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Re: Being The Booker

I'm kind of split on the opening. You know I'm a huge fan of this current angle you have going with Cena, which I'm fairly certain will culminate in a Macho Man-esque heel turn by WrestleMania XXIV (if you get that far, you'll have reached new, deity-like levels of awesomeoness btw) against probably Christian in a rematch. And I like the babyface mentality that Cena has here of understanding that he has to work his way up from the bottom. It kind of reminds me of an angle in ROH a few years back that Colt Cabana had going, where he would wrestle in opening matches every show to work his way back into World Title contention. It's subtle, and it also gives other guys the chance to shine in main event spots. What I didn't really like was Eric Bischoff's involvement. I never used to have much of a problem with ol' Easy E, but just recently I've become sick and tired of the man. He was becoming overexposed on Raw, and now that he's temporarily in charge of SmackDown as well, I'm just completely fed up of him. He's never been that interesting anyway in real life or in any BTB - although his face turn at WM XXIII by you was truly great. That's the other thing, he really is in full tweener mode at the moment, where he just seems to hate EVERYONE. I can't remember the last time he actually did something nice for someone. I hope you get rid of him soon, or, at the very least, bring Arn back on SD and have him be pissed off and go all 'Old School' on that show to spice things up. The little squash match for Cena was fine, and I think you should continue with these for the foreseeable future, including as drastic as it may sound, at SummerSlam, otherwise you run the risk of making his rise back to the top look cheap or just rehashing his feud last year with Finlay.

Absolutely LOVED the World Tag Team Title match. I kind of agree with what BkB said in that returning the belts to MNM has kind of re-started the feud we've been seeing all year between them and Straight Edge, but I fully understand why you're doing it. If you have a weak tag team division - and let's face it, most WWE threads do - then as a booker you pick your two top teams and you have the faith in yourself to stretch out a lengthy feud between the two of them. Now you just happen to have two fantastic teams with all kinds of potential for a lengthy, intriguing feud, so why the hell not eh? As I've said before, I was almost certain that a double switch was coming between these two at some point, with SE being revealed as the ones behind The British Lions' problems, but you've certainly thrown something just as intriguing out there with the inclusion of The Entourage. The match itself was a bit of a clusterfuck in terms of all the interference, but it had a nice old school feel to it with the babyfaces being completely screwed at the end, but with the other faces coming to their aid at the end. It's great to see you give over 15 minutes to them as well, as these two teams could probably put on a great match with double that on a PPV. I don't know what this is all leading towards at SummerSlam, as another multi-man tag team match would just seem a bit crap after Vengeance. I wonder if we'll see MNM/BL, and you are actually going to break SE up, which would be a real shame. I was hoping to see their tag title reign go for over a year! Anyway, it's tag team 'wrasslin, so I'm of course hooked

SummerSlam should be great, as everyone keeps saying. Funny how these same people can't actually be arsed giving you any feedback though

I have to give you props for this angle you're running with Cody Rhodes. We're in agreement on his talent. He's a good talker and by today's standards he's actually pretty good in the ring. The current WWE have fucked him over by giving him ridiculous gimmicks all the time, but you seem to be sticking to simple, old school, dickish heel ways of trying to leave his family's shadow. Dustin Rhodes or Goldust is going nowhere, so this angle really serves no other purpose than to get Cody over as a prick, which it does nicely. Although it was quite amusing to see Umaga kill Dustin, I think you should have used someone else in order to make the end of the show more effective. I know you wanted the "Oh Shit" moment when 'Maga came out, but it kind of took away from the epic ending since 'Mags had already appeared once in the show. You could have just used Mark Henry or Monty Brown if you wanted a squash, but I suppose you've been burying them a bit too much of late

Blimey, SummerSlam '99 was rubbish wasn't it?

Short but sweet promo from Kurt Angle. I'm still stunned he's not the one getting the shot at SummerSlam, since I have absolutely NO idea what he's going to do at that show now.

Jeez, the babyfaces are fired up tonight aren't they? First Straight Edge attack MNM on the ramp, and now even nice little Rey Mysterio does the same to Rhyno. You know what? I LOVE it. It means you've actually built a feud to the point where it's just unrealistic for these guys to wait to get their hands on one another. With Rey's involvement, this was obviously great, as no one quite works with big men the way he does. It was more like a Falls Count Anywhere match, with Rey-Rey just using everything as his props. Quite surprised that Rhyno kicked out of Mysterio's finisher towards the end, but I suppose you really do plan on pushing him Sick, if predictbale, ending with the Gore through the table, and Rhyno wins. I knew it was coming, but I'm still annoyed. I just pray you keep him as a heel, because he is FAR more interesting in this role than he is as a babyface. No idea where either man goes from here though.

Ugh. Miz. Glad you're using him in a non-wrestling capacity. The guy can talk, I'll give him that. He works as an obnoxious prick, even if this whole 'Reality Check' thing is unbelievably cheesy and a bit too similar to Alex Shelley's old Paparazzi thing in TNA. I honestly don't care when he comes back, but you need to be careful that you don't have both he and Santino doing the same schtick every week.

Simple squash for Mickie, which pretty much continues to stoke the fires of her feud with Beth, whilst also hinting at some Gail Kim involvement. It might have been a bit cheesy, but at least you've actually created some interesting characters in the Women's division. And guess what? All three of these ladies can wrestle too. Who's have thought it?

Another short promo from Mr. Kennedy. Delighted to see him sticking around in the main event scene as a permanent fixture. I know he's not the best in-ring worker, as everyone keeps pointing out, but at least when he's put with a great wrestler like Angle or Christian or even someone like Matt Hardy, he can be carried to a great match. You can't say the same about The Miz now can you? Still struggling to see what Ken will be doing at SummerSlam.

Disappointed that the Brotherhood/Hardy feud gets the shaft tonight. It's been one of my favourite things about Raw in recent weeks. Other than Shelton, you really do job Teddy's boys out something fierce, don't you? Such a shame too, as the group dynamic is excellent, and Long is a brilliant manager. Hardy and Regal 'outsmart' them with heelish tactics tonight, and it looks as though Shelton/Hardy will be taking place at SummerSlam. I just hope it's not a Ladder Match like I fear it will be. Yes, both guys can do wonders in such a match as we all know, but it's just so clichéd and obvious. It was obvious that Matt Hardy was going to win the U.S Title back from Charlie Haas in a Ladder Match, it was obvious that Shelton/Christian for the World Title was going to be a Ladder Match; these guys can actually wrestle, and I'd like to see you go a different route then the expected one, going with a 2/3 Falls or 30-Minute Iron Man Match or something along those lines. You could have Shelton choose the stipulation because he thinks he can outwrestle a "spot monkey stunt man" like Matt, but we all know that's not the case.

That SummerSlam video never gets old

Lol @ that Ricky Hatton video. It's pretty hard to right for someone like that, and I more than most people should be able to, since I'm from very close to where he's from. Glad that it's Shane McMahon doing all the promoting though. Fuck Vince. Interesting choices for the six wrestlers representing the WWE at the press conference too. Christian and Orton are obvious, as is Cena unfortunately, and Trips was always going to manoeuvre his way in there somehow, but Albright and London? Major, major props for that. They look like absolute STARS now up there representing the company like that. Would have been nice for Shelton or AMW or MNM to be there instead of Hunter, but I'll take Albright and London for now

Oh well, there goes my SummerSlam prediction MNM/British Lions next week should be great, and I wouldn't rule anything out at this point, mainly as I have absolute NO idea where this is going. MNM and The Entourage could screw Burchill and Smith again, or MNM could turn out to be nothing more than transitional champions for the Brits

Hardy and Regal should be good next week. That will probably set up Hardy/Shelton at SummerSlam.

Nice little interview from Christian. I love that he got pissed when asked about Umaga.

@ Coach when Cena came down for commentary. Brilliant stuff. It almost made up for Cena being there at all, but not quite. I don't like it because it gives the impression of Cena still doing whatever the hell he wants as a main eventer. I think he should be really treated as a mid-carder, meaning he can't just show up whenever he feels like it. I guess it kind of shows what an arrogant prick he is though, which is all leading towards the slow yet inevitable heel turn.

Amazing main event to cap off a show that has really delivered on the match front. A twenty minute classic for the World Title and it didn't disappoint. Angle and Kennedy were always going to gang up on Christian to begin with, but I'm glad it wasn't one of those triple threats where the double-teaming lasts for ages. It didn't last very last at all actually following the Angle Slam to Christian on the floor. The finish was good, as it keeps both Angle and Kennedy looking strong, although I have no idea what for, and puts a sense of urgency onto Christian. Kennedy's post-match attack gives him his heat back, as well as softening Christian up sufficiently. The little altercation between Cena and Kennedy may hint at a possible SummerSlam angle between them, but like I said, I'd much rather see Cena's mid-card run continue. I guess that would leave KK and Angle in the cold, but I'm sure you'll think of something.

And the aftermath. What can I say really? It was absolutely perfect. Or rather, it would have been perfect, had Umaga not only appeared once already tonight But still, the way he appeared when Christian was at his weakest, beat the shit out of him, and then... I'm so glad you've understood how to book a monster like this. Even though he's a heel, you just don't have him steal the title. Edge can do that, Orton can do that, but 'Maga is just going to beat CC fair and square at SummerSlam in what should be an absolute CLASSIC to mark the beginning of one of the most hotly anticipated title runs in BTB history. Imagine it, Umaga the champion, but with Estrada carrying the belt and doing all the talking. I'm getting excited just thinking about it. It's a shame for Christian, as I had hoped he would get a longer second reign than his first, but there was just absolutely no way Umaga wasn't cashing in on him successfully, especially after last year's trouble that you had with Edge when you ran out of time. I could possibly see Christian getting the title back before WM and facing a newly turned heel Cena, but that match wouldn't necessarily need the title, and Umaga's such a beast that anything other than a long run would be naff. I'm glad that after all this build, all this squashing of everyone and everything, you've finally pulled the trigger with Umaga, and he's going to be doing something meaningful at last. DDMac was just reaching the same point when he left, so hopefully you don't choose to leave us It would be such a waste...

Another great show, Wolfy, Three tremendous, PPV quality matches, some great story advancement with Cena, and one of the best endings in recent BTB history. With that single match, your SummerSlam already has mine beat ... and I couldn't care less, because I love reading yours so much
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