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Re: Being The Booker

Just to clear up, it was this week of shows that I hadnt intended on ever doing, as it occured at the same point as a 'certain event'. However, I needed the extra week to flesh out the build up for GAB over on Smackdown, hence the 'fillerish' nature of Raw.

Glad you're enjoying the current womens angle with Mickie/Beth, BKB. Unfortunately, you have to thank TKOW for it though because he kept bugging me to change Alexis to Mickie, and this was the result of it. One of the best decisions I've ever made though tbh.

I fully accept the criticisms on the tag division at the minute. I had intended on MNM and Straight Edge holding the division together in an extended feud right through the summer from January, but somewhere along the way (right after Backlash really) the feud lost it's way, but I'm hoping in the coming weeks it can begin to heat up again. And there are more tandems on the way. One of which I'm very excited about.

Thanks for your comments Ruud , and I certainly couldnt comment on any certain Broski being part of any entourage . The Burchill face turn was rushed, which was my fault, and while there has been little in the way of a follow up on the Katie/Smith romance, keep tuned.

Glad you've been enjoying the shows, hopefully you continue to do so

Anyway, no preview for Smackdown. I've taken long enough to get around to posting it. I'll also be making a news and notes kinda post at some point later in the week, which I meant to do after KOTR.

So, Superstars results and Smackdown in brief form...


WWE Superstars | June 26 2007

X-Pac (with Tyson Tomko) defeated Val Venis @ 06:11 with an X-Factor.

Chavo Guerrero & Super Crazy (referred to on commentary as Los Latinos) defeated two local jobbers @ 06:01, when Guerrero pinned Jobber A with the Gory Bomb to give the new tandem their second straight win.

Maria defeated Maryse @ 03:49 after Victoria provided a distraction, gaining revenge for last weeks actions from Maryse, where she distracted Victoria, costing her a victory.

Evan Bourne defeated Chris Masters @ 08:22, thanks to an assist from Elix Skipper - an assist that Bourne was unaware of. After the match, Skipper raises the arm of Bourne, with the up and comer unsure at how to react to Elix.


Friday Night Smackdown | June 29 2007 | Nashville TN

Saturday Nights Main Event Recap Video; focusing on Brent Albrights King of the Ring victory.

Opening Video


Just like last week, Joey Styles is the first voice to be heard - but no sooner does he speak, that Michael Cole speaks over him to handle the introductions. The uneasy tension on commentary continues…


Who else could open the show?? Six nights on from being crowned the 2007 King of the Ring, Brent Albright waltzes onto the stage joined by his good friend, Charlie Haas. Whilst making his entrance, Cole plays up the fact that he was at ringside to witness Albright being crowned KOTR at the weekend - to which Tazz responds, making a reference that he had been on hand to call the action, but Cole had played some politics backstage to get the gig at the last minute.

Once in the ring, Albright milks the heat from the fans, before recapping Saturday nights events, starting with the win over Carlito. Albright accuses Carlito of being a sore loser, and leads to Haas getting on the mic, talking about Carlitos later confrontation with Brent, moments before the KOTR final, where Haas would attack Carlito from behind. The two then discuss a challenge made by Carlito this week on wwe.com to EITHER Haas or Albright to face him at THE GREAT AMERICAN BASH!!! The Master Craftsmen both reject the challenge, before throwing out their own, offering Carlito the chance to face them BOTH at the Bash, if he can find a willing partner to take them on in a tag match.

Albright takes over the promo again, and recaps his gruelling and second MOTY contender with Paul London in two months, finally overcoming the U.S Champion - calling it “The sweetest victory of the evening”. Brent then moves onto the final, and reluctantly gives Matt Hardy credit for his fighting spirit, before saying “He simply delayed the inevitable” leading to his becoming King of the Ring … “And with it, the first strike in OUR quest to reclaim professional wrestling”.

Quickly. Albright requests that he isn’t referred to as ‘King Albright’, because he believes he’s bigger and better than a King … “If anything, I’m more of an Ace … the Ace of Spades”. Brent once again reiterates his desire to veer away from the over-the-top actions of previous ‘Kings’, and to use his victory as a stepping stone to bigger and better things for both himself and Charlie Haas. “And now that all of you are watching, the time to strike … is now”. Albright announces that he’s wasting no time, and that tonight, he goes one on one with the #1 Contender; BROCK LESNAR!! Once again, Haas gets on the mic to close the promo, basically restating Albrights KOTR speech, declaring that a victory tonight for Albright will be ANOTHER victory … for professional wrestling.

Commercial Break


Opening shot of the American Flag waving proudly.

“What makes a GREAT American?”

Clips of Booker T & Elijah Burke high fiving, Paul London celebrating at Judgment Day with the United States title and Brock Lesnar fighting off The New Wave.

“Pride? Honour? Fighting spirit?”

Fade to darkness, then clips of the cocky THE Brian Kendrick holding the Cruiserweight and United States titles, Edge screwing Batista out of the WWE title, and Randy Orton punting Nick Dinsmore.

“Or is it Greed? Callousness? Malice?”

Shot of JBL looking cocky, arms spread wide, soaking up heat most likely, before switching to the rugged Batista, shaking the ropes in the ring during a match.

“In todays society, it becomes more and more difficult to decipher just who are the noble, and who are dishonourable by looks alone”

Clip of Americas Most Wanted, decked out in their ring attire containing the American Flag.

“There are those that bring shame to the stars and stripes”

Shot of M.V.P throwing money away, whilst sporting an overload of bling necklaces, and JBL assaulting Jamie Noble.

“There are those that have brought shame to living the American Dream”

Clip of Randy Orton hitting the Hangmans DDT on RVD at Judgment Day, Americas Most Wanted getting in the face of young fans at ringside, and THE Brian Kendrick attacking his ‘friend’ Paul London.

“Champions with no class, dignity, honour or respect”


“But a true hallmark of ALL Great Americans … is hope”

Euphoric music kicks in, and lots of rapid shots are shown now, of Paul London soaring through the air, Brock Lesnar with an F5 on Orton, Brian Kendrick running like a scalded dog, Booker & Eli getting the better of AMW … and a flashing image of a dark figure (The Undertaker??) in the distance??

“On July 8, the WWE welcomes ALL Great Americans to gather as one, and HOPE for justice … HOPE for righteousness … HOPE that good overcomes evil … ”

The euphoric music stops, and slow images of the cold Randy Orton, the bitter Edge, the cocky Brian Kendrick, then the toothy grin of JBL.



Back from the break, Brian Kendrick is already in the ring, holding both the Cruiserweight and United States championships, with a mic in hand. He quickly hypes himself as a future dual champion, and when he defeats Paul London at the Great American Bash for the United States title, he’ll not just be seen by people as ‘that guy Brian Kendrick’ … instead, he’ll be recognized the world over, as … ‘THE Brian Kendrick’. And only THE Brian Kendrick has the ability, talent, and good looks, to be worthy of holding TWO championships on Smackdown. Kendrick then gets Chimmel back in the ring, and orders the announcer to re-introduce him … only this time as The Brian Kendrick. Chimmel does as he is told, as the opening contest gets the chance to finally get going…

Match 1 | Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Brian Kendrick & Americas Most Wanted vs. Paul London, Booker T & Elijah Burke
Intense, physical contest, with bad blood running on both sides, with the long running tag war between AMW & Book & Burke now coming to a sudden crescendo in less than two weeks, with Bookers career on the line helping to amp up the hostility, whilst London is hungry for revenge after Kendricks attack at SNME. Plenty of the commentary during the match focuses on the two matches involving these six men at the Great American Bash in nine days time, with Kendrick quickly tagging out to avoid London as he made a tag from Burke. Eventually, a cheap trick from Kendrick - low bridging the ropes from the apron - allows his side to get on top of London, and the beat down gets into full swing as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

The show returns, with London beginning to make a comeback, but the expertise of the heel tag champions prevents him from making the much needed tag to Booker or Burke - infuriating the veteran and rookie on the outside. London fights on though, and after an enziguri to Storm, looks set to make the desperation tag, but Kendrick illegally drags his former friend back to the middle of the ring!! Momentarily, that sets off Book & Burke, but the referee soon diffuses the situation. Kendrick soon becomes the legal man, and has no worries about taking on The Golden Boy in this condition … but he comes in over-cocky, and nearly succumbs to an inside cradle, narrowly escaping at two. Kendrick gets on top of London after that, but as he loads up to hit Sliced Bread, London CROTCHES his foe on the top rope!!! The U.S Champion then leaps across the ring - TAGGING BOOKER T!!!

The former FIVE TIME WCW Champion steams in like a man possessed, hitting anything that moves, getting shots in on Harris and Storm, before delivering a Harlem Side kick on Kendrick … leading to the SPIN-A-ROONIE!!! After the crowd pleasing break dance, Booker is blindsided by Storm!!! The knockdown deflates the fans, and The Cowboy helps drag Kendrick to the corner, where Harris makes a tag, but as the tag is made, Burke steps into action, attacking Storm, whilst London dropsaults Kendrick to the floor, following out himself. In the ring, AMW get the better of Burke, and send him out of the ring, giving themselves the opportunity to set Booker up for the Death Sentence … but as Harris perches himself at the top rope, Booker bursts back into life, fighting off Storm, and throwing him over the top rope, where Burke is back up and waiting to tackle him down!! In the ring, Harris looks to improvise, and attempts an Axe Handle off the top - BUT IS CAUGHT - AND DRILLED WITH A BOOK END!!! Booker T makes the cover, hooking the leg tightly … 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Booker T, Elijah Burke & Paul London @ 12:38

Like a man with a new lease of life, the career threatened Booker T turns the clock back a few years, and picks up an impressive win over AMW!! On the outside, Kendrick is seen running up the aisle, wanting no part of London, whilst Burke leaves Storm laying, before he and London - with the United States Title back with it’s rightful owner - join the victorious Booker in the ring, with the faces standing tall, nine days away from the Bash!!

Clips then play from last weeks show, where MVP used Finlays own shillelagh to bust open the tough-as-nails Irishman, leaving the Belfast man laid out in the ring, leading to a challenge for a rematch tonight … FROM Finlay TO M.V.P … which has been accepted, and is up next!!

Commercial Break


The scene opens with the face of NICK NEMETH, staring into a full length sized mirror. Smiling at his reflection, Nemeth runs a comb through his hair, before talking into the mirror.

Nick Nemeth: Hi again. Nick Nemeth here again.

Nemeth stops, patting a part of his hair with his hand to fix it to perfection.

Nick Nemeth: Y’know, some people use the word “Narcissist” like it’s a dirty word.

Nemeth stops smiling, and shakes his head in disgust.

Nick Nemeth: Some even use it as an insult; as a slight on someones character … a tool to make someone feel less good about themselves.

Head bowed momentarily, Nemeth continues.

Nick Nemeth: … Some people call me a narcissist.

Nemeths head slowly rises, looking up at the mirror with a grin on his face.

Nick Nemeth: I don’t take it as an insult though. To me?? Being called a narcissist is a compliment. I’m PROUD to be a narcissist. Yeah, I spend longer to make sure my hair sits perfectly … and I didn’t get this body by hanging out at McDonalds.

Nick stands, and shows off his perfect abs.

Nick Nemeth: I wear the tag of Narcissist as a badge of honour. Do you do the same with your tag of jealousy??

Nemeth pulls a white T-Shirt on, and runs his fingers through his hair again, making sure not one is out of place.

Nick Nemeth: Yes, I AM the most important person in my life … After all … if you cant love yourself … who can you love??

Nemeth winks, as the video fades out.

… SOON …

Match 2:
M.V.P vs. Finlay
It’s obvious from the get go that Finlay isn’t interested in winning the match - he’s out for blood. The Irishman is extremely physical, with MVP trying to keep himself in it, but the veteran is hell bent on pure revenge tonight, and putting the hurt on the highest paid superstar on Smackdown. MVP tries to roll out to create some distance between himself and Finlay, but the fired up Irishman follows out, and tackles the unsuspecting opponent into the steel steps!!! Finlay then reaches for his trusty shillelagh … AND BASHES MVP!!!
Winner: Via DQ - M.V.P @ 01:58
The DQ is called, and Finlay gains a measure of revenge against MVP after his attack last week. Finlay kneels down, and hammers the weapon off the face of his opponent, with Porter now BUSTED OPEN!!! Officials rush to ringside to put a stop to the attack, as the manic Irishman makes his feelings known, having gotten a measure of revenge on Smackdowns highest paid superstar. Finlay - with a sadistic smirk on his face - is dragged away, whilst MVP looks like he just woke up in the middle of next week, is helped to a seated position at ringside, completely out of sorts.

Backstage, Josh Mathews conducts an interview with WWE Champion, Randy Orton, minus his New Wave. Asked for his thoughts on Lesnars actions at SNME, Orton responds by saying Lesnar is falling into a false sense of security if he thinks a cheap shot like this past weekend means he can do the same at the Great American Bash for the WWE Title. Orton reiterates that on July 8, it’s just the two of them, one on one … and it’s a fight that Lesnar simply cant win.

That leads Mathews to ask about the continued absence of Cade and Doane - neither man at the arena again tonight -, with Orton reminding Josh that Cade is still convalescing with a knee injury - at the hands of Lesnar - but Doane ‘has other issues to deal with at the moment’, being the reason for ‘The Future’ once again missing Smackdown. Orton does announce though, that BOTH Cade and Doane WILL be at Smackdown … NEXT WEEK. With a smile, Orton cryptically questions “But I‘m not sure we can say the same for Brock Lesnar” … but before Mathews can ask Orton to expand on his comment, the WWE Champion ends the interview, and walks off the set.

Back in the arena…


The music of JBL hits, and attention immediately switches to his BURIED ALIVE match in nine days time against The Undertaker, with Cole again showing his fury at the match, saying it’s ‘inhuman’. After he exit’s the white stretch limo, we are told that the self made millionaire will be in action … NEXT!!

Commercial Break

Match 3:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Funaki
Complete and utter squash. JBL roughs up the #1 announcer on Smackdown, running through his offence of big boot, swinging neck breaker, sidewalk slam, fall away slam, big shoulder, never even attempting a cover. However, JBL sends his message to the fans, eventually finishing Funaki off with a vicious Clothesline From Hell, and a cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield @ 02:59
Dominant victory for JBL, but no sooner has his hand been raised, does JBL call for the mic… and once he has it, Layfield shows his defiance, telling the audience that he doesn’t fear the Buried Alive match - he welcomes it. JBL goes into detail, reminding the fans that he has been chasing The Deadman for months - not the other way around - with the ‘end game - the whole purpose of his quest’ being to finish Taker once and for all … and he’s “salivating at the prospect of burying the Undertaker alive.”

As JBL then leaves the ring, Cole, Tazz and Styles discuss the match with Taker in nine days time, pointing out that JBL didn’t once mention the fact that HE could well be the one buried alive at the Great American Bash, putting over his belief that he can defeat The Deadman.

Now, backstage, we see BATISTA making his way down the hallway … on his way to the ring … NEXT!!

Commercial Break



Batista - not dressed for action - makes his way to the ring, and quickly gets down to business, calling out his Great American Bash opponent - EDGE!! Batista is forced to wait though for a response, and while he waits, he tries to goad the Rated ‘R’ Superstar, saying “you can hide all you want tonight. You can hide all you want next week too … but you cant hide from me when it comes to next Sunday!!” It appears the final comment worked, as shortly after that…


Edge makes his entrance, but has to think twice about getting into the ring, with the big man intimidating him, lurching toward the ropes, forcing Edge to back up. In the ring, Big Dave laughs, before stepping away, allowing Edge to enter, which he eventually does. The two soon get down to business with The Animal sarcastically thanking Edge for having the guts to come out to the ring tonight and face him like a man. Edge quickly responds, informing Batista that he isn’t scared of him - which is met by hearty laughter from The Animal, much to the chagrin of Edge.

Batista questions Edge’s lack of fear, telling the Rated ‘R’ Superstar that he has a list of evidence that suggests otherwise; the sneak attack to cost him the WWE Championship against Randy Orton … the sneak attack Spear the following week after Batista had called him out to the ring … and the cowardly Spear last weekend, when they were supposed to be on the same side. “All that stacks up, Edge … and it tells me that you‘re scared to face me one on one”

Edge shakes his head though, and whilst admitting to the previous two accusations ‘guilty as charged’, he tells Batista that the Spear last weekend WASN’T intentional, because he had aimed for Angle, but he moved out of the way - too late for Edge to stop himself from hitting Batista. The Rated ‘R’ Superstar then makes the point that he’s here now, face to face, and asks Batista if he looks scared now. Dave walks into the face of Edge, getting a good look into the eyes, and shakes his head, saying “No. You don’t look scared … BUT YOU SHOULD!!” And with that … BATISTA ATTACKS EDGE!!!

The Animal nails Edge with the microphone, then clobbers him at the ropes, completely overwhelming the unsuspecting Edge, throwing him off the ropes … AND DRILLS HIM WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!! Batista then goes through the motions; shaking the ropes, giving a thumbs up, then DOWN, to a big pop, setting up … THE BATISTA BOMB!!!!! Big Dave gets a measure of revenge for the recent attacks he has been on the end of from Edge, and grabs the mic again, standing over Edge before declaring; “Just so you know, that WAS intentional.” He slams the mic down, and storms out of the ring, up the aisle, sending a message to Edge, with their highly anticipated one on one match nearing … just nine days away.

Commercial Break


An image of the sun rising, getting brighter and brighter…


Clips of John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Christian, The Brian Kendrick, Straight Edge, & Randy Orton


Clips of Kurt Angle, M.V.P, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Mister Kennedy & Edge


Clips of some of the landmark sights in each continent.




The Summerslam logos from the years gone by.


A sight of the globe, which zooms in … toward Europe … toward the UK … toward England … and into London … zooming in still …


And hurtles toward Wembley Stadium.


Differing angles of the new Wembley, including a sight at the arc.


Clips of WWE stars in action, interspersed with clips of fans going wild.


More fast clips of the WWE superstars in action, with fans reactions, including sights of London too.



Backstage, Kristal Marshall conducts an interview with Jamie Noble, one week after falling short in an attempt to earn a Cruiserweight title match with THE Brian Kendrick at The Great American Bash. Noble talks about a rollercoaster couple of months, dealing with JBL - even defeating JBL - and getting his own identity back, stepping out of his former boss’ shadow. He talks about not being one to wear fancy suits, and driving in the back of stretch limos - “I‘m from the trailer, and I‘m damn proud of it boyyy!!!”

He then talks about his loss last week to Kendrick, but says that even though he lost last week, he knows now that he CAN beat Kendrick, and he CAN once again challenge for the Cruiserweight title … but that leads to an interruption … from KID KASH. Nobles opponent this evening cockily walks around the boy from the trailer park, before telling him that his ‘hopes and dreams are taking a back seat … to Kid Kash’s realistic road back to the title’. Just as Noble is about to respond to Kash, the CW champion himself enters the picture.

Kendrick - after eyeing Kristal - turns his attention to Kash and Noble, looking at both men, before shrugging. “You two?? Seriously?? Not even on my radar.” And then walks off the set, leaving Noble and Kash to respond. Noble mutters “I soon will be boy”, and Kash hears it, smirking, whispering into the ear of Noble “Not after tonight”, and leaves the set himself. Noble watches on as Kash leaves, and snarls in response, saying nothing, as we fade out.

Commercial Break

Match 4:
Jamie Noble vs. Kid Kash
Great Cruiserweight showcase match, with both men getting in plenty of offence in a highly competitive match up, full of near falls, and quick fire action. After a spell of dominance for Noble, Kash resorts to the cheap heel tactics to gain the upper hand, dragging the official in front of him in the corner. Noble stops before colliding with the referee, and Kash then catches Noble by surprise with an attack. Kash takes over, but gets overzealous, going for the Dead Level WAY too early, allowing Noble to counter out, and fight back into the contest.

Noble gets the upper hand again, but is nearly caught in a small package from Kash, and then the Notorious K-I-D takes the fight to the outside, side suplexing Noble onto the barrier. He then brings Noble back inside, but STILL cant finish the job, and the fury begins to build for Kash. He scores another near fall off a Hurricanrana, with the boy from the trailer park kicking out AGAIN, further infuriating Kash. Kash then drags Noble back up, looking for the Dead Level for a second time … BUT NOBLE COUNTERS IN MID AIR … INTO A DRAGON SLEEPER!!! Noble wraps his legs around the body of Kash, giving him nowhere to go … and Kash is forced … TO TAP OUT TO NOBLE!!!
Winner: Jamie Noble @ 11:11
Noble gets back on track after last weeks loss to Kendrick, and puts himself back into the title picture immediately, whilst Kash falls to the back of the line again. On commentary, the trio all give Noble credit, saying Kendrick should be very concerned about having to face Noble again some time down the line - rather the focusing all his energies on Paul Londons title belt.

Commercial Break





Backstage, we go to the locker room, where a jovial Booker T is talking with fellow veteran, Hardcore Holly, whilst Jeff Hardy passes, congratulating Booker on his win tonight, whilst Evan Bourne passes, doing the same. Booker and Hardcore continue to talk … until JOHN ‘BRADSHAW’ LAYFIELD enters the fray. JBL, with a toothy grin, interrupts the conversation, with Booker taking exception. JBL plays innocent, and tells Booker he “Just wanted to take the chance to say goodbye”.

Booker screws his face up, and responds to JBL “Why?? Where you goin??”, which gets a laugh from Layfield, who smiles toothily as he retorts. “I‘m not going anywhere, Booker … but your storied career is most certainly coming to a screeching halt at the Great American Bash.” Booker though, defiantly shakes his head, “Nuh uh dawg. You gots it ALL mixed up … if dere‘s anyone whose career is comin to a halt at tha Bash … it‘s yo punk ass who aint comin back!! Cause yo punk ass gettin buried alive!!!”

The two continue to disagree over which of them wont be seen on Smackdown again after next Sunday … and a listening ERIC BISCHOFF has an idea. The interim GM of Smackdown intervenes, and tells the two of them that it could be the last ever time the audience sees one - or both - of them next week … so, BOTH of them will be in action … AGAINST EACH OTHER!! Bischoff then leaves having dropped the bombshell, whilst Booker and JBL square off, with Booker challenging JBL to make a move … but Layfield simply grins, backing away … saving the action for next week.

Elsewhere, Josh Mathews is with Finlay, and asks him about his recent run-ins with MVP, being bloodied by Porter last week, and gaining revenge tonight. Finlay talks up his fighting instincts, and his will to never lie down. The Irishman says MVP picked the wrong guy to make an example out of last week, and throws out the challenge to Porter to prove his toughness - if he has the guts after tonight - to meet him at the Great American Bash … in a BELFAST BRAWL!!! Finlay leaves the question out there, as we fade out.

Commercial Break

When we return from the break, Cole, Styles and Tazz run down the card - thus far - for the Great American Bash, and they confirm that Carlito HAS accepted the tag challenge from the Master Craftsmen, and he - along with whomever his partner will be - will take on the 2007 King of the Ring & Charlie Haas at the PPV. Then, as discussion turns to the Buried Alive match, Michael Cole again rants about the career ending aspect of the match - calling it a ‘freakshow’ - claiming the WWE Board of Directors should intervene to prevent the match from happening.

Tazz and Styles however disagree, telling Cole that JBL only has himself to blame for the match, as he gave The Undertaker the choice of match. Cole though, continues to argue, saying he wouldn’t expect the former ECW guys to see it from his perspective, calling them ‘bloodthirsty sadists’, and questions the decision to have the two ‘low rent bingo hall graduates’ calling a worldwide broadcast. He then gets up, to walk out - for the third straight week - and this time claims “I‘m not working with you pair again. I wont lower myself to it anymore!!” Cole storms off - YET AGAIN - leaving Styles and Tazz to finish the show together for the third straight week.

After that, Tazz and Styles settle things down, and to add more hype to the Buried Alive match in nine days time, they throw to a video package, hyping the match, and The Undertaker, putting over the career altering - career ending - nature of the match … but will it end the career of JBL … or the returning Undertaker??

Back in the arena…


It’s main event time, and Brock Lesnar enters, ahead of his meeting with the newly crowned King of the Ring.

Commercial Break

The show returns with Albright now in the ring, accompanied by Haas. But, just as the match is set to begin…


Randy Orton makes his way down the aisle, throwing Lesnar off his game, and makes the most of the distraction, taking his time to walk around the ring, before finally making a beeline for the commentary table. With Lesnars focus still on the WWE Champion though, Albright is able to attack, getting a kick start to this evenings main event!!

Main Event:
Brock Lesnar vs. Brent Albright w/Charlie Haas
Albright dominates the early going, thanks to his quick attack, but Brock is too big and too powerful to dominate for long. Lesnar gets back into the contest, using his overwhelming strength to get on top. Despite being on the receiving end of a beating from Lesnar, Albright is dogged, and battles back into the contest, surprising the Iron Man with a Belly to Belly for a near fall. Lesnar now knows he’s in a real battle, as the confidence grows for the King of the Ring, as he uses the advantage of having Haas at ringside, distracting the official, whilst Haas drags Lesnar out, and sends him into the steel steps!!! Haas gets Brock back inside, allowing Brent to cover, but he only manages a two, whilst Orton approvingly watches on at ringside - saying nothing on commentary - as we head into the final commercial of the evening.

Commercial Break

And, from the return, Lesnar is in the midst of a comeback, overpowering Brent, and manhandles him with a Gorilla Press Slam!!! From there, the Iron Man hits successive high running knees in the corner, and looks to be on the verge of finishing the KOTR off, scoring a two count from a Belly to Belly … before signalling for the F5!!! He gets Albright up … but as he swings him around … ALBRIGHT COUNTERS … INTO THE CROWBAR!!!! A huge shift in momentum takes over, as the King of the Ring applies his potent submission on the #1 Contender … with Lesnar in all kinds of trouble, looking to find the ropes … and after a LONG struggle … LESNAR GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!

Albright is unable to finish Brock on that occasion, but the Ace of Spades smells blood, and targets the arm again, with Lesnar on the back foot - on the defence - and eventually, the eagerness of Albright backfires for the King of the Ring, as he charges down Lesnar - AND IS CAUGHT WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!! It’s not enough to end the contest, but the near fall helps get Brock back in control. The Iron Man scores another near fall off his delayed Fisherman buster, then attempts a German suplex … but Albright blocks it, and rolls through, getting a hook of the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!! Lesnar bounces up, but runs into a drop toe hold, falling face first into the top turnbuckle, with Albright wasting no time, swooping in - AND DRILLING HIM WITH A HALF NELSON SUPLEX!!! 1...2...LESNAR KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!

In shock, Albright quickly gets back on Brock, and now looks to deliver the move that won him the King of the Ring last weekend - THE SAMOAN DROP DRIVER - but once he has Lesnar up, the weight of the #1 Contender is too much, and Brock slips off, then batters Albright with a ferocious clothesline!!! The end could be near now for the KOTR winner, as Lesnar drags him up, trying to set up the F5 again for the second time … but Albright battles back, going blow for blow with Lesnar, catching him with a boot to the gut, and runs off the ropes, building up speed … BUT RUNS INTO LESNAR … ONTO HIS SHOULDERS … F5!!!!! The Iron Man covers … … NO REFEREE!!!

Charlie Haas is on the apron … and the referee is distracted!!! Lesnar could’ve had a ten count at this stage, and in a rage, Brock shoots up, swinging at Haas on the apron, but Charlie ducks, jumping off the apron, leaving Lesnar to get further riled up. On commentary meanwhile, Orton has left the desk … and slithered into the ring … SNEAKING UP ON LESNAR (whilst the official admonishes Haas) … SPINS HIM AROUND … RKO!!! Orton delivers the RKO to Lesnar, and slips right back out of the ring, crouching down by the steps so the official doesn’t see him … as Albright drapes an arm over Brock … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Brent Albright @ 16:34
Albright steals it!!! The King of the Ring winner continues his impressive winning streak - albeit under shady circumstances - and defeats the #1 Contender to the WWE Title!!! Orton quickly re-enters the ring, putting the boots to Lesnar, looking to put his enemy out of commission, whilst Haas helps Albright up … but as he does …

CARLITO SPRINTS TO THE RING!!! Carlito slides inside, and tackles down Haas, pounding away at Charlie, before being dragged off by Albright … BUT CARLITO TACKLES HIM DOWN TOO!!! The fiery Caribbean native pounds Albright, then looks to drag him up, getting him into position for the Apple Core … BUT ORTON SAVES ALBRIGHT!!! The WWE Champion clubs Carlito from behind, THEN DROPS HIM WITH THE RKO!!!

Orton stands over Carlito … but doesn’t realise Lesnar is getting back to his feet … but Haas cuts Brock off anyway!!! Albright aides Haas, with Orton now joining in, and the three men put the boots to Lesnar, with Orton instructing the two men to get the Iron Man up, before telling Albright to hit his move. Albright - seemingly grudgingly - picks Brock up, AND DELIVERS THE SAMOAN DROP DRIVER TO LESNAR!!!!!

Orton drops down, pounding the mat, veins popping from his forehead and bulging from his neck, as he grits his teeth, snarling at Lesnar, talking trash, whilst Albright and Haas take a look at one another, nodding at their work, before glancing over at Carlito. Before they can do any further damage to Carlito though, Orton is back up, and tries to raise the hands of Haas and Albright … but the Master Craftsmen reject the gesture, with Albright shaking his head. The King of the Ring then carefully tells Orton “Don’t confuse us as lackeys. This was simply convenient tonight … but we‘re not your buddies.”

Albright, with Haas then turn away, and after a glance over at Carlito again, they decide to let him fight another day, and exit the ring, leaving Orton to watch on, whilst Lesnar writhes, as the show goes off the air …



Current Card for WWE Great American Bash:
Date: 8th July 2007
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Alter Bridge; Rise Today

WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar

WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick

WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke

Buried Alive Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker

Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista

Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Any partner of his choosing

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