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Re: WWE Heroes

WWE Superstars
February 9, 2011

Zack Ryder defeated Mark Henry

Alicia Fox picks up the win over Tamina

JTG and Chavo Guerrero beat The Dude Busters (Trent Barretta and Curt Hawkins)

Main Event: Chris Masters defeats Tyler Reks


February 11, 2011

Music and Pyro start off this weeks Smackdown!

Booker T and Matt Striker are standing by for commentary.

Matt: It's Friday night and there is nothing better to do then sit back and watch Smackdown! I am 'Your Teacher' Matt Striker along with future WWE Hall of Famer and 6-Time World Champion Booker T here on commentary.

Booker T: Thank you Matt and I wish I could say I was confident that this weeks Smackdown was guaranteed to be a great show, but with the no referees to officiate then how can we have matches?

Matt: It was last week after Edge defeated Dolph Ziggler in a World Heavyweight Title Match...

Booker T: After restarting it like five times.

Matt: Anyways, after the match ended, the Smackdown Consultant and Interm General Manager Vickie Guerrero fired the referee after the match, who happened to be senior referee Mike Chioda.

Booker T: The guy was just doing his job. Chioda called the match fairly and got fired just because her boyfriend Ziggler couldn't pull out of the win after staking everything in his favour. That's not all, Guerrero then fired Kelly Kelly! Is it really that bad if a diva refuses to sit back and watch someone abuse their power? Kelly chose not to sit back and watch Guerrero abuse her power to crown an undeserving World Champion!

Matt: Calm down Booker, I know its bad but we have to stay on task. Anyways, after Mike Chioda was fired, over the weekend all the referees got together and are now on strike against the Smackdown brand. Until the Board of Directors or Vickie Guerrero reach a conclusion with the ring officials on strike, there will be no referees here on Smackdown to officiate the matches.

Booker T: Why the hell did Vickie even book a Battle Royal and a Tag Team Title Match without referees to begin with?

Matt: I don't know but she has promised there will be in ring action here tonight. Also, I am being told right now that with the tag win last week by Lay-Cool, their title matches start tonight, with Beth Phoenix defending her Divas Championship against Michelle McCool.

Booker T: Another title match? We don't even have referees!


Dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, 'The Rated R Superstar' and World Heavyweight Champion Edge comes comes walking down to the ring, not performing his usual ring antics. Once he is in the ring, he calls for a microphone and for the music to be cut off.

Edge: As some of you may or may not know, tonight here on Smackdown and from now on until everything gets sorted out, there will no longer be any referees to officate any of the matches? Why you may ask? You see, last week I not only beat Vickie Guerrero's boy toy in Smackdown's Main Event last week, but I overcame every obstacle and stipulation Dolph Ziggler and Guerrero could throw at me. Unfortunately, for me to win, two people had to sacrifice their jobs for me to do it. Because of last week, former, WWE senior referee Mike Chioda called our match fair and down the line refusing to give in to Vickie Guerrero's crazy demands. Now the Chioda family are left without any money coming in, just because Mike believed that much in calling a fair match. So after the match, Vickie fired him, which is why the referees are on strike right now. The second person who sacrificed everything for me to be champion, was someone I told, I begged to not get involved. She had a great life here in the WWE and a guy who loves her. It was Kelly Kelly. She came in and got involved all because she believed it was more important for me to hold this title, rather then Ziggler winning it without deserving it. I know Kelly and Mike are out there watching right now, so thank you but I can't say if it was worth it or not. As much as I respect what it means to hold this title and keeping the title away from those who don't deserve it, but I don't think it was worth two people's livelihood.

???: No it wasn't.

Coming out from behind dressed in his ring gear for the Battle Royal later tonight with a microphone, Drew McIntyre steps out and walks to the ring and talks as he does so.

McIntyre: Edge, you and I can both agree on that. You still being World Heavyweight Champion is not worth what Kelly Kelly sacrificed. I hate to remind you Edge, but if Ziggler won last week, that wouldn't be the first time someone weaselled their way into being a World Champion. Just look at yourself. I remember you were married to Vickie Guerrero at one point and you used her to keep that title around your waist for as long as you could.

McIntyre steps into the ring and walks straight up to Edge.

Edge: I'm sorry Drew. I didn't want Kelly to get involved, remember I asked you both last week before the match!

McIntyre: Yeah, I remember but you know Kelly just as I do. Kelly is a passionate person and will fight for what she believes. She believed in what it meant to be a deserving champion. So much so that she was willing to be fired to do what she thought was right. Now because of it, she's gone. You know how lonely it gets on the road Edge, how much easier it is to have someone with you rather then someone waiting for you at home. I'm sure you do. Remember Lita? How that whole mess of yours got started?

Edge: Okay McIntyre, you are taking this too far!

McIntyre: Kelly chose you over me. She chose to save your reign as champion over being with me. What am I supposed to think? You don't exactly have the best track record for keeping it in your pants. I admit, I am upset, I'm angry, I am straight pissed off! With no one to take it out on, except you Edge.

Edge: I'm sorry if you think that's not what is going on...

McIntyre: Shut up! I don't know what Vickie Guerrero is going to do about referees tonight, but when I win the Battle Royal tonight and go on to the Elimination Chamber next week. When I win the Elimination Chamber and have the right to face a World Champion at Wrestlemania, I promise you Edge, I'm coming for you.

-Broken Dreams-

McIntyre shoves his mic into Edge's chest, leaving it with the World Champion. Once Drew McIntyre gets to the back. Edge looks on not very happy and looking guilty. Suddenly on the titron, Vickie Guerrero appears wearing a suit in an office.

Vickie: Excuse me, Excuse me!!!! Now, I'm sorry Edge, not having a great start to your night? (Giggles) As you all know, I am not at the arena tonight, instead I am at WWE headquarters where the referees, the WWE Board of Directors, and myself are meeting to figure things out. In my absence I am leaving my boyfriend Dolph Ziggler in charge. As well for tonight's matches, I have scheduled a different Surprise Special Guest Referee to officiate each match. One of the matches later tonight will feature you Edge in a singles match against one of the Smackdown stars to earn a spot in the Elimination Chamber. In a non-title match later tonight, Edge will face off against the Corre member Wade Barrett. As bad as your feeling over Kelly Kellyand Mike Chioda being fired, I suggest you get ready for your match tonight. Bye.

Vickie waves as the titron goes back to normal. Back in the ring, Edge only looks more frustrated.

----------Cut to Commercial----------

WWE Elimination Chamber Next Week!!!!!
Who will win the Elimination Chamber and go on to challenge for a World Title at Wrestlemania 27?
Will it be the 'The Apex Predator' of the WWE, 'The Viper' Randy Orton?
Can the 'The 619 Master' Rey Mysterio repeat the magic he created at Wrestlemania 22?
After the gruelling year John Cena had facing the Nexus and being fired, can he make it to the Show of Shows?
Having won the first season of NXT, led the Nexus, and formed the Corre, will Wade Barrett add Main Eventing Wrestlemania 27 to his list of achievements?
Will the 'Straightedge Superstar' CM Punk pull off the win?
Who will be the third Smackdown Superstar who will be decided tonight?
Order the Pay-Per-View to find out!

----------Cut to Backstage Hallway----------

Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston waering his wrestling tights along with a Kofi t-shirt, is sitting back having a drink of coffee talking with various backstage workers. In walksThe 2011 Royal Rumble Winner, wearing an extremely nice suit, Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio: Ahhh, Kofi how are you? How's your arm?

Kofi gets up from his conversation still holding his coffee. Kofi frowns at Del Rio for reminding him how he was attacked during the party last week.

Kofi: You know Alberto, you really think you're all that, don't you? Winning the Royal Rumble. Knowing you have a World Title Match at Wrestlemania 27. Being handed a shot at my Intercontinental Title. Everything is just going your way, but I stick with what I said last week. You don't deserve any of it.

Del Rio: Again with this. Admit it. You are just jealous of me, Alberto Del Rio.

Kofi: Nah man. Actually I'm upset. Over eveything I put into the Rumble. Tying for most eliminations that night and almost breaking Rey Mysterio's for spending the most time in a Rumble. All for you to create your own Rumble record. Least eliminations made to win a Royal Rumble with zero made. Maybe I'd be cooler with this if you didn't keep walking around saying how you earned everything coming your way. Everything is just being placed down on your lap.

Del Rio: I'm sorry you feel that way but look at it this way. When the match happens, I will earn your title by beating you in the ring and be the second man ever to walk into a World Title Match at Wrestlemania as Intercontinental Champion.

Kofi: Even if that does happen, remember this. I have my championship rematch clause and I will cash that in and take it back way before you even get to Mania.

Del Rio: No Kofi, it will just be my pleasure to beat you all over again.

The Royal Rumble Winner disrespectfully lightly pats Kofi's face. In response, Kingston throws his cup of coffee all over Del Rio's very expensive suit! Kofi walks away with his title laughing leaving behind a very upset Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio: Do you know how expensive this suit is! You'll pay for this!

----------Cut to Ringside----------

WWE Tag Team Champions The Foreign Powers, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov are in the ring waiting for their surprise tag team opponents and Surprised Special Guest Referee.


The Corre's Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater come down to the ring set for their title match. The four Superstars get to their respective corners with their partners and await to see who is their official referee.

-Super Fly-

The diva that set up both of Foreign Power's Tag Title defences all this and daughter of 'Super Fly' Jimmy Snuka, Tamina! Dressed in usual the usual Diva referee attire, Tamina gives Santino a kiss on the lips. Wonder if she might be biased, being his valet and all?

Match One:
WWE Tag Team Championships

Special Guest Referee: Tamina
Foreign Powers(c) vs. The Corre (Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel)

Though the sign of affection to Marella before the match, Tamina has been calling the fairly. Even when she sees Santino attempting the Kobra when he's not the legal man, Tamina slaps Santino's hand away and gives him a brief lecture. Though when Gabriel tried to get a hit in while he's not the legal man, instead of a lecture, Tamina straight out slaps him across the face as her warning to him. So she might be a bit biased. Before the match can come to a proper conclusion, the New Nexus' Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty come running down from the back, and then they attack both teams forcing Tamina to ring the bell.

Winners: No Conest (Foreign Powes still Tag Champions)

CM Punk soon comes down carrying two chairs and slides both into the ring. Husky and McGillicutty each take a chair then attack Marella, Kozlov, Gabriel, and Slater, all while Punk holds Tamina back. Once the damage is done, the New Nexus retreat to the back before security comes for them. Tamina tends to Kozlov and Marella while Gabriel and Slater are helped by medics.

----------Cut to Backstage-----------

The cameras catch up to CM Punk, Husky Harris, and Michael McGillicutty as they make a run for it. Punk congratulates his disciples as they make a break for it to they make a run for the parking lot. Their escape gets cut off though by Corre members Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson. Barrett and Punk exchange words where Barrett threatens Punk to stay out of his show and his groups business, while Punk exclaims that the New Nexus goes where ever they want. As Jackson gets ready to fight, Barrett pushes him back to allow the Nexus to escape. The Nexus runs as Jackson asks Barrett why they let the Nexus go. Barrett points out that both Jackson and himself have matches later on tonight, so best to stay in good condition. “Still,” Barrett points out, “doesn't mean we can't repay them back another day.”

[I]----------Cut to Interview Area----------[I]

Jack Swagger is on with Todd Grisham about the 10-Man Battle Royal set in the Main Event tonight. First, Swagger goes over the significance of winning and moving on to be the sixth competitor in the Elimination Chamber. To win the Chamber Match and get a World Title shot at Wrestlemania 27. He continues on to talk about how his career sky rocketed after Wrestlemania 26 when he won Money in the Bank and cashed in to become World Heavyweight Champion. Since losing the title, Swagger admits his career has started going down hill. He plans to relaunch his career by continuing to the Elimination Chamber and then winning a World Title at the Show of Shows.

-----Cut to Backstage Hallway-----

For the upcoming Divas Title Match on next, we see Beth Phoenix with her title and Michelle McCool with Layla, in a split screen. Who will be their Guest Referee?

----------Cut to Commercial----------

Coming soon...

Saturday Night's Main Event

Watch History in the Making in Five Weeks on NBC!!!

-----Cut to Ringside----------

Beth Phoenix and Team Lay-Cool are in the ring awaiting their referee.

-Hart Attack-

Former Divas Champion, RAW's Natalya Niedhart comes down dressed in a formal referee outfit. Phoenix and McCool look nervous due to the events of last week, where aciidentally or purposefully, both had screwed Natalya out of her Divas Title. Natalya shows little recognition to her friend Phoenix and her enemies Lay-Cool. In a very rare moment, Natalya quickly pats both competitors down before the match checking for hidden weapons and then goes over the rules of the match with each individual.

Match Two:
WWE Divas Championship

Special Guest Referee: Natalya Niedhart
Beth Phoenix(c) vs. Michelle McCool w/Layla

Natalya calls the match fairly as both competitors have a fairly even match. When Layla goes for the eventual attempt to interfere while McCool has the ref distracted, Natalya turns and catches Layla in the ring with the Divas Title before the attack. Natalya immediately ejects Layla from the match and takes the belt from her. As McCool starts to complain to Natalya, Beth turns her opponent around and hits the Glam Slam for the victory.

Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Beth Phoenix(6:17)

After the match Natalya simply tosses the title to Phoenix and leaves, refusing to award the title properly or celebrate the fair win with her friend. Instead of a celebration, Phoenix follows after Natalya towards the back as Layla returns to check on McCool.

----------Cut to Interview Area----------

Chavo Guerrero is on and talks about the Battla Royal coming up tonight. He reflects on his time leading the ECW brand as its champion. Kane then walks in and reminds Chavo what happened at Wrestlemania 24, when 'The Big Red Monster' won the ECW Title from him in short time. Chavo Guerrero stands there silently as Kane pats him on the back and leaves. Chavo then mutters something in Spanish under his breath, which makes Kane reappear asking what he said. Not responding with words per say, but Chavo immedately bolts running for his life with Kane left grinning and laughing.

----------Cut to Divas Locker Room----------

Natalya is changing and packing up to leave. Beth Phoenix[/COLOR] runs in and tries to catch up with her friend.

Beth: Nattie, how come you didn't tell me you were here tonight?

Nattie: (coldly) Its called a Surprise Guest Referee for a reason.

Beth: Oh...listen, I know last week for rough but I want to help.

Nattie: Help? Like David and Tyson are on RAW? Just give me some space.

Beth: I just want to make things right between us.

Nattie: I know its not your fault this keeps happening, you just happen to be in the middle of all of it. I know, but you should know what it feels like to live your dream and have it unfairly, three times in one week. I just need some space Beth, I'm just not getting it any where. Not with David and Tyson on RAW, you here, and everyone at home. Just give me some time and space, then we'll talk later. Okay?

Beth: (hesitant) Okay.

Natalya finishes packing and leaves. Beth starts to get a little teary eyed.

----------Cut to The RAW Rewind----------

After failing to prove to himself he deserves a shot at the WWE Title, on the next Monday Night RAW, John Morrison challenges Multi-Time World Champion and Multi-Time Wrestlemania Main Eventer John Cena to a singles match. Will 'The Monday Night Delight' get the much need momentum he needs against The Miz next week or will John Cena continue his dominance he's had over RAW lately? Tune in to find out!

----------Cut to Ringside----------

World Champion Edge and Wade Barrett are in the ring waiting to see who their Special Guest Referee is.

-I Am Perfection-

Dressed as a referee, 'The Perfect' Dolph Ziggler comes strolling on down, as Edge looks worried and Barrett all too happy.

Match Three:
Special Guest Referee: Dolph Ziggler
World Heavyweight Champion Edge vs. Wade Barrett

For a night of Special Guest Referees, this is the first overly biased referee. Ziggler goes as far as to attack Edge himself and allow Barrett a chance to take a breather. Edge is just simply beat down with little offence. Edge tries to cause a DQ by Spearing Ziggler, but the Guest Referee decides to allow the match to continue. Finally, Barrett hits Edge with a Wasteland and goes for a pin. Ziggler refuses to count and asks Barrett to deliver another Wasteland. Happily, Barrett hits a second Wasteland and then a third after Ziggler asks nicley again. Barrett goes for the pin and to mock Edge, Ziggler counts really slow giving him really a count of 10 to kick out.

Winner: Wade Barrett

After shaking hands with Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler gets a microphone and holds the World Heavyweight Title over his shoulder as he talks.

Ziggler: Hey Edge, not sure if you can hear me, but I'm going to say it anyways. Since Vickie left me in charge and all, it means I can do and make any matches I want. Now I remember one of your nicknames you've been called for years was that you were 'The Ultimate Opportunist.' If I remember correctly, you got that name after cashing in your first Money in the Bank contract but it really took off when you started pairing yourself up with Vickie. Think of all the opportunities she gave you to shine and you took advantage of everyone of them. I love how you were saying before that I was undeserving of becoming World Heavyweight Champion and how you just kept saying that over, and over, and over, and over again. When you come to, ask yourself this Edge, how many times have you won this title fairly? I remember you taking advantage of opportunities of guys, like John Cena...Undertaker...Batista...anyone you could screw over, you did. Think of that when you call me an undeserving champion. Returning to how Vickie gave me her General Manager powers tonight, I talked to her over the phone before the match. I am arranging a rematch between you and me for this title next week at Elimination Chamber! You see Edge, I'm just like you in a way. You've always taken advantge of every opportunity that came your way or warped things around so you could. Just like you I'm doing the same. Just think of me, 'The Perfect' Dolph Ziggler, as also 'The Perfect Opportunist.' Just like you Edge, I've made myself an opportunity to become World Champion, and again like you, I will become World Champion!

Ziggler throws the belt down on top of Edge. Before leaving, Ziggler spits on the unconscious World Champion.

----------Cut to Another Raw Rewind----------

Sheamus attacking US Champion Daniel Bryan. The Bellas name Sheamus as the next contender for the title at Elimination Chamber.

----------Cut to Ringside----------

We return from break with all 10 competitors in the ring with Booker T announced as one of the one of Four Special Guest Referees. Jim Ross comes out and takes Booker's spot at the announcer's table with Matt Striker.


Rey Mysterio comes down in a referee patterned mask, shirt, and pants as the second referee. Mysterio last week won a Fatal-Four Way to earn a spot in the Chamber for next week.


In rare fashion, Ricardo enters with Alberto Del Rio but he still has microphone in hand. They are both dressed as referees.

Match Four:
10-Man Battle Royal

Winner gets the Sixth Spot in the Interpromotional Elimination Chamber Match
Special Guest Referees: Booker T, Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, and Ricardo
Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Curt Hawkins vs. Tyler Reks
vs. Kane vs. Big Show vs. Jack Swagger vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. JTG
vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Right off of the bat, Curt Hawkins charges Big Show and gets tossed over with ease.

Elimination #1: Curt Hawkins by Big Show (0:05)

From here, the match slows down with a few minutes passing before there is another elimination. JTG is trying to lift Chavo for a suplex over the top rope, but Chavo is able to keep his feet planted on the ground. Chavo counterd and turns them around. Chavo lifts JTG and suplexes him out, but JTG lands on the ring apron. JTG tries to clothesline Chavo, but “The Mexican Warrior' ducks it. Quickly, Chavo hits a low dropkick aimed at JTG's legs. It hits and JTG falls to the outside floor.

Elimination #2: JTG by Chavo Guerrero (3:21)

After a successful elimiantion, Chavo turns around and finds himself staring up at Kane. Grinning, Kane grabs Chavo by his throat and lifts for a Choke Slam. Kane throws Chavo out landing on JTG.

Elimination #3: Chavo Guerrero by Kane (3:52)

As Kane laughs at Chavo, from behind Drew McIntrye and Kofi Kingston together dump the red giant over the top.

Elimination #4: Kane by Kofi Kingston and Drew McIntyre (3:57)

More time passes during the match. Kingston has managed to hit Big Show with a Trouble In Paradise. Show is leaning against the ropes and Kofi keeps trying to clothesline him over. With each clothesline, Kofi keeps rebounding off of the opposite ropes. On the final try, Alberto Del Rio pulls down the ropes Kofi rebounds off of eliminating the Intercontinental Champion!

Elimination #5: Kofi Kingston by Guest Referee Alberto Del Rio (8:27)

Security rushes to the ring and takes Kingston away before he can attack Del Rio. Tyler Reks charges at Jack Swagger with a Big Boot and 'The All-American American' ducks. Rek's foot goes over the top rope and Swagger sends the rest over.

Elimination #6: Tyler Reks by Jack Swagger (10:34)

Big Show starts to take control of the match, keeping the three other final competitors down (Ezekiel Jackson, Drew McIntyre, and Jack Swagger). As Show holds McIntyre ready for a Choke Slam, Jackson makes the save using all his power to clothesline Big Show over the top rope.

Elimination #7: Big Show by Ezekiel Jackson (14: 32)

As Jackson turns from his big elimination, McIntyre and Swagger unite to double clothesline him over the top rope.

Elimination #8: Ezekiel Jackson by Jack Swagger and Drew McIntyre (14:43)

Later in the match, McIntyre is set in a corner facing the turnbuckles. Swagger sneaks up behind and locks in the Ankle Lock. Still standing on one foot and holding the ropes, McIntyre flips Swagger and himself over the top rope. McIntyre holds on while Swagger goes flying out.

Elimination #9: Jack Swagger by Drew McIntyre

Winner and Going to the Elimination Chamber Match: Drew McIntyre

Not really caring, Del Rio and Ricardo head to the back while Booker T and Mysterio congratulate Drew McIntyre on the win. McIntyre stands tall the winner as the show goes off the air.

The End

WWE.com (Two hours after Smackdown was aired)
Smackdown Strike Continues, Vickie Guerrero promises the action will still continue
The meeting between the Board of Directors, Vickie Guerrero, and the referees did not go as well as was expected. The strike will continue for another week, with the referees apparently being very upset with the Special Guest Referees replacing them. The Board of Directors were able to at least confirm the referees will still continue to work RAW, Superstars, and to an extent, the upcoming pay-per-view Elimination Chamber. On the pay-per-view card, any matches featuring at least one RAW Superstar will have a WWE referee, confirming that the Elimination Chamber Match and any other interpromotional matches between the two brands will have offical referees. This also means that the World Heavyweight Championship Match announced just hours ago by Dolph Ziggler will not have an offical WWE referee attending to it.

With the potential that the referee strike will continuing on into the next edition of Smackdown, Vickie Guerrero once again leaked upcoming matches for the program next week to ensure that there will be action to watch. This year's Royal Rumble Winner will collide with a past Royal Rumble Winner when Alberto Del Rio faces Rey Mysterio. After seeing how upset he was and having won a huge match just hours ago, Guerrero has organized for the Drew McIntyre to face World Heavyweight Champion Edge in a non-title singles match.

In just a matter of two weeks, these two Superstars' issues are beginning to reach a boiling point. McIntyre how has stated he was upset over his girlfriend Kelly Kelly being fired over her actions to ensure Edge stayed World Champion last week and even hinting a belief that the champion and Diva are more then just friends. Edge had been insulted by both McIntyre and Ziggler, who reminded 'The Rated R Superstar' of his past sins. With his title on the line, Edge needs to pull out a victory over McIntyre, but with the Chamber only two days away from their match, McIntyre also needs the victory. This match will no doubt impact the upcoming pay-per-view event.

Bringing the Smackdown to Elimination Chamber
After the Battle Royal over twitter, Alberto Del Rio stated, "Now with Kofi out of the EC Match next week, my IC match will happen exactly when I wnated it to. See you next Sunday Kofi." While getting news from Vickie Guerrero about the referee strike, WWE.com was able to ask if she understood what the Royal Rumble Winner's tweet meant. It is confirmed, Kofi Kingston will defend his Intercontinental Championship against Alberto Del Rio next week at Elimination Chamber. Due to this being only made up of Smackdown Superstars, until the strike is dealt with, there will be no WWE referee running this match.

As well, with the WWE Tag Title Match being interrupted this week, Guerrero has also leaked to WWE.com that the Corre's Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel will receive another shot at the titles at next Sunday as well. The Tag Title Match is now a Triangle Match with the Champions the Foreign Powers defending against two members of the New Nexus and the Corre's Slater and Gabriel. With this being an interpromotional match, there will be a WWE referee officiating the match.

WWE.com to Feature Pre-Show Matches for all Pay-Per-Views from now on
Its been discussed for some time and its official, all WWE pay-per-view events will now feature a Pre-Show Match on WWE.com for free to advertise the event. The upcoming Pre-Show for Elimination Chamber has yet to be announced.

Current Card so far for...
Elimination Chamber
February 20, 2011

Elimination Chamber Match
Three from RAW and Three from Smackdown
Winner gets a World Title shot at Wrestlemania 27

Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk vs. Wade Barrett vs. John Cena vs. Drew McIntyre

WWE Championship
'The Awesome One' The Miz(c) w/Alex Riley vs. 'The Everyday Delight' John Morrison

World Heavyweight Championship
'Ultimate Opportunist' Edge(c) vs. 'The Perfect Opportunist' Dolph Ziggler

Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston(c) vs. The 2011 Royal Rumble Winner Alberto Del Rio

United States Championship
Daniel Bryan(c) w/Gail Kim vs. King Sheamus w/The Bella Twins

WWE Tag Team Championships
Foreign Powers(c) w/Tamina vs. Two Members from The New Nexus
vs. The Corre (Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel)

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