burke’s win over Ziggler this past Sunday at No Mercy. A waiter pours them both some champagne and they tap glasses, both smiling widely.

Elijah Burke:
Cheers baby.

Layla: Right back at you baby.

Again they look in to each other’s eyes and smile, looking so happy.

This is so nice ‘lijah. Thanks for doing this. You really didn’t need to, but I’m glad you did!

Elijah Burke: Hey, anything for my beautiful woman. After all you’ve been through lately it’s the least you deserve. You’ve got no idea how worried I was before that match wit’ Ziggler the other night. The thought of you havin’ t’ go out wit’ him; man I was so scared it was gonna happen. I was so sure he was gonna. . .

Layla: . . . Hey it’s fine. Look around, it all worked out fine. I just want us to forget all about that creep and just about us.

Elijah Burke: You got it. I’m not gonna let anyone get near you like that again I promise. The only good thing ‘bout that was he made me realise just how much y’mean t’ me baby girl. I ain’t ever met anyone like you my entire life an’ I don’t ever wanna let you go. It made me realise that I love you more than anything else in the world an’ I want you t’ know that.

Layla: Aarh that’s so sweet. I love you too.

Burke smiles and they lean across the table to give each other a quick kiss. They then lean back and Burke looks round, then clicks his finger. A violinist dressed in a suit walks over and starts playing a romantic number for Layla, and she tilts her head to the size, gazing blissfully at her boyfriend. Burke smiles at the violinist and then stands up from his chair, surprising Layla. He then drops down to one knee beside her chair.

Oh my. . . I don’t believe it.

He grins at her and reaches inside his blazer pocket to pull out a small jewellery box. He then opens it and holds it in front of him, causing Layla’s jaw to drop. She’s almost in tears.

Elijah Burke:
Layla, my whole life I’ve been lucky enough t’ do so many of the things I’ve loved an’ always wan’ed to. I’ve travelled the world, met some amazing people but no one compares t’ you. No one comes close t’ you; your beauty, your heart, your soul. I love you more than anything else in the world an’ I can’t imagine spending my life without you in it. . . Layla, will you do me the honour of making me the happiest man in the world an’ being my wife?

Layla wipes away the tears and jumps off her chair to hug Burke.

Of course I will.

A big round of applause breaks out in the restaurant as they kiss, and as they pull away, Layla looks at the ring. Burke takes it out of the box and places it slowly on to her finger, smiling the whole time. Layla kisses him again and the violinist stops playing.


Layla: Thank you.

Burke stands up and hands him some cash then turns round as Layla stands up.

Elijah Burke:
WAITER, can I get some champagne for ev’ryone. We’re celebratin’ t’night an’ so are all of you.

Layla throws her arms round her new fiancée as they prepare to party with the rest of the restaurant.

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

J-Red & Yoshi Tatsu vs. Johnny Jeter & Chavo Guerrero

Chavo was very groggy as he made it to his knees, and with the path cleared, Red went to end it, looking for the Red Alert, a diving swinging reverse STO. Guerrero dodged it though and Red crash landed to the disappointment of the crowd. As they made their way back up, so did Jeter on the outside. He was glaring in the ring at Red, and after pulling Yoshi down off the apron, whose head hit the apron, he slid in to the ring. He got Red’s attention, and the rookie ducked a clothesline from the Cruiserweight Champion before falling foul of a roundhouse kick.

However, as Red turned back to Chavo, his mentor pounced and kicked him in the gut, then connected with a brainbuster to secure the victory. Chavo enjoyed it big time, looking so smug to have finally got one over his rookie. The dazed Jeter picked himself back up to join the celebrations, but Jeter wasn’t satisfied. He told Chavo to pick him up, and he did. Chavo held him up for the pissed Jeter to yell insults at him, and then the Cruiserweight Champion nailed him with a right hand. He wasn’t done there and watched Red crawl around on his knees, backing away getting ready for the Genesis Kick.

That was until Santino Marella’s music hit and the Italian charged down the ramp to make the save, sliding in the ring and sending Jeter down with a clothesline. The fans were cheering as Santino then ducked a right hand from Chavo and caught him with a jawbreaker. Jeter got up by the ropes and Marella charged at him, but Jeter pulled himself out of the ring at the last second. The fans carried on cheering as Santino looked down at him signalled he wanted the title as he did last week after beating the Cruiserweight Champion. The music hit again as Marella checked on Red with Yoshi also sitting up on the outside and Jeter steaming as he stared right at Santino back in the ring.

*Cut to the Arena*

“Time to Shine”

The WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Johnny Jeter walks out in to the arena with his rookie, Yoshi Tatsu following him out. The fans boo Jeter and he doesn’t appear to be in the best of moods tonight, and as usual Tatsu isn’t best pleased to be around his mentor. Both in their ring gear, they enter the ring and Jeter goes to get a microphone, staring angrily at his rookie as he heads back in to the centre of the ring.

Johnny Jeter:
For the last few weeks I’m used t’ being pissed me off, but last week f’ the first time it had nothing t’do with this joke standing behind me. It seems that I’ve got another joke causing a great pain in my ass, an’ he goes by the name of Santino Marella.


Johnny Jeter: Oh yeah, there y’go people, encourage him. You encourage that loser. Give him all the encouragement he needs t’ believe he can actually beat me an’ take the cruiserweight title away from me but the fact is he can’t, an’ t’night I’m gonna make him see that. T’night I’m gonna deal with him once an’ f’ all. Correction, I’m gonna deal with him right now. Yeah you heard me right you little goofball. This might be the cruiserweight division but it’s not the midget division. I want you t’ bring your ass out here right n. . .

“La Vittoria é Mia”

And here comes Santino Marella to a strong reception from the Hartford crowd. The Italian waves & smiles at the crowd as he makes his way down to the ring in his wrestling attire, and Yoshi goes to get a microphone for him, surprising everyone, especially Jeter. He asks Yoshi what he’s doing, but the Japanese rookie shrugs his shoulders, not understanding a word his mentor is saying.

Santino Marella:
I’m-a so sorry to see you’re grumpy t’night, but what is it you-a have on your minds that you-a feel the need to call me out here?

Johnny Jeter: What? Is that how you really talk? You mean you really are a goofball? It’s not just an act t’ get these morons t’ like you?

Santino Marella: I don’t know what you’re-a talking about. All I heard-a you say was not for the first time you have a pain in your ass, but that’s not for me to talk about. I think you-a need to tell your friend to be more gentle.

*Laughs & Cheers*

Even Yoshi laughs and Jeter asks him why, but again Tatsu plays dumb.

Johnny Jeter:
Alright I was gonna play this the nice way but again you’ve pissed me off big time.

Santino Marella: I’m-a so sorry to hear tha. . .

Johnny Jeter: . . . Shut the hell up, I’m speaking. I called you out here for one reason, to challenge you to a match right here right now.

*Big Pop*

Johnny Jeter: What’d y’say then huh?

Santino Marella: I-a say you’re on.

Johnny Jeter: Great then let me intr’duce you to your opponent; my incredibly talented rookie, YOSHI TATSU!


There’s confusion in the ring as Santino looks at both Jeter & Tatsu.

Johnny Jeter:
What, did you think I was going to let you face me? You’ve not earned the right. Beat him and I might think about it.

The fans continue to boo as Jeter leaves the ring with a big smirk on his face as both Yoshi & Santino look very awkward with Santino trying to explain it to him.

*Match #2*
Santino Marella vs. Yoshi Tatsu w/Johnny Jeter

With Jeter watching on and getting agitated by his rookie’s performances at times, he showed no hesitation in yelling at him from the outside, even upsetting his opponent. Santino was on top but let himself get distracted by Jeter when the Cruiserweight Champion grabbed his foot as he ran the ropes. It gave Yoshi more time to steady himself, and as the Italian eventually turned round, he ran at his opponent and right in to a spinning heel kick. Jeter enjoyed that one and even applauded his rookie. Yoshi was fired up and kept on going, putting on a show for the Hartford faithful.

It looked as if he was heading towards victory, but when he went for a roundhouse kick, Santino ducked and quickly took him down with a jawbreaker. After a delayed two count, both men picked themselves back up and continued to push each other to the limit. It was Yoshi that gained the upper hand in the closing minutes to the surprise of his mentor, who amazingly started to show him support. Santino only just got his shoulder up after a bridging german suplex before escaping a rolling inside cradle just in time, and just as it looked like there was going to be upset, Marella lifted his boot up in to the rookie’s face after being fired in to the corner.

Yoshi staggered out holding his face and Santino followed to send him spiralling down in to the canvas courtesy of a rolling cutter to pick up a victory at the expense of his rival’s rookie, infuriating Jeter at ringside. The Cruiserweight Champion threw a strop, waving his arms around in the air as a delighted Santino stood up to get his arm raised by the ref. He was chuckling away at seeing Jeter throw a hissy fit and then went to the apron to ask for a microphone.

Winner: Santino Marella by pinfall.

Santino Marella: I’d just like to-a say Jonathan that I totally understand-a why you won’t get in this-a ring with me. I know you’re-a scared of me taking your Cruiserweight Championship, but sometime somewhere it will happen and I-a will be the next Cruiserweight Campione of the World.

A big pop breaks out as Jeter lifts his title aloft, staring defiantly at Santino as Tatsu sits up behind him. Santino turns round and helps Yoshi up, not going down well with Yoshi's mentor at all

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

We’re shown shots of a fairly big blonde woman with tattoos on her arms wearing a sleeveless top and jeans in a bar having a good time with a group of nearly ten people, both men & women. She grabs a beer from the bar and chugs it, getting a loud cheer of encouragement from her group and shocking others. She just stares at them and gets in to it with them, then shoves a guy down to the floor and goes back for another beer, chugging it again.

She’s not your ordinary diva. She’s not your ordinary woman. She won’t be pushed around by any woman or man. . . She’s the definition of unpredictable. She’s O-D-B and she’s coming soon to Smackdown. . . Look out Smackdown because things are about to get dirty!

*Cut Backstage*

One half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Paul Burchill is in his locker room, getting ready for his match later on without his partner, Harry Smith but Josh Matthews is there with a microphone standing by.

Josh Matthews:
You ready Paul? You good t’ go?

Paul Burchill: Sure.

Burchill turns round and despite retaining the tag team titles at No Mercy, he doesn’t appear to be too happy this evening.

Josh Matthews:
Well first off I’d like to congratulate you and of course your partner Harry on successfully retaining the tag team titles this past Sunday at No Mercy, however t’night you will be in action against an old rival of yours in Chris Masters and his rookie, Ryan Sheffield. You’ve both been through a lot with The Masterpiece and I wanted to get your thoughts on locking horns with him and Sheffield t’night.

Paul Burchill: Masters? We’ve dealt with him before and we’ll deal with him again t’night, if Harry ever gets here that is.

Josh Matthews: I have to admit I was surprised he wasn’t here when I got here. If you don’t mind me asking, where is he?

Paul Burchill: I wish I knew, just as long as he gets here. . . soon.

Josh Matthews: Well I’ll keep a lookout. If I see him I’ll let him know you’re looking for him.

Low key, Burchill nods ever so slightly at Josh before taking his shirt off and throwing it across the room as Josh takes his leave.

*Video Recap*
From No Mercy

Elijah Burke w/Layla vs. Dolph Ziggler
If Ziggler wins, he gets a date with Layla
If Burke wins, Ziggler must stay away from them

Closing Minutes:
Ziggler just and only just gets his shoulder up. Layla can’t believe it on the outside, slumping forward on to the apron in shock. Burke takes it on the chin and leans back on his knees as Ziggler crawls away and towards the corner. Burke watches him as he pulls himself up the pads, and the intensity builds inside Burke. He stands back up and retreats to the opposite corner, pulling down his knee pads to a big pop as he prepares for the ELIJAH EXPRESS!!!. . . . . The fans stand up as Burke gets ready and charges at Ziggler, jumping up at him with his knees, but no! Ziggler turns round and steps to the side.

Burke reacts quickly and grabs the top rope. He turns round in a flash and Ziggler nails him with a right hand, then tries for an irish whip, but Burke reverses it and sends him right in to the path of the referee to send them both down! Burke & Layla look on in shock with the ref seemingly out of it as Ziggler rolls to the side. Burke looks genuinely concerned for the referee and goes to check on him, taking his eyes off of his opponent. The ref still isn’t moving, and Burke shaking him isn’t helping. He tells Layla what she should already be able to see, and they look as confused as each other as what to do while Dolph claws his way back up behind Burke unnoticed.

Not for long though as Layla tries to warn her man, but it’s too late and he falls victim to the ZIG ZAG!!!. . . . . Ziggler shimmies round in a flash and goes for the cover, not knowing the ref is down & out. He looks across the mat and sees the ref lying there totally out of it, and he’s not happy at all. He looks gutted and drops his head in to his hands, knowing he has Burke beat. He then takes another look and shakes his head furiously, then spots an opportunity as a big smile appears on his face, causing yet more concern for Layla. He heads out of the ring and grabs a chair before slipping back in as Burke sits up, totally oblivious as to what’s waiting for him.

Layla’s freaking out big time as the ref remains motionless on the mat with Ziggler almost salivating at the sight of Burke struggling back up to his feet. The fans boo, getting increasingly nervous as Ziggler raises the chair up above his head. Layla can’t take it any longer and rushes in to the ring behind him. She reaches up and grabs the chair from him, shocking the hell out of Ziggler who turns round and stares at her. He asks her what she’s doing and she just stares at him with contempt, threatening to blast him with the chair, and he begins to laugh.

He shakes his head and tells her she’s not going to do it, angering her further and she snaps, SWINGING THE CHAIR AND NAILING DOLPH IN THE FACE WITH THE CHAIR TO A HUGE ROAR INSIDE THE WACHOVIA CENTER!!!. . . . . Burke stands up and looks surprised himself with Layla glaring down at Dolph, completely out for the count on his back in the middle of the ring. Burke looks impressed and nods at her, then takes the chair before tossing it out of the ring and telling her to leave him to it.

The ref begins to come round, all starry eyed on the mat as Burke smiles at the cheering crowd and then reaches down to pull the defenceless Ziggler back up. He puts up no resistance whatsoever as Burke sets him up for the ELIJAH EXPERIENCE!!!. . . . . More cheers break out as Burke enjoys the moment, looking in to the stands with Layla watching intently as Burke then seals the deal, driving Ziggler down in to the mat and hooking the leg with the drowsy ref crawling across to make the count. . . . .

1. . . . .

. . . . .

2. . . . .

. . . . .

. . . . . 3?


“Don’t Waste My Time” plays to a big pop and a delighted Layla flies in to the ring as Burke gets up and jumps right at him. He catches her and she gives him a kiss and a big hug (lucky sod). He then places her back on her feet, both smiling at the sight of Ziggler not having a clue where he is on the mat. They hug & kiss again before leaving the ring with their arms round each other, pissing Ziggler off as he sits up in the ring, glaring at the happy couple as they simply laugh down at him, pissing him off even more.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #3*
Super Crazy vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler was one angry man from the moment he stepped through the curtain, and he certainly let Super Crazy know just how angry he was. He earned himself a couple of warnings from the referee early on for his over aggression, not that they had much effect on him. Dolph didn’t show too much appreciation for the crowd’s jeers either, responding with death stares on a number of occasions. He did let himself get distracted by the fans at one point and paid the price as Crazy came back fighting.

Crazy pulled himself up by the ropes thanks to some extra time to given him, and as Ziggler walked towards him, the Mexican unloaded with a number of right hands, putting him on the back foot. He went for an irish whip only to see it reversed, but as he came back off the ropes he took Ziggler down thanks to some tilt-a-whirl headscissors. With the fans cheering, he tried to keep the momentum going. He grabbed Ziggler by the arm as they made it back up, then fired him in to the ropes before connecting with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Dolph was in danger and just kicked out at two, but Crazy wasn’t done there and wasted no time in racing back up to his feet and running on to the apron as Ziggler sat up in clear pain. The Mexican climbed up to the top with the fans urging him on, and as Dolph stood up, he was quickly sent back down after a missile dropkick to a huge pop. To his credit, Ziggler tried to get back up right away. Feeling momentum was well on his side, Crazy gave him a helping hand, helping him up before running in to the corner with a firm grip of his opponent’s head to drill him with a rope run tornado DDT to a loud cheer inside the XL Center.

Some of the fans were on their feet as a hopeful Crazy threw himself on top of Ziggler to make the cover, but Dolph just & only just got his shoulder up to deny the Mexican and the Hartford crowd. For the first time Super Crazy showed his disappointment, dropping his head in to his hands. To his credit he shook it off fairly quickly and went back to trying to pick up an unlikely victory. He dragged Ziggler towards the corner and once again went up to the top rope with his back to the ring. Ziggler however sat up and saw what was going on, panicking and racing back up on to his knees.

He dived in to the ropes to send Crazy in to a sitting position on the top rope, draining a lot of energy from the hopeful crowd. Ziggler was furious as he stood up and threw Crazy’s head back, putting him in almost a tree of woe position to level him with several furious stomps to the chest. Dolph kept up the relentless attack, and after another momentary fightback from his resilient opponent, Ziggler was able to earn himself a hard fought victory courtesy of the Zig Zag. He didn’t seem too happy about it though at the bell and pulled his arm away from the referee before staring angrily at the crowd. He then left the ring and stomped his way back up the ramp to the back as the disappointed Crazy sat back up in the ring.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler by pinfall.

*Commercial Break*

The WWE Diva’s Champion, Beth Phoenix is in the locker room along with her rookie, Nikki Roxx, and The Glamazon seems to be in a good mood after her title defence at No Mercy.

Nikki Roxx:
You did a great job Sunday Beth. It’s great having you as a mentor. I hope you know how grateful I am for you helping me. I’m learning so much from y. . .

We hear the door slam and so do Beth & Nikki. They turn their heads and don’t look too pleased at all as we see Michelle McCool and her rookies, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes walk in, and boy is McCool not happy.

Michelle McCool:
I hope you’re happy Beth. I hope you enjoyed your win if you can call it that. You’re just lucky Mickie was in our match too, ‘cause if she wasn’t, we both know that belt would be mine right now. You know it and I know it. I’m going t’ take that title I promise you, an’ it’s going to be sooner rather than later.

Beth Phoenix: Wow, it sounds like you almost believe that.

Michelle McCool: Oh I do and you better believe it. That title will be mine Beth, make no mistake about it. You’ve been warned.

McCool stares intently at Beth, and The Glamazon’s not intimidated one bit and just stares back at her before McCool calmly leaves the room with Fox & Mendes, leaving Beth & Roxx looking on in shock.

*Video Promo*

We’re shown a split screen of Shawn Michaels & Jack Swagger walking through the back with their No Mercy rematch coming up next!

*Video Recap*
From No Mercy

Shawn Michaels vs. Jack Swagger
Closing Minutes:
The Miz claps ferociously in support for Swagger, but The All-American American looks spent. Michaels can’t believe it, looking very disappointed as he regretfully lets the hold go. He goes after Swagger and pulls him away from the ropes and up to his feet, turns back to the ropes and comes racing back to take him down with a FLYING FOREARM SMASH!!. . . . . The Heartbreak Kid flips up to a huge roar from the capacity crowd, but Swagger too is on the up. Michaels heads to the corner and climbs up to the top rope with The All-American American walking towards him. Shawn takes a look back and comes off the top for an ASAI MOONSAULT!!. . . . .

Swagger catches Michaels on his shoulder and plants him with a SHOULDER BREAKER!!. . . . . Michaels hits the mat and rolls around in agony with The Miz loving it and shouting out for his buddy, and Swagger doesn’t need any advice as he grabs Michaels’ arm and drags him across to the corner. He wastes no time in climbing the ropes, and this time he doesn’t mess about and connects with the SLINGSHOT CORNER SPLASH!!!. . . . . Swagger lands right on Michaels’ chest and reaches to the side, grabbing Michaels’ leg for the cover. . . . .

1. . . . .

2. . . . .

. . . . . 3?


Swagger flips out and bangs his head in to the canvas, staring at the referee. He doesn’t get much sympathy, only from The Miz. The All-American American is urged by him to finish Michaels off and that’s what he looks to do. Swagger stands back up and urges Shawn to do the same, and slowly he does, walking right in to his path and a stomp to the gut. The promising youngster lifts him up off his feet for the SPIN-OUT POWERBOMB!!!. . . . . BUT WAIT!. . . . . MICHAELS SLIPS DOWN TO SAFETY DOWN SWAGGER’S BACK!. . . . . The stunned Swagger turns around and goes for a wild clothesline but Michaels ducks it, leans back and BOOM!!!. . . . . SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!. . . . . . Swagger drops back to the mat and the tired Michaels falls on top of him for the cover. . . . .

1. . . . .

2. . . . .

. . . . .

. . . . . 3!

“Sexy Boy” blasts out to a thunderous reception and to the anger of The Miz. He just glares at Michaels as The Heartbreak Kid stands up to get his arm raised by the referee as Swagger rolls to the apron and down to the floor. Michaels poses for the crowd, climbing up to the second rope and pointing to them and then clapping them. He then switches sides and does the same again when The Miz catches his eye. Mr. Hollywood just stares at him, and as Michaels jumps down off the ropes, he asks Justin Roberts for a microphone, and he gets it. He walks right over to the ropes and in front of The Miz, staring right back at him.

Shawn Michaels: Cut my music. . . (Stops). . . Miz, now your buddy’s out of the way, how d’ y’fancy your chances? You wanna prove you’re the star you think you are? How ‘bout you an’ your big mouth step in here with me like a man for once in your life an’ prove it big man?

*Big Pop*

Michaels drops the stick and The Miz glares at him with a face like thunder and stands up with the crowd cheering, anticipating The Miz about to get his ass handed to him. Mr. Hollywood acts all confident and climbs over the security wall with Michaels psyching himself up in the ring. The angry Miz stomps up the steps and through the ropes, then gives Michaels one dirty stare. He’s hot and he rips off his jacket, throwing it down to the mat in a strop, not impressing Michaels one bit though. The Miz raises his fists and urges Shawn to come at him, yelling at him with The Heartbreak Kid looking on in a state of shock at The Miz’s bravery.

Michaels doesn’t know how to react, pissing The Miz off even more. The Clevelander throws another strop and turns his back on Michaels to leave the ring to a ton of heat as he climbs through the ropes and jumps down to the floor. The heat is deafening as Michaels shakes his head, watching on as Mr. Hollywood backs up the ramp staring back at Michaels as “Sexy Boy” plays again to a big pop. Shawn’s still shaking his head, not looking all hat surprised as Miz, still acting like a spoiled brat as he gives the fans some dirty looks, then turns back to Michaels and tells him it’s not over!

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #4*
No Mercy Rematch
Shawn Michaels vs. Jack Swagger

Even after their fiercely competitive matchup at No Mercy five days earlier, Michaels & Swagger put on another good show here. The All-American American was incredibly fired up for this one, not looking too pleased to have lost at the weekend. He went after Michaels from the get go but The Heartbreak Kid quickly took advantage of his opponent’s over aggression. Swagger however did get in to the match and seized the initiative, keeping on top of Michaels. As the match went on he was on top, and he put Michaels through hell when the veteran went for a leg feed enzuigiri. Swagger held on to the boot and countered by applying the Ankle Lock.

Swagger was intense and applied a ton of pressure to Michaels, and The Showstopper was struggling. He reached his arm out with desperation despite being in the middle of the ring in absolute agony. He tried to reach the bottom rope but was no nowhere near and Swagger kept it that way, holding on tight with ruthless determination. Michaels managed to drag himself towards the ropes, getting closer to the frustration of Swagger. He held on for dear life but couldn’t stop The Heartbreak Kid fighting his way to them to a huge pop inside the XL Center.

The All-American American was fuming and ignored the ref’s count, but Michaels shocked him & everyone by turning over and kicking up at him to send Swagger back and down to the mat. Michaels then tried to pull himself up the ropes as Swagger stood back up in a foul mood. Swagger charged right at him, but Michaels saw him coming and pulled down the top rope to send him down to the floor below. The crowd wee cheering, but even more so several seconds later when Michaels grabbed hold of the rope and came falling down on top of Swagger with a slingshot cross body.

Michaels wasn’t in tip top condition as he made his way back up and rolled Swagger back in to the ring, and as he hopped back up on the apron, he went to the top rope instead and went for a diving elbow drop, but Swagger rolled to the side. As both men picked themselves back up, Michaels blocked a right hand and fired at Swagger with a series of backhand chops before whipping him in to the ropes. Michaels ducked his head as Swagger came back to kick him square in the head. Shawn’s head snapped back up as Swagger then reacted in a flash to send him crashing in to the mat thanks to an overhead belly to belly suplex.

The All-American American scurried across the mat on his knees to make the cover, but Michaels got his shoulder up at two. Swagger wasn’t happy but kept on going, dragging Michaels closer to the corner and then hitting the second rope to come down on him for a corner slingshot suplex. Again Michaels kicked out, but Swagger was focused on finishing the job. He urged Michaels up, watching his every move, and as Shawn managed to get to his feet, he went right for him. He looked to grab Shawn, but The Showstopper ducked underneath and reacted in a flash, exploding with a super kick to a massive roar from the Hartford crowd.

The momentum took him down too and he couldn’t take advantage for almost five seconds before crawling over and stretching his arm out across Swagger’s body for the cover. Swagger showed some fight too and only just got his shoulder up at two. The fans were left disappointed, but as the weary Michaels clawed his way back up with The All-American American sitting up, he headed to the corner to tune up for the band. The crowd were banging their hands together and stomping their feet in synch as the unwitting Swagger tried to pick himself back up, not looking to have a clue where he was. We then heard a sudden burst of boos and saw The Miz & Heath Slater slide in the ring.

Michaels saw them and aimed his finisher at The Miz, but Mr. Hollywood ducked and clubbed him down to his knees, getting Swagger disqualified. Slater & Swagger then joined The Miz in pummelling Michaels to a barrage of heat. The Miz then ordered them back and watched sadistically as the battered Michaels attempted & struggled to claw his way back up, and the moment The Heartbreak Kid made it up to his feet, The Miz jumped on him and drilled him with the Skull Crushing Finale. The fans were booing like nuts as the remorseless Miz just glared on his knees at the out-cold Michaels before taking his time in getting back up and going to collect a microphone.

Winner: Shawn Michaels by DQ.

The Miz: I told you I’d be here Shawn. I told you I’d have something t’ say, and here it is Heartbreak Kid. . . Like I said on Raw, I didn’t back away from a fight with you at No Mercy. You don’t scare me Shawn, not one bit. I came here with a challenge, a challenge to a match at Survivor Series, but it’s no ordinary match I want Shawn. What I’m proposing is a traditional Survivor Series elimination match. Your team versus mine, and right now I’d like you all to say hello to the first two members of my team. . . I give you Heath Slater and Jack Swagger, and alongside their captain they will be victorious at the Survivor Series because WE’RE TEAM MIZ, AND WE’RE AWE-SOME!

“I Came to Play” plays to a ton of heat as Team Miz leave the ring laughing, watching the pissed off Michaels stirring in the ring.

*Commercial Break*

Shawn Michaels is hobbling through the back, looking in a great deal of pain as he walks towards Josh Matthews. Josh sees him and instantly goes towards him.

Josh Matthews:
Shawn, can I get a quick word with you about The Miz’s challenge before the break to an elimination match at the Survivor Series?

Michaels is doing his best to keep calm right now, clutching his stomach as he stares at Josh.

Shawn Michaels:
If that’s what he wants, then that’s exactly what he’s gonna get.

The Heartbreak Kid turns to face the camera with a face like thunder and then carries on walking tentatively through the back.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #5*
Non-Title Match
The UK Pack w/TJ Wilson & Natalya Neidhart vs. Chris Masters & Ryan Sheffield

Masters & Sheffield were revelling in the prospect of having to face just one half of the tag team champions as Paul Burchill made his way out to the ring alone, and he was understandably angry at having to do so. However as he stepped inside the ring and handed his title belt over to the referee, a flustered Harry Smith along with his rookie, TJ Wilson & Natalya Neidhart walked out to the arena. Burchill turned and saw Smith there, getting an instant apology as his partner entered the ring in his normal clothes, jeans and a T-shirt.

Burchill questioned him without things getting aggressive and TJ & Natalya entered the ring to help explain, frustrating their opponents who told the ref to get a move on. Once the match started there was no questioning Smith’s commitment. Masters & Sheffield looked like they had a point to prove and the rookie was impressing. He was doing so at the expense of Burchill, and the Brit didn’t seem his usual self at all, allowing Sheffield the chance to put him & Masters in control.

He was impressing his mentor and the announce team as he did a number on Burchill, almost picking up the victory after a Body Avalanche followed up by double knee gutbuster from a double underhook lift. Burchill just got his shoulder up, and after asking for the tag, Masters entered the arena and looked to seal the win by with The Masterlock. The fans were trying to warn Burchill, and he avoided the hold by slipping out of Masters’ grasp, only to run the ropes and back in to a double axe handle blow to the chest. The Masterpiece didn’t let him even attempt to get back up, dragging him back up to his feet and in to a bearhug.

Again the fans showed their support for Burchill with Smith doing the same on the apron, getting the fans going even more. Burchill fought the hold and made it down to his feet to the anger of Masters. The Masterpiece went at him for a clothesline which Burchill ducked before taking him down with a reverse DDT and then quickly followed it up with a standing shooting star press. The fans were cheering as he reached out for a cover, but Masters kicked out. Smith wanted in and took the match to Masters, and it looked like victory was on the cards when Smith scooped him up on to his shoulder for the running powerslam.

Sheffield had other ideas though and entered the ring, resulting in Smith letting go of The Masterpiece. The rookie ran at Smith and connected with a clothesline before being ordered out of the ring by the referee. Masters then crawled across to tag his rookie in to the match, but as Sheffield set Smith up for the Silverback Attack, a jackhammer, Smith blocked it and then caught him with a delayed vertical suplex to a big pop. It was Smith’s turn to make the tag to bring Burchill in to the action, and he charged at Sheffield to send him down with a clothesline, a high knee and then a swinging neckbreaker. Sheffield was in trouble and Masters knew it.

Burchill was sizing his opponent up for the kill, causing Masters to panic and storm the ring. He ran at Burchill for a clothesline but the Englishman ducked, resulting in Masters nailing his rookie instead. Burchill quickly tossed the shocked Masters out of the ring before planting the groggy Sheffield with the C4 to pick up the win for the tag team champions. At the bell though, after initially celebrating together, the champs were split as TJ & Natalya joined in to congratulate them. They ended up doing so with Smith, leaving Burchill standing on his own awkwardly, and he left the ring looking a bit put out, confusing Smith & Co in the ring as they watched the unhappy Burchill walk to the back without looking back.

Winners: The UK Pack by pinfall.

*Cut Backstage*

The Empire (Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre & Katie Lee) are watching on a monitor in the back, looking to be somewhat enjoying the issues with the WWE Tag Team Champions. Barrett especially seems to be amused by it and turns to face Drew & Katie.

Wade Barrett:
Well it appears there may well be trouble in paradise as far as the so called tag team champions are concerned. That’s even without us. . .

Barrett looks surprised and we then see the camera zoom out to reveal William Regal walk towards the British trio, now making it a foursome.

William Regal:
Good evening gentleman, oh and of course you my dear. Let me introduce myself. My name is William Regal, and like yourselves I’m very proud to tell you that I too am from the United Kingdom.

Wade Barrett: Believe me no intr’duction is necessary. As it happens Mister Regal, you’ve been an idol of mine for some time. In fact I grew up not too far from you back home. You were an inspiration for a lot of people back home and I can honestly say it’s an honour to meet you. I must ask though since we were all somewhat confused I think it’s fair t’ say as to why you were watching our match at No Mercy.

William Regal: Well I’m very glad you asked, and let me assure you it’s no coincidence we’ve bumped in to each other this evening either. The answer to your question is a simple one. I’ve had plenty of time to sit back as of late since I was fired by Eric Bischoff and you three certainly caught my attention. You may well have upset or offended some people here with your actions, however I have to say that not only do I respect what you’re trying t’ do, I absolutely back your cause one hundred per cent. It’s about time someone made a stand against this shameful country and I believe you are just the people to do it. I would even like to offer you my services to help you every step of the way.

Barrett turns & smiles at McIntyre & Katie, and they too are smiling.

Wade Barrett:
I think we’d very much like to take you up on that offer.

Barrett extends his hand to Regal, and it doesn’t take long for Regal to shake hands with his fellow countryman.

Wade Barrett:
It’s my pleasure to welcome you aboard. Now I think we should all go and get a drink to celebrate.

Regal then shakes hands with McIntyre & Katie, all four of them smiling.

*Video Promo*

We’re shown a split screen of John Cena & Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez with CM Punk, both walking through the halls of the arena for the main event coming up next!

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

>Coming Soon!<

*Cut to the Arena*

*The Main Event*
John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez w/CM Punk

Before the match could start, ‘The Rated-R Superstar’ Edge joined Michael Cole & Matt Striker at the announce table, much to the annoyance of John Cena. He shook his hard before smirking, almost expecting to see Edge swing by. He didn’t let it put him off, but his opponent was pumped up to the extremes for this one. With Punk by his side, Del Rio-Ramirez came through a tough start to show everyone what he’s capable of. Punk enjoyed seeing his rookie dodge the Five Knuckle Shuffle, laughing away at ringside as both Cena & Del Rio-Ramirez made their way back up to their feet.

Cena tried for an irish whip only for it to be reversed and the Mexican caught him as he came back with a perfect standing dropkick. It didn’t put Cena down for long, but as they picked themselves back up again, the rookie sent him back down again, crashing in to the pads courtesy of a gut-wrench suplex. Cena comfortably kicked out at two and the Mexican went on to take the match to him, showing some serious aggression & promise. As the match was drawing to a close, he was well in with a shout, and with Punk willing him on and giving some advice, he had the crowd worried.

Cena was up against it, but when he ducked an enzuigiri he came back fighting the way he always does. The Mexican was quickly back on his feet but not for long after Cena hit the ropes to hit him with a flying shoulder block. That got the crowd going and Cena stole the momentum, quickly following it up with a spin-out powerbomb before this time connecting with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Punk was looking worried & annoyed on the outside as Cena got back up to his feet getting well & truly in the groove. He watched on as Del Rio-Ramirez struggled back up to his feet and then ran past him in to the ropes before running back to take the Mexican down with a one arm bulldog.

The momentum was definitely with Cena, causing great concern for the World Heavyweight Champion. He could only watch as Cena set his sights on his rookie, and as Del Rio-Ramirez got to his feet and turned in to Cena’s path, Cena bent down to lift his opponent on to his shoulders for the F-U. A big pop broke out and Punk lost it, jumping up on to the apron. Cena wasn’t impressed and let go of Del Rio, then walked towards Punk along with the referee. Cena was quite laid back about it and challenged him to get in the ring, which of course Punk declined.

He backed down and stepped off the apron, and as Cena turned round and walked towards his opponent, Del Rio-Ramirez sat up and rolled Cena in to an inside cradle. Cena kicked out at two and both men picked themselves up. It was Cena up first and he fired the Mexican rookie in to the corner before running in at him. Del Rio-Ramirez reacted well to turn to the side and lift his elbow up in to the side of Cena’s head to send him staggering back across the ring. It brought a smirk to the Mexican’s face as well as his mentor’s. As Cena then turned round, Del Rio-Ramirez charged at him only for Cena to counter with a drop toe hold in to the S-T-F-U.

The fans were on their feet as Cena tortured the rookie, putting him through hell. He reached out with desperation for the ropes while Punk watched on, shouting encouragement at his rookie. He held on for dear life, holding his hand up off the mat to stop himself from tapping. He tried to drag himself towards the ropes but Cena was holding on tight with the fans urging the Mexican to tap. He didn’t however and fought his way to the bottom rope, pleasing the hell out of Punk, who turned round laughing at the disappointed crowd. Cena stood up, quite impressed by Del Rio-Ramirez’s resilience. He turned round and saw Punk sn-iggering at him.

Cena was slightly amused by it and then turned back to go after his opponent as he used the ropes to help himself back up. Del Rio-Ramirez was unsteady on his feet and Cena went right after him to scoop him up for the F-U but the Mexican held on to the top rope. He swung his elbow back at Cena’s head, fighting his way down to safety. It sent Cena staggering back in to the middle of the ring, and as he spun back round Del Rio-Ramirez ran right at him and again in to the S-T-FU. A huge pop broke out again as Cena wrenched away at his opponent, and this time there was nowhere for Del Rio-Ramirez to go and he eventually tapped out to the delight of the Hartford crowd.

As Cena’s music hit, he got his arm raised to a massive pop and walked towards the apron, smiling down at an angry World Champion. Punk glared back at him, showing nothing but disgust for him as Edge jumped up from the announce table. With his back turned, Cena had no idea as Edge slipped in to the ring, bringing a smile to the face of CM Punk. Cena smelt something was up and turned round, only to see Edge charge at him and plant him with a spear. The music stopped and Edge stared down at him intensely. Punk joined him in the ring and Edge stood up to see Punk nodding his head in approval.

Del Rio-Ramirez sat up looking across as Punk then dropped his world title belt, watching Cena writhe around on the mat. He then went to give him a helping hand when a big pop broke out. The camera cut to a shot of Matt Sydal racing down the ramp, coming to the aid of his captain at the Survivor Series. He slipped in the ring and ducked a clothesline from Edge to send him down with a jumping spin kick. He then ran and ducked under a clothesline from Punk before catching him with a feint enzuigiri in to a head scissors takedown. As Sydal made his way back up, Edge was back on his feet and connected with a spear to send him down.

Cena was picking himself back up as Edge & Punk were doing the same. An angry Punk walked towards him and lifted him up on to his shoulders for the G-T-S when “Just Close Your Eyes” blasted out to a huge roar. Christian stormed down the ramp with a face like thunder to the shock of Punk & Edge. Punk dropped Cena, focusing on Christian as Edge slid out of the ring and went after his brother. Christian blocked a right hand and levelled him with a right hand of his own before sending him flying in to the steel steps. He then glared at Punk with the World Champion staring back at him. Christian hit the ring and Punk pounced on him, stomping on his back.

He then pulled Christian up and tried for an irish whip but Captain Charisma held on to the ropes, pissing Punk off. The Straight-Edge Superstar ran right at him in to a raised boot from the Canadian. Christian followed him out and hit the Killswitch to a huge pop. Punk rolled to the outside by Edge as his rookie stood up and clubbed Christian across the back. He then grabbed him by the wrist but Christian reversed it in to a short arm clothesline and then clotheslined him down to the floor alongside his mentor & Edge. Christian was on fire as Cena sat up looking surprised to see him, and Sydal too sat up as Christian then went to get a microphone.

Winner: John Cena by submission.

Christian: Cena, we might’ve had our problems in the past but right now it looks like we’ve both got our fair share of problems with those guys right there. So what I came out here for is real simple. . . I know it’s your team an’ your decision but if you want someone to help kick their asses at Survivor Series, I want in.

Cena stands up and looks at Christian without the microphone and holds his hand out for it, and Captain Charisma hands it to him.

John Cena:
You want in?

Christian nods back at him emphatically and says "you're damn right I do", then stares back at Team Punk.

John Cena:
You got it.

“My Time is Now” plays to a big pop as Cena & Christian engage in an intense staredown with Punk, Edge & Del Rio-Ramirez on the floor. Sydal picks himself back up, given a helping hand by Cena and stares right at the Survivor Series opposition too as the show comes to a close.


>Quick Results<

Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas
df. Petey Williams & Johnny Devine
Santino Marella
df. Yoshi Tatsu
Dolph Ziggler
df. Super Crazy
Shawn Michaels
df. Jack Swagger
The UK Pack
df. Chris Masters & Ryan Sheffield
John Cena
df. Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez

>Superstars Tapings<
df. Brian Kendrick

>Confirmed for Survivor Series<

Sunday 9th November 2008
Venue: Air Canada Center
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

WWE Championship
Batista (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H

World Tag Team Championship
Christopher Daniels & Kaval vs. Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms or Rey Mysterio & Mystico

Hell in a Cell Loser Leaves Town Match
The Big Show vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

Traditional Elimination Match
If Team Cena wins, Cena will challenge CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions

Team Cena (John Cena, Christian & Matt Sydal) vs.
Team Punk (CM Punk, Edge & Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez)
*More names to be added*

Traditional Elimination Match
Team Michaels vs.
Team Miz (The Miz, Jack Swagger & Heath Slater)
*More names to be added*


The Undertaker vs. Ted DiBiase

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