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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Good point on the Rhodes/Mysterio thing being similar to Del Rio/Christian earlier, BkB. I’d never noticed the similarity, yet you’re completely right. Thanks to everyone for the feedback (can’t rep you again til I spread, Hulk, so I’m saying it here), really appreciated. I’ll try to return feedback for the next shows I see pop up from each of you, though I fear I won’t be much help to you, FluxCapacitor, given my non-existent TNA knowledge. Regardless, thanks to you all for the help, I get the impression my first two shows were solid starting points for both brands; let’s see how it picks up from here. Raw preview hopefully in the next few days, but for now, here’s a couple of notes which I drew up a week or so ago.

WWE Draft and Viewer’s Choice Return; News On Raw Feuds And A Widened Tag Team Division
TWO special, three-hour episodes of Raw have been announced by WWE.com; firstly, the WWE Draft Special will take place on the night following Over The Limit, on the 23rd May edition of Raw. This, as in past years, will feature a ‘shaking-up’ of the brands, with various superstars switching over to the other show over the course of the evening. Also, the night after Capitol Punishment will feature the return of ‘Viewer’s Choice’, with the fans being able to decide on various matches and stipulations for the 20th June show. It is also rumoured that ‘Raw Roulette’ might return later in the year, too.

Two interesting storylines on Raw are those of Sheamus against John Morrison, and Daniel Bryan against Dolph Ziggler; both storylines feature men who have feuded before, sparking debate about creative ‘recycling’ old storylines. However, in both cases, there is a new dynamic to the feuds – Sheamus and Morrison have the United States Title to fight over, whilst Bryan and Ziggler now have their respective girlfriends to be involved with their own personal feud. Creative hope these two feuds (which have both yielded Match of the Year candidates in the past), can only get better over the next pay-per-view or two, as a result of these extra factors. There is potential for new feuds after these two are over, but with an event like Extreme Rules looming, feuds with past heat are more suitable, seeing as they are guaranteed to culminate in gimmick matches.

Following the appointment of Jerry Lawler as Raw General Manager, creative are deeply considering either a move to have Michael Cole only on SmackDown as a manager of Jack Swagger (considering the help he gave him on Friday), or stay on Raw as commentator. If Cole does go to SmackDown, it will invariably open the door for Jim Ross to take his place at the announce desk. The other option is to keep Cole at the desk for now, but have him quit or be fired later on in the year.

It is rumoured that the creative team want to try to ‘reinvigorate’ the tag team division; the current WWE Tag Team Champions are The Corre’s Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater, who could be set for a title match with Big Show and Kane at Extreme Rules. However, creative apparently want a wider range of teams, which explains the use of WWE Superstars to debut Johnny Curtis’ partnership with R-Truth, as well as their subsequent match with The Usos, and the post-bout assault from Down With Zack and Primo. If the division includes Santino Marella’s team with Vladimir Kozlov, as well as the possibility of the ‘South Beach Party Boys’ (Percy Watson and Darren Young from FCW, previously shown in the first two seasons of NXT), then the ‘wide range’ creative are looking for in the tag team division could soon be fulfilled.
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