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Re: Mega Wrestling League (MWL) [We'll change the future of the wrestling business!]

TNA Thursday Night Impact for April 7, 2011

Welcome to the first episode of TNA Thursday Night Impact! They start opening up the show with some highlight video again about the merger between the WWE, TNA and Mr. Bill Gates, forming a wrestling league called as the MWL. The recap video is quite short because after few seconds, the new habit on your Thursday Nights will start right now! The people on the James Brown Arena at Augusta, Georgia are going wild and ready to see the premeire of the new and improved TNA Impact! Mike Tenay, Booker T and Joey Styles starting up the show with a big smile in their faces as they are excited to see tonight's turnout at this weekly episodic show! The TNA Announcing Team gives a short preview list on the matches that will happen tonight. The talk is not really long because the TNA General Manager, Jeff Jarrett, making his way down to the ring wearing some formal suit and having a big smile on his face as he is pumped up to talk to the crowd at Augusta! The crowd at the JB Arena are listening to Jarrett's speech as he talks about the said merge that happened last Sunday at Atlanta. He mark it as one of the biggest moments in the history of TNA, WWE and the whole wrestling world. The people also didn't expect that one will come because they think that was really really impossible to be a reality, but, Mr. Gates believed on his dream and pursued it, and look where is the two promotions right now, they are on a wrestling league managed by the owner of Microsoft! Jeff Jarrett also added that they are glad and relieved when the group of Bill Gates bought the two promotions because he admitted that TNA is having a hard-time to bring a quality wrestling to the fans due to some low buyrates and ratings. Now, the management is recharged once more as they are prepared to bring a extra-charged wrestling show every week at TNA by using the superstars who will battle it out for some championships! Jeff Jarrett is not regretting the merge because this is not the end of an era, because this is only a beginning of an era who will change your wrestling perspective and landscape! He also added that this merge is really a "moral lesson" to all of the people who watch the WWE and TNA. Why? Because, you can achieve the impossible and making it a possible reality! Jeff Jarrett raises his hand after he speaks about the merge and leaves the arena with a big smile in his face as he gives the TNA fans a chance to have a small interaction with the General Manager! While he is now on the entrance ramp, he raises his hand once again as the screen is fading to black as we go on to the commercial break!

[Commercial Break]

After the interruption, we are now again live at the JB Arena at Augusta, GA as Ricardo Rodriguez is getting ready to introduce his boss, Alberto del Rio! He is now entering the arena with some Ferrari car as a tool to get inside! The fans are amazed with the car, but not with the Mexican's attitude as they give him a big round of jeers and disagreements! Alberto is wearing some wrestling trunks right now. The fans are puzzled on why is the Mexican Superstar wearing some gear but he doesn't have a match right now. The General Manager Jeff Jarrett didn't book him a match on this first episode but let's see what he has in store right now for us! Alberto is now starting to talk about why he doesn't have a match today with any of the TNA Superstar! He is one of the most watched wrestlers right now in the industry and the management must give him a right to have a match with any wrestler he wants! The fans disagree with his statements as he calls himself as an "Advantage" on this promotion because the destiny is now on this brand! They continued to boo and jeer the Mexican Aristocrat as he smirks his face to the fans! Alberto del Rio doesn't want to stay in the locker room and watch some other superstars to kick some ass with each other! He thinks and makes a plan and a surprise for the fans as he creates the "Alberto del Rio Wrestling Challenge"! This challenge is really simple because any superstar can go to the ring right away to face the Mexican Excellence and try to kick his ass! If he do beat him, he will receive a big reward from Alberto del Rio himself, but if he loses, the superstar who challenged him will not receive any reward in hand! Soon after he talks about the rules of the segment, he asked his personal Ring Announcer Ricardo Rodriguez to go at the ringside as he waits for his enemy! A music is starting to play on the PA System as Dolph Ziggler is going on and heading to the ring to face Alberto del Rio and prove that he deserves the reward. He received a small pop from our fans as the bell rings!

Alberto del Rio Wrestling Challenge

Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto del Rio

The bell quickly rings as Alberto del Rio didn't waste time to give some pain and annihilation to his first opponent on the challenge! He doesn't give a chance to Shannon because he is continuing to give much pain to his first opponent on the challenge. The challenger tries to fight back with some counter-punch and kick to the groin but he is failing because the Mexican Aristocrat is not letting him to lead and score an advantage in this match! He uses his educated feet to have a complete lead and dominance in this challenge as he completely finishes this one with a Cross-Arm Breaker to his opponent! Shannon taps out because of pain from that submission finisher as Alberto del Rio is declared as the winner of this match! He celebrates in the top turnbuckle with his Ring Announcer Ricardo Rodriguez on the ring giving a signal to the fans but they are completely disagreeing that win from the Mexican Superstars as he and his announcer leave the arena as they smirk and give an irritating reaction to the crowd!

Winner: Alberto del Rio (4:12)

[Commercial Break]

After the break, we are seeing our sexy and lovely Backstage Interviewer Christy Hemme, getting ready to interview her first guest, William Regal! The fans give him a big pop (Wow? Really? I didn't expect that though ) as he starts to discuss about why he is not having a World Title Shot since he debuted in the wrestling business! He stated that when he was in the WWE, Vince McMahon treated him like a joke and he can use me for comedic purposes. That was then, this is now! He's serious to have a world title shot because he knows this is the "Right Time." to show what he takes to be the next face of this business. He shakes hands with Christy Hemme and gives him a sweet kiss on the cheeks before he goes back to the locker room!

After that, the screen is slowly fading back to the ring as Jeremy Borash starts to introduce the sons of Rikishi, Jimmy and Jey, The Usos! They receive a small pop from our TNA crowd in Augusta, GA as they are ready to face the tag team veterans, Beer Money Incorporated as they enter the squared circle and received a big pop from our fans as a big sign of respect to one of the best Tag Team Champions of all-time!

Tag Team Match
Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso vs. Robert Roode and James Storm

James Storm and Jey Uso start the match with a big lock-up with each other as Beer Money Incorporated has a big advantage in this match because they are the older guys in this match, unlike their opponents who are still learning the tricks on this division! But, let's see, the tables might turn around and the new guys might win on this tag match! The two superstars are giving their best shots with each other as they try not to be down as they give their opponents some counter-punches and moves to try to be the dominant team in this match especially with Jey Uso as he gives a chance to beat the Beer Money right now, but James Storm is not letting the young son of Rikishi to completely dominate in this match as he tries to counter all of the attacks of his opponent and gives a kick to the groin! The Beer Money Inc. completely dominates and leads in this match as the Usos are still fighting hard to be alive still on this match! But, sorry because the veterans of this division quickly finishes this one as Jimmy Uso tries to break the Eye of the Storm of James Storm as he interrupts the match but the referee stops the one of the Usos as Robert Roode quickly enters the arena as they perform the DWI or the Drinking While Investing finishing tag move! James for a pin! One! Two! Three! The veteran tag team duo wins this match as they completely give a sign to the other tag teams who will dare to challenge them at get ready because BMI will completely kick your asses! They leave the arena as they celebrate with some beer in hand and drinking it while the fans are giving a round of applause to their tag team idols! The Usos are quite disappointed with the final turnout of the match as Jimmy Uso is standing his twin brother up after that extra-strong finisher!

Winner: James Storm and Robert Roode (9:42)

The screen is slowly fading to the backstage once more as Tazz will interview the leader of the Nexus, CM Punk! The fans give him a mixed reaction as he starts to talk about the No. 1 Contenders Match which will happen later and the Nexus coming here in the TNA promotion to completely show their dominance and they have a plan to rule the show! The fans didn't agree with the Straightedge Superstar's announcement as Wade Barrett interrupted his speech as he wears his Corre shirt and wrestling trunks! He receives a big pop from our fans (What?! He is a face? Yeah. He is a face here in the TNA and you will find out in the future why.) as he talks about CM Punk is only dreaming that he will dominate this business which will never ever happen because the Corre is here and they are having equal appearances and shares in the group unlike in the Nexus that has a leader. CM Punk smiles and raises his hands to his opponent as he slaps Wade Barrett's face from nowhere! He (Wade) is quite disappointed at Punk's dirty tactics as he (CM Punk) leaves the arena with a smirk on his face. The screen is fading to black again as Wade Barrett is holding to his face and mad about that one.

[Commercial Break]

After the break, the TNA Announcing Team is giving a short insight about what is happening on Thursday Night Impact right now. Showing some clips of CM Punk and Wade Barrett having a short war and interview at the backstage also the interview with William Regal about his title shot! The segment didn't last too long as Jeremy Borash starts to introduce the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus! The first Irish-Born WWE Champion is waiting for his mystery opponent to come in to the match as he will give him a big kick-ass segment right now! A music is starting to play and it is William Regal's! Oh my goodness, the guy who really wants a World Title Shot is now heading to the ring as he is pumped up and ready to show the whole wide world that he has the guts to be a champion!

Grudge Match
William Regal vs. Sheamus

William Regal is really determined to beat the Celtic Warrior right now and prove that he deserves to gain a World Title shot in the future. Sheamus is trying to show his dominance in this match but his opponent will not let him to win this match very quick because he desperately needs to win this match as he wants to gain a momentum heading to a World Title Match! This one is really intense as they try to prove something to our fans here at the James Brown Arena! A lot of punches, kicks from the groin are happening in this match! Sheamus and William Regal are exchanging every time in terms of the dominating superstar in this match because the two superstars wouldn't just q uit fast as they continue to try to fight back! Sheamus almost dominated the match when he almost hits the Brogue Kick to his opponent but he failed as William Regal quickly pushes him (Sheamus) while the referee went down due to the big weight of the Celtic Warrior! Sheamus is quite distracted on that attack as he tries to give William Regal another Brogue Kick but he fails as the Englishman quickly sends out his friend, the Brass Knuckles and uses it as a weapon to hit Sheamus' head from nowhere! He calls out another official as he tries to finish this one! For a pin! One! Two! Three! Yes, the Englishman William Regal wins the match as he gains a momentum and a big reason why he deserves to win a TNA Title Shot at the future! He walks out to the arena with a big smile on his and the fans are going wild with the big win of Regal! Before he leaves the arena, the General Manager Jeff Jarrett enters the arena as he interrupts the celebration and announces that William Regal shows that he deserves to earn a title shot at New Blood Rising and he gets it! He (Regal) is really happy with the announcement as he shakes hands with Jeff before he exits the arena! Congratulations, William Regal!

Winner: William Regal (12:33)

At the backstage, Jeff Jarrett is seen talking with the Glamazon and announcing that her match with Gail Kim is cancelled due to some time constraints and difficulties. The management decided that the time might extend if they are still going to push the Knockouts' Match which is supposedly to be the next match. But, the GM added that next week, the match will resume and it will be for the Knockouts' Championship! Beth Phoenix smiles at Jarrett as she is ready to claim and win the Championship next week!

[Commercial Break]

After the commercial interruption, we are now starting our TNA Championship Match right now as Borash starts to The Miz to the crowd. He received a big heat from our TNA crowd in the James Brown Arena as he is giving a signal to the fans that he will achieve a world title here tonight! Rob Van Dam is slowly entering the stage as he receives a big pop from our fans as we start on our World Title Match right now!

TNA Championship
Rob Van Dam vs. The Miz

The ring bells as these two contenders for the title starts to give a serious lock-up with each other as they are pumped up to capture and win the TNA Championship. The contenders are not letting each other to score or lead or even have a small domination in this match as they try to stop and counter each other's attacks! The Miz almost leads in this match when he throws Rob Van Dam outside but the Awesome One didn't retain that momentum really long as he misses his high-flying attack to his opponent. Full of kicks on the groin, high-flying kicks and the such are being used by Rob Van Dam to keep the Miz down as he continues to lead in this crucial match! He feels the ending when he gives his opponent a thunderous DDT to the mat and uses a Rolling Thunder after that one! He (Miz) tries to be up at any moment as Rob Van Dam is now going to the top turnbuckle to go for a Five-Star Frog Splash but it failed because his opponent quickly moves and goes also to the top rope as they try to fix it out and give a Superplex to each other! But, Rob Van Dam uses his very educated feet as he kicks The Miz' head which is the reason why he is down to the canvas once more! That really hurts! But, RVD tries to finish it with a Five-Star Frog Splash and it works! Yes! For a big pin! Here comes the end! One! Two! Three! Oh my goodness! Rob Van Dam is again on the top of this business as he is once again the TNA Champion! The fans celebrate as well as the new champion as he raises his title up high while he is on the turnbuckles, giving a signal to his fans! He leaves the arena with a big smile on his face while the Miz is quite disappointed and irritated with the result!

Winner: Rob Van Dam (10:41)

[Commercial Break]

After the break, Booker T, Don West and Joey Styles are giving some thoughts and short run-down on what will happen at New Blood Rising. Sharing their opinions about the John Cena-AJ Styles-Jeff Hardy match, the TNA Championship Match and the personal feud between Mr. Kennedy and Randy Orton! This will be an exciting road for the New Blood Rising. The camera is slowly fading to the ring itself as TNA Ring Announcer Jeremy Borash starts to introduce CM Punk, Wade Barrett and the Captain Charisma Christian! The crowd is surely getting wild as they are ready to prove and show the world they have!

Triple Threat No. 1 Contenders' Match
Christian vs. Wade Barrett vs. CM Punk

The ring bells as Wade Barrett and CM Punk are having a big grudge with each other as Christian looks at them. The two superstars from two different rebellious groups are having a big fight as Christian tries to interfere! The Straightedge Superstar is sent out by the Corre Member as Captain Charisma tries to pin him! One! Two! No! This is almost more of CM Punk and Wade Barrett exchanging punches and kicking ass with each other but, Christian is not letting them to steal the spotlight as he tries to interrupt the interaction of the two members of two groups! CM Punk almost got the win on this match when he pushes Christian to the turnbuckles after he (Christian) spears Wade Barrett from nowhere and Punk uses it as an advantage to finish the match! But he failed as the Captain Charisma quickly recuperates and attacks CM Punk and gives him a Killswitch Engage from nowhere! Christian quickly goes back to Wade Barrett as he finishes this one with a pin! But he failed as the NXT Season 1 Winner kicks out at 2 and a half! CC tries to end this one with a Spear and yes it worked! Another big pin from Christian as he finishes this one! One! Two! Three! Yes! The Captain Charisma will be on the Triple Threat Match for the TNA Championship with William Regal and Rob Van Dam! He celebrates with the crowd as he receives a big pop from them! While CM Punk is really pissed off with the ending of the match! When Christian left the arena, the Straightedge Leader of the Nexus is really irritated with the turnout and because of that he gives Wade Barrett a big annihilation as he uses the Go to Sleep on him! The fans didn't like CM Punk's attitude right now as he raises his right hand as the TNA is slowly fading to black!

Winner: Christian (9:55)

Quick Results for TNA Thursday Night Impact

TNA General Manager Jeff Jarrett showing his thankful reaction and opinion about the merger that happened last Sunday at Atlanta, GA.
Alberto del Rio bested Dolph Ziggler on his Wrestling Challenge!
The Beer Money Inc. defeated The Usos in a standard tag team match
William Regal is the mystery opponent as he advances to the New Blood Rising as one of the contenders for the TNA Championship!
Beth Phoenix-Gail Kim match is cancelled! Jarrett rebooked them in a match next week for the TNA Knockouts' Championship!
Rob Van Dam wins the TNA Championship and beats The Miz.
Christian earned the spot on the Triple Threat Match at New Blood Rising; CM Punk giving a sneak attack on Wade Barrett.


New Blood Rising

Tagline: A new blood is rising to the professional wrestling scene!
Date and Venue: April 17, 2011 at Greensboro Coliseum at Greensboro, NC

Unofficial Match Listing

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. John Cena vs. AJ Styles

Grudge Match
Mr. Kennedy vs. Randy Orton

Triple Threat Match for the TNA Championship
Rob Van Dam [c] vs. William Regal vs. Christian

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- CM Punk

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Party Rockers in the house tonight, everybody just want to have a goodtime.

Marking for CM Punk, Zack Ryder, Christian and Daniel Bryan.
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