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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Raw Review

Oh baby it's been forever since I've done one these but I finally got all caught up with what's going on. Trust me there was a lot to catch up on. No Mercy was a great show and let's see how this Raw was.

Starting off with the Miz is an interesting route, I can see why you went with it. He's invovled in a major storyline with Shawn Michael that was just added to the night before and he was going to adress the crowd before his match anyway so why not have it kick the show. I'm a little suprised it wasn't something about the Undertaker considering it's big return to Raw, but I actaully like this considering Miz was just active last night with his storyline. What he said was all very good. I like the way you use Slater basically as a bitchier Alex Riley.

The match had some very good action. There was obviously no doubt the Miz was winning this match. I'm a little sad that both Morrison and Kofi are just being used as jobbers at this point. They're both very talented and looked to have some potential in this thread and now they're just jobbers that crowd likes and wll be sad when they lose.

The DiBiase-Bischoff interaction was fantastic. I absolutely love Bischoff's charcater in this thread. The high mighty badass guy that runs the show and puts up with no shit from no one. Huge Huge Main event. Trips for the Undertaker, I know theres no chance and hell at a clean finish but it still should be fantastic.

I honestly have never been interested in Raw's womens division in your thread. Like I forgot Melina was champ. Let's just move on.

Batista and Stephanie...the Romance angle is brewing...It's obviously going to add to the tension between Dave and Hunter(which you held out on their actual match for so long I feel like we might see you pull the trigger on that WWE Title Match at Wrestlemania). Anyway what Orton said was good even though I doubt it holds true and eventaully he gonna cost Dave. It seems logical that DiBiase would go over

Mystico versus Shannon Moore. It feels like a filler match honestly but this card is so huge it honestly doesn't fillers. I like how seriously youre taking your tag division. I'm sure part of it is to push your rookies (great idea btw) but this is probably the most credible tag division in Btw right now. Very Very nice. Mystico picking up the win a fast paced was a given. Glad he didn't go over Hardy or Helms though. This is clearly what Moore is here to do, job their opponents. And he did a great job.

Matches Matches Matches. Obviously this one didn't start but still. Sheamus was obviously going to get his on Carlito. It should be a good IC title fued. I like how Carlito is a face while maintaining his heelish ways, I like it I really do despite not partically caring about either of these men in real life.

DiBiase and Zeke are my favorite rookie pairing basically because Zeke works perfectly as DiBiase's bodygaurd. I'm shocked. Batista and Orton weren't best buds but they still won, Zeke got beat. I think Orton walking on Batista while DiBiase and Zeke beat him 2-on-1 would've been better. I just didn't like the way this was booked.

Triple H interview. It was short sweet and got it's point across. Not much else to say

The McMahons promo was all good and all. It was well written you booked everyone great. It's just honestly not a feud I care about anymore. Ever since Evolution stopped fighting the Corp I just haven't cared about them. Even a match as huge as that Hell in a Cell match. I just do not care. I don't care who wins, I just want it to be over. You booked yourself into a corner where the story is so big you can't just cut it, but damn it's just not something I'm interested in.

Again big props on the tag team division another great match. Daniels and Kaval are getting the belts, I can feel it. Hopefully you throw them against Rey and Mystico but that match would be epic.

The main event was great while it last, the ending with DiBiase made sense. Triple H just smiles and watches being the badass that he is. DiBiase despite going no where in real life has been great in this thread and this feud with Undertaker has major potential. Keep it up.

Great show. Raw has been amazing as of late. When I first starting reading this, Smackdown was great and Raw was just eh. Now it Raw is beyond words great and Smackdown is still solid. Keep up the great work, looking foward to Smackdown.

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