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Re: The BTB Advertisement Thread

WWE 2011 - What's Booking?

This may be the single greatest BTB that has ever existed.

I'm ashamed to say that while writing my next show for my BTB I kept throwing in stupid, random shit because I had just read this haha. I unfortunately, against better taste, deleted most of that hahah.

I can't say there is a thing I disliked about this. CM Punk on commentary is a great idea if there ever was one. Foley/Mankind double arm ddting everyone made me laugh every time. Austin just in general. I'm definitely following this thread and praying it continues.
CM PUNK: "Aww shit, its Kharma." HAHAHAHA this was hillarious like the rest of the show.crazy start to the btb butnot complaining it was a lot of fun. foley/mankind was crazy and Mankind setting him on fire! wow lol it started the show with a bang and continued with the attack on the old commentary team, the new commentary team coming out and Austin and the rock as gm's! what a start!

jericho/Miz would have been a really good match, Austin attacking stopped it happening but sets up this mysterious highway to hell match well. i am intrigued.

Love Maria and even though she lost her in bra and pants is not a loss to anyone. Eve dissing Kharma was funny and cm Punk is hillarious on commentary.

The main events ere great WWWYKI!Ryder picking up the wins was great and even Bubba Ray winning the title off him in the 24/7 rule was great. Love that rule.

Cannot wait for Smackdown haha

Thursday Night Smackdown Extract!

Teddy Long makes his way down the entrance ramp into the middle of the ring.

Teddy Long: I'm out here tonight, playas, to address the entire WWE universe.

Teddy Long: There have been major changes, regarding the way that this company will be run.

Teddy Long: For starters, we are now Thursday Night Smackdown Live!! in Charlotte!!!

Teddy Long: But despite the new owner ship, the schedule changes, the new titles, this is and will still continue to be Teddy Long's show.

Teddy Long: And as Smackdown General Manager, what I think...


A very familiar voice is heard through the speakers. The lights go off all around the arena, and the titantron begins to flicker, and then...

If ya smellllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
What The Rock is cookin'!!!

The Rock's theme music begins to play as the man himself strolls out to the ring

The Rock: Teddy Long, The Rock hears what you're sayin', but it just doesn't make any sense to The Rock.

The Rock: Do you why that is Teddy?

The Rock: Because as of tonight, you aren't the Smackdown General Manager, and this isn't your show anymore.

Teddy Long: Now hold on just a minute, playa!

The Rock: And just so you know, this was never your show!

The Rock: This was The Rock's show, from past to present, from future to now, hold on a minute playa! The Rock is here, what the hell you gonna' holla' about now?

The Rock slams the microphone against the ring floor, then hits Teddy Long with a Rock Bottom!

Booker T: Tell me I didn't just see dat!

Booker T: Dat right dere, dats always been Rocky's show, and he jus' took it back!

The Rock raises his arm high above his head as his theme music plays and he walks off to backstage as the new Smackdown General Manager.

WWE 2011 - What's Booking?

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