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Re: I'll stop making my threads.

Originally Posted by UnDeFeatedKing View Post
How exactly is that effort? Click profile, see Skype name, type it into google, and you find his name. That would take under 2 minutes.
That's not the point. The point is that I was arguing with someone here about wrestling times. The fact that he went out of his way to look into me to try and get some dirt on me proves how far someone is willing to go to try and get to me.

Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
I can be a lot more fucked up, actually.

However let's look at you shall we? The guy that threw a pussy fit because he made two accounts and wanted the name of the other account that was banned. Granted, if he would of never made the thread and handled it in private, the situation would of been handled. But, he made a thread in public which is a no because then everyone is going to want a name change and we don't fucking allow it.

Then, you go to the owners of the forum, who don't have a fucking clue about the rules and policy on this forum, and instead of fucking asking us what should be done, they just do it! Fuck that. If you have an issue with this forum, you come see me or Platt. You don't go to people that have no idea about how we run this forum. Fuck outta here. You're just like one of those pussy customers that will bitch to the top of the mountain until they get what they want because they can't accept no for an answer.

Then you report stupid ass things like rep abuse and other shit that is so pity it's unbelievable. DEAL WITH IT. DO SOME FUCKING PUSH UPS.

As far as I'm concerned, if you aren't willing to ignore people and just quietly go about your business as a poster in the wrestling section, then perhaps you deserve to fuck off and go to another forum.

You sat there and repeatedly stated that under no circumstances is anyone allowed to change their names, not even in a condition like mine.

Also. 'Deal with it in private' is the most hilarious thing I've ever read on here. Because since coming here, any things I've tried to deal with in private have been shared in the public, from my reports sent to Amber and BvB, to the PM I sent to scrilla to try and sort out what the chip on his shoulder was. All of which were out in the open, laughed at. So don't give me that one please.

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