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Re: Mega Wrestling League (MWL) [We'll change the future of the wrestling business!]

Fist of all, I think your backstory is good, as well as the rosters. I like how you assigned roles to legends, I think its pretty cool. Where is The Big Show though, I don't think I saw him anywhere? Mixing TNA and WWE is a very good idea as it's always nice to see new feuds and matches.

Raw review: The opening segment was allright, always nice to see Bill Gates.

The first match was a solid one, especially to open the show. 7.75/10

Vince McMahon appearing is good as well.

I'm not a real fan of Divas or Knockouts so AJ Styles interrupting was cool. 6/10 but probably 9/10 for a divas match.

The WWE Tag Team Match was (almost) perfect! I loved the way you included teams that we have not seen in WWE for a while. It was a great match. 9/10

Mr. Kennedy attacking Randy Orton... Great. Mr. Kennedy is awesome, and I hate Randy Orton, so it's all good to me. Kennedy finally got revenge on Randy for getting fired as well.

I was a little disappointed that the Main Event ended in a draw, but it was well written, so it's not that bad. 7.5/10
Overall rating: 8/10
P.S.: Too bad we didn't see Kane.

Impact review: The opening Jeff Jarrett segment was cool. I like Jeff Jarrett, he's great!

Having an Alberto's Wrestling Challenge is a good idea. I love Del Rio so I hope you will push him properly. Is Ziggler a face though? 8/10

The Tag match was decent. Too bad the Usos lost. 6.5/10

William Regal is a great wrestler so it's nice seeing him back. I like Sheamus as well but it's obvious that Regal should win this one. Good idea, once again. 8/10

I was kind of disapointed with TNA Championship match. It seemed a bit short for the biggest championship on the show. Nice win for RVD though. 7/10

The Triple Threat Match was awesome with 3 great wrestlers! Christian getting the win seems normal, and Punk attacks at the end. Very good booking congratulations! 9/10

A lot of Main eventers did not appear, which is kind of odd. I really look forward to see what you do with 'Taker. You better book him well!

Overall: 8.5/10
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