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Re: JBWinner Presents: WWE 2006 - The Future is Here

Originally Posted by JBWinner View Post
Originally Posted by WWE.COM

As we all witnessed last night, Trish Stratus was involved in the Triple Threat Women's Championship Match in which she defended the title against the likes of Mickie James and Victoria. Trish not only lost her Women's Title, but WWE.COM has learned that Trish Stratus suffered a concussion unfortunately during the match's conclusion. The concussion was apparently, according to Stratus was induced when Mickie James landed the Mick Kick on her temple. The concussion was a Grade 2 concussion, as determined by doctors at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in nearby Park Ridge, Illinois, ruling Stratus out from competition as a precautionary measure for a few weeks at most. After losing the title and finding this info out, the former Women's Champion could not be reached for comment.
Stayed there for 11 days a few years back, nice place.

But in all seriousness I am really looking forward to this thread JBWinner. I closely followed your 2003 thread and really enjoyed it. That thread honestly was in my top 5 on this site when you had things going. Taking what you learned from that thread and combining that with your natural talent for BTBs I have no doubt that this thread will be excellent.

The backstory was superb. Good call not taking the WWE into the SuperCena Era. The undercard to both shows were booked superbly leading up to Mania. Also IMO this is the year that started the downward spiral of the Womens and Tag Team divisions, so hopefully you can change that.

One thing I'm not to sure on though is your decision to have Benoit go over Batista. I am not against it because i hate Chris Benoit or anything. He will always be one my favorite superstars ever. Batista at this point was arguably the biggest face in the company and on the verge of becoming a megastar. Why kill his momentum? While I disagree with your choice of winner I am looking forward though to an excellent series of matches between the two.

After typing that and thinking about things, this could be the fued that does take Batista to another level. He finally is in the unfamiliar position of not being champion. He now has to claw his way back to the top and take out a two time royal rumble winner and world champion. Or maybe you are planning on taking SD in a whole different direction. Either way the blue brand is looking good.

I love Orton as MITB holder. It will fit perfectly into his uber cocky persona at the time. I hope he cashes in while Batista is champ some time this summer so that we could see a feud between the two former Evolution stablemates.

I also like what I see on the the Raw side of things aswell. A fresh "young" heel Edge running things on Raw would be a great thing. However, I am 50/50 on the idea of you maybe turning Cena heel. It could be a smashing success. On the other hand you have a heel Edge as champ and main focus of your show. Cena as heel could overshadow Edge and his critical first title reign. But hey, you still have the draft.

Whatever decisions you make I'm sure things will turn out great.

Good luck!
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