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Re: Mega Wrestling League (MWL) [We'll change the future of the wrestling business!]

WWE Monday Night Raw for April 4, 2011

Welcome to the first-ever WWE Monday Night Raw after the controversial and shocking merge on the two of the best promotions in the wrestling world right now! The TNA and the WWE is bought by a business elite and the owner of Microsoft Inc., Mr. Bill Gates! The show starts up with a huge video highlight marking the final pay-per-view of the WWE in the McMahon regime as it was the last mark of the big promotion in the business and a new start of a new professional league under the two opposing promotions! The broadcast team of the King, Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross and Josh Matthews give us an opinion about the merge yesterday after the Biggest Pay-Per-View of the year! Also, giving us a small teaser video on what will happen tonight on the first episode of WWE Monday Night Raw! After that short introduction message on the broadcast team, the WWE Ring Announcer Justin Roberts starts to introduce the owner of the MWL, Mr. Bill Gates! He is smiling to the crowd as they are giving the mega-owner of the league a big respect as they give him a warm welcome and appreciation for his mega-wrestling merge! The owner of Microsoft and MWL gives a short thought on what he feels right now after that said merge of the two promotions. It is like a big dream for him to merge two of the biggest promotions of the new generation! He gives us a project proposal on this league as it will be one of the most interactive shows that you will ever see! The people will be heard, the people can speak, because, the MWL staff will grant your wish! The crowd is getting wild with the project proposals of Mr. Gates as he is ready for a bigger wrestling future! He also added that this is not a nightmare because this is a long-time dream! 3 of the biggest business tycoons are teaming up for a wrestling league and he calls it and names it one of the "coolest" ideas ever made in history of professional sport! The fans are agreeing with the MWL Owner's business perspectives and future plans as they give them a big round of applause! Mr. Gates continues his talk on the center of the ring as everyone listens to him! He added that the pay-per-views will consists the names of pay-per-views from TNA, WWE and the defunct WCW! The MWL Chairman really loves professional wrestling that's why he tries to buy the two of the biggest promotions and create a wrestling history by making a league! His last will before he leaves the arena is this dream is now the wrestling reality of today! Mr. Gates exits the arena as he receives an ovation as they give him a warm appreciation! Thank you, Mr. Gates! We hope that you will give us flexible and bright decisions towards the future of wrestling!

[Commercial Break]

After a short commercial interruption, we are now seeing the WWE Broadcast Team giving their opinion on the promo awhile ago with Bill Gates as they give positive reviews and thoughts that the new owner has a big and a bright future masterplan for his new wrestling league as he wants to go interactive and hear what the fans need! They also added to their short talk the list of what will happen on tonight's WWE Raw like the Big No. 1 Contenders' Match tonight, the personal match between the Apex Predator and Mr. Kennedy and the Tag Team Elimination Match! After a short talk and opinion about what is happening to the wrestling world, the music theme of the four enforcers in the Crusierweight Championship match are now entering as they are ready to be a spectator and a referee, if needed later in the match! They are ready to see one of a kind, high-flying crusierweight action as John Morrison will try to win the gold against a former legendary crusierweight champion not only in the WWE, but also in his stint in the WCW, Rey Mysterio! The ring bells as the match on the Crusierweight Championship starts now!

Crusierweight Championship
Rey Mysterio vs. John Morrison

The two of the best crusierweights right now are having a serious lock-up with each other as the Shaman of Sexy quickly gains a lead in the match as he tries to win the title while the other 4 superstars are looking on what is happening to the match right now! Morrison quickly gets the big advantage in the matchup as he continues to pressure his opponent in this crucial match! Rey Mysterio tries to end the lead of John Morrison as he tries to counter and reverse some attacks done by the Prince of Parkour, but still he can't try to finish his enemy and reverse some moves as John Morrison continues to give his best in this match! The spectators on this match are still looking seriously in this match as they are seeing a one-of-a kind matchup in the Season Premiere of Monday Night Raw! The Prince of Parkour nearly feels the end after he completely dominated and gives Mysterio a big taste of annihilation as he tries to finish this one by using a Starship Pain on to his opponent, but it failed because Ted DiBiase completely distracts the leading and dominating Prince of Parkour in this match as he touches the ropes really hard! He is down after that big distraction as the 3 other spectators tries to argue with Ted DiBiase but the Million Dollar Kid quickly pushes the three as he leaves the arena while Mysterio quickly gives the pin as he scores the win and the new Crusierweight Champion! The 3 other spectators also left the arena as they are disappointed with Ted DiBiase's actions towards John Morrison as the Master of the 619 is now again at the top of the Crusierweight Division! Congratulations, Rey Rey!

Winner: Rey Mysterio (7:55)

The camera is slowly fading to the backstage as the WWE President, Mr. Vince McMahon is now preparing for his promo which is up next after the commercial break! But while he is walking out, he sees the new owner of the MWL, Mr. Bill Gates talking to the staffs of the WWE as Vinny Mac quickly interrupts that conversation as he asks the staff to leave first as they will talk about important things! Mr. Vince McMahon is happy with the merge as he is ready to go and follow the future plans of his new boss on the wrestling league as well making his own decisions to the WWE brand! He shakes hands with Gates as the promo with the WWE President is up next as he continues to walk down to the ring! It is up next and do not go away as you will experience a high-impact wrestling action!

[Commercial Break]

The New WWE Monday Night Raw is back as the WWE Ring Announcer Justin Roberts will now introduce the President of this promotion, Mr. Vincent K. McMahon! The former chairman and owner of the WWE is now walking to the ring with no doubt in his face as he continues to smile and happy with the turnout of the merge as the WWE fans are supporting Mr. McMahon's future plans and goals towards the WWE promotion! He is now starting to talk about the things that he will do on this brand without the blue brand which was scrapped and ended by the management last Friday due to some low ratings and buyrates for the past 12 months! Vince McMahon explains on why he decided to scrap out the WWE SmackDown out on the weekly program list is because the management wants to focus on Monday Night Raw and give a damn about the up and coming superstars and give them a chance to prove their worth in this wrestling business! He will still continue on his prospect and plan that the WWE will still be the dominant brand or promotion in this league even though the TNA brand has an exciting and strong roster like the Undertaker, Sting, Brock Lesnar and other wrestling greats right now! On the first hours after the merge and the roster announcement, he is kinda regretting on this deal, but after he saw the WWE superstars list, Vince McMahon is proud that he has a list of young superstars that has a great and undeniable success to the ring! The WWE President promises that he will still work hard as he gives the fans not only entertainment but also pure wrestling action every single week! He leaves the arena after that short talk as he gives a short interaction to the crowd while the other people are giving him a well-deserved respect he deserves!

[Commercial Break]

After the commercial break, the WWE Announcing Team are giving a thought and a short teaser video about the match between the self-proclaimed Biggest Face of the MWL AJ Styles and the Chain Gang Commander, John Cena in a big match tonight and we will see a one of a kind history as we are going to see who will be the man who will face Jeff Hardy for the WWE Championship at the main event which will also happen tonight! After a short talk about the big matches tonight, Victoria is now heading down to the ring as she is ready to take down Mickie James as the multi-time Womens' Champion is also going right now as she ready to show the WWE fans that she still have the guts and the determination to be a champion once again in this brand after she left the business in early 2010!

Grudge Match
Victoria vs. Mickie James

The match quickly starts as the bell rings! The two lovely girls are fighting it out very quick as they give each other a short lock-up! Victoria really leads in this match because of her strength as she is trying to end this match as she gives her opponent a series of clotheslines and dropkicks! But, sometimes, it fails because Mickie James tries to kick out and fight to survive and get back in to shape in this crucial match! The lovely and sexy Mickie quickly gains a lead after she is getting mad and completely dominates in this match! The lovely diva almost finished this match as she tries to give Victoria a Mickie-DT and yes, it is a success! But, suddenly, someone comes out and it is AJ Styles! The diva is quite shocked on why the self-proclaimed Biggest Star of the MWL is here as he talks and brags about tonight as he faces John Cena and he can't wait to go to the ring as he is ready to be the star of this business! Mickie James is getting mad and disappointed with AJ as well as the fans as he continues to interrupt this match! The diva tries to gain back her focus to her opponent Victoria once more, but she fails as Victoria quickly turns the table around as she uses the interruption of AJ Styles as an advantage as she finishes it out with a Widow's Peak! The Vicious Vixen claims a big win to MJ as the fans are not agreeing with AJ Styles and Victoria as they celebrate and give each other a hug! She quickly leaves the arena as the self-proclaimed Biggest Star is now walking inside to the ring as he is starting to talk about things, but he failed, as Mickie James, with a big disappointment in his return match here in the WWE! She slaps AJ Styles on what he have done to her awhile ago! Mickie James quickly leaves the arena as Styles is quite getting mad and hating the scenario MJ done moments ago as we go back to the commercial as AJ Styles is now also walking out to the ring with a big anger on his face as he gets ready for his match tonight!

Winner: Victoria (5:23)

[Commercial Break]

After the break, we are seeing the camera focusing at the backstage as Michael Cole will now start to discuss things with Jeff Hardy! He received a big pop from our fans as he starts to discuss about the match between AJ Styles and John Cena and stated that match is really a "History in the Makin' Match" because you will see two of the new faces of the opposing promotions will square off in a ring tonight! You will surely get an edge on your seats as they will give you one of a kind battle for a bragging right to face me for the most coveted title in the history of professional wrestling, the WWE Championship! He is also ready to fight the winner of that match tonight and determined to gain a championship reign once again! The Charismatic Enigma leaves Michael Cole as he is shocked and quite puzzled after that short interview!

We now go back to the ring as Justin Roberts will now start to introduce the 4 teams who will participate in the Four-Corner Tag Team Elimination Match! The WWE fans are ready to see a big change on the tag team division once again as they are claiming some gold tonight! The ring bells as 4 of the strongest tag teams in this WWE division will fight right now!

Four-Corner Tag Team Elimination Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Brian Kendrick and Paul London vs. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins vs. JTG and Shad vs. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas

Brian Kendrick and JTG quickly starts the match as they are giving themselves a lock-up with each other as they are trying to try and exchange bouts and kicks with each other! Brian tries to eliminate JTG quickly in this match, but he can't as the opponent tries to counter every attack and counter of Brian Kendrick in this match as he is struggling right now to regain back the lead in this match! Curt Hawkins quickly enters in the match as he taps Brian Kendrick's back to save the guy from annihilation from JTG as he tries to eliminate the Cryme Tyme in this match! Curt quickly claims a big lead and advantage in this match as he quickly gives him a thunderous DDT move to his opponent! A pin was made! One! Two! Three! Shad tries to interrupt the match but the other 3 teams are stopping him to enter in the match as Team Cryme Tyme is now gone in this Tag Team Elimination Match! They are eliminated at 4:29.

After the first elimination, Curt Hawkins quickly tags his partner, Zack Ryder in the match as he is ready to be a tag team champion once more as Paul London will take some things to the Long Island Z! Express right now! The two superstars trying to dominate in this match but they can't as they try to counter and reverse the attacks and holds with each other. But, the match momentum completely shifts as Zack Ryder quickly reverses some attacks from his opponent as he desperately gives Paul London an out-from-nowhere Long Island Express while London was about to make a move to him, but it fails and Ryder quickly finishes this turn! One! Two! Three! London and Kendrick are now eliminated from the match as the Ultimate Broskis are celebrating and assuming that they will win this match! Elimination happened at 6:33.

After that second elimination, the Ultimate Broskis are still having no-clue that the World's Greatest Tag Team are now in the ring as they are ready to give them a T-Bone Suplex from nowhere! The funny duo didn't expect that thing coming but the duo still try to reverse the move and turn the tables but they fail as the WGTT quickly executes the team as Shelton Benjamin drags Curt Hawkins outside as they go for a pin! One! Two! Three! Yes! The World's Greatest Tag Team wins this big match as they are the new WWE Tag Team Champions! They quickly leave the arena as they receive a mixed reaction from our crowd as they raise their titles really high! The Ultimate Broskis are really disappointed with the ending of the match as Shelton and Haas leave the arena with the titles on their shoulder! Elimination on 7:15!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas (7:15)

After that scene, the camera is slowly fading to backstage as the Apex Predator, Randy Orton is now getting ready for his match with Mr. Kennedy which is happening up next! But while he is preparing, suddenly, his opponent quickly runs to that area as he gives Randy a cheap shot to the head! He is really down and incapacitated after that sneaky and dirty attack as he continues to annihilate and give pain to his personal enemy! He uses the weapons there in the area as the officials quickly come in the area as they try to stop Kennedy for attacking Randy Orton and asked Kennedy to leave as soon as possible or else?! The Greenbay Loudmouth leaves the area as we go on first to a commercial break!

[Commercial Break]

After the break, the WWE Announcing Team is quite sad and disappointed with Kennedy's actions to the Viper, Randy Orton awhile ago as they give a quick highlight recap on what happened at backstage moments ago! While they are talking about the two superstars, Mr. Kennedy quickly interrupts the show as he starts to speak about the Apex Predator while the fans are not liking his reactions towards his personal and real-life enemy Randy Orton! Kennedy brags and explains to the WWE fans that he (Randy Orton) deserves a taste of his own medicine after he humiliate my honor and pride as a WWE Superstar few years ago before he went to TNA in 2009. He added that the Apex Predator is the reason why he is having a hard time to be a WWE Champion on his stint at that time because he is only an upper-mid card player while Orton is fighting it out at the main event scene and that is unfair for Kennedy's side because he added that he has the skills that Randy Orton don't have in his body! The fans are completely pissed off with Kennedy's speech as they start to chant "You Suck!" to the superstar from Green Bay! While he is bragging and humiliating Randy Orton, the WWE General Manager Theodore Long is now making his first appearance here in the show as he is quite disappointed on the bad actions and decisions of Mr. Kennedy! GM said in a pissed off manner that if Kennedy has the skills on defeating Orton, he must prove it not to the fans but to the Viper itself! Kennedy is getting mad as Theodore Long added that he will have a match against Randy Orton at New Blood Rising! They fans are relieved and cheered for the WWE General Manager as Kennedy is looking at the titantron and using the ropes as a weapon to his anger and disappointment to Long!

[Commercial Break]

Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross and Josh Matthews are back as they discuss the big announcement from the WWE General Manager as he books Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy to a match at New Blood Rising! Also discussing the former WCW PPV itself. They stated that it would be a night of new blood rising to the Wrestling Business especially right now with the merge of the two of the biggest promotions in wrestling right now! After a short talk, AJ Styles is now walking down to the ring as he is really serious and exploding in anger as he is ready to kick some ass tonight! John Cena is now walking to the ring as the fans are getting wild for the Chain Gang Commander! The bell rings as Jeff Hardy also enters the arena as he is ready to fight one of this superstars who will fight right now!

No. 1 Contenders Match
John Cena vs. AJ Styles

John Cena or AJ Styles? Two of the best superstars in the two opposing promotions! They are having a big grudge with each other as they give each other a big lock-up! That is only the beginning of the match, but every single second, the fans are going wild with this match as the two superstars are also making this match spectacular and great! A lot of great slams to the mat, even some clotheslines and exchanges of punches to each other! They just don't stop kicking ass with each other because they want to gain a bragging right to face Jeff Hardy at the main event which is next! John Cena and AJ Styles wouldn't let each other to lead and dominate in the match as they go out and use the ring ramps and the steel steps as a weapon! The referee is counting them as Jeff Hardy is standing right now as he will see if someone will go back to the ring before the count of 10. The two superstars are not letting go with each other as they continue to annihilate and give each other punches and kicks! John Cena tries to go back at the count of 8, but, the Biggest Star of the MWL AJ Styles is trying to interrupt the win of John Cena as he gets the right leg of the Commander and let this one end to a Draw! The fans are disappointed with the referee's decision as John Cena quickly burst out his anger on to his opponent as he quickly gives him an Attitude Adjustment from nowhere! He points at Jeff Hardy and signals that he badly wants the WWE Title as he is now leaving the arena! But, before he evacuate the area, the President, Mr. McMahon quickly goes to the ring ramp as he is quite angry on the final turn-out of the match! He didn't suggest to restart the match because he is booking that at New Blood Rising, the Main Event of their brand will be John Cena facing off AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship! The three contenders for the title are shocked with the announcement as the fans are getting wild with that life-changing decision as we are getting near to our first MWL Pay-Per-View as the screen fades to black!

Winner: Draw (11:09)

Quick Results of WWE Monday Night Raw

Mr. Bill Gates expressing his thoughts and appreciations on the said WWE and TNA merger.
Rey Mysterio outshined John Morrison to win the Crusierweight Championship with a help from Ted DiBiase.
Mr. McMahon also giving his opinions and expressions about the merger!
Victoria beats Mickie James in a grudge match as AJ Styles distracted the match.
Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas last eliminated Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins to win the WWE Tag Team Championships!
Mr. Kennedy bragging on his works to Randy Orton awhile ago; Mr. Theodore Long scheduled them to a match at New Blood Rising!
AJ Styles tried to beat John Cena in a grudge match but it is a draw due to a double-countout!; Mr. McMahon gives them a triple threat match at New Blood Rising!


New Blood Rising

Tagline: A new blood is rising to the professional wrestling scene!
Date and Venue: April 17, 2011 at Greensboro Coliseum at Greensboro, NC

Unofficial Match Listing

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship
Jeff Hardy vs. John Cena vs. AJ Styles

Grudge Match
Mr. Kennedy vs. Randy Orton

"I am the voice of the voiceless!

- CM Punk

Zackamania is runnin' wild, broski.

Party Rockers in the house tonight, everybody just want to have a goodtime.

Marking for CM Punk, Zack Ryder, Christian and Daniel Bryan.

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