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Re: Being The Booker

I'll start off with a few thoughts about Superstars...

What on earth is Sean Waltman doing in the WWE in 2007!? His torch burned out a long time ago (says the guy currently pushing Sabu )...

Glad to see you sticking Chavo and Super Crazy together in an effort to add a little spice to your rapidly dying tag team division. They couldn't really be any more generic at the moment, so I think you need to flesh their team out a little before you throw them into the title picture.

Maria can't wrestle. Maryse can't wrestle. Victoria can. Guess who I want you to push out of those three?

Kind of similar to the Chavo/Crazy stuff earlier, all this business between Bourne and Skipper shows you're at least trying to rebuild your Cruiserweight division, and this little mini storyline between the two is at least giving them some character before they head over to SD and joing the likes of Kendrick, Noble and Kash feuding over the belt. Good job.


And onto SmackDown...

I just know I'm going to be irritated every single week by this Michael Cole bullshit

Like you said, no other way to start the show than with the NEW King of the Ring Glad to see that although you're not rushing Albright's push, you're not going to let him become stagnant either like what happened with Kennedy. This feud with Carlito actually seems like a pretty big deal, and the tag team challenge made for The Great American Bash should be absolutely awesome. I expect Primo to be 'Lito's selection, but I could possibly see you choosing someone else if you wanted to go another route. That, along with London/Kendrick, will probably be your MOTN right there. It's awesome seeing Haas getting all this exposure too. I wonder if you'll be adding to this little pro-wrestling stable you've got here... The Ace of Spades? Motorhead plz. I loved the challenge made by Albright to Lesnar. Makes him seem like a real big deal again after refusing Carlito's one-on-one challenge, plus it capitalizes on his momentum instantly.

Whose Great American Bash will be better? Yours or mine? Yours obviously

Well, it certainly took you long enough to get to the point of calling him THE Brian Kendrick didn't it? Well done on actually having the patience to book a character change properly and not just rushing it like most of the shit I read and, unfortunately, see on TV. You, sir, can book.

Pretty awesome match to open up with. Have I mentioned how much I love what you've done with the tag team title match at the GAB? I haven't? Oh well then. It's not like anyone is doubting that AMW will pick up the win, it's just that you've taken what most people would see as a nothing filler feud and turned it into one of the more intriguing angles and matches leading into the PPV. It's a great way to make your tag title seem important, and AMW are going to seem like absolute dicks when they retire Booker. Not sure what Burke is going to do next, but he's a very talented guy, so it could be anything really. Booker getting in his signature taunt AND getting the win over Harris virtually confirms he's leaving after the PPV, but it's a nice way to send him off. I would quite like to have seen Spanky hold onto the U.S Title belt for a bit longer to add a little more spice to the mix with London, but I see their feud lasting a while, so who knows what else you have in store.

I was quite surprised you ended MVP's feud with Carlito in the manner that you did, especially after what he did to Primo, and they've both already moved on to Finlay and Albright respectively.

The Narcissist? Lex Luger just called - he wants his gimmick back Seriously though, Nemeth is a great talent, but you've just chosen the the most clichéd gimmick imaginable. He could do with a manager too, as he can't talk for shit.

A bit of feud enhancement here between MVP and Finlay that sees Dave getting some revenge for last week. Seriously, your U.S Title division and potential World Title division would be so awesome if you just pushed some of these guys to those belts.

Ah, and here comes the most boring WWE Champion of all time. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but Orton honestly does absolutely nothing for me. I'm just glad you have him as a heel. He's a godawful babyface. He'll be going over Brock at The GAB I'm sure via some nefarious means, but I have no problem with that. I might dislike him as a champion, but Lesnar would absolutely suck. I'm not sure if I even want Cade and Doane to come back with the way you've been treating them. Those two guys should be tearing it up in the tag or U.S Title division, not being buried and made to look like dumb twats every week.

Simple enough stuff from JBL to carry this feud on his back. I've said it before, but I'm not the biggest fan of either guy, but I do like Bradshaw on the mic, so I hope you retain him as a manager or a commentator after 'Taker squashes him at the PPV - which he clearly will.

You've done a good job building this feud between Batista and Edge. Both guys were lacking direction right now after failing to become the number one contender, but you've really made it interesting. I love the fact that neither guy has ever been World's Champion in this thread, as it makes this angle seem all the more important. 'Tista gets the beat down on Edge, which is the first time he's had the upperhand in this rivalry so far I believe. Still, hopefully Edge goes over at the PPV in some shady way and we get a blowoff match inside a Cage down the road, because I think that would be great, despite Big Dave sucking.

I reckon your SummerSlam will destroy mine too

Glad to see you giving both Jamie Noble and Kid Kash a bit of exposure this week. You have a great Cruiserweight Champion, but he is seriously lacking challengers. These two are a perfect fit for him. Judging by Kendrick's appearance at the end, one or both of these men will probably be thrust into an angle with him down the line. Maybe you could do something about him disrespecting the Cruiserweight Title by going after the U.S one too.

Great match between Noble and Kash. Glad to see you giving them 10 mins+ to really show what they can do. Noble's been on a bit of a roll of late after beating JBL a few weeks back, so I guess you had to capitalize on that momentum, but I think Kash should be maintained as well because he's so damn good.

Look at that - 'Taker comes back an squashes a guy! Thirteen years later ... still doing it...

Not sure what all this old man squabbling was about between JBL and Booker. I guess they're both on their way out and you want to give them one last match against each other next week. Don't see that being a classic somehow.

A Belfast Brawl? That might be a nice addition to the card. I don't see the Buried Alive match being much more than a squash, so it's not gimmick overload or anything. Porter will likely go over somehow and should probably be the next in line for a shot at Paul London and the U.S Title.

Oh dear, more Michael Cole shenanigans. You tire me, Wolfy...

I might not like him, but I'm not an idiot, I knew that there was no way in hell Lesnar was losing clean in the main event, especially with a title shot in his future. I'm glad to see though that you're such an intelligent enough booker that you realise that a loss like this won't hurt Brock at all, but it will do WONDERS for the flourishing career of Brent Albright. It may have taken interference from both Haas and Orton to get it done, but he now has a victory over one of the most dominant men in professional wrestling history under his belt. That's such a great way to capitalize on all the momentum he earned at the KOTR. The aftermath was pretty great too with Albright and Orton taking out their respective enemies, but Albright completely punking Randy out at the end. Damn right he's not going to be his flunky. I smell a huge tag team match next week to send us into the PPV.

Enjoyable show as ever, Wolfy. The Michael Cole stuff is terrible and needs to end, but that aside, there's plenty of stuff here to keep me interested, and Brent Albright might just be the best character in BTB right now
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