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Re: WWE Heroes

February 7, 2011

Music Video Opening followed by Pyro.
Jerry 'The King' Lawler, Michael Cole, and Josh Matthews are at the announcer's table

Cole: Welcome to Monday Night RAW! I'm Michael Cole here with Josh Matthews and WWE Hall of Famer Jerry 'The King' Lawler. We have a great show for you here tonight, starting very shortly we will have the #1 contender for the WWE Championship John Morrison face off against CM Punk, who will be competing in the Inter-promotional Elimination Chamber in two weeks.

Josh: With the winner of the Chamber getting a World Title shot at Wrestlemania 27, this could be a very early preview of what is to come at the show of shows. If everything goes perfectly for Morrison and Punk, we could see them collide again, expect for the WWE Championship.

Cole: It was because of CM Punk's orders to Mason Ryan last week that led to the disqualification that gave Morrison the title shot. Though a win by disqualification, Morrison still had the fastest time in the Beat-the-Clock Challenge. Maybe Punk will get some revenge this week?

King: Speaking of guys looking for revenge Cole, you think you'll be getting involved again tonight like you did last week?

Cole: Why'd you have to bring that up Jerry!?!

Josh: In case you missed out last week, Michael Cole here tried to jump Randy Orton in an attempt to save the Miz.

Cole: Hey, I was doing what I thought was right!

King: Yeah, and Randy Orton did what he thought was right by chasing after you right
afterwards. Did he ever catch you?

Cole: Did it look like he did!

King: Well, it does look like you have a black eye there.

Cole: That's from two days ago! I had an accident while we were travelling.

King: Yeah, sure.

Josh: Looks like the action is ready to start.

-Ain't No Make Believe-

John Morrison comes out as he usually does to cheers from the audience.

-The Fire Still Burns-

CM Punk, unusual to recent weeks, comes out the New Nexus but only to send them immediately to the back.

Match One:
John Morrison vs. CM Punk

A fast paced, high flying, big star match to start off RAW just two days until Elimination Chamber. If this is an early preview of Wrestlemania 27 to come, both men show off exactly what they can do together in the ring. John Morrison is on the top turnbuckle trying to Superplex CM Punk. 'The Straightedge Superstar' holds tight on to the ropes and uses his free hand to get in gut shots on Morrison. Eventually, Punk gets control and hits Morrison with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb. Punk holds for the pin! 1, 2, and 3!

Winner: CM Punk

CM Punk gets to his feet getting some much needed momentum for the Elimination Chamber Match in two weeks. John Morrison's momentum doesn't seem to have gotten started still.

-----Cut to Commercial then Return to Ringside-----

Tag Champions The Foreign Powers, Santino and Kozlov, are in the ring with Tamina waiting on their opponents


The Usos come out looking forward to their first tag match on RAW in some time, let alone title match.

Match Two:
WWE Tag Team Championships

Foreign Powers(c)w/Tamina vs. The Usos

A short match that is mostly Santino battling off both of the Uso brothers. After a dodging a Body Splash from Jimmy, Santino tags in Kozlov for the first time in the match. Kozlov demolishes both brothers until he nails Jey down with a Big Boot for the win.

Winners and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Foreign Powers

Before the duo can celebrate for long, they are interrupted by four members of New Nexus. Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris, David Otunga, and Mason Ryan all stand united at the entrance way. All four share a single microphone demand to know why none of them were offered the title shot. The Nexus call Marella and Kozlov cowards and point out that Tamina is scared to give the cult-like group a shot at the belts. Getting his own microphone, Santino mentions that they have already beaten the Nexus more times then he can count. Santino proceeds to count using his fingers but runs out of fingers to count. He would count his toes if he could see past the boots. Wanting to prove their dominance, Nexus proceeds to walk down to the ring to beat up the champions but are stopped by the General Manager DING.

Michael Cole goes and reads the message that if the Nexus return to the locker room immediately, they will receive a title shot at Elimination Chamber; however only two of the four Nexus members will get title shots. The RAW General Manager decides to leave that choice up to Nexus leader CM Punk. The Nexus starts to back up deciding to accept the offer and go find their leader.

-----Cut to Backstage Hallway-----

Natalya is backstage leaning against a wall upset over being screwed out of her Divas Title and her chances to win it back all last week. Once again, her cousin DH Smith and her boyfriend Tyson Kidd try to console her but end up getting into a fight. Natalya separates them and says she is glad they showed up. At the Royal Rumble and RAW last week, she has gotten sick of them both trying to help her feel better but to end up arguing instead. Mentioning that she has been emailing the RAW General Manager, she has been able to organize a match with Smith facing off with Kidd next week. 'The Anvilette' leaves with the former friends and tag champions staring the other down.

-----Cut to the Backstage Interview Area-----

John Morrison is being interviewed by Todd Grisham. Upset over his lost, Morrison is disappointed in himself for still failing to prove to himself that he deserves to live up to his dream and become a WWE Champion. Refusing to give up on his dream, Morrison promises that by the end of the night he will find a way to prove to not only himself, but any others that fail to believe in 'The Monday Night Delight.'

Similar to last week, Morrison leaves his interview and finds himself standing with the WWE Champion The Miz and his protege Alex Riley. Miz continues to mock Morrison and how he will never become a champion like 'The Awesome One.' Again, Morrison points out that Miz has never picked up a clean victory over either himself, Randy Orton, or even Jerry 'The King' Lawler. Morrison continues saying that Miz doesn't deserve the title, because he has yet to prove that he is a true champion. Before Miz walks away and points out he is in fact awesome, he tells Morrison that all that matters is that the Miz is the one holding the title and no one else is.

-----Cut to Ringside-----

Match Three:
Eve vs. Gail Kim w/US Champ Daniel Bryan

A short match but is not given very much time to run. Before either Diva is given a chance to build up any momentum, the Bella Twins attack both Eve and Kim.

Wnner: No Contest

Daniel Bryan rolls into the ring and seperates the twins from Kim and Eve. Nikki gets a microphone and says its time to Bryan to live up to their bet. Gail Kim looks at her boyfriend confused, not knowing about the bet made last week. Taking the mic next, Brie informs Kim that the twins made a bet with Bryan last week. If Bryan won his match, the twins would leave him and Kim alone. Since Bryan lost, the twins can now choose when and whom the United States Champion will defend against next.

Before either twin can announce who and when, 'The Celtic Warrior' Sheamus, the man who beat Bryan last week, comes and attacks the US Champion. Hitting a Bro Kick followed by a Celtic Curse, Sheamus stands over Bryan who is laid out in the ring. Eve rolled out to safety, while Sheamus pushed Kim out of the ring. Lifting Bryan up, Sheamus hits the High Cross! Rolling out of the ring, Sheamus allows Eve and Kim to check on the US Champion. The Bellas catch up with Sheamus and walk to the back with him.

-----Cut to Elimination Chamber Advertisement-----

Elimination Chamber Match where the winner gets a World Title Shot at Wrestlemania 27. RAW's John Cena, Randy Orton, and CM Punk versus Smackdown's Rey Mysterio, Wade Barrett, and one more to be named, will battle it out to cement their legacy at this years Wrestlemania.

-----Cut to Backstage Interview Area-----

Sheamus is standing by with the Bella Twins as Todd Grisham performs the interview. The twins point out that they chose Sheamus to be the next United States Title contender and the match will take place at Elimination Chamber next week. Sheamus thanks the twins for the opportunity and after much thought accepted the offer. If he can't cement his WWE Title Match for Wrestlemania, he will instead take Bryan''s title instead. Before leaving, Sheamus hopes Bryan feels better.

-----Cut to Nexus Locker Room-----

CM Punk's four minions are all badgering him over who should get the tag title shots next week at Elimination Chamber. Ultimately, they will have to prove who deserves it between them. Punk points out that Otunga and Ryan have a head start with them having a tag match with his Chamber mates, Orton and Cena, later tonight, especially if they do it on their own. If Otunga and Ryan lose, Punk points out that Husky and Michael will be in the running.

-----Cut to Backstage Hallway-----

Ted DiBiase and Maryse are arguing over DiBiase's lack of successful and attention as of late. The brief argument ends with DiBiase walking away telling the French Canadian that 'The Millionaire's Son' will make an impact right now.

-----Cut to Ringside-----

Match Four:
Ted DiBiase vs. R-Truth

A competitive, though short match due to time constraints, DiBiase pulls off the win with interference from Maryse, after she came running down.

Winner: Ted DiBiase

DiBiase and Maryse walk to the back as a lovely couple. Just as they get to the back, it seems as though Maryse said something that makes DiBiase walk off without her.

-----Cut to Announcer's Table-----

Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, and Jerry 'The King' Lawler do a quick run down of the Elimination Chamber Card so far. Next, they talk about the upcoming tag match with Cena and Orton against Otunga and Ryan. A win for the Nexus team will give them a title shot probably next week at the pay-per-view.

-----Cut to Elimination Chamber Advertisement-----

WWE Champion The Miz will defend against former friend and tag partner John Morrison. Which man will prove who deserves to be in The Main Event?

-----Cut to Ringside-----

Match Five:
John Cena and Randy Orton vs. New Nexus' David Otunga and Mason Ryan

Unfortunately, similar to Cena's match last week with McGillicutty, this match has its interferences. First Alex Riley and The Miz get involved attacking Orton and Cena while the referee is out cold due to a misplaced closeline from Otunga. John Morrison and surprisingly Jerry Lawler stop the Miz and Riley. Michael Cole then gives his hand at interfering. Before he can sneak up on Orton, 'The Viper' turns around and catches the man he has been chasing for two weeks now. Cole run and tries hiding underneath the announcer's table, and is saved by Mason Ryan who attacks Orton from behind. The match comes to an end as Orton his Ryan with a RKO and Cena hits Otunga with a FU. Cena pins Otunga for the win.

Winners: John Cena and Randy Orton

With Miz and Riley hiding upon the entrance ramp, John Morrison grabs a microphone and enters the ring. Morrison says that both Orton and Cena represent the WWE right now. Both of them are former Tag Team Champions. Both are either former Intercontinental or United States Champions. Both are also former WWE and World Heavyweight Champions. They both have done something Morrison hasn't yet, become a World Champion. Though Morrison has his chance next week at Elimination Chamber, he wants to compete in a World Championship level again next week on RAW like he did this week. Right here, right now, John Morrison challenges the man who picked up the win in the tag match tonight, John Cena. After listening to the cheering audience (for Morrison), Cena ACCEPTS the challenge for next week. The show goes to an end as Cena shakes hands with Morrison and Orton stares down at the announcer's table where Michael Cole is hiding.

The End
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