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Re: WWE: A New Era Beckons


Summerslam recap is shown with Undertaker retaining his title due to submission when Dr. X threw a white handkerchief to end the WWE Title match. Matches for tonight are shown with three matches happening with the winners getting a place in Team RAW at Survivor Series: Alberto Del Rio faces R-Truth, Sheamus faces Christian and Drew McIntyre faces CM Punk.

The audience cheers loud as huge pyro occurs.

JR – “Well ladies and gentlemen, here we are on the road to Survivor Series. I am still under the effects from the aftermath to Summerslam and our WWE Champion The Phenom The Undertaker will lead Team RAW at Survivor Series against Smackdown and I am pretty sure we will win”

Lawler– “Well JR, last night was an extravaganza, I am still feeling the goosebumps from when Cena punted Orton’s head off and Undertaker ended the unbeaten streak of Ezekiel Jackson. Also, tonight we have three big matches to decide the composition of Team RAW at SS, so here we go”

***Your Time is up, My time is now***

Suddenly, the music hits. The audience gives a thunderous pop as Cena comes out smiling in his orange attire
Lawler – “He is back JR, John Cena is back to RAW after two months”

Cena comes down to the ring with the audience cheering loud, he takes the mic and keeps smiling while waiting for the pop to die down a bit.

Cena – “What’s up, Atlanta !!!!!!!!! (huge pop) I am backkkkkkkkk. (crowd is at their feet).”

Cena waits and is immensely pleased by the reaction from the crowd.

Cena – “Two months ago, Randy Orton punted my head off at Armaggedon in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Title (boos from the crowd). I returned to Smackdown last month and what happened last night is history. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed doing what I did, I do not like the fact that Orton won the match due to disqualification but there is something I got which overcomes all this – I got closure. I ended the matter with Orton yesterday night and now I look forward to being back on the show which is closest to my heart – WWE RAW. (huge pop from the audience). I am back to all you people who missed me on RAW for the past two months.”

“Cena Cena” chants from the crowd. Cena looks pleased.

Cena – “And what better time than Survivor Series to be back !!! I would like to express my interest in being a part of Team RAW to Mr. Bischoff, and seeing that others have to earn that spot, I demand a match tonight for earning that spot in Team RAW”

** I’m back*** (Bischoff comes out to the ring smiling with a mic in his hand)

Bischoff – “Cena, let me tell you that I am very happy that you are finally back to RAW. I am indeed. But, there is a reason why there are only three matches tonight because the 5th spot in Team RAW has been already awarded to Jack Swagger. (huge boos from the crowd). I am really sorry Cena, I would have loved to have you in Team RAW but there is nothing I can do about this”

Cena – “Woah, well if it ain’t painfully obvious, why not you make John Cena vs Jack Swagger tonight in the main event for the last spot on Team RAW. Oh let me see, things have changed here. The last time I was here, you took fair decisions and were a victim of an attack by Legacy. But now, you are a puppet of Mr. America wannabe Jack Swagger” (crowd cheers while Bischoff sulks)

“We want Cena, Let’s go Cena” chants from the crowd overpower the whole aura of the arena.

Bischoff looks mad but suddenly smiles and says – “Alright Cena, you want your match, you got it. Tonight you will face Jack Swagger in a No Disqualification match and the winner will earn a spot on Team RAW, and the guest referee for the match will be The Coach Jonathan Coachman. The audience boos while Bischoff walks out of the ring. Cena looks towards him and sports a grave look as he knows what to expect in the match.

1. The music hits and some pop is there from audience. Daniel Bryan makes his debut on RAW. The match is against another debutante Tyson Kidd. WWE recently released Kozlov, Finlay and hence, hired two new superstars. Daniel Bryan gets some reaction from the audience and he works a good match. Bryan wins via Lebell Lock.

Daniel Bryan def. Tyson Kidd via submission at 5:08

2. Team RAW spot on the line – CM Punk vs Drew McIntyre:

CM Punk comes out for his match with Drew McIntyre. The winner will earn a spot on Team RAW at SS. The match goes on for long with both gathering momentum in parts of the match. McIntyre misses a Future Shock DDT which Punk counters into his own DDT. Punk takes McIntyre up for the GTS, but McIntyre comes out and clotheslines Punk into the referee who gets knocked down. Suddenly, Miz comes running out and as McIntyre waves his hand to clothesline him, Miz ducks and delivers the Skull Crushing Finale. Miz leaves with a smile on his face, while Punk takes the cover. The referee has come up ad counts the pinfall.

CM Punk def. Drew McIntyre via pinfall at 7:49

3. Backstage, Josh Matthews takes an interview of US Champion John Morrison. He enquires as to why Morrison cheated his way to retain the title by delivering McIntyre a low blow. Morrison laughs it away and says that he will do anything in his capacity to keep this US title gold on him. He said that actions don’t matter, what matters is that finally who wins this gold, and finally who is the champion. Suddenly, William Regal comes and the crowd cheers. Regal notifies Morrison that he has a shot at the US title as he beat Swagger last week on RAW. And, at Survivor Series, he will win the title from him, and whatever antics Morrison has in his kit, he will always come up short against the devious Englishman. Morrison looks angrily while Regal walks away.

4. Team RAW spot on the line – Alberto Del Rio vs R-Truth:

R-Truth looks good in the earlier moments of the match. Del Rio comes back with the enzuigiri and gets a near pinfall. Truth tries to hit the What’s Up but Del Rio prevents it, and kicks him down. Del Rio locks the cross armbreaker and wins via submission.

Alberto Del Rio def. R-Truth via submission at 7:01

5. Backstage, Swagger meets Bischoff and asks why he gave the match to Cena for the Team RAW spot. Swagger noted that this is not Cody Rhodes, its John Cena and he is not sure if even Coach as a referee will be enough to stop Cena as he is inspired to fight for his Team RAW after being away for two months. Bischoff laughs and asks Swagger to just prepare for the match and leave these things to him. Swagger smells that Bischoff has something under his sleeve and goes away somewhat contented.

6. Team RAW spot on the line – Christian vs Sheamus:

The match goes on with Sheamus controlling it. Christian attempts a DDT but Sheamus comes out and delivers the Brogue kick for a near pinfall. Sheamus clotheslines Christian and gets ready for the Celtic Cross but Christian kicks him in the groin. Christian goes for the Killswitch and delivers it and takes the cover. Sheamus kicks out at 2.5-count and Christian looks shocked. He picks up Sheamus again and goes for the Killswitch but Sheamus comes out and clotheslines him. He runs towards the ring and as Christian gets up, Sheamus delivers the Brogue kick for the pinfall.

Sheamus def. Christian via pinfall at 8:24

7. Ezekiel Jackson comes out to the ring alone and calls out for Dr. X. The manager comes out with a mic and asks Jackson to listen to him. Jackson looks angry and Dr. X enters the ring. Dr. X says that he did the best thing at Summerslam by giving away the match and prevented Jackson from tapping out to the Hell’s Gate. He also held Jackson’s hand when Jackson had lifted his hand to tap out.

Jackson – “Dr. X, I know what you did last night. But that cost me my streak. I lost my first match last night in a decisive manner due to submission. I lost my first WWE title match by tapping out according to the record books. And you are asking me to calm down.”

Dr. X – “Zeke, you should stop thinking. You have the power and I am the brain. You listen to me, I have a flawless record as a manager. Yesterday night, if you would have tapped out, I would have become a joke. I have managed many clients till date and none of my clients have been pinned or have tapped out till date. I have led people to becoming FCW champions and this was my first big chance at WWE and I could not have let you ruin it. I gave away the match to prevent us both the embarrassment you were about to inflict. I could not let you....”

Suddenly, Jackson clotheslines Dr. X down to the mat. The audience cheers loud. Jackson looks down and picks him up and delivers the Ura-nage to his manager. Jackson keeps looking at the lifeless body in the ring when referees come out and ask him to go away.

Lawler – “Well JR, I cannot believe what we saw today. I had certainly heard of Dr. X and his flawless record as a manager, but yesterday night he cost his client a WWE Title match”

JR – “What could have happened was that Jackson would have passed away in Taker’s hold and Taker would have still won the match but Jackson would definitely have had salvaged some pride that way by not giving up”

Lawler – “The problem is that Jackson believes he would have broken the hold, he does not accept the fact that he could have passed out or tapped out. Well, that’s still quite uncertain but next we have our main event – John Cena faces Jack Swagger and the last spot of Team RAW is on the line. We have The Undertaker, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus and CM Punk already in the team”

8. MAIN EVENT: (John Cena faces Jack Swagger, Spl. Referee – Jonathan Coachman)

Coachman comes out to huge boos. Swagger comes out next and does some push-ups. Cena comes out to a huge pop. Coach checks him for weapons and Cena looks pissed. Coach does not check Swagger and asks for the bell to ring. The match gets under and Cena starts the offense on Swagger. Cena controls the match and delivers the spinout slam and takes the cover. Coach takes some time in rolling around before settling for the pinfall. Swagger kicks out at 1-count. Cena goes towards Coach who backs up to the corne and begins showing his attire that Cena should not lay his hands on him.

Swagger attacks from behind and takes control. Swagger delivers the Belly to Belly suplex and locks the Ankle Lock. Cena begins to moan when Coach goes and applies the Ankle Lock on Cena’s other leg. The audience boos loud and Cena makes unsuccessful attempts to reach the ropes. The audience knows Cena cannot reach the ropes as both Swagger and Coach bring him in the centre of the ring again and again as he moves even a bit. Cena raises his hand and tries to bang on the mat, Coach tries to see it but Cena’s body blocks his hand, Swagger asks Coach to go and see if Cena is tapping out, Coach leaves the leg and Cena rolls round and kicks Swagger into the turnbuckle.

Cena lifts Swagger for the AA but Coach kicks him in the leg and Cena falls down. Swagger goes for the Gutwrench Powerbomb but Cena comes out and delivers the spinout slam. Coach comes towards him and Cena knocks him down with a DDT and lies down. All three people lie down when Rhodes comes out with a steel chair. The audience cheers loud as Swagger starts getting up, Rhodes raises the steel chair, Swagger puts his hands around his head shouting, but Rhodes hits the chair on John Cena’s head. The audience is shocked and Rhodes smiles. Swagger also begins to smile and asks Coach to make the count.

Suddenly, the lights went out. The audience gives a humongous pop, as the light comes back, Swagger and Rhodes turn back and Undertaker chokes both of them in the neck and delivers a double chokeslam. Coach comes up to his feet and begins to beg Undertaker to spare him. Cena puts his hand over Swagger and Coach who is intimidated out of his wits by the Deadman makes the count like a fair referee and runs away immediately as Taker begins to chase him slowly.

John Cena def. Jack Swagger via pinfall at 15:17

The crowd cheers loud and are at their feet. Cena comes up to his feet taking the help of the ropes. Undertaker chases Coach on the ramp as Coach runs to backstage. Undertaker stands on the ramp and looks towards Cena, while Cena salutes Undertaker in his style. The audience keeps cheering and the screen fades to black.

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