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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

This is a pretty darn long thread lol. Right off the bat I got to give kudos for that. Now onto Raw...

-Batista/Orton/HHH/Stephanie is quite the storyline. The three Evolution members are all mixed up here. Throw in Stephanie and it makes for a very interesting foursome. Heel HHH is a sight for sore eyes and I think you write him really well. He doesn't seem to give the slightest shit about his marriage though. Maybe I need to read back a little to find out the reason behind his nonchalant behavior but it does seem a bit strange that his wife is in tears talking about their children etc and he doesn't give a crap. Also, Stephanie and Batista seem to be getting rather close. Well, Steph seems to want to get close while Batista is wary of her. Maybe this whole divorce thing is just a ploy to get Dave off guard so HHH can get back the title? But then you have to factor in Orton who seems to be caught in the middle of the whole thing. So many possibilities here and the triple threat for Survivor Series is a HUGE match up. I'll definitely be back to read it just for this match/angle alone.

-So I take it that Undertaker and Cena switched brands? That's quite the trade lol. Having Taker vs HHH in the main event is all sorts of epic and a great way to debut the Deadman on Raw. I liked the DiBiase stuff throughout the show too. Once again, I don't know the history of the angle but I liked it and it will put DiBiase over BIG TIME simply feuding with Taker. I'm looking forward to their clash at SS.

These were obviously the big angles you got going on right now. I'll admit that I kind of skimmed over some of the rest. Maybe if I get some free time I'll come back and try to catch up. Either way, I'll be back to read Smackdown and the rest of the build to Survivor Series.

Great show.
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