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Re: Getting high

Originally Posted by Funaki7 View Post
I hate when weed smokers justify smoking weed.

I do smoke weed, a decent amount, and have since I was 9 years old. I like getting high and everything, but I am still not so ignorant to honestly believe that it is good for me. Smoking weed causes massive paranoid and personality changes, which my brother suffered from in a harsh way. "It grows from the earth"....does it grow in smoke form? Smoking Jesus would be awful for you. "Alchohol is worse", STFU, they might get rid of that then lmao

Also, is no one realizing that legalizing it would be awful? Sure in tourist regions like Amsterdam it is cheap enough and you get the best of it, but in normal places they would tax the hell out of it, and make it really expensive. Sure, you will get stronger stuff, but I personally just like to get a big high and not get baked like fuck and be monged in a chair all day.
Sure weed causes paranoia for your brother but does Weed cause paranoia for you?

That's the thing, it doesn't cause paranoia for everyone especially the majority of the people, it helps you relax, I'm sure if it were legalized everyone who hasn't already done it would jump on it right away.

So what if weed is legalized? There's still going to be dealers that will sell it for a special price or different kinds of weed, so nothing much will change other than it being legal now and you can get high any fucking where you want.

That sounds good to me.

Originally Posted by wrestlingfan91 View Post
Well it wears off after a while, until you are out of the house, arrive, meet someone then you gotta talk and you arrive back home 4 hours are gone, at least.
Well obviously.

But if you know a chick than it's not going to take you 4 hours, if you have a chick in mind let her know a day before that you want to hang out with her tomorrow, blaze and than pick her up, won't take 4 hours now.

There's many ways around it really.

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