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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

Friday Night Smackdown | June 27th 2002 | Chicago, Illinois

"Family Ties"

Friday Night Smackdown kicks off with a bang as the pyrotechnics go off throughout the arena floor and stage. The camera man gives us a visual over the crowd and the screaming fans at ringside before taking us to the commentators who welcome us to the show. The commentating team of Michael Cole and Tazz run down the card for tonight as they go through what is scheduled to happen, the theme music of one Rey Mysterio plays and the masked high-flyer gets himself a face pop as he makes his way down the aisle and into the ring ready for action. Moments later on his opponent, Chavo Guerrero Jnr. Made his way down the ramp and to the ring as these two lucha’s stood opposite one another ready to make contact. Chavo Guerrero would begin this matchup by grounding Rey Mysterio onto the mat with numerous mat wrestling moves, grapples and submission holds, not allowing him to go airborne, for the early going of the match Chavo had it in full control throwing him around the ring with arm drags and variations of suplexes before Rey would be willed on by the crowd to find a way and fight back. Rey would reverse into a spinning head-scissors and turn this match around in his favor. After a knee to the mid section and a rake to the eyes by Chavo to try and bide himself some time, Chavo would leave the ring and stand on the entrance ramp for a moment trying to regroup and shake off the cob-webs. Rey however, had other plans as he ran towards the ring ropes and leaped over them, springboarding over the top rope and crashing onto Chavo Guerrero. The referee began counting both men out before at around the count of six, Rey would slowly reach a vertical base and push Chavo into the ring before re-entering himself. As Rey stalked Chavo who was on his knees, groggy and weary, Rey would come up to him and go to boot him in the face, with a shinning-wizard like kick, only for Chavo to duck underneath, jump up to his feet, grab Rey’s mid section and gut area from behind and lift him up onto his shoulders. With Rey’s back on Chavo’s shoulders Chavo would have Rey slide down his back a bit before trying to get him in position for the Gory-Special. Rey would release himself from the grasp of Chavo and fall on his feet behind Chavo before running at the ropes ahead and dropkicking Chavo from behind into the ropes.

The crowd was heavily chanting 6-1-9 as Rey looked around for their chants and approval. Rey Mysterio would spring towards the ring ropes ahead and eventually connect with a 6-1-9 on Chavo Guerrero sending him flying back to the center of the ring. As Rey stood on the ring apron and held onto the top rope, waiting patiently for Chavo to get to a vertical base to go for a West Coast Pop! Chavo would wisely play possum on his knees and take his time to get a vertical base, knowing what was coming up next. As Rey was about to lift himself up onto the top rope, his attention was diverted as former Intercontinental Champion,
Eddie Guerrero made his way down the aisle. Eddie would cause the distraction as Chavo would eventually grab Rey, use high power moves on him and gain the victory. Eddie and Chavo would stand over Rey as the commentators would hype up how Eddie was probably the new Raw superstar traded to Smackdown as promised.

At that point of time the broadcast was sent backstage to the locker room of Billy Gunn, Chuck Palumbo and “Stylist” Rico. The trio would sit on a couch opposite each other and devise a plan for the tag team title match later on in the evening. Rico would drop a bombshell that he spoke with Vince McMahon earlier in the evening and he and Vince agreed that Rikishi should find himself a new tag team partner. He told Chuck and Billy that they would face Rikishi and someone of his choosing but reassured them that they would win anyhow as it doesn’t matter who he picks, they are the greatest thing going on Smackdown right now. Rico then reminded them of their accomplishments and that he will be in their corner here tonight as the show was sent to its first commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

As the show came back on the air, the theme music of Edge played as “Do You Think You Know Me” echoed throughout the arena floor Edge raced down the aisle ready for in-ring action as the crowd was heavily behind him. Soon after his opponent, Prince Albert made his entrance down to the ring as the bell rang and the matchup got underway. The matchup would begin with the usual collar-elbow tie up. Edge would be thrown back at the turnbuckles as A – Train would demonstrate his power advantage over him. Edge would go up to him and place him in a side headlock only for A – Train to push him at the ropes ahead and with authority shoulder block him on the rebound. This would begin the full control of A – Train in this matchup as he would pick Edge apart slowly but surely using multiple power maneuvers such as a back breaker, a sidewalk slam and a powerbomb. Edge however, would kick out of everything A – Train would dish out on him and with the crowd heavily behind Edge, he would continue to try and switch the momentum in his favor but to no avail as A – Train was beginning to become too much for Edge. Edge would be placed in the corner as A – Train would club him to the side of the head with hard fists and knees bringing him down to the sitting position against the turnbuckles until the referee would break it up. A frustrated A – Train would turn around and focus his attention on the referee, believing it is his fault. This would give Edge some time to regroup and get back into things as he groggily slid out of the ring and under the bottom rope. A – Train would go out after him after realizing Edge was on the outside. Edge however would slide back into the ring wisely and have A – Train chase after him, once A – Train re-entered the ring Edge would muster up all the energy he had left after the assault from A – Train throughout the matchup thus far and hit a standing dropkick on him to take him down. A – Train would attempt to take Edge down once both men were at their feet, he would throw a hard right forearm at Edge only for Edge to duck underneath, grab A – Train’s head and hook that arm before bringing him down to the mat with his patented face-plant. Edge would at this point of time have the matchup in his favor as he after a few minutes of domination would go for a Spear and eventually connect before collapsing on him for the three count and the victory.

At this point of time we saw Chavo Guerrero Jnr. And his uncle, Eddie Guerrero hugging backstage and celebrating their victory over Rey Mysterio earlier in the night. They would talk in Spanish a bit as they headed out of their lockeroom with their arms over one another, both would seem ecstatic and on top of the world so to speak. Thrilled to be on the same brand one again, for the first time since the WCW Nitro days. As they turned the corner in the hallway a scream was heard and several officials and personnel were racing down past them until Eddie stopped one of them and asked them what is happening. They said that
Rey Mysterio was attacked backstage and they foundhim lying in the parking lot motionless. Eddie and Chavo looked shocked as they raced towards the scene as well, when the camera men caught up they saw Eddie and Chavo trying to call for an Ambulance to take Rey out on a stretcher. The commentators would talk about what they just saw and made some speculations as to who it might have been before sending us to another commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

When the show came back on the air Randy Orton the young, third generation superstar was waiting in the ring for his opponent ready for in-ring action. Soon after Lance Storm, savvy in-ring vet was heading towards the ring as the bitter submission specialist wanting to make an example of Randy Orton. Both men would lock up and Orton would hit a kick to the sternum before throwing him at the ropes ahead, Storm however, would reverse it and throw Orton instead before holding his knee up and driving it into Orton’s ribs and sending him rolling to the mat. Both men would circle the ring for a moment trying to get around each other before Orton came towards Storm and throw a jab at him, Storm would duck underneath, move behind him and grab him from behind going for a Suplex. Orton however would show his agility by landing on his feet behind Storm and dropkicking him from behind into the ropes. Orton would get a slight reaction from the crowd as he moved towards Storm who at this point kicked him in the mid section, raked him in the eyes and brought him to the center of the ring before taking him down with a side Russian leg sweep. Storm would target the right leg of Orton as he grabbed it and twisted it before dropping a knee on it. Picking apart Orton’s right leg slowly and torturing it, Orton would show guts and resilience by not giving up as Storm would lock him in tightly with a half Boston crab. Orton would eventually crawl and squirm his way over to the ring ropes and hold onto them as hard as he could forcing Storm to release the submission hold. Storm at this point of time would stand up, cockily look down at Orton and watch him as he slowly got to one knee. Storm would run at the ropes to his side and as he came back on the rebound, Orton would grab him in mid motion and bring him down to the mat with a hard powerslam. Orton would go for the pin fall however, Storm would kick out. Orton would grab Storm and slowly bring him to a vertical base as he looked at the crowd for their approval, Orton however, took too long as Storm who proved to be playing possum rolled around Orton, tripped him over and had him on his back holding his legs going to lock him in another submission. Orton would kick Lance back at the ropes before on the rebound, grabbing him in for an inside cradle pin and stealing one. Orton raced up the back as Storm was irate in the ring.

From here we were treated to a video package featuring the
Raw Rebound. Vince McMahon was seen on the titan-tron announcing a new G.M later on tonight, Bradshaw was seen pleased at an anonymous delivery package he received that may be revealed next week, Brock Lesnar was seen knighted by Paul and officially called himself King Lesnar, Rico having some harsh words for Rikishi and the G.M being revealed to be the returning Shawn Michaels after a four year hiatus and back injuries that had him sidelined in the peak of his career almost never to come back. Shawn announced that he brought Triple H via a trade back to Raw and they celebrated with D-X chops and raised each other’s arms as the show went off the air.

{Commercial Break}

As the show came back on air the theme music of Hurricane Helms played throughout the arena and the Hurricane got himself a nice face pop reaction as he made his way down the aisle before taking his cape off, fixing his mask up and getting ready for action. After a few moments of silence the opponent for the Hurricane was revealed as Christian made his way down the aisle and into the ring, Christian got himself some heat after recently parting ways with Edge. Christian and Hurricane would start this matchup off with the Hurricane getting underneath Christian and clubbing him from behind and hitting him with a double axe handle before bringing him to one knee. The Hurricane would race at the ropes ahead and come at Christian who grabbed the Hurricane by the head and sent him flying over the top rope, Christian would think he got rid of the Hurricane and turned his back to him, smirking at the crowd but the Hurricane would grab hold of the top rope and land on the ring apron much to the crowd’s delight. Hurricane would go up onto the top turnbuckle and wait patiently for Christian to realize what had transpired and turn around, having the Hurricane leap into the air and take Christian down with a flying missile dropkick. The Hurricane would go for a quick pin fall only for Christian to be able to kick out just in time. After some domination, high flying maneuvers, take downs, hurricaranas and near pin falls the Hurricane’s momentum came to a screeching halt as Christian would rake him in the eyes and kick him in the mid section before grabbing his arms and swinging him around for the Unprettier. Christian would connect and eventually gain a win over the Hurricane before heading to the back.

After the match ended Kurt Angle was seen entering Vince’s office with a smile on his face before hugging Vince and sucking up to him. He would hype himself up and remind the Boss of his accomplishments, about him winning the six man Hell in a Cell, winning the King of the Ring, the WWE Championship and defeating every man on the roster. He even held out his gold medals trying to impress Vince and remind him that he did it with a broken freakin’ neck. Kurt told him that he was the second pick for Smackdown for a reason, and seeing as the first pick- the Rock (pop) is on hiatus, he is the top dog on Smackdown. Vince smirked for a moment before asking him boldly what he wants from him. Kurt told Vince that his match with the Undisputed Champion, the Undertaker later on tonight should have something on the line. Vince told him reluctantly that he cannot put the title on the line, but gave him a better idea, and told Kurt that if he wins tonight he will get to face the Undertaker for the title at Vengeance. Kurt shook Vince’s hand and left.

{Commercial Break}

At that point of time a video package played this time hyping up the return of Chris Jericho. Jericho was seen standing on top of the world so to speak, as he held the Undisputed title, defeated several of the biggest names in Sports Entertainment and many other classic moments involving Chris Jericho. Jericho got himself a standing ovation as there was a countdown and Y-2-J chants started up through the arena. Once the countdown got to zero, everyone expected him to come out but there was a slight pause instead and eventually nothing. The crowd’s pop died out as they realized he wasn’t coming out and the show went to a commercial break with a bummed out and disappointed crowd. Then ‘Slam Smack’ played and John “The Prototype” Cena made his way down the aisle and to the ring. The commentators reminded everyone of what went down at the King of the Ring earlier in the week and how he came ever-so close to winning in his rookie month. John would receive heat as he entered the ring, taunted them before standing opposite Maven ready for combat. Maven would throughout the matchup hit some offense on Cena, such as a hard arm drag, a monkey toss and some dropkicks but overall Cena would dominate for the most part of the match and toy with him. “The Prototype” would execute his patented Proto-Bomb on Maven who was down and out for the three count in the squash match. After Maven rolled out of the ring and moved up the back.

John “The Prototype” Cena would grab a microphone from a nearby camera man and stand in the ring, ready to cut a promo. He would talk trash about how the King of the Ring was a fluke for Lesnar and how he got lucky. Cena would hype himself up and remind everyone of why he is the “Prototype” and what he is capable of before stating that he is the future of this business. Cena would then divert his attention and refer to Chris Jericho. Cena would explain that Jericho is a no-good has-been and isn’t coming back. He told everyone that Jericho doesn’t deserve the attention he is getting week-in and week-out, instead people should be talking about him- the “Prototype”. Some Y-2-J chants began to build up in the crowd but Cena would just ignore them and continue talking. John would finish his promo by saying that if Jericho has the balls to return to the ring, he will confront him and prove it. Cena at that point got himself heat as he left the ring and up to the back.

From here the show treated us to a video package hyping up the upcoming
Summerslam PPV event. Showing past Summerslam classic moments such as Bret Hart defeating Mr. Perfect in 1991 for the IC title, Triple H and the Rock going head to head in a Ladder Match, Kurt Angle and Stone Cold Steve Austin squaring off, Shane McMahon falling from the titan tron, Paul Bearer’s heel turn on the Undertaker in 1996, Undertaker facing off against the Undertaker in 1994, the TLC match from 2000 and from here the narrator hyped up this year’s event with some of the biggest names of all time- Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, the Undertaker, Kurt Angle and many more.

{Commercial Break}

When Smackdown returned, “You Look So Good to Me” played with Billy and Chuck alongside stylist Rico made their way down to the ring. The commentators, Michael Cole and Tazz talked about how Rikishi had to find himself a new partner for this tag team title match and they are not even sure if he did find someone, and this could turn out to be a flat-out handicap match. They waited confidently in the ring as the crowd erupted for “Bad Bad Man” as Rikishi’s theme music played and he waited on the aisle for his partner. After a few moments of nothing, “Turn it up” played as Scotty 2 Hotty returned from a few month hiatus to the ring, he and Rikishi known as Too Cool got themselves a standing ovation as they raced into the ring and began the match. Rikishi and Billy Gunn started things out and it was all Too Cool for the early going of the matchup, with fast tags and double teams in and out they were working as a cohesive unit and were in charge of the title match. Once Rico felt he was losing his grasp on the tag team titles, he decided to interfere and distract the referee while Chuck could run in and help Billy Gunn, double teaming on Scotty who they would work on and dominate for the next few minutes. After willing back from the crowd, Scotty would duck underneath a clothesline and come back fighting. He hit a bulldog and went for a W.O.R.M before nailing it and receiving the victory for his team. Wasting little time after, Rico would grab a microphone and while half way up the ramp he would interrupt the celebration of Too Cool by demanding that they have a rematch and that they weren’t ready, weren’t sure on who they were facing and it wasn’t fair- using heel excuses. The new tag champs accepted as the match was made official for Vengeance.

At that point of time D-Von Dudley was backstage with a new superstar by his side. A huge monster of a man that looked very intimidating. Josh Mathews conducted an interview with D-Von who corrected him right at the beginning and interrupted him from the get-go saying that he is no longer D-Von but instead
Reverend Devon. He then went on to explain that this individual by his side is Brother Batista and they are here to change the ways and the sins of each and every person here. Explaining to them that he will show them the light and that they are on a path to a brighter future.

{Commercial Break}

As Smackdown would return from what would be its final commercial break, the commentators would go on to hype up the Main Event for this evening which was scheduled to be next. Kurt Angle the reigning United States Champion, to face, the reigning, Undisputed Champion- the Undertaker and if Kurt wins he gets a title match at Vengeance. Kurt and the Undertaker would be in the ring after a few moments and entrances and the match was about to get started before Brock Lesnar’s theme music played and the King of the Ring winner, the man who is scheduled to face the champion come Summerslam was on the entrance ramp observing his competition and watching closely. This match was a bit of an awkward one for the Undertaker as whenever he went for strikes and blows he would have Brock in the back of his mind, knowing that he needed to keep one eye on him at all times. This would make Kurt’s job a lot easier and would capitalize on the distractions made and take the Undertaker down with wrestling holds, submissions and grapples. The Undertaker would have his moments of offense, patented maneuvers like the Snake Eyes and Big Boots before even having him up for a Chokeslam, then however, Lesnar would continue the mind-games and walk down the ramp and stand at ringside. Kurt would then switch the momentum in his favor when Undertaker’s attention was diverted and the next few minutes, the closing minutes of the match was all Kurt Angle as Kurt held him in an Ankle Lock with a Grape Vine attached. Kurt would force Undertaker to tap out as the crowd began showing deafening heat, Lesnar would laugh at him and signal the Undisputed title around his waist as a peeved off Undertaker wanted to take him out and Smackdown would go off the air.

{Fade to Black}


Quick & Merciless
Brand(s); Raw & Smackdown
Date; July 21st 2002
Venue; Detroit, Michigan

|WWE Undisputed Championship|
|The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle (united states champion)|

|WWE Tag Team Championships|
|Rikishi & Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Billy & Chuck w/ Rico|

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