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Re: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Friday Night Smackdown (June 10, 2011)

We open the show with Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long, who reminds us that later tonight we will have the contract signing for the World Heavyweight Championship match at Capitol Punishment, featuring champion Christian and challenger Randy Orton in a 30 Minute Iron Man match. He also says that we have some special guests from Raw, as he introduces to Smackdown The Straight Edge Society.

CM Punk, Mason Ryan, Seth Rollins and Joseph Mercury make their way to the ring getting a lot of heat. Punk says that last week on Raw, Kane happened to make a little appearance to save his partner The Big Show. He says that the move was costly because this week he was banned from Raw and Punk rolls footage of the Society beating down Show this past Raw, causing him to be stretchered off.

Punk says that all four members of the Society are champions so they are all allowed on Smackdown as they wish. He says that now the former champions in Big Show and Kane are disposed of, the Society is looking for new challengers. Punk warns the Smackdown roster to come out now if they want a shot at the titles, but to do so at their own risk.

Pyros explode and Kane comes out, but CM Punk immediately says that Kane doesnít have a partner and therefore canít compete for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Kane says that this isnít about titles, it is about avenging his partner and he challenges Punk to a match tonight.

Punk smirks and says that Kane has pretty much backed himself into a 4 on 1 scenario but The Big Red Monster isnít scared. Punk says that on any other night he would let a teammate take the match but tonight he wants to go himself. Theodore Long checks the match with both competitors and then announces CM Punk taking on Kane, for right after the break!

Commercial Break

Match One: CM Punk defeats Kane after the GTS in a clean victory that was albeit marred by sporadic interference from the SES. After the match, Punkís stable-mates rush the ring and attack Kane much like they did to The Big Show on Raw. Because of Showís incapacitation nobody is out to save Kane and after a lengthy beating he suffers the same fate as his partner- having to be stretchered away.

We go backstage to where Smackdown interviewer is with Jinder Mahal. Mahal says that The Great Khali used to be the most feared superstar in the WWE. He mentions the fact that Khali is a former World Champion and used to be main eventing pay per views. Now, he says, Khali is a joke and no longer the monster he used to be. Mahal says that under the guidance of Ranjin Singh, Khali has sacrificed his intimidation for the fansí appreciation. He challenges Khali to join him instead and with his help he can go back to being the terrifying force that he was once in the WWE.

Commercial Break

Match Two: Brodus Clay defeats Yoshi Tatsu after the ICU in a squash. After the match Chavo Guerrero praises his associate and challenges Derrick Bateman and Johnny Curtis to come out and face them, man to man. The tag team from NXT appears and makes their way down to the ring, but this time Clay and Chavo attack them as they get into the ring, knocking them to the outside. Clay throws Bateman into the ring barrier and then Curtis into the ring, where Chavo lays him out with a Frog Splash. Chavo and Brodus celebrate together at the carnage they have caused.

We go backstage to where Wade Barrett is shouting at Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, asking them how they could have let Ezekiel Jackson win last week. Gabriel says that maybe poor leadership is the issue and Barrett says that he has been nothing short of outstanding as a leader, which is why he is the Intercontinental Champion. Slater asks where his and Gabrielís titles are and he says that it used to be better when there were no leaders. Barrett shoots him a dirty look as he walks away fuming.

Commercial Break

Match Three: Alex Riley defeats Tyson Kidd after the Youíre Dismissed in a short match. After the match as Riley celebrates, Kiddís manager Michael Hayes slides him a steel chair and he uses it to nail Riley in the back. Kidd and Hayes celebrate together before leaving to the booing crowd.

We go backstage to where Shelton Benjamin is talking to Ezekiel Jackson, the man to face Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship at Capitol Punishment. Benjamin says that he knows that Big Zeke is outnumbered 3 to 1 against The Corre, so if he ever runs into trouble, he has his back. Ezekiel thanks him but he says that after whatís been going on recently, he doesnít know whether The Corre as a unit will even make it to Capitol Punishment.

Match Four: Jinder Mahal defeats Yoshi Tatsu after the firemanís carry double knee gutbuster he calls the Sands of Time. After the match, The Great Khali and Ranjin Singh make their way to the ring and get into the ring opposite Mahal. Jinder stands opposite Khali and extends his hand but instead of a shake he gets picked up by the throat and nailed with the Khali Bomb as the crowd cheers.

Commercial Break

When we return, Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring accompanied by his lackey Ted DiBiase. He says that instead of handing out paper bags tonight he will be handing out truths. He says that the first truth is that he and Sheamus will beat Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan tonight. He says the second truth is that he will become the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship at Capitol Punishment. He then says the third is that he will then beat either Randy Orton or Christian to become Champion.

Sheamus comes out and says that Cody only got one out of three. He says that tonight they are partners but at Capitol Punishment they become opponents and that Sheamus will spare nothing. Sheamus says that unlike Cody, he knows what itís like to be a champion because heís been there twice before. He says that he has the strength, the skill and the experience in victories to win the fatal four way at Capitol Punishment.

Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara make their way onto the stage and while Cara just points, Bryan says that neither Cody Rhodes nor Sheamus are going to win. He says that he is the perfect example of heart in the WWE and thatís why he deserves to win at the pay per view. Sheamus calls him a nerd and Bryan says that itís a bit hypocritical coming from someone who looks just like a Ďbad comic book villain.í Bryan and Cara get into the ring and Daniel says that they can talk all they want, but in the end their wrestling will do the talking.

Main Event: Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara defeat Sheamus and Cody Rhodes by Disqualification after Ted DiBiase attacked Daniel Bryan as he had Cody in the LeBell Lock. After the match, DiBiase, Sheamus and Rhodes clear the ring of Cara and Bryan but then Rhodes turns on his partner as he and DiBiase kick him to the ground, before Ted holds him for Cody to nail him with the Cross Rhodes.

Commercial Break

When we come back, Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long is in the ring once again and he introduces both Christian and Randy Orton as the two competitors at Capitol Punishment. He says that the match is booked as a 30 Minute Iron Man match, one of the most physically taxing in the WWE catalogue. He says that they have any final chances to walk away before the contract is signed and the match is made official and both men shake their heads.

He says that it is the challengerís job to sign the contract first and invites Orton to the table. Randy looks up at Christian and smiles devilishly before signing the contract. Long then invites either man to say some last words to their opponent before the match is made official. Christian says that heís not one for chitchat and just wants to sign the contract and make this match official. He says that heís ready to teach Randy a lesson.

Orton chimes in, saying that Christian is hallucinating and that he doesnít know what heís in for. He says that he is a Legend Killer and has ended countless tenures in his span in the WWE. He asks if Christian wants to be another statistic on Ortonís list of destroyed careers. Christian laughs and says that Orton seems to be underestimating him as a champion. He says that he knows Orton has held many titles for many months and Christian has only held two titles for under a month altogether, but he says that he has held his titles with more heart than Orton has.

Orton says that Christianís heart wonít get him anywhere, if anything it will get in his way of victory at Capitol Punishment. Orton says that he has always been so successful because he has no heart, he doesnít care about his opponents and when it comes to beating them he doesnít care about his fans either. Orton gets passionate as he says that he would sacrifice his own family to be the best in the WWE, it means that much to him. He questions Christianís sanity to step into the ring with a man like him.

Christian smiles and he replies by saying that he must be going crazy, before he leans over and signs the contract. Orton watches him intently and as soon as he sees that Christian has signed the contract, he lunges at him for the RKO- only for the champ to grab him and reverse the attack into a Reverse DDT right through the table!

The crowd pops as Christian says that thereís one more thing that Randy isnít accounting for and that is over ten years in the business. He has accumulated so much experience during his time in the WWE and Orton should have known that he wouldnít have fell for the oldest trick in the book like that. Christian tells Orton that he has seen his friends have to retire in the past, some of them even thanks to Orton.

Captain Charisma concludes by saying that he wonít be another one of Ortonís casualties and that at Capitol Punishment heís going to walk out of the arena still World Heavyweight Champion. The crowd cheers as Christian makes his exit while a recovering Randy Orton, still in the ring, stares daggers at him and the show ends with this image.
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