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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH: The Epic Encounter

Da Hit Squad vs. The Backseat Boyz

Kind of a weird dynamic with the heels by the much smaller Backseat Boyz. It made it a lot tougher to put on a good match as you really couldnít expect Acid and Kashmere to control Dan Maff for a long period of time. They made it work though as the Backseat Boyz played heels really well. You wanted them to get their asses kicked by Da Hit Squad and they were able to take all the crazy moves that they did. Nothing too incredible but each team played their roles well, it was easy to watch, and there were some really cool moves.

Hydro and Dixie vs. Dun and Marcos vs. The Carnage Crew

Well more little guys that you want to see get their asses kicked is always a plus. On the negative this is a scramble match. I could probably write the review without even seeing the match. There were a bunch of spots and a good number of them were kind of cool. I think they made tags for the first minute or so but aside from that it was just a free for all. It only lasted a little over 5 minutes so I guess it was fun enough.

ROH World Tag Team Championship Match

AJ Styles and The Amazing Red(c.) vs. Jay and Mark Briscoe

Really good match that wasnít a back and forth spotfest like I was expecting. The Briscoes actually took control of the match for an extended period of time before Red was able to make the hot tag. From there things got pretty crazy but I will give credit to everyone and say that nobody was kicking out of moves that shouldnít have been. It was good but I was expecting better.

CM Punk vs. BJ Whitmer

A little sloppiness early on with Whitmer either botching a dive to the floor or CM Punk failed to catch him. Considering what each guy would go on to do Iím just going to assume that Whitmer messed up. There was also this really awkward spot that happened right after the botch. This was a really hard hitting match and both guys came out looking a lot better then when they went in. Would have liked an ending but having a draw wasnít the worst thing they could have gone with. The in ring stuff reminded more of a main event as this could certainly be described as ďheavyweightĒ style match.

Christopher Daniels vs. Homicide

This is what I get for watching ROH on VHS. It was clipped in the beginning. I donít think I missed much but I could be wrong. So now Iíve seen these two wrestle in 2003 and in 2010. I really didnít like either match all that much considering those involved. Aside from the last 30 seconds of the match I had a really hard time paying attention. It was slow and I canít really say that much of note ever happened. Maybe I missed more in the clip then I think but what I saw wasnít anything all that good.

Alexis Laree vs. Ariel

They showed maybe 30 seconds of thisÖ
No Rating

Samoa Joe vs. Hot Stuff Hernandez

Hernandez was able to put up a decent fight for a while but he eventually got choked out. Hernandez in 2003 didnít impress me at all.

ROH World Championship Match:
Samoa Joe(c.) vs. Colt Cabana vs. Matt Stryker vs. Tom Carter

So right after he mad easy work of Hernandez Samoe Joe sit in a chair and said that he wasnít happy about the reaction the fans gave him when they found out it was a non title match. So he said that he was putting himself into the three way that was scheduled next and would give the title to one of them if they were able to pin him. Joe looked like a badass in this match and it really got him and the title over. Who the fuck is Tom Carter?

2 Out of 3 Falls
Bryan Danielson vs. Paul London

There were matches with cooler spots, matches where guys were stiffer, and matches were there were all sorts of weapons used. Yet none were nearly as good as this match. Before the first fall I thought this was just going to be a technical masterpiece. But as soon as Danielson slapped Paul London in the face at the start of the second fall I realized that this was going to be something a lot more than just a technical match.

Danielson wasnít in full heel mode but he was vicious in this match. When London got his leg caught up in the ropes Danielson went right after it. What made that moment all the better was the fact that London never stopped selling the leg once that happened. Great selling from London and the performance he gave as an underdog was perfect. I can see how he got himself signed by WWE after seeing this. If you havenít seen Paul London wrestle before he went to WWE you really need to see this. Had I seen this match in 2003 I would be ready to call Paul London the next Shawn Michaels. I donít think Iíve ever been able to say this before but in this match Paul London was better than Bryan Danielson.

Danielson was still great in the match. His gradual progression to acting like a heel was done brilliantly. His technical stuff was great and did a great job controlling the match for so long.

This is one of the best ROH matches that Iíve ever seen. Easily the best Paul London match Iíve ever see and one of the better Danielson matches Iíve seen as well.

Bunk House Brawl
Homicide, Julius Smokes, Dusty Rhodes, Iceberg, and Some Guy vs. CW Anderson, Jack Victory, and 3 Other Guys (one of them had a name)

This wasn't very good. A bunch of guys punching each other and cutting each other with forks. Waste of time really, I got almost no enjoyment out of it other than seeing all these weird guys in an ROH ring.

Overall this was a really good show. Danielson/London is a classic, the best early ROH match Iíve ever seen. I know this is out of stock now but itís worth going out of your way to see.

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