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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry for not getting around to dishing out feedback. I had intended on doing that early in the week, but other shit got in the way. I'll be back on Sunday, and hopefully I'll put my ass into gear then.

Monday Night Raw | July 2 2007 | Phoenix AZ

Opening Video


Jim Ross: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we are LIVE from the home base of next years WrestleMania, deep in the heart of Arizona in Phoenix, and tonight, Monday Night Raw is STACKED!!! A triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship is on the horizon. Tonight, Christian defends his title against Kurt Angle and Mister Kennedy-

The Coach: And we’re gonna be crowning a new champ, baby boy!!! Christian has pushed his luck for long enough, tonight, it runs out!!!

Jim Ross: Christian may not admit it, but another thing he MUST be worrying about now, is the fact that Umaga - the undefeated Samoan savage - is waiting in the wings with that Money in the Bank briefcase!! He could strike at literally any minute!!! Also tonight, an ECW Rules match, pitting Rhyno against Rey Mysterio in a Vengeance rematch, and of course, the World Tag Team Titles are on the line, when Straight Edge look to win back the titles they lost two weeks ago to MNM!!

The Coach: MNM are the champs old timer - and it’s gonna stay that way!!!


John Cena enters the stage, getting a decent reaction, but as ever, there is a lot of hate for the polarizing figure.

The Coach: I’ve forgotten this guys name J.R!!! What was it?? Uh…

Jim Ross: He’s John Cena, Coach, and you damn well know it!!

The Coach: No, honestly, I’d forgotten. This guy has become so much of an afterthought lately, I’d forgotten his name!!

Cena makes his way to the ring, slapping hands with a few fans, and enters the ring, saluting the audience again, as the music dies down, and the former World Champion is handed a mic.

John Cena: YO!!! It’s gettin’ HAWT in Arizona TONIGHT!!!

Cheap pop / Heat. Cena smirks at the split reaction, and nods, before speaking again.

John Cena: And what a night it’s gonna be, huh!? Y’got the tag team titles on the line, an ECW Rules match … and the big one … the richest prize in the game, THE World Heavyweight Championship up for grabs!!!

Pop. Cena smiles, nodding … but the smile fades.

John Cena: And I aint involved.

Heat from the fans … but there are cheers too.

John Cena: I aint used to being outta the picture for so long. I lost the title at WrestleMania Twenty Three, and I still aint got my rematch. Now … right now, I aint been doin a whole lot to earn a rematch. Hell, I lost three matches in the space of eight days last week. I tapped out to Kurt Angle at Vengeance.

Ironic pop from some sections of the fans, and a faint “YOU TAPPED OUT” chant from a few corners.

John Cena: Right now … yeah, I’m down. I’m down more than I’ve been ever since I started in this company. I aint used to watchin from the sidelines … and I aint prepared to stay on the sidelines for long either.

Cheer from the pro-Cena fans.

John Cena: Startin TONIGHT, here in Phoenix-

Cheap pop.

John Cena: I am PLEDGING to all my fans, and all the haters too, that Imma do ANYTHING … AND EVERYTHING to get back in that title hunt. Imma beat ANYONE … AND EVERYONE that is thrown in my path to earn my rematch … and …

Cena pauses. He looks around the arena, with a few fans building with cheers, before he defiantly speaks up again.

John Cena: I’m sure you all know WrestleMania Twenty Four is bein held right here in Arizona?? Yeah??

Big pop from the excited fans.

John Cena: Well … here’s my promise, to you. Whether you like me, love me, or hate me, I am making a promise to every single one o’ ya. Come March 28, 2008 … I, John Cena, will march into the Cardinals Stadium in Glendale, WrestleMania 24 … AS WORLD … HEAVYWEIGHT … CHAMPION!!!

Massively mixed response to Cenas ‘pledge’.

John Cena: I made a promise last month that I didn’t keep. Well now, I guarantee you all … this time … I … WILL … DELIVER!!!

Voice: That’s rather optimistic, don’t you think??

And suddenly, Cenas attention is averted to the stage … where ERIC BISCHOFF waltzes out, looking smug, as he makes his way down the aisle.

Eric Bischoff: I mean … who’s to say you’ll even get a shot at the World Heavyweight Title before WrestleMania??

Still grinning, Bischoff strides to the ring, climbing the steps, as Cena watches, looking far from impressed.

Eric Bischoff: You see Cena, as you pointed out yourself … you haven’t done a lot to earn your rematch for the title you lost at WrestleMania 23.

Bischoff steps in between the ropes, still smugly smiling.

Eric Bischoff: As a matter of fact Cena, you’re at the very bottom of the pecking order.

Heat. Cena looks unhappy, but nods.

Eric Bischoff: THAT … is how far you’ve fallen recently.

Bischoff smiles, a toothy smile, raising the ire of Cena.

John Cena: If I wanted a parrot, Eric, I’d buy one.

Decent pop.

John Cena: You’ve pretty much just repeated EVERYTHING I said three minutes ago. But, as for me working my way to a shot at the world title before WrestleMania?? Trust me … believe me Eric … whether you wanna gimme it or not … I am gonna make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to pass me up for a shot at the title. I am gonna win match after match, after match. Everyone you line up, IMMA KNOCK ‘EM DOWN … ONE … BY … ONE!!!

Pop for Cena again. Cena then steps into the face of Bischoff, full of intensity.

John Cena: And you will have no other option … but to give me a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship … and when you do, Eric?? For the fourth time, I WILL BE CROWNED … WORLD … HEAVYWEIGHT … CHAMPION!!!

Big pop … but the boos resurface for Cena after that proclamation. Bischoff meanwhile, smirks all along, as he prepares to speak again.

Eric Bischoff: Well … how do I respond to that, huh?? Listen, Cena, I don’t have all night to respond to some of those claims … but lets just say there is ONE thing you and I can agree on. And that is the fact that you are going to have to earn your shot the hard way.

Mixed response.

Eric Bischoff: You’re gonna have to beat everyone that I throw in your path, and you’re going to work your way up from the bottom … the very bottom. And that journey starts … not tonight-


Eric Bischoff: BUT RIGHT NOW!!!

Big pop.

Eric Bischoff: And allow me to introduce you to your opponent tonight. Ladies and Gentlemen, give this man a warm welcome. Making his Monday Night Raw debut, he hails from RIGHT HERE in Phoenix-

Cheap pop.

Eric Bischoff: He’s a former NFL and to a lesser extent XFL linebacker … he stands Six Feet, four inches tall, and weighs Two Hundred and Seventy pounds … without further ado, I present to you … RICH … YOUNG!!!

No music plays, as RICH YOUNG (known as Ricky Ortiz during his WWECW run) enters the arena to little fanfare, even after being billed from Phoenix. Looking less than pleased with his ‘challenge’ Cena gives Bischoff a piece of his mind before Eric exit’s the ring. Cena rips his t-shirt off in the ring, getting ready, despite not being enamoured with his no-name opponent.

Young, with a happy, excited look on his face, salutes the audience, and hops onto the apron, quickly stepping between the ropes, ahead of his big debut / try out on Raw.

Match 1:
John Cena vs. Rich Young
Despite looking imposing, Rich Young proves to be no match for Cena. After winning an initial lock up, it’s all downhill for the smiling newcomer, as Cena quickly overpowers him, then after a knock down, follows up with a running shoulder. No messing from Cena tonight, as he quickly drags Young back up, delivering the Blue thunder bomb. The Five Knuckle Shuffle (preceded by the ‘You Cant See Me’ taunt) follows, and Young is unable to prevent an elementary FU. It’s over, but Cena isn’t done yet … and turns Young over, applying the STFU … and the tap out from Rich Young is almost instantaneous.
Winner: John Cena @ 01:39

It’s not a huge win, but Cena finally gets back on the winning trail. Rich Young rolls right out of the ring … and back to DSW too (and unlikely to resurface again), whilst we see the smiling face of Eric Bischoff at the top of the ramp, clapping the performance of Cena this evening.

The Coach: Well … that proved nothing.

Jim Ross: It’s insulting if you ask me, Coach. John Cena shouldn’t have to be subjected to this. No disrespect to Rich Young; he’s a kid with a big upside, but he is nowhere near ready for this level of competition. John Cena wants to earn his way back into title contention, but he shouldn’t have to start at the very bottom.

The Coach: Yeah he should, old timer. Take those rose tinted glasses off!! It’s not 2005 anymore. John Cena doesn’t have a divine right to get title shots!!

Jim Ross: Apparently Eric Bischoff agrees. However, two men that WILL get their title shots tonight are Mister Kennedy and Kurt Angle!! A triple threat match - TONIGHT - for the World Heavyweight Championship!!

The Coach: And comin’ up next baby boy. Your boys versus my boys. Plain old boring Straight Edge taking on the A-Listers, MNM!! Nitro and Mercury are gonna end this saga once and for all!!

Commercial Break

As we return, CM Punk and Greg Helms are already on their way to the ring…

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, and we are getting set to determine the World Tag Team Championships in just a moment. And, if you missed it, let’s bring you all back up to speed on how MNM regained the titles they lost at WrestleMania. Firstly, The British Lions had been set to challenge Straight Edge for the tag team titles, but after being found unconscious, MNM stepped in to replace the would-be challengers.

The Coach: And they won the titles. The end.

Jim Ross: Far from it, Coach. After MNM’s so called ‘Entourage’ provided a distraction, Mercury and Nitro snuck in through the back door to steal the titles back. Not only that, but brazenly, MNM admitted that they were behind the attack on Burchill and Smith.

The Coach: A foolproof plan. The end.

Jim Ross: Well, it doesn’t end there, Coach. Tonight, MNM are gonna have to ‘pay the piper’. They’ll have to face Straight Edge, with the titles on the line, and don’t expect Punk and Helms to fall prey to any shenanigans tonight!!

The Coach: THEY WONT HAVE TO!!! My boys, MNM, are gonna prove, once and for all, that THEY are the number one team on Raw!!


The red carpet is rolled out, and MNM - the REAL MNM - enter, minus the still MIA Melina, and their recently added ‘Entourage’. Nitro and Mercury strut down the aisle, looking confident … but STRAIGHT EDGE ARENT WAITING!!!

Punk and Helms meet Mercury and Nitro with the champions unable to even get a chance to take off their fur coats. The challengers hammer MNM down the ramp, to the ring, with Helms throwing Nitro into the ring, officially beginning the match, whilst Punk sends Mercury into the ring post!!!

MNM vs. Straight Edge
It’s ALL Straight Edge in the early going, with Nitro unable to muster enough offence to make a tag - and would have no one to tag in anyway with Mercury incapacitated - and barely hanging in with Helms and Punk, with the challengers firing on all cylinders, wanting to win back the titles in double quick time. Somehow, Nitro weathers the storm, and manages to turn the tables, drawing Punk into the corner, and raking the eyes, slowing the Straight Edge superstar down. Nitro tries to make the most of the opening, placing knees to the gut and chest area, whilst hammering the back too, before making a tag to - a now freshened - Mercury.

MNM now begin to take over, with the champions keeping Punk isolated from Helms, and swiftly tagging in and out of the ring. Despite having the upper hand though, the champions still resort to the cheap tactics - seemingly out of habit - increasing Punks dilemma. Punk is able to kick out of a double suplex from MNM, but needs the help of his partner to break the count when Mercury executes a DDT for a near fall. Then just as it seems the Chicago born star is building up offence, Nitro - from the apron - delivers a sly knee to the back of Punk as he hit’s the ropes, allowing Mercury to swoop in, and nail a swinging neck breaker … 1...2...NO!!!

The champions continue to dominate, with Helms cutting a frustrated figure on the apron - helplessly watching on - with MNM like a well oiled machine. Nitro is tagged back in, and he perches himself on the middle buckle, with Mercury holding Punk up, giving Nitro the chance to attempt an axe handle - BUT PUNK SLIPS FROM MERCURYS GRASP … AND NITRO CLATTERS HIS PARTNER!!! Nitro’s mouth opens wide from shock, with Punk wasting no time, blasting Mercury with a roundhouse kick, sending him through the ropes!!! Nitro now races in, but Punk ducks down again, low bridging the ropes, with Nitro tumbling out of the ring onto his partner!!!

In the ring, Punk is fired up, and feeds off the fans, then tags in Helms, with the duo nodding in unison … AND RACING ACROSS THE RING … WITH A DOUBLE SUICIDE DIVE THROUGH THE ROPES!!! The fans come alive, as all four men remain motionless on the outside, as the show heads into a break…

Commercial Break

And, back live, the momentum has once again shifted to the challengers, with the high risk suicide dive paying dividends for Straight Edge!! Helms has Nitro trapped in a side headlock, but is unable to keep it locked on. He does though, knock Nitro back down, keeping him trapped as he tags in Punk, with Punk hopping onto the ropes, flying off with a clothesline on Nitro, and making a cover, 1...2...BROKEN BY MERCURY!!! In a rage, Helms enters the ring, chasing Mercury back out, just missing the champion by a whisker. Of course, Greg is admonished by the official, but whilst this happens, Punk sends Nitro to the corner, racing in with a running knee … AND LOOKS TO EXIT WITH A BULLDOG … BUT MERCURY RACES ACROSS THE APRON AND PULLS PUNK DOWN BY THE HAIR!!!

Punk lands badly on the canvas, and Nitro - after taking a couple of seconds to regain his composure - drops down, looking for a jack knife cover … 1...2...NO!!! Punk kicks out, with Nitro fuming!! Nitro gets up, quickly tagging Mercury, and the pair send Punk off the ropes … BUT PUNK REBOUNDS … WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!! Both members of MNM are down, and Helms drags Nitro out of the ring, as Punk sizes Mercury up … AND SCORES WITH THE SHINING WIZARD!!! The cover is made … 1...2...NOOOO!!!!! Punk cant believe it!!! He looks up in shock at the referee, holding up three fingers, but Jack Doan vehemently shakes his head, saying two.

Punk gets back to his feet, and tags Helms back in, with Greg looking to put the finishing touches to the contest, dragging Mercury up, and into position for the Nightmare on Helms Street … BUT NITRO TRIES TO PREVENT IT … ONLY FOR PUNK TO TACKLE HIM DOWN!!! HELMS NAILS IT!!! He hooks the leg … 1...2...THE REFEREE HAS BEEN DRAGGED OUT OF THE RING!!!

BY THE ENTOURAGE!!! Nitro and Mercurys buddies - yet to be identified - come to their aid, with Helms absolutely astounded. He slaps his hands three times to indicate the match should be over, looking to the outside where Doan is telling off the two long haired men … BUT PUNK HAS HAD ENOUGH!!! CM Punk leaps off the apron, onto MNM’s Entourage!!! In the ring, Helms is too distracted by what’s going on outside … and doesn’t see MELINA - from the opposite side of the ring - sliding a title belt towards Nitro!!! Melina ducks down, hiding behind the steps, as Helms eventually turns, and looks to drag Mercury - the legal man still - to his feet, with Nitro playing dead on his front in the corner.

As Helms gets Mercury to his feet though, Nitro bounces up … AND CREAMS HELMS WITH THE TITLE BELT!!! Greg goes down, as Nitro places Mercury on top of the legal opponent, before exiting the ring himself - throwing the title belt away too - and clubs Punk from behind as he continues to attack the Entourage … whilst Jack Doan spots the cover in the ring, and slides back inside to make the count … 1...2...3!!!
Winners: And STILL World Tag Team Champions - MNM @ 15:58

MNM steal it - AGAIN!!! They still cant defeat Straight Edge cleanly!! On the outside, it’s 3 on 1, with Punk taking a beating, whilst Mercury rolls off Helms, with Melina - making her first appearance since Vengeance - hugs him in victory.

Jim Ross: I am truly speechless folks. I c-

The Coach: SO AM I!!! MNM are without a doubt the cream of the crop!!! And finally, you’ve saw the light!!

Jim Ross: I’ve seen no such thing!! MNM have stolen the victory yet again, over their greatest rivals!! Mercury and Nitro KNOW that they cannot beat Straight Edge one on one!! They need help, they need to cheat, they have to stoop to any, and all levels to beat Helms and Punk!!!

The Coach: Winning is winning, old timer. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you do it - THAT’S what counts!!

Jim Ross: There’s no honour in winning like that, Coach. MNM have no right to celebrate this victory. You know it, and I know it, MNM cant beat Straight Edge!!

The Coach: No honour?? Who cares about honour??!! This is about championship gold!! And MNM are the ones leaving here with the belts!!

On the outside, the beating on Punk continues - 3 on 1 - with Mercury joining to make it four, all getting their kicks in on CM Punk, with Helms still out cold in the ring, whilst Melina laughs as she watches on … but the fans jeers soon turn to cheers …


Melina soon spots the commotion … and quickly wails at MNM & The Entourage, as Burchill and Smith - out for revenge - race toward ringside … but JUST miss the champions and their buddies, as the foursome (with Melina) escape through the crowd!!! Smith and Burchill - joined by Katie Lea - kick the barricade out of sheer frustration, wanting to get their hands on the team that cost them their shot at the titles - two straight nights two weeks ago.


The Coach: And they’ll have to wait in line!!! They missed their shot two weeks ago, they cant just get another like that!!! They’re not even supposed to be here!!!

Jim Ross: It’s a good thing Burchill and Smith turned up when they did, Coach … otherwise, God only knows what would’ve happened to CM Punk with that sickening gang attack!!!

Burchill and Smith help Punk to his feet on the outside, with Helms now joining the three men on the outside, as the four all shake their heads as they discuss MNM, pointing into the crowd too, with all four men having plenty of grievances with the tag team champions.

Jim Ross: MNM cant run forever, Coach. Sooner or later, they’ll have to answer for their actions. And by Gawd, they’ll have a severe price to pay when it happens!!

Commercial Break

An image of the sun rising, getting brighter and brighter…


Clips of John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Christian, The Brian Kendrick, Straight Edge, & Randy Orton


Clips of Kurt Angle, M.V.P, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Mister Kennedy & Edge


Clips of some of the landmark sights in each continent.




The Summerslam logos from the years gone by.


A sight of the globe, which zooms in … toward Europe … toward the UK … toward England … and into London … zooming in still …


And hurtles toward Wembley Stadium.


Differing angles of the new Wembley, including a sight at the arc.


Clips of WWE stars in action, interspersed with clips of fans going wild.


More fast clips of the WWE superstars in action, with fans reactions, including sights of London too.



We return to the ring, where CODY RHODES is standing, waiting to speak … with his brother, DUSTIN, standing behind him…

Cody Rhodes: It is my pleasure to introduce to you all, my brother, Dustin Rhodes.

Rhodes smiles, and turns, allowing Dustin - who doesn’t look comfortable or happy with the situation - but steps forward, giving a half hearted wave; to heat.

Cody Rhodes: Finally, I can look at this man, and not be ashamed to call him family. For those of you that don’t know, or hadn’t realised, for years, Dustin has been otherwise known, as Goldust.

Mixed reaction, albeit only a small reaction in general.

Cody Rhodes: And for years, Dustin caused me embarrassment to no end. He gallivanted as some homoerotic freak, with a face painted gold, caressing himself … making a mockery - not only of himself - but me too.

Cody looks over at his elder brother, showing his disgust at his brothers former antics.

Cody Rhodes: But now, Dustin has seen the error of his ways. Dustin realised that he had been little more than a laughing stock for the past decade. Isn’t that right, Dustin??

With a cocky swagger, Cody turns to his brother, looking for a response. Less than enthusiastically, Dustin nods in agreement.

Cody Rhodes: Yes. And beginning tonight, your rehabilitation can finally begin. Tonight, you can begin to help make the ‘Rhodes’ family name mean something more … than laughing stock.

Heat for Cody.

Cody Rhodes: Which is why I went to Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff earlier today and requested a specific opponent tonight.

Cody turns again to address Dustin.

Cody Rhodes: Remember when you attempted to guide me towards the 2007 King of the Ring crown??

Dustin nods.

Cody Rhodes: Do you remember who my opponent was in the opening round??

Again, Codys elder brother nods.

Cody Rhodes: Well, in order to show you just how far I’ve come … I’ve requested a match tonight with that very man … Umaga.

Cody oddly smirks, and turns, looking up the aisle…


Led out by Armando Alejandro Estrada, Mister Money in the Bank Umaga strides onto the stage, looking ominous as ever.

Jim Ross: What the-? Am I the only one that isn’t following?? Has Cody Rhodes lost his mind??

The Coach: No one calls out Umaga!! He’s got a death wish!!

Still, the young Rhodes smiles, as he does a few stretches in the ring, waiting for Umaga to make it inside. Meanwhile, Dustin looks flabbergasted, getting in his brothers face, asking him if he’s crazy.

Jim Ross: Why is he smiling??

The Coach: I don’t know, but I’m starting to wonder if being freaks runs in this goofball family.

Umaga steps onto the apron, with the smiling Estrada circling ringside, holding the briefcase proudly. As Umaga steps inside though … Cody HOPS OUT!!

Dustin spins around, looking confused, raising his arms, as Cody talks over the music, which begins to fade out.

Cody Rhodes: Well … what are you waiting for, Dustin??

Dustins eyes narrow, as he begins to realise that the match wasn’t for Cody … it was for him. Dustin points to his clothes, as if to say he isn’t dressed to compete.

Cody Rhodes: Oh Dustin, come on. Isn’t it your job to protect me?? Isn’t that what you said last week??

Cody cockily smiles again.

Cody Rhodes: Surely you wouldn’t want to see your little brother put his promising career at risk against someone like Umaga??

Dustin doesn’t respond initially, before begrudgingly acknowledging the sentiment. Outside, Cody looks pleased, and responds.

Cody Rhodes: That’s more like it. Oh, and … good luck.

Cody hands the mic off, as Dustin slowly turns around … to face the undefeated Samoan Bulldozer…

Match 3:
Dustin Rhodes w/Cody Rhodes vs. Umaga w/Armando Estrada
Dustin doesn’t stand a chance. Umaga dominates - as usual - from bell to bell, and Cody watches the entire thing - with a smile on his face - as Dustin takes a savage beating from Mr. Money in the Bank. Rhodes right hands to Umaga have no effect, and a crunching clothesline from the savage spells doom. With Dustin already woozy, Umaga rips the veterans shirt to pieces, and almost gets himself disqualified by choking him with the tattered clothes. The Samoan Bulldozer runs through his offence like clockwork, before finally putting the veteran out of his misery, with the Samoan Spike … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Umaga @ 02:42

It’s an eerily similar sight. Umaga standing victorious, side by side with Armando Estrada, who holds the ominous briefcase. Dustin Rhodes on the other hand is like road kill.

Jim Ross: He still hasn’t been pinned. I doubt he’d even know how to submit. Umaga remains to be an enigma that no one can solve - or even trouble. And the only man that came close - Shawn Michaels - may never wrestle again!! Is it simply a matter of time before the Samoan Bulldozer is crowned World Heavyweight Champion??

The Coach: Of course it is. He’s got Christian running scared, J.R!! Did you not see the look on the champions face last week??

Jim Ross: Indeed I did. Armando Estrada is enjoying the mind games with Christian, that’s for sure. But Coach, as we both know, by the end of this night, that may not be a problem for Christian any more. It could well be something for Kurt Angle or Mister Kennedy to worry about.

The Coach: It will. Christian’s scared, J.R. He’ll gladly lose the title tonight to avoid having to face the wrath of the Samoan Bulldozer!!

We see Cody Rhodes step back inside the ring now, with Umaga and Estrada leaving, and stands over the broken body of his brother. After a brief stare down at the writhing figure, Cody shakes his head in disgust, before heading to the ropes, and stepping out of the ring, leaving his older brother to pick himself up from the canvas.

Jim Ross: That’s simply insulting. That young man should have more respect for his brother!!

The Coach: Dustins a loser!! Why the hell would Cody want to have anything to do with him??!!

Jim Ross: After what Cody has said and done to Dustin in recent weeks, I cant fathom why Dustin Rhodes would even want to help his younger brother succeed in the WWE!! WHY!!??

The Coach: Probably because he’s an old glory hog.

In the ring, Dustin begins to move, turning onto his stomach, and looking out of the ring, at the disgusted figure of his brother, who continues up the aisle.

Commercial Break


~ 1999 ~




Backstage, Matt Striker is standing by with KURT ANGLE!!

Matt Striker: Well, Kurt Angle, we just witnessed a title change in a triple threat match from Summerslam past. My question to you is; Will we see such a moment tonight in the triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship??

Angle rolls his eyes.

Kurt Angle: What do you think I’m going to say, Matt?? No?? As far as I’m concerned Matt, this should’ve happened months ago. I should’ve been the number one contender at Backlash. I should’ve won the Beat The Clock challenge and faced Christian at Vengeance. And for what it’s worth, after I made John Cena TAP at Vengeance … tonight’s match should be one on one between myself and Christian.

The Olympian pauses.

Kurt Angle: But I digress. It is what it is. Kennedy wormed his way back into the picture, but he’s just a small obstacle in my path. Tonight, I WILL do something that should’ve happened months ago. I don’t care if it’s Christian or Kennedy … ONE OF THEM … WILL … TAP!!!


Kurt Angle: And how fitting, Matt, for a true, genuine, American Hero to win his EIGHTH World Title just two days before Independence Day. And next week, I can hold the biggest celebration party of all time when I return home to Pittsburgh PA!!

More boos in the background.

Kurt Angle: If it were anyone else, Matt … I’d call it fate. But I don’t believe in fate … I don’t need it. You’re looking at the next World Heavyweight Champion. It’s true.

Angle turns from the camera, and glares into the eyes of Striker.

Kurt Angle: It’s … damn … true.

Kurt turns away from Matt again, and stares directly into the camera … as we fade.

Back into the arena…


Rhyno furiously rushes onto the stage, in a hurry to get to the ring, in order to get his hands on Rey Mysterio, as they get set for their Vengeance rematch.

Jim Ross: Well, we are getting set for this Vengeance rematch folks. And frankly, Rhynos obsession with Rey Mysterio is a little disturbing to say- HEY- WAIT!!!


The Coach: HEY!!! THAT’S NOT FAIR!!!

Rey repeatedly bashes the stick across the back of Rhyno, who writhes and rolls down the aisle.

Jim Ross: Turnabout’s fair play, Coach!! Rhyno has been making Mysterios life a living hell for weeks with sneak attacks and ambushes!!! It’s ECW Rules tonight!!!

The Coach: WHY CANT PEOPLE WAIT FOR THE DAMN BELL!!! Straight Edge earlier, and now this runt!! Anyway to get ahead!!

Mysterio continues to beat the shit out of Rhyno with the cane, and the Man Beast struggles to get to his feet, resting up against the steps. Rey attempts another whack with the cane, but Rhyno avoids it, and Rey smashes it off the steps, with the big man using the opportunity to roll into the ring. Rey is in hot pursuit though, and enters behind Rhyno, but the Man Beast instantly drops an elbow, ending the quick burst from the diminutive luchador.

Match 4 | ECW RULES:
Rhyno vs. Rey Mysterio
Now in the drivers seat, Rhyno continuously drops his elbow on Rey, keeping his rival down long enough for the Man Beast to pick up the Singapore cane, and wear out Rey with smack after smack, across the back, lighting the masked superstars back into a bright red. In a fit of rage, Rhyno throws the cane out of the ring, before roughhousing Mysterio back to his feet, throwing him into the corner, and driving his shoulder into the gut of Rey, over and over, driving the wind out of his opponent.

Rhyno then sends Rey across the ring to the corner, and sprints in behind … BUT REY KICKS HIM AWAY!!! Rhyno wheels away, staggered by the kick, as Rey follows up, with a dropkick to the back, sending the Man Beast into the ropes … AND LOOKS FOR THE 619 … BUT RHYNO AVOIDS IT!! The Man Beast ducks away, and slips out of the ring, sweeping the legs of Rey, whose face smashes into the apron, and slumps onto the floor. Rhyno stands over Mysterio, as J.R throws to a commercial…

Commercial Break

The show returns with Rey and Rhyno lost amidst a sea of fans, with the rowdy spectators adding to the atmosphere, as Rey holds his own against the bigger man, fighting back from each shot, with one of his own. Rey manages to reverse an attempted Irish Whip from Rhyno - AND SENDS THE MAN BEAST THROUGH THE SIDE DOORS!!! Rhyno bursts through the doors, and tumbles into the backstage area, falling into a wall, as Mysterio charges - AND THROWS HIMSELF AT RHYNO, CHARGING HIM INTO THE WALL!!! The flimsy (set up) wall smashes upon impact, with Rey and Rhyno collapsing onto the floor.

Both men are groggy after impact, but Rey is first to stir, and stumbles to his feet, kicking Rhyno in the chest as the Man Beast tries to sit up. Rey then tilts a wardrobe, TRYING TO DROP THE EQUIPMENT ONTO RHYNO … BUT RHYNO ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!!! Rhyno just about saves himself from disaster, and crawls through the hole in the wall, with Mysterio in hot pursuit. Rey grabs a baking tray as they enter the hallway, smashing it off the skull and back of his tormentor, keeping Rhyno on the deck, on his hands and knees. Mysterio continues to be the aggressor, hammering the back of his opponent with both hands, letting off as much steam as he possibly can.

Rhyno eventually gets to his feet, as they reach the interview area, with Rey toppling the background set onto the Man Beast, putting him back onto the floor, covering up to protect himself. Mysterio picks up a steel rod from the set, and swings to bash Rhyno … BUT RHYNO ROLLS AWAY!!! Mysterio misses with another swing, and the impact against the wall bends the steel rod in half. Rhyno is now up, and kicks the arm of Rey, forcing the rod to be dropped, and Rhyno RUNS THROUGH REY with a thunderous clothesline!!! The tables are turned, and Rhyno aggressively pulls Rey up, AND TOSSES HIM THROUGH A DOOR!!!

Mysterio is folded up like an accordion, but the vengeful Man Beast shows no remorse, grabbing him by the mask, and trailing the smaller man down the hallway, toward the gorilla position, and lawndarts Rey across a row of three tables, crashing through all kinds of bits and pieces, with Mysterio eventually landing back on the floor with a hard thud!! Still, Rhyno doesn’t let up, and slams Mysterio against a wall, before tossing him away, as they re-enter the arena, through the curtain, with Rey tumbling out, and Rhyno quickly picks him up, SLAMMING Rey onto the steel staging!!!


Rey writhes in agony, as Rhyno begins to toy with his prey, kicking his ribs, forcing the diminutive superstar to tumble down the ramp, toward the ring area. Rhyno follows closely behind, and hauls Mysterio up, RAMMING HIM BACK FIRST into the ring post, and then SLAMS him again onto the hard floor!!! The Man Beast rolls Mysterio into the ring, then takes a moment to look under the ring for some ‘toys’, pulling out a trash can, and lobbing it over the top rope, and then slides in a table, before walking around ringside, and grabbing a chair, throwing that instrument over the top, before hopping back onto the apron - ONLY FOR MYSTERIO TO DROPKICK HIM BACK OFF!!!

The Man Beast tumbles to the floor again, as Mysterio gains some momentum, racing off the ropes, and SENTONS OVER THE TOP … TAKING RHYNO DOWN AGAIN!!! The fans are on their feet, as Rey stumbles back to his feet quickly, planting Rhyno with a stiff kick, before making a beeline for under the ring, where he pulls out a STOP sign, and measures Rhyno - SMASHING IT OFF HIS FACE!!! Rey makes the first cover of the match, 1...2...NO!!! Rey now lies in wait, as Rhyno struggles to get up, spaghetti legged. Mysterio now charges again … BUT RHYNO DROP TOE HOLDS THE ONCOMING LUCHADOR - INTO THE STEEL POST!!! Rey sees his momentum dashed in an instant, as Rhyno clobbers him with a clothesline, before setting up his next invention.

Rhyno moves both sets of steps, to the middle of the floor at ringside, and has Rey seated on a chair, a little over five yards away, as the Man Beast takes a few steps back … THEN RUNS TO THE STEPS … LEAPING OFF … BUT MYSTERIO MOVES … RHYNO CRASHES AND BURNS DIRECTLY INTO THE STEEL CHAIR!!! Stolen directly from his match with Raven at Backlash in 2001, Rhyno AGAIN crashes and burns on the attempt!!! Meanwhile, Rey jumps onto the apron, then leaps to the ropes … MOONSAULTING BACK ONTO RHYNO … BUT IS CAUGHT … AND GETS SLAMMED ONTO THE MANGLED CHAIR!!! Rhyno decides to make a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Somehow Rey survives, but he isn’t out of the woods yet. The Man Beast drags his foe up, and throws him back into the ring, entering himself, stomping Rey to keep him down, before picking up the trash can, and standing over Rey, looking to enjoy the moment before destroying Rey … BUT MYSTERIO STOPS HIM WITH A KICK … TO THE NUTS!!! Rhyno reels away, dropping the trash can, selling the agony of the low blow, as the desperate Mysterio gets back up, grabbing the unused chair, and smashing his enemies back, forcing Rhyno to a knee, followed by another shot, putting Rhyno down on both knees … and a third shot to the back sends Rhyno forward … IN A PERFECT POSITION AT THE ROPES FOR A 619!!! Before he dials it up though, Rey grabs the trash can … SETTING IT OVER THE HEAD OF RHYNO!!! He then runs off the ropes, AND DELIVERS THE 619 TO THE TRASH CAN WEARING FACE OF RHYNO!!!!!

The fans explode, as Rey perches himself on the top rope … AND SPLASHES ONTO RHYNO!!! The cover, 1...2...RHYNO KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! The U.S Airways Centre is in shock!! Rey sits up, mouth wide open, as the official shows him the two fingers, to indicate the kick out. Rey picks himself back up now, and grabs the chair, placing it in the middle of the ring in a seated position. He kicks Rhyno as the last ever ECW Champion gets to his feet, and shoves him down onto the chair, pounding him to keep him seated. Rey then charges across the ring, off the ropes, coming back … AS RHYNO BOUNCES UP … AND SMASHES MYSTERIO THROUGH THE CHAIR WITH AN ALMIGHTY SPINEBUSTER!!!!! The Man Beast hooks the leg, 1...2...NO!!! WHAT???

Mysterio now shocks the fans, kicking out of a spine tingling spine buster - THROUGH A CHAIR!!! Rhyno is furious, and begins to wail, mercilessly at the masked man, right hand after right hand, over and over. Rhyno gets back up, and now picks the table up, setting it at an angle in the corner, as the fans begin to realise what’s coming next. The Man Beast now walks back around, setting himself in the opposite corner, as Mysterio struggles back up to his feet … and when he does … RHYNO STORMS ACROSS THE RING … GORE!!!!!!!!!! Rhyno GORES Mysterio, right through the table!!! ‘Holy Shit’ chants can be heard, as a worse for wear Rhyno drags the lifeless body of Mysterio by his legs out of the corner from the shards of wood … and hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Rhyno @ 12:51

The Man Beast gets the sweet victory he has craved since his return from injury!!! He defeats Rey in brutal fashion, as the fans fall silent, with Rhyno having his arm raised in victory.

Jim Ross: My Gawd, that was brutal, Coach!! Rhyno wins, but what has been taken out of these two men??

The Coach: I knew Rhyno would win, baby boy … but credit where it’s due, that little runt Mysterio is double tough!! In fact, I’d say he’s tougher than a two dollar steak!!!

Jim Ross: Indeed he is, but on this night, Mysterio couldn’t handle the hardcore expertise that Rhyno brings to the table. A brutal contest, and Mysterio should feel no shame in losing tonight.

The Coach: Yeah. Because he is a loser.

Rhyno leaves the ring now, still snarling - even in victory - as he proceeds up the aisle, whilst a trainer helps Mysterio sit up in the ring, trying to bring him back around, with fans cheering as a sign of admiration for the littlest big man, as we fade out.

Commercial Break

And, after clips from the ECW Rules match moments ago, with J.R and Coach narrating each big spot …

… The screen flickers … and static appears … before grainy footage begins to show, with a shaky, handheld camera effect taking over the picture, as it always does … for THE REALITY CHECK …

… Only this week … THE MIZ appears, sat in front of the camera … wearing a neck brace.

The Miz: Tonight is a very special edition of the ‘Reality Check’. As you may have noticed, tonight we haven’t planted a camera in a locker room, or the parking lot. Instead, here I am, at my condo … with a message. Last week, I was supposed to make my long awaited, in ring, Monday Night Raw debut.

Miz pauses.

The Miz: But thanks to a fit of jealous rage from John Cena, my highly anticipated debut has been put on hold, indefinitely.

Miz winces, and holds his neck momentarily, before continuing.

The Miz: I have been sat in this room for the last two weeks like an invalid, wearing this stupid neck brace-

He stops again sharply, wincing in pain, and grasping his neck again.

The Miz: But I wont be sat here forever. So, my legion of Miz-fits don’t need to worry. Because it will take a whole lot more than a thug like John Cena to FU me through a table to stop me from pursuing my hopes and dreams.

Miz chuckles.

The Miz: I’d also like to thank my fans for all the cards and e-mails I’ve received, wishing me well during my recovery. However, what I did notice … is that I didn’t receive one single card from ANY World Wrestling Entertainment employee. Not … one. Y’see, my ‘Reality Check’ hasn’t won me many friends it seems. My attempts to add some reality to the WWE hasn’t been appreciated by the old fuddy duddy’s that call the shots on Raw. As a matter of fact, they probably all thanked Cena for what he did to me two weeks ago. Even the guys that hate his guts.

He shakes his head, thinking about that prospect.

The Miz: “The Boys” don’t like me much, y’see. They seem to think I got a job because where I came from on MTV. Not because I put the hard work in to earn my contract. Since coming to Raw, I’ve been shunned, and treated like an outsider. And I guess they all thought that they would never lay eyes on me again after my ‘lesson’ at the hands of Cena. But guess what guys??

The reality star narrows his eyebrows, trying his best to look serious and/or threatening.

The Miz: You haven’t seen the last of me, people. I haven’t even got started yet!!

Miz now smiles.

The Miz: The Miz will be back on Monday Night Raw, sooner or later. And I’m not going anywhere. The Miz is a part of Monday Night Raw … and The Miz is here to stay.

Once again, he winces, to sell his pain, before mustering up the strength to finish his promo…

The Miz: HOO-RAH!!!

The Miz stares into the camera, as the grainy footage halts, and a freeze frame of Miz remains for a few seconds.

Back to ringside, where J.R and Coach both seem a little surprised by the promo, as if it wasn’t expected…

Jim Ross: Well that, uhh, … The Miz, Coach … well, quite a few interesting comments there, huh??

The Coach: I agree with The Miz completely. This guy is trying to get the WWE to get with the times, J.R. Reality T.V is the big thing these days. He’s trying to add some quality entertainment to Raw, just like me. I appreciate him, J.R. But it’s like he says, the old fuddy duddys - like you - want to live in the dark ages!! I understand The Miz’ frustrations, and I hope he’s back real soon!!

Jim Ross: The guy hasn’t even had a match yet, Coach. He’s a damn reality TV star, and he’s going the wrong way about it if he wants respect. When he wins a few matches, the guys in the back might just have a change of heart about him then.

The Coach: I just think it’s shocking that John Cena wasn’t reprimanded for his actions. That was an unprovoked attack, remember.

Jim Ross: I am well aware of it, Coach. So too, is Cena, and he regrets those actions two weeks ago.

The Coach: Yeah right.

Backstage now, we see the WWE Womens Champion, MICKIE JAMES, on her way toward the gorilla position, with a match coming up … NEXT!!

Commercial Break

Mickie James vs. Layla El
Layla isn’t joined by Santino or the other Leyla tonight, as she attempts to take on the champion alone … but doesn’t fare too well. In her first Raw match in six weeks, Mickie dominates the majority of the match, proving too strong in the early going for her rookie opponent, as we see clips during the contest from backstage, where GAIL KIM is watching on a monitor.

But, during the match, we see BETH PHOENIX slowly stride onto the stage, and watches the match from afar … but once Mickie spots her, her focus is lost, and allows Layla to fight back, gaining some momentum with a near fall off a neck breaker. However, the champion soon rallies, and puts her opponent back down, dragging Layla back up, and make sure Beth has her attention … before planting Layla with the MICKIE-T!!! She covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Mickie James @ 03:03

Mickie has her arm raised, as we get another glance at the impressed Gail Kim backstage. On the stage however, Beth Phoenix looks less enthusiastic, but doesn’t proceed down the ramp, instead, having seen enough, she turns and leaves, as Mickie turns her attention back to the fans to celebrate.

Jim Ross: Congratulations to Mickie James!!! In her first Monday Night Raw match in nearly two months, she’s soundly defeated the 2006 Diva Search winner, Layla!!

The Coach: Yeah, but what’s up with Beth Phoenix?? She’s waited five years to track Mickie down and get her hands on her, and she just walked away tonight??

Jim Ross: Beth Phoenix sure does seem like something of a loose cannon if you ask me, Coach. She has had a turbulent time in recent years, remember, but perhaps - hopefully - she’s realised that Mickie James has changed, and more importantly has remorse for her actions back in that troubled time.

The Coach: Yeah, right. That Mickie James would sell her own grandmother if it helped her get ahead!! You can tell by the eyes, J.R. That little witch cant be trusted!!

Jim Ross: I’m just glad not everyone is like you, Coach. Well, ladies and gentlemen, still to come tonight of course, the main event. Captain Charisma, Christian, will defend the World Heavyweight Championship in a triple threat match. Kurt Angle and Mister Kennedy will provide the opposition. And, after we heard from one of those challengers earlier in Angle, Kelly Kelly is now standing by backstage … with Mister Kennedy.

Backstage, with Kelly and Kennedy…

Kelly Kelly: Thanks J.R. Mister Kennedy, tonight, you have the chance to do what you failed to do at Vengeance, and become World Heavyweight Champion for the very first time. However, tonight, it’s not a one on one match between yourself and Christian, as Kurt Angle is also involved.

Kennedy fakes a shocked look.

Mister Kennedy: Kurt Angle?? What?? Kurt Angle’s in the match too?? Why didn’t anyone tell me??

Kelly steps back, looking a little scared of Kennedy, who pauses, and shakes his head at the interviewer.

Mister Kennedy: You’re lucky you got beauty, Kelly. I’m well aware it’s not a one on one match tonight between myself and Christian. I’m ALL TOO AWARE that Kurt Angle has stuck his nose in where it isn’t wanted. He shoehorned himself into my rightful title match. But y’know something?? None of that matters.

Kennedy smirks.

Mister Kennedy: Crazy Kurt can spout off all he wants about how fitting it’d be for him to walk outta Phoenix two days before July the Fourth, and into his hometown of Pittsburgh next week as World Champion … but allow me to inform you, that Carlsberg don’t do ‘Fitting Kurt Angle Championship Victories’, but hell, if they did, they’d probably be the best in the world.

Few chuckles from the audience.

Mister Kennedy: As for Christian?? He’ll probably still be changing his tights again after getting visions of Umaga coming for him last week. I mean, did you see that last week Kelly?? The guy looked like a deer in the headlights!!! I don’t even know if our esteemed World Champion is even here tonight. After what happened last week, he’ll maybe relinquish the title anyway!!

Kennedy, seemingly relaxed and confident, pauses again, before starting over.

Mister Kennedy: Look Kelly, it’s as simple as this. Triple Threat, Fatal Four Way, Six Pack Challenge, or a 30 Man Battle Royal - it doesn’t really make a difference to me. My goal remains the same, and so does the outcome. After tonight is over and done with, no one will care about Kurt Angle. And no one will give a rats ass about Christian either. Because the only thing anyone will care about after tonight … is the NEW Worrrrrrrld Heavy-weight CHAMPION-AHHHHH!!! And that’s me … THE MONDAY NIGHT JUGGERNAUGHT … MISTERRRRRRRR … KEN-NA-DAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

Kennedy motions around his waist, that the belt will soon be there, before eyeing up Kelly.

Mister Kennedy: Kennedy.

The mouthpiece winks at Kelly, before leaving the set.

Commercial Break

Match 6:
The Brotherhood w/Theodore Long, Shelton Benjamin & Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy & William Regal
Fairly short contest, with time running low before the big main event tonight. Hardy and Regal fall foul quickly to the numbers of The Brotherhood, with distractions from the outside allowing Monty Brown and JTG to get a jumpstart, and the upper hand from the opening bell. Hardy is quickly tossed to the outside, with the tandem focusing on Regal … and on the outside, Benjamin takes the opportunity to attack Hardy, sending him through the steel steps!!!

Regal, ever the veteran, plays the face in peril role well, and after a few fight back attempts, he looks to make a tag - to no one, with Hardy still down on the outside - leaving Regal to fight off JTG, but a distraction from Long allows Monty Brown to enter, and help his partner, double teaming Regal, to put him back on the canvas, and back on the back foot. Once again though, Regal doesn’t stay down for long, and valiantly fights back, avoiding a Mug Shot from JTG, pushing him away, then DRILLING him with the KNEE TREMBLER!!!

Once again though, the outside influences come to the Brotherhoods aid, as Theodore Long hops onto the apron to distract the referee … but as Monty Brown races in to illegally attack Regal - BAM!! REGAL CONNECTS WITH THE POWER OF THE PUNCH!!! The wily old veteran uses the distraction to HIS advantage, nailing Brown with the Brass Knucks!!! Meanwhile, on the outside, Matt Hardy is up, and he sweeps the legs of Shelton, as the Intercontinental Champion jumps onto the apron … AND THEN BLASTS BENJAMIN WITH THE I.C TITLE BELT!!!

On the outside, Henry now tries to attack Hardy, but Matt sees him coming … and drop toe holds the big guy … FACE FIRST into the steel steps!!! It’s all falling apart for the Brotherhood now, as Theodore Long realises he’s in danger … and jumps off the apron … AND RUNS up the aisle in fear, as Regal allows Matt now to tag in, with the veteran throwing (the unconscious) Monty Brown out too. Matt enters the ring, and stalks JTG, as he stumbles to his feet … then kicks him in the gut … TWIST OF FATE CONNECTS!! Hardy makes the cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Matt Hardy & William Regal @ 04:45

Hardy and Regal - opponents nine days ago in the KOTR semi finals - are victorious together tonight! The pair congratulate one another, as Hardy makes a “wink wink” joke, pointing to the hand of Regal, with the Brit displaying his ‘powerful’ fist, as we see the remainder of The Brotherhood picking themselves up, and stumbling up the aisle.

Jim Ross: The numbers game wasn’t enough for The Brotherhood tonight, Coach!! Matt Hardy and William Regal beat the no good lowlifes at their own game tonight!!

The Coach: Did you just call Hardy and Regal lowlifes?? Anyway, that doesn’t matter, because Regal and Hardy STOLE this win tonight!! William Regal blatantly cheated, and Matt Hardy put his hands on the Intercontinental Champion!! He hit Shelton Benjamin with his own title belt!!

Jim Ross: Surely you can see why though, Coach?? The Brotherhood have been making Matt Hardys life hell!!

The Coach: Oh really?? Well Matt Hardy has been making The Brotherhoods life hell too!!! He cant get it through his thick skull that he’s not on Shelton Benjamins level!!!

Jim Ross: Oh, I think he is, Coach, and I think Shelton Benjamin, and ALL of the Brotherhood know it too. And their gang warfare tactics wont scare him off either!! He desperately wants that Intercontinental Title belt-

The Coach: And he came as close as he’ll ever get to it tonight, when he attacked Shelton Benjamin with it!! How disgraceful!!

Jim Ross: Until Shelton Benjamin can defeat Matt Hardy - on his own merits - he wont shake that man off, I guarantee it. Hardy believes he has Benjamins number, and right now, he has no reason to think otherwise!!

Commercial Break


A night time view from the sky of London is seen as the opening chords of ‘LONDON CALLING’ by The Clash plays.

As the opening chords continue, flashing shots of the WWE superstars {John Cena, Paul London, Christian, Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle & Brent Albright} appear as the focus zooms closer to the city … eventually zooming towards the newly completed Wembley Stadium…


Spliced together clips, going from sights in London (Westminster) with Edge spearing Brock Lesnar, and Rey Mysterio hitting the 619 to Mr. Kennedy.


Focus shifts between the Wembley Arc, to action with Shelton Benjamin leaping off a ladder at WrestleMania, then Batista shaking the ring ropes.


Focus then shifts between the sights of London Cabs and Double Decker Buses in Trafalgar Square, to the sights of MVP bursting through his elaborate set, to Melina completing her banana split ring entrance.


We see Tower Bridge and then rowdy fans from WrestleMania, mixed with shots of Christian face to face with John Cena at WrestleMania to a backdrop of thousands inside the Superdome, along with a clip of Rob Van Dam soaring through the air to deliver a Five Star Frog Splash.


Zooming shot of the London Eye, clips of more fans from big WWE stadium events, mixed with Umaga roaring at the camera, and Randy Orton crouched, lying in wait for an RKO.


Flashing clip of Buckingham Palace, with a crazed Kurt Angle going for the Ankle Lock, then Brent Albright applying the Crowbar.


Big Ben is shown, mixed with Straight Edge delivering the simultaneous Shining Wizard, then Carlito hitting the Apple Core off the ladder at WrestleMania.


Another glorious shot of the new Wembley, as a rapid succession of shots of the top name stars flashes across the screen.


The camera then zooms out, further and further, as the music fades.



Back in the arena, where J.R and The Coach are in view.

Jim Ross: The countdown sure is on. EIGHTY THOUSAND tickets have already been sold in anticipation. MORE are set to be made available in the coming weeks - Summerslam is coming up fast, Coach.


Jim Ross: And this past weekend, WWE officials - headed by Shane McMahon - along with a number of big names from Raw and Smackdown were at the Wembley Conference centre to officially kick off the countdown to Summer slam … and a huge announcement took the entire watching press and select few fans by enormous surprise…

~ Wembley Conference Centre; London, England ~
*Background music; Kings of Leon, Fans*

Shane McMahon: Ladies and Gentlemen, on August 19, the WWE will be taking over London, England for Summerslam. In 1992, it was big. It was huge. But now, fifteen years on, we’re coming back to Wembley Stadium - bigger, and better.

Fans cheering, as clips follow, of WWE stars in attendance; both World Champions; Christian & Randy Orton, John Cena, Triple H, U.S Champion Paul London, and 2007 King of the Ring Brent Albright.

Shane McMahon: You can expect to see the biggest names in the WWE today, with the biggest prizes in our industry on the line. They’re gonna have to keep the roof of the new Wembley stadium open, whether the sun is shining; or even if we get some of that typical British summer weather, because the WWE is going to blow the roof off that place on August 19.

More shots of the six superstars interacting with fans at the conference; having photos taken, posing etc.

Shane McMahon: And as you should all be aware, the WWE reaches out to all levels of sports and entertainment, and this years Summerslam is no different. In fact, we’ve just signed perhaps the biggest sports star in the world today, and he’s going to be a part of Summerslam. And better still, he hails from right here in jolly ‘ol England … Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you, the WWE’s special guest at Summerslam this August; England own, UNDEFEATED World Champion … RICKY ‘HITMAN’ HATTON!!!

A huge (overblown) cheer from the fans in attendance greet Hatton, who steps onto the podium, shaking hands with Shane, and posing to the fans.

Ricky Hatton: It’ll be an honour for me to be a part of Summerslam in Wembley Stadium on August Nineteenth. But I’m warnin all of ya, don’t be stepping out of line, fellas!! There’s over forty boxers around the world that regretted getting on my bad side!!

Hatton chuckles over the mic, whilst typically, the faces (Cena, Christian & London) smile at the joke, whilst the heels (Randy Orton, Triple H & Albright) seem less than impressed at the threat. Hatton, taking a look more musclebound figures; Triple H and Cena, imitates a grimace, pulls at his collar, and speaks again.

Ricky Hatton: Actually … on second thoughts…

As a joke, Hatton tries to run from the podium.

Cut to Hatton speaking again.

Ricky Hatton: On August Nineteenth, I promise all of you that along with everyone in the WWE, I intend on giving all the fans - like I do in all my fights - their moneys worth. It’ll be an unforgettable night at Wembley Stadium, and I’m delighted to be a part of it!! DON’T MISS IT!!!

Hatton turns, and shakes hands with Shane, as McMahon stands side by side with the British legend, raising each others arms, as the video comes to a close.


And back to ringside…

Jim Ross: Huge news, Coach. Ricky Hatton, at Summerslam!!

The Coach: Yeah, well he better not have his eyes on my job!! I missed out on calling the King of the Ring because someone thought Jerry Lawler deserved a bit of nostalgia. Stick to the day job, Hatton - don’t mess with The Coach!!

Jim Ross: I’m sure he’ll be quaking in fear at the prospect of getting on your bad side Coach.

The Coach: He should be. There’s a reason no one makes enemies with me, old timer.

Jim Ross: Be that as it may … let the focus come back to Summer slam … just FORTY EIGHT days away now, folks. I cannot wait, Coach. And backstage, there are two other men who I am sure cannot wait either. Standing by with Kelly Kelly - it’s The British Lions!!

Cut to Kelly, with the Lions and Katie Lea.

Kelly Kelly: Hey again, guys. Paul, Harry, tonight, you made your return to Raw after being brutally assaulted two weeks ago by MNM’s ‘Entourage’. How does it feel to be back??

With a rather unsettling grin, Burchill pipes in first.

Paul Burchill: Well Kelly, it’ll feel much, much better … when Harry and I get our hands around the scrawny necks of MNM, and their two chums.

Harry Smith: Yeah. MNM screwed us outta our title shot at Vengeance by messing up our flights. Clever. Then, they arranged for their friends to attack us from behind the night after, costing us our shot at the tag titles for a second straight night?? Not clever. Because for every action, there’s a reaction.

Katie Lea, rubbing Smiths back, takes over.

Katie Lea: And believe me when I say this, Kelly … You don’t want to raise a reaction out of Paul or Harry. Unfortunately for MNM … they’ve already made their choice. They’ll have to deal with the consequences.

Voice: And they will!!

Attention turns … as ERIC BISCHOFF steps into view, approaching the trio.

Eric Bischoff: Before you were heinously taken out, gentlemen, you were set to challenge Straight Edge for the World Tag Team Championships. And as far as I’m concerned, you’re title shot should be honoured. And next week it will be.

The Lions nod, realising what Bischoff is offering.

Eric Bischoff: That’s right. Next week on Raw, MNM will defend the World Tag Team Championships against The British Lions!!!

Pop in the background, as the Lions look delighted. Bischoff nods, before leaving the picture.

Back at ringside…

Jim Ross: MNM have hell to pay, Coach!! As Harry Smith put it; for every action, there is a reaction!! And they’ll find that out next week in Pittsburgh!!

The Coach: That’s not fair, J.R. MNM JUST defended the titles TONIGHT!!

Jim Ross: Sounds fair to me. MNM stole the titles two weeks ago, and they stole another win tonight!! And now, we are just getting word from Eric Bischoffs office … that also next week … a number one contenders match for the Intercontinental Championship … the two men who teamed tonight will be opponents next week in a rematch from the King of the Ring semi-finals … Matt Hardy takes on William Regal!!

The Coach: W- WHAT???

Jim Ross: Next week. Hardy and Regal for a shot at the Intercontinental Championship.

The Coach: I- uh … WHAT???

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, whilst The Coach tries to regain his vocabulary, we’re gonna take a quick commercial break. And when we come back, we’ll hear from Captain Charisma, moments before his World Heavyweight Championship defence. It’s all coming up … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

And we return, with Matt Striker standing by…

Matt Striker: It is I, Matt Striker, once again, and we are just moments away from the main event this evening. A triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Already tonight, we’ve heard from Mister Kennedy and Kurt Angle … but right now, let’s hear from the World Heavyweight Champion himself, Christian.

Christian enters the picture, to a huge response from the fans.

Matt Striker: And Christian, so far in your second reign as World Champion you’ve already defended the title inside Hell in a Cell, a ladder match, and a hungry first time challenger in the form of one of your two opponents tonight, Mr. Kennedy. To say you’ve been through it all would perhaps be an understatement. However tonight, you face arguably the biggest challenge of them all, in a match where you don’t have to be beaten in order to lose the title. How do you prepare for a match like this, champ??

Christian smirks for a second.

Christian: First off, I guess I should belittle you, Matt. Isn’t that the running theme tonight?? I mean, that’s what I saw from Kurt and Kennedy earlier. Well guess what?? I’m not in the mood for kidding tonight. Tonight is all about business. It’s all about this.

He holds up the title.

Christian: And yeah, in a crazy way, tonight’s match is the most dangerous match I’ve had to defend the title in, so far. Hell in a Cell was brutal, hell, it probably took a few years off my career. The Ladder match with Shelton Benjamin wasn’t much fun either. But at least in those matches, the outcome was in my hands. Tonight, it’s not.

Taking a moment to collect his thoughts, Christian adjusts the belt on his shoulder.

Christian: Tonight, Kennedy could pin Angle, or Angle could pin Kennedy, or one could make the other tap out … and win the World Championship. I don’t need to be pinned, and I don’t need to submit to lose this title. So yeah, my career might not be on the line tonight … but something far more important is … and it’s in greater jeopardy than it’s ever been … and that’s my World Heavyweight Title.

Christian looks set to wrap up the interview, until Striker interjects with another comment.

Matt Striker: And just quickly, could I get a few comments on what went down at the end of Raw last week with Umaga?? What went through your mind when you saw the Samoan Bulldozer charging down the aisle, with Armando Estrada in tow, carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase?? What tho-

Christian cuts Striker off, putting his hand over the top of the mic.

Christian: I haven’t given Umaga a seconds thought. Successfully defending my title tonight is all I’ve got in my head. Interviews over, Matt.

The Champion glares at the interviewer, before storming off, irked by the mention of Umaga, as Striker sheepishly looks around, slightly embarrassed by his ticking off from Christian.

Back to ringside…

Jim Ross: Coach, the time is almost upon us. The triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship is just about-


Jim Ross: What the-??

The Coach: This buzz kill?? Again??

John Cena enters to an - as ever - polarizing response for the second time tonight, slapping hands with fans as he makes his way down the aisle.

Jim Ross: John Cena, ladies and gentlemen, is not due to be part of this match. We already saw Cena in action earlier tonight, as Eric Bischoff declared he would have to start at the bottom and work his way back to the top if he wanted a shot at the World Title.

The Coach: GO AWAY CENA!!! He has no reason to be out here!!

Jim Ross: Well … I just don’t know what purpose this serves, in all honesty. We’re moments away from the main event-

The Coach: He’s always sticking that nose in where it isn’t wanted!!

Cena walks around the ringside area, and appears to be pointing toward the announce table.

The Coach: NO!! No way!! A three man announce booth didn’t work on Smackdown. It’s not happening here. Especially with this goofball!!

Jim Ross: You’re calling someone else a goofball??

Cena joins the announce table, shaking hands with J.R, picking up a headset … and Coach suddenly changes his attitude.

The Coach: It’s great to have a former World Champion join us here!! I was just saying to J.R, wasn’t I??

Jim Ross: Uhm, sure.

John Cena: Glad to be here, guys.

The Coach: Great to have ya out here, John!!

Jim Ross: Well John, as ever, it’s a pleasure to have you out here with us, but I’ve gotta ask the question … why are you out here??

The Coach: C’mon J.R!!! He doesn’t need to answer that. John, you don’t need to ans-

John Cena: It’s okay, it’s a fair question. I mean, after all, I’ve just been told less than two hours ago that I’m at the bottom of the barrel right now, and I’ve got to work my way back up. But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on my quest to get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam.

Jim Ross: But with all due respect, John … Summerslam is seven weeks away. You’ve been relegated to matches with guys that haven’t earned a contract on Raw yet. How c-

John Cena: I don’t care how. Look, there’s seven week until Summerslam, right?? I’m prepared to have six matches a night for the next seven weeks. I will do whatever I can humanly, possibly do to earn that title shot. I swear to God, I will take on as many guys a week as Bischoff wants. I’m willing to face every single guy on the Raw roster between now and Summerslam if that’s what it takes.

The Coach: Now THAT’S the mark of a Champion!! Good for you, John!!

Jim Ross: Well John, I … it’s a lot to ask.

John Cena: Listen, I’m throwing down the gauntlet. I’m out here tellin the world what I’m prepared to put myself through for the title shot. Eric Bischoff, I’m sure you’re listening backstage. Make it happen, you aint got nothin to lose.

Jim Ross: Well, ladies and gentlemen, when we return, John Cena will be joining myself and The Coach on commentary for our main event. A triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship!! Can Christian hold off the challenges of Mister Kennedy and Kurt Angle?? Don’t go anywhere!!!

Commercial Break

Christian vs. Kurt Angle vs. Mister Kennedy
And from the bell, Angle and Kennedy look to one another, nod, AND DOUBLE UP ON CHRISTIAN!!! The champion tries to fight the challengers off, but cant overcome the odds, and the opening minutes is ALL Angle and Kennedy beating down Captain Charisma. Neither man attempts a pin or submission in the early going, working perfectly as a unit, obviously with an agreement to take out Christian completely, before fighting it out themselves.

The two take turns to hold Christian up, whilst the other pounds mercilessly at the defenceless champion. The attack eventually spills to the outside, where Angle and Kennedy take turns to batter Christian, whilst at the announce table, both share words with the watching Cena. Eventually, Kennedy removes the padding from the floor, allowing Angle to deliver an ANGLE SLAM TO CHRISTIAN … ON THE PAD-LESS FLOOR!!!!!

And with Christian now indefinitely out of the picture … ANGLE AND KENNEDY INSTANTLY TRADE BLOWS!!! The two men battle all around ringside, with the union now officially dead, and no love lost!!! Angle gets the upper hand, but as he attempts an Angle Slam to Kennedy, Kennedy lands behind on his feet, and charges Angle into the ring post!!!

Kennedy brings the fight to the inside, and scores the first near fall of the contest with a suplex, as he now attempts to wear Angle down. Kurt though, after a few moments of being on the receiving end of Kennedys attack … EXPLODES WITH A BELLY TO BELLY TO THE ONCOMING MISTER KENNEDY!!!!!

Angle only gets a two from that, but is quickly back on Kennedy. Kurt looks to wear the 2006 KOTR down with a front face lock, but Kennedy refuses to stay down for long, battling up, and the two men engage once more in a fist fight around the ring, with Kennedy eventually going low with a knee to the gut, and flapjacks Angle, getting a two count off that.

Kennedy follows up with a beating in the corner, as Kurt slithers to the floor from the blows … allowing Kennedy to back out … and set up THE FACEWASH!!! Kennedy drags Kurt back out of the corner, and hooks the leg, 1...2...NO!!! Kennedy now looks to pile on the pressure, dropping knees onto the grounded Angle, over and over, before covering again, but only scores a two again, much to the zero times World Champions chagrin.

Kennedy drags Kurt back up now, BUT ANGLE SHOOTS AROUND, going behind, AND LOOKS TO FIRE OFF A GERMAN SUPLEX … but Kennedy elbows free, and runs off the ropes … ONLY TO BE BLASTED WITH A CLOTHESLINE FROM THE OLYMPIAN!!! Angle hauls Kennedy into the corner, and lets fly with stiff overhand rights. Kurt softens Kennedy up, and shoots him across the ring to the opposite corner, but as he charges in behind - KENNEDY STICKS A BOOT UP, CATCHING KURT IN THE MUSH!!! Angle reels away, with Kennedy quickly following up, looking for THE MIC CHECK … BUT ANGLE FIGHTS HIM OFF, and eventually counters into an arm drag!!!

Kennedy shoots back up, but gets clobbered again with a clothesline. Angle - starting to get caught up in the moment - looks to the corner, and climbs the buckles, setting himself for his rarely seen moonsault … BUT KENNEDY HOPS UP … AND SHOVES ANGLE OFF THE TOP … AND ONTO THE FLOOR BELOW!!! A huge rush of ‘OOOOOOH’’s reverberate around the arena, as Angle writhes on the floor, whilst Kennedy remains the only man standing in the ring … but CHRISTIAN has now recovered on the outside, with Kennedy spotting this development … as we head into the final commercial of the evening…

Commercial Break

And, we return with Kennedy and Christian going at it, hell for leather, in the ring, with Christian gaining the upper hand, shooting Kennedy off the ropes, ducking down, only for Kennedy to kick him away!! Captain Charisma reels away, with Kennedy shooting him off to the corner, running in behind … but Christian swings on the ropes … and DELIVERS THE SEESAW KICK!!! Kennedy staggers away, allowing the champion to follow up, coming in from behind … with a REVERSE DDT!!! He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

With the champion now in control, he backs Kennedy into the corner, lifting him to a seated position on the top rope, climbing himself, firing off a few right hands to soften the challenger up … and now looks to deliver A SUPERPLEX … BUT BEFORE HE CAN … KURT ANGLE IS BACK IN THE RING … AND HE POSITIONS HIMSELF INTO A POWERBOMB POSITION ON CHRISTIAN … AS CHRISTIAN GOES FOR THE SUPERPLEX ON KENNEDY … TOWER OF DOOM!!!!!!!! Still looking weary, Angle slowly makes the cover on Christian … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Angle doesn’t show much emotion from the kick out, and instead proceeds across … and covers Kennedy … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!

This time, Angle IS fuming. Kurt closes his eyes, and blurts out a few expletives, before pushing himself to his feet … AND AGAIN he makes a move to the turnbuckles … climbing the ropes, with both Christian and Kennedy still down … positioning himself … AND MOONSAULTS PERFECTLY … ONTO … THE CANVAS!!! BOTH Kennedy and Christian roll from danger, with it being questionable as to who Angle was aiming for … but he got neither regardless … and Kennedy crawls over, looking to pick up the scraps … 1...2... CHRISTIAN PULLS KENNEDY OFF … WITH A SCHOOL BOY ON HIM … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Kennedy just kicks out, and now, both men are slow to get up, but Christian beats Kennedy to the punch, and quickly scores with a GUTBUSTER!!! He makes the cover, 1...2...NO!!! Kennedy is able to kick out, but doesn’t have long to recover, as the champion pulls him back up, and shoots him off the ropes, but ducks down on the return, with Kennedy running on … RIGHT INTO ANGLE … AND A BELLY TO BELLY OVER THE TOP ROPE … TO THE FLOOR!!! The fans ROAR at the big move, with Kennedy landing like a sack of shit on the floor, leaving just Angle and Christian to battle it out in the ring!!


The two men stare across the ring from one another, with the fans raising in voice - rather split, due to the admiration the fans have for Angle - and a LETS GO CHRISTIAN / LETS GO ANGLE duel begins. The two men come face to face in the middle of the ring … AND GO RIGHT AT IT!!! The fans come alive as the two men trade blows, back and forth, with Angle trying to snap off a Belly to Belly, but the champion shifts free, running off the ropes … RIGHT INTO A KNEE TO THE GUT ON HIS RETURN!!!

Angle looks to follow up, backing Christian into the corner, tagging off with more trademark rights, and shoots Christian off to the opposite side … but as he races in to attack again, Angle is met with an elbow!! Kurt spins away, as Christian perches himself on the middle turnbuckle … AND FLIES OFF WITH A REVERSE ELBOW!!! He covers, 1...2...NO!!! Now, Christian attempts to get the fans going, slapping his hands … as he sets Angle up … AND GOES FOR THE UNPRETTIER … BUT ANGLE DROPS DOWN … AND GRABS THE ANKLE … ANKLELOCK APPLIED!!!!!

The most feared submission in the WWE today is locked on … AND CHRISTIAN IS IN A WORLD OF PAIN!!! The Champion tries to desperately turn over to kick his rival away, but tenaciously, Angle holds on, turning Christian back over!! On commentary, despite licking up to Cena throughout, Coach cant help but make a dig, asking Cena to describe to the fans how it feels in the Anklelock. In the ring, the champion refuses to submit, clawing his way toward the ropes … REACHING OUT … WITH ANGLE TRYING TO STOP HIM … BUT CHRISTIAN MAKES THEM!!!!!

Christian forces the break, but Angle refuses to back off, and after relinquishing the hold, he’s back on the champion, stomping the leg and ankle, homing in on the ankle again, and grabs it … looking for the Ankle Lock, but Christian stays vertical, hopping on the spot … AND CATCHES KURT WITH AN ENZIGURI!!! Slowly, the weary champion crawls over, making the cover … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Christian looks up in shock, shaking his head, realising he hasn’t don’t enough yet. He slowly gets back to his feet, and spots Kennedy, pulling himself back onto the apron. The champion looks set to move toward the ropes … BUT ANGLE SUDDENLY GRABS THE ANKLE … AND TAKES HIM DOWN … APPLYING THE ANKLELOCK!!!

Angle suddenly has his submission hold back on … with Christian caught right in the middle of the ring!!! Kennedy though, has other ideas, and re-enters the ring … but instead of breaking the hold … HE DROPS DOWN … AND APPLIES THE KROSSFACE TO CHRISTIAN!!!!! The pain intensifies twofold for the champion … now locked in the ANKLELOCK AND THE KROSSFACE!!!!! The fans are on their feet at the impressive sight, and Christian appears to be on the verge of submitting … unable to withstand the pain … but Angle, realising the title may well be disputed if Christian submits to both men, breaks the ankle lock, and stomps Kennedy, breaking his hold too!!!

Kennedy fights back to his feet, and shoves Angle away, with Angle shoving back … before the two come head to head … AND BEGIN TO TEE OFF ON EACH OTHER AGAIN!!! Angle and Kennedy trade blows, back and forth, with Kennedy winning the fist fight, and looks for a Roundhouse kick - but Kurt ducks under - BUT GETS CAUGHT ON THE SECOND ATTEMPT!!! Kennedy scrambles for the cover now, hooking the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Kennedy is quickly back on the attack though, pulling Kurt up, looking for a whip, but Angle reverses, and turns Kennedy inside out … AND DELIVERS A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!! He makes the cover, 1...2...KENNEDY KICKS OUT!!!

Neither man can put the other way, but Angle looks to be going in for the kill now as he gets back to his feet. The Olympian stalks, as Kennedy struggles to get up … AND SHOOTS IN … GOING FOR THE ANGLE SLAM … BUT KENNEDY LANDS ON HIS FEET, SPINS ANGLE AROUND … MIC CHECK CONNECTS ON ANGLE!!!!! Kennedy now makes the cover, hooking BOTH LEGS, looking to guarantee victory … 1...2...CHRISTIAN BREAKS THE COUNT AT THE LAST SECOND!!!!!!!!!! Captain Charisma saves the championship, much to the chagrin of Kennedy, who thought he had made history momentarily.

Kennedy, in a fit of rage, bounces up, and charges Christian into the corner, letting out his rage, delivering shoulder thrust after shoulder thrust after shoulder thrust to the gut of the champion, shoving him down to the canvas in the corner, and backing out … RUNNING IN FOR THE FACEWASH … BUT CHRISTIAN MOVES!!! Kennedy gets caught on the ropes, in a bad position, mouth open wide in agony … whilst the champion musters the energy to come in, and tie up Kennedy into position … dragging him from the ropes … AND LOOKS FOR THE UNPRETTIER … AND DELIVERS IT!!! Christian hooks the leg … 1...2...ANGLE BREAKS THE COUNT!!! Angle breaks the count, and hammers Christian, pulling him back to his feet, letting go with a uppercut forearm, before following up, going behind, looking for a German … but the champion uses his hips to toss Angle over, breaking the grip, and puts Kurt down on the follow up with a dropkick.

Christian makes a move to the corner now, and begins to climb the turnbuckles … BUT AS HE CLIMBS … ANGLE RACES UP BEHIND … LOOKING FOR A TOP ROPE ANGLE SLAM … BUT CHRISTIAN SHOVES HIM OFF!!! Christian turns … AND FLIES WITH A FROG SPLASH … AND NAILS IT!!! It’s surely over, as the champion hooks the leg … 1...2...KENNEDY DRAGS CHRISTIAN OFF … AND APPLIES THE KROSSFACE!!!!!

CHRISTIAN IS CAUGHT … DEAD CENTRE … AND ANGLE IS OUT … UNABLE TO BREAK THE HOLD AND SAVE THE TITLE!!! Kennedy cranks back, desperately searching for the submission win … BUT CHRISTIAN TURNS IT OVER … AND HOOKS THE LEG OF KENNEDY, completely surprising the challenger … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!
Winner: And STILL World Heavyweight Champion - CHRISTIAN @ 22:01


John Cena: Bravo, Christian. Bravo.

Jim Ross: For a moment, I thought Kennedy was about to realise his dream-

The Coach: SO DID I!!! He should’ve won!! This is an outrage!!!

Jim Ross: Christian though, showed his resourcefulness as a champion, and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat!!

John Cena: He’s a true Champ, J.R. No doubt. And it’ll be an honour for me to face him at Summerslam in that WrestleMania rematch.

In the ring, Christian - spent - is on his knees, as the referee brings in the World title belt, looking to present it to the champion … but just as Christian rises to take it from him … KENNEDY RIPS IT FROM THE OFFICIAL … AND BLASTS CHRISTIAN WITH IT!!!

Jim Ross: DAMN YOU!!! Damn you Kennedy!!! You no good rotten-

John Cena: Oh come on, man. That’s uncalled for.

Kennedy holding the title belt, stands over Christian talking trash, pointing to himself as he holds up the title, before slamming it down, and exit’s the ring in a fit of rage. As he jumps off the apron, Cena steps forward from the announce table, looking to confront the loudmouth, with his words heard clearly, due to his head set.

John Cena: Hey!! What the hell was that about?? You cant do that.

“GET OUTTA MY FACE, SUPERMAN” is the loud and clear response, picked up on Cenas headset from Kennedy, as the self proclaimed Monday Night Juggernaut storms on by, walking around the ringside area, and leaving up the ramp, as a disgusted Cena walks back to the announce table.

In the ring, Angle slowly comes around, and realising he has missed out on the title, lets out a few more expletives, kicking the ropes, before leaving the ring, with Christian still down from Kennedys belt shot.

Jim Ross: This isn’t right!! Christian has retained his title, yet he’s ending this night looking like he’s lost!!

The Coach: He should’ve lost, J.R. Mister Kennedy should be walking outta here right now with the gold around his waist!!

John Cena: I honestly don’t think Christian will care guys. Sure, he’s not lookin like a winner right now, but he’s leaving Phoenix tonight with the title. And honestly, I was pullin for Christian the whole time tonight. I’m dyin to get that WrestleMania rematch, and I know the fans wan’ it too. Like I said, I’ll do anything and everything to make that happen. Any-


Jim Ross: Oh no.

Oh no is right … it’s UMAGA … flanked by Armando Alejandro Estrada, who is carrying the ominous Money in the Bank briefcase, with a huge, knowing grin on his face.

John Cena: Not now. Please not now.


The Coach: HISTORY J.R!!! It’s history in the making, HA HA!!!

Umaga stands at the ring, as Estrada walks up the steps, still smiling - still carrying the briefcase - whilst Mike Chioda tries to get Christian to his feet, trying to ready him for the seemingly inevitable impromptu title match…


Jim Ross: Christian doesn’t even know where he is right now!!

The Coach: He’s about to be knocked into next week, J.R!!!

Estrada now steps inside the ring, raising the briefcase high in the air - to massive heat (although with some cheers of excitement there too) - as Umaga climbs into the ring too. Christian is helped up in the corner, and sees what awaits him … as Estrada turns, and nods at Umaga … AS THE SAMOAN BULLDOZER SPRINTS ACROSS THE RING … AND CRUSHES CHRISTIAN IN THE CORNER WITH A RUNNING BUTT SPLASH!!!


In the ring, Umaga drags Christian out of the corner, as Chioda is seen in the background, asking for the briefcase … but Estrada doesn’t hand it over, instead, shaking his head and laughing. Umaga pulls the champion back to his feet, holding him up … raising the thumb … AND SCORES WITH THE SAMOAN SPIKE!!!!!


Now, we see Estrada - still clutching the briefcase - calling for a mic, and struts around the ring, soaking up the heat from the fans, whilst Umaga simply stands over the lifeless World Champion, looking down on him, as Estrada begins to speak.


Heat. But Estrada continues to grin.

Armando Estrada: A few months ago, this little man on the floor - JURE WORLD CHAMPION - told THIS monster, that he would be ready … ANYTIME!!!

Estrada walks beside Umaga, and looks down at the lifeless champion.

Armando Estrada: HA HA … does this little … como se dice … WEAKLING … look ready for Umaga??

Heat for the cocky Estrada, who shakes his head, answering his own question.

Armando Estrada: No. Not only that … but this so-called champion claimed that Umaga wouldn’t be taking ANYTHING for him.

Estrada shakes his head again, then snaps his fingers.

Armando Estrada: Umaga could take … EVERYTHING … if he so wished pero, ha ha.


Armando Estrada: And … what was that phrase?? What was it ju said, little man?? “I want … doesn’t get??” … HA HA!!! Umaga WANTS ju’re World Heavyweight Championship, Christian. And if he wanted to … he’d take it … TONIGHT!!!

Heat again. AAE shakes his head, and wags his finger.

Armando Estrada: But that would be too easy, el mono.

Estrada smiles, looking at his savage.

Armando Estrada: After the trash ju talked hombre … ju deserve the most humiliating loss imaginable … on the biggest stage. And Umaga?? He deserves to announce his arrival as THE dominant force … on the biggest of stages … in the most destructive way possible.


Armando Estrada: Captain Charisma?? Ju are officially on notice. No excuses pero … ju’re gonna know when, ju’re gonna know where, and ju just found out how … AUGUST 19 … WEMBLEY STADIUM … SUMMERSLAM!!!

Heat / Cheer for the announcement, whilst Estrada laughs.

Armando Estrada: It’s gonna be ju, el mono … little man … ju weakling … ALL ALONE … ONE ON ONE … with THE scariest force in the entire HISTORY of this company … THEEEE … SAAAAAAAAAAA-MO-ANNNNNNN BULLDOZERRRRRRR … OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-MAG-AAAAAAAA!!!!!

Big shot of Umaga, standing over Christian, as Estrada stands by his savage, tapping the briefcase.


Jim Ross: Oh my God. Christian and Umaga at Summerslam!? For the World Heavyweight Championship!?

The Coach: Ohhhhhhhh BABY!!! I CANT WAIT!!!

On commentary, Cena is pure white, as the realisation kicks in that his Summerslam dream has just gone up in smoke. He takes off his headset, and leans forward, simply watching, as Umaga and Estrada are seen leaving the ring, with Christian still down.


The Coach: Near unstoppable?? He IS unstoppable, J.R!!!

Jim Ross: How can Christian even prepare for such a match?? How do you prepare for someone like Umaga??

The Coach: You prepare to simply make it outta there alive, old timer!! HA HA HA!!!!

Jim Ross: It’ll be like a damn death sentence over Christian. He’s got seven weeks to prepare for the biggest challenge of his entire career. The biggest threat to his championship … how can Christian overcome Umaga??

The Coach: He cant!!! How many times do you need to be told!!! And hey, you’re stayin real quiet Cena, ha ha!! Your master plan just went up in smoke!!!

Cena simply shoots Coach a look, before standing up, and storming away from the announce table, fuming at what he’s just saw.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen … I am still in shock here. Christian is STILL the World Heavyweight Champion … but now, he faces a greater challenge - the greatest challenge - it’s Christian versus Umaga … at SUMMERSLAM!!!

The show closes on a final shot of Christian … still flat out on the canvas … as we fade … to black.



Current Card for WWE SummerSlam:
Date: 19th August 2007
Location: Wembley Stadium, London, England
Event Music: Kings of Leon, Fans & The Clash, London Calling

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Christian
Mr. Money in the Bank; Unbeaten & Undefeated Umaga w/ Armando Estrada


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