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Re: Being The Booker

Hatton? You might think that being from Manchester and all, I'd be the biggest Ricky Hatton fan there is. But you'd be wrong. He's a nice enough geezer and all, but he's a bit of an idiot really, and plus, he's not actually actually that good of a fighter. He's been utterly outclasses every time he's fought someone good, mainly because he has no defence. I see why you've gone with him though, rather than someone like Calzaghe for example, as Ricky is a much more sociable, 'Man of the People'. Glad he's not wrestling though; just keep his involvement to a minimum and it should be fine.

Great news about you bringing in Danielson, Williams and Daniels. Three brilliant workers right there, and three great talkers too who would slot in nicely anywhere on your current roster. They wouldn't just be great additions to your Cruiserweight division, they could all work much higher up the card in any capacity. I could definitely see Danielson turning up alongside Haas and Albright's new group at some point. He'd fit in perfectly.

Glad Arn's coming back. Pretty sick of Bischoff tbh. He's never done anything for me really, and having him in charge of both shows is just plain dull. I could see AA possibly turning heel when he returns though due to the way he's been treated and spicing things up, but probably not.

Tazz leaving saddens me only because it means more of this Michael Cole character, which is just plain awful

Onto Raw, and you have a quality card lined up for us. I'm amazed at this World Title match on free TV, as I was almost certain Angle would be challenging Christian at SummerSlam. I'd imagine that Umaga will be the one doing that now, as it wouldn't suit his character at all to cash in the contract in a sneaky fashion. He'll do it in a proper one-on-one match and win the title clean. The Triple Threat should be awesome though, with Christian retaining. If neither of them are getting a title shot at SummerSlam, I don't really know what Christian or Angle are going to be doing at that show.

You've certainly spiced up the current tag team scene on Raw in the last couple of weeks by revamping MNM and putting the belts back on them. Straightedge are a great team and I had them pegged as the ones responsible for the British Lions' problems, leading to an obvious heel turn, but instead you're going with 'The Entourage', who I'd imagine are probably Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins (hope I've got their names right?). Really intrigued by this angle now, though I suspect more shenanigans from MNM on this show.

This whole Mysterio/Rhyno feud has done absolutely nothing for me. Rhyno hasn't been relevant since 2001, so what he's doing in a high profile feud like this in 2007 is beyond me. The right guy went over at Vengeance, and hopefully Rey wins again tonight to send Rhyno packing once and for all, but unfortunately you seem to be a fan of the guy, so it looks as though he'll be going over. It's Rey Mysterio though, so it will undoubtedly be an excellent match.

Can't wait for more of Cena's angle too. Even without a feud right now, he's one of the most fascinating characters in the thread. Epic storytelling right here.

Looking forward to the show, Wolf. It's in full, right?
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