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Hulk Hogan - The Pariah Of Professional Wrestling - Always Has Been, Always Will Be!

I wrote this some time ago, but have not released it because of the fact I wanted to take the higher road, but you Mr. Hulk Hogan after the Warrior released bombshells about your sickness and what you did to people, I decided to release this post and let the rest of the good wrestling fans out there know how despicable of a human being you are. I even think you helped Randy Savage's death happen, you prayed for something dreadful to happen to him I bet, and it did. God damn you for that. But without any further of the ado, here are my thoughts on Hulk Hogan, your so called messiah of professional Wrestling:

Hulk Hogan ruined wrestling! Hulk Hogan because of you there are fine men and women who have been screwed over by your antics!!! I freaking hate you forever! For life!! Always have and I always will!

Chris Benoit died because of you! He died because your stupid friend Kevin Nash called him a vanilla midget and that made him start taking steroids just to get bigger to compete with you and the other politicians!! God I hate you!!! Because Chris Benoit did all he could to prove he was better and badder than you, he couldn't handle pressure anymore and therefore killed his wife, family and himself!! Thanks a lot Hogan!!! Thank you so much!!! I hate you!!!

Eddie guerrero made the same mistakes and paid for them because of your bull!!! He needed to compete to and drugs were the only way!!! Yeah hogan i hope you are happy!!! I hope you are happy for lfie!!! Eddie and chris died because of your crap! Remember that, hackster!!! "The Immoral" Hack Hobag!! I hate you!!!! That is what your name should be, you jerk! I hate you!!! Hate you! Hate you!!!

You ruined the careers of Billy Kidman, mike awesome, and vampiro during that new blood vs millionaires club angle!! You tried to kill david flair! You made ric flair look like a bad man all thru WCW and then you dragged him out of retirement only to lose four consecutive matches to you no less, in Australia!!! How could you do this to him! He needed a friend and instead you made him wrestle you only to lose! Now you made him go to TNA another company you ruined like WCW and the WWF in the early 90s!!!! How could you do that too! I hate you so much!! Hate you hate you hate you!!! On a side note how does it feel that you also caused Mike Awesome (the cousin of your nephew Horace) to ultimately kill himself in 2007, hope you're feeling great on that BROTHER!!!

Other stuff you did in WCW was take away Chris Jericho's TV time!! Cicolpe and Sgt Craig Pittman also got robbed because of you!!! Arachnaman never got brought back to WCW because of you either!!! Sting's victory looked shallow at Starrcade 97 because you paid Nick Patrick to botch that pinfall you did on the stinger!! You callous heathen!!! Curt Hennig got dicked over in wwf because of you too, he never became wwf champion cause you wouldn't job to him! Ultimate Warrior's wwf title reign was sabotaged because you shook his hand and hugged him at wm vi just because you wanted all the attention still! I f'n hate you hulk hogan!!! Also every episode of tna impact ends with you!!! You!!!! Why why why why why why!!! That's not fair! You also ruined the nWo...they never needed you!!! Never! You buried Ted DiBiase in WWF too! He could have been champion had you not existed!!!

Other casualties of your greed are...the Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith! They were small guys who packed on muscle through illegal drugs and one is dead and the other almost died because of the bullcrap politics you played in WWF by not letting them use their natural physiques to wow and amaze us! Thanks a lot jerk! I mean Dynamite Kid was so stressed and broken down that he took a shotgun and held it under his wife's chin threatening to do this over and over again until one day the shotgun would be loaded and ready to fire! How does that feel knowing that you could have caused the death of an innocent young woman! Don't get me started on Benoit again because you know that was your fault.

Sgt Slaughter didn't have a good title regin because of you, neither did Iron Sheik! You ruined Savage's WWF title reign before it really even started too just by always being there, Mega Powers yeah right, Mega Ego is more like it...BROTHER!!!! And you caused Liz's death too because of the lifestyle you encouraged her to experience by inviting her into the nWo. If she was never in WCW she never would have ended up with Lex Luger and she would still be alive!!! God I hate you!! Then I think of poor Bret Hart, your refusal to work with him in the WWF made him wait a year plus for his title to come back to him, one that you stole you old prune! Then when he went to WCW he never got to wrestle you either, and instead had to settle with Goldberg who ended Bret's career and years later caused that stroke, which I must say it also your fault because you didn't wrestle him! GOD I HATE YOU! HATE YOU! HATE YOU! HATE YOU!! Then when you told TNA you needed knee surgery and therefore couldn't wrestle for them, only so you can go back to Vince and get into the WWE HOF! God I hated that, because you buried Shawn Michaels, a great competitor who did not deserve to lose to you! His career was never the same because of you, thanks a lot Hogan, thanks a heck of a lot! I think about how Billy Jack Haynes is no longer in the wrestling mainstream because you wouldn't let him get into WCW, how does that make you feel, I hope you are happy! This man almost killed himself because of you.

Then Rick WIlliams the Ultimate Warrior ripoff in WCW, you buried the career of Arn Anderson and his TV title reigns to make that poor talented man humiliate himself by being this second rate-Warrior well guess what the Renegade killed himself because of you, are you happy to have blood on your hands you piece of human evil! HOW COULD YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT!!! IT IS SO EVIL THE THINGS YOU DO! You are not a hero you are a pariah! Then you go and talk about the Ultimate Warrior today on twitter being a male prostitute in Georgia. Warrior is a wholesome man, a righteous man and you speak ill of the man who had more talent in one finger than you ever had in a single portion of your steroid ridden body?! SHAME ON YOU HULK HOGAN SHAME ON YOU!!! BROTHER!!!

I think of everything you have raped, pillaged and plundered in the world of professional wrestling, it's because of you that true talent will never be recognized. I only wish the United Nations could try you for the crimes towards pro wrestling that you created, they anger me so, oh they anger me so so so so so so much! I HATE YOU! HATE YOU HATE YOU!!! The Von Erichs lost their wrestling empire because of you, no longer was it acceptable for them to have their own operation in WCCW. Thanks a lot jerkoff for the great Von Erichs dying of the depression that they could no longer practition their livelihood, asshole.

The American Wrestling Association is also dead because of you, you left Verne Gagne high and dry, he had to shut down the company. JERK! Thanks for everything, I heard you even had Ken Patera get arrested and sent to prison so you wouldn't lose the strap to him and you made Paul Orndorff work injured during the eighties because you did not want to lose money with a big time program with him. You know he's the only reason you kept the World Title in 1986-1987 you asshole prick fucker!

Also because you suggested to Sting that he go all Brandon Lee from the Crow, and dive from the rafters, WWF thought they could compete by having Owen Hart do the same thing, and guess what he ended up dead! No wonder why Bret Hart hates you so much, I'd want to beat your ass myself if my brother died because of your sick sense of showmanship. I think 99.9 percent of all deaths in wrestling can be attributed to you because of your selfishness, so I thank you Hogan, I thank you so much for giving wrestling a bad name. So in closing may the names of these greats never be forgotten just because Hulk Hogan had a vendetta against them and plotted to have their deaths occur...so without further ado I give to you the wall of remembrance for those that have fallen victim to the attrition of Hulk Hogan's massive ego and sadism!!!

Paul Orndorff (Working injured caused health problems)
David Penzer (left TNA because of your bullshit)
Jeremy Borash (will probably get fired because of the shit he said about you, which was right anyway)
Dixie Carter
Jeff Jarrett (That BATB 2000 should never have happened)
Booker T
Triple H (Comeback story fucked over because of you, see Backlash 2K2)
Undertaker (First title reign ruined because of you)
Kamala (Never taken seriously because of you)
Kevin Sullivan (Had to end up coming up with a new angle after you buried him, big reason why Nancy left him asshole)
Bruno Sammartino (Erased because of you)
Pedro Morales (See above)
Iron Sheik (Not given a real title reign because of you)
Vince McMahon (Almost had to shut down WWF because of you)
Val Venis (Fired from WWE and floundered in TNA)
Mick Foley (Leaving TNA because of you)
Sunny (You didn't defend her in WCW when she was accused of drugs)
Diamond Dallas Page (You did not want to take the pinfall from him at Spring Stampede when he won his first title)
Chris Benoit
Eddie Guerrero
Davey Boy Smith
Randy Savage
Owen Hart
Rick Williams (The Renegade)
Andre The Giant
Davey Boy Smith
Kerry Von Erich
David Von Erich
Fritz Von Erich
Mike Von Erich
Nancy Benoit
Daniel Benoit
Owen Hart
Dean Hart
Stu Hart
Tom Billington (Not dead but pretty damn close)
Ric Flair (His soul is crushed, his body lives, but his spirit is weak)
Bret Hart (read above)
Vickie Guerrero (Her heart is decimated because she lost Eddy)
Brian Pillman
Rick Rude
Curt Hennig
John Graziano (The kid your son nearly got killed)
Linda Bollea (She loved and supported you and you broke her heart, serves you write you lost your money bunghole!)
TNA (Right now in critical condition, but soon to flatline!)
Chris Kanyon (You let Orlando Jordan use his gimmick and he died because of it! Thanks jerk)
Big Boss Man
Big John Studd
Billy Jack Haynes

All of the above and so many more suffered because of you, thanks a lot Hogan and I hope this one day hits you when you are tired, frail and alone with no one there to give two poops about you. And if you are ever on fire one day, you won't be worth the weight in kerosene you're soaked in to immolate you and the ounces of pee it'd take to put it out! F*CK OFF HACK HOBAG because you suck!

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