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Re: Getting high

Originally Posted by wrestlingfan91 View Post
Yeah everybody gotta look what he can take and what he shouldn't do, i know people who will drink 2 beers and the next day they are sick to death...If you aren't mentally that stable in the first place you might wanna rethink if you wanna smoke that stuff, but to make it clear, the weed doesn't make you this way, it brings stuff out of you, that is just your inner you coming out and you might not like what you see...

and i am also considering ignoring Puddle, i mean it's such a stupid thing to do, i have no problems with other opinions, i just never have met a poster like him, he hasn't done one good post yet ever and never will, so i am considering it would make the thread less cunty and bitchy though.
Realistically I ignored him for my own self preservation. Eventually he was going to say something on here and if I'm in a pissy mood I might fire off on him and get in trouble or something. The less cunty, the better.
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