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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


The crowd cheers as pyro occurs. The announcer stands in the middle of the ring and says – “Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Wade Barrett”

***WE ARE ONE*** (Barrett comes out beaming with arrogance with the world title around his waist)

Barrett comes to the ring and takes the mic.

Barrett – “For those of you who missed what happened last night as well as those who have any doubts or are shocked beyond comprehension, I AM your World Champion. Last night, I beat three men who have amassed over 30 world titles here in WWE. Last night, I beat three of the biggest legends in the history of WWE. Last night, I remained unbeaten and unpinned in WWE.”

Barrett – “But that was last night. I have come to know that Edge wants to use his rematch clause tonight itself. And I know I will retain this title tonight. What I should be concerned about is Survivor Series (crowd cheers). I will be leading Smackdown at Survivor Series and since the past few days, people have asked me how I will be able to overcome a team which contains The Undertaker, John Cena, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk (crowd pops after each name). Well, these are among the greatest wrestlers currently in WWE. But, I think those people are doubting my leadership abilities. I am the guy who wrecked havoc when Nexus invaded WWE. I am the guy who led Corre to dominate Smackdown. I also promised all of you a big surprise team member tonight. Well, I got a word from the doctors that Randy Orton will be ready for in-ring action by Survivor Series (huge pop from crowd)”

Barrett looks pleased but still sports a devious smile.

Barrett – “Hold on, that was not the big surprise. You all want to see the big surprise, huh. Here you go (points towards the titantron)”

***** I WALK ALONE ****** (humongous pop from the crowd as Batista comes out wearing goggles and dressed in casuals)

Cole – “I cannot believe this, The Animal Batista is back.”

Striker – “Ladies and Gentlemen, Batista had been out of action since Ezekiel Jackson attacked and injured his leg about three months ago.”

Batista smiles and waits for the pop to calm down.

Batista – “Wade, you are good. You are really good. It feels amazing being back here on Smackdown (crowd pop). I am 100% fit and raring to go, come Survivor Series, The Animal will be unleashed.”

Batista shakes hands with Wade Barrett while the crowd cheers.

1. IC Champion Dolph Ziggler comes out with his valet Maria. His opponent is Ted Dibiase in a non-title match. Ziggler takes control in the match, Dibiase tries to come back but Maria interferes by pulling his leg when Dibiase ran between the ropes. Ziggler wins the match via Zig Zag.

Dolph Ziggler def. Ted Dibiase via pinfall at 7:13

Mark Henry comes out after the match to the ring. Ziggler runs out and goes to the ramp but suddenly realizes that Maria is left near the announcer’s table. Henry smiles looking at Maria and brings her into the ring. Henry lifts her up in the World’s Strongest Slam position when Ziggler asks him to stop and accepts to an IC title match at SS. Henry laughs and delivers the WS Slam to Maria and signals he will take back his title at SS. Ziggler puts his hands around his head in shock.

2. Michael Cole announces that Triple-H suffered an injury to his quad last night and he will be out of action for months. The titantron shows the clip of the match where HHH suffered an injury and shouted in pain. He still completed through the match and was attended by medics after the match.

Masters meets Carlito backstage and asks him to up his game if they are to have a serious shot at the tag titles. Carlito tells Masters that he is completely serious and does not needs advice from him. Carlito leaves and Masters looks worried.

3. Tag Team Titles Match [RVD/MVP (c) meet Chavo/Rey]

The match begins with RVD and Chavo fighting it off. RVD takes control and tags in MVP who works on Chavo. MVP gets a near pinfall after the Drive-By kick. Chavo finally is able to tag in Rey who takes control and beats up MVP. Rey tries the 619 but MVP comes up from the ropes and delivers the Playmaker. MVP takes cover but Chavo breaks the count. RVD jumps to the top turnbuckle and kicks Chavo down. RVD turns round and Rey kicks him in the 619 position. MVP also gets up and Rey kicks him into the 619 position.

The audience pop was huge when RVD and MVP both lie side by side and Rey goes for the double 619 and hits it. Rey gives the West Coast pop on MVP and then RVD kicks Rey down. MVP and Rey again lie down in the middle of the ring. RVD goes to the top rope for the Frog Splash and Chavo also goes to the top turnbuckle and sees RVD. Not wanting to do the same mistake again, Chavo waits for RVD who also waits. Rey suddenly gets up and goes to the ringtop and kicks RVD in the head, Chavo jumps for the Frog Splash over MVP but MVP rolls away. MVP does a quick roll up for the pinfall over a hurt Chavo. Rey turns around in dejection as MVP runs out of the ring with the tag titles.

RVD/MVP def. Chavo/Rey to retain Tag Team titles at 10:19

4. Team Smackdown spots on line: (JBL & Kennedy face Kane & Kofi Kingston)

JBL takes control of the match against Kingston and he and Kennedy rotate among themselves to keep Kofi from tagging in Kane. Finally, Kofi kicks Kennedy and tags in Kane and Kane runs berserk. Kane hits the chokeslam on Kennedy but JBL breaks the pinfall. JBL tries to deliver the clothesline from hell on Kane who ducks down, and then delivers the chokeslam on JBL. Kennedy comes from behind and kicks Kane. Kofi jumps from ringtop over Kennedy and puts him down. Kofi takes cover over JBL who kicks out at 2.5-count. Kane comes to pick up Kennedy who blinds him by hitting fingers into the eyes. Kofi comes running at Kennedy who gets away and throws Kofi over Kane. Kane mistakes Kofi for an enemy and punches him and JBL delivers the clothesline from hell over Kofi for the win.

JBL & Mr. Kennedy def. Kofi Kingston & Kane via pinfall at 8:39

5. Zack Ryder comes out accompanied by Santino Marella. Paul London comes out as the opponent. Santino Marella comes in between the ring in the middle of the match and begins to cheer Ryder. The referee asks him to go out. When London begins beating Ryder, Marella goes to him and throws water on his face from the bottle. The referee finally asks Marella to leave the ring else he will DQ the match. Marella asks the referee to attend Ryder as he is hurt and then he will leave the ring. As the referee goes towards Ryder, Marella delivers the Cobra on an unsuspecting London and then leaves the ring. Ryder wins the match by delivering the Rough Ryder.

Zack Ryder def. Paul London via pinfall at 4:37

Suddenly the music hits and The Great Khali comes out accompanied by Ranjin Singh. Marella and Ryder leave the ring as Khali and Ranjin enter. Marella gestures by his hand that Ryder won’t face Khali in a match. Khali smiles in the ring.

6. MAIN EVENT: (World Champion Wade Barrett vs Edge)

Edge comes out to a huge pop. Barrett comes out with the title. The match gets underway as both begin to attack each other. Edge takes control and looks to get the upper hand in the match. Barrett comes back with the Big Boot and gets 2-count. Edge delivers the Edgecution and takes the cover but Barrett kicks out at 2.5-count. Edge goes to the ring corner for a spear and as he delivers it, Barrett moves sideways and throws Edge into the ring corner.

Barrett lifts Edge up for the Wasteland and Edge tries to come out. Barrett begins to rotate around and Edge’s leg hits the referee who gets knocked down. Edge finally comes out and delivers a DDT. Edge goes to the ring corner smelling the spear when suddenly someone enters the ring. Edge looks behind and Jericho hits the steel chair on his head. Barrett takes the advantage and hits the Wasteland for the pinfall.

Wade Barrett def. Edge to retain World title at 11:01

Jericho leaves with the steel chair with a devilish look on his face while Barrett raises his hand with the World title raising high. The screen fades to black.

Matches confirmed for Survivor Series

Team RAW (The Undertaker, John Cena, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus) vs Team Smackdown (Wade Barrett, Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, JBL, Batista)

IC Champion Dolph Ziggler vs Mark Henry

US Champion John Morrison vs William Regal

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