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I'll stop making my threads.

Ever since coming to this forum, I've had to face one obstacle after another. From going through a shit tonne of bother to get a name change. To having to change my sig (understandably, I hadn't read the rules. I think just it's a bit laughable that other people are allowed to have sig's up to 2.1mb in size and YouTube videos in their sig, despite that being against the rules as well.) to having to face trolling from a good dozen of the members for no real reason other than that they had taken a dislike to me. I can handle all that, I have no problem with it. It's just a little messed up.

I think it's fucked up that someone has to come on a forum and worry about what they want to do/say out of fear from being attacked by these pathetic pieces of shit (you know who you are) and I thought I was doing the right thing in defending myself, despite the fact that I shouldn't have had to as I was doing nothing wrong.

So I've seen people who would happily comment on my thread and discuss wrestling times and tell me to keep it up suddenly turn and make a comment on the SecondCitySaint thread basically saying that they think it's a bad idea too. I assume this is because they want to feel 'one of the gang'. That's a bit shitty but ah well. Life goes on.

The reason I have decided to stop posting my threads is because it has caused that much bother for some people and that much anger that they couldn't debate with me so they had to bring out my real life details. On a forum where I have specifically made it so that I keep certain details private, to see someone call me by my real name, all over wrestling time is fucking pathetic.

Of course, you wouldn't know whether to report something like this, seeing as I've had two mods laugh in my face for reporting people for abuse. So you have no idea what you can and can't report.

So fuck it, I'll post every now and then but it's going to cause this much bother I'd rather just leave posting the threads, as someone said, it's not going to be missed.
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