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Mega Wrestling League (MWL) [We'll change the future of the wrestling business!]

MWL (Mega Wrestling League)

Hey, I just want to say that I really appreciate the comments/suggestions/opinions you had given to me in my last Be the Booker Thread, WWE 2011: The Bigtime Generation. I asked to shut it down due to some bad decisions that I'm using on that thread. Since it's now gone, I must create a new and a fresh Be the Booker Thread.

This one starts after the pay-per-view, WrestleMania, which happened on the 5th of April on the year 2011. Some people know that pay-per-view would not be the ending of the WWE regime, but it's not, because on April 2, 2011, Microsoft Owner and CEO, Bill Gates had bought the WWE brand and even the TNA brand. The McMahons accepted the offer even the Jarrett accepted it for 15 million dollars! TNA production decided to give one more show before they give the shares of the company to Bill Gates! Also, with the McMahons as they give their fans their last show at WrestleMania XXVII.

It doesn't mean that Bill Gates bought the WWE and the TNA, the both brands are now done with their business. But, you are wrong, because Bill Gates decided to make a Wrestling League with two different promotions or brands and that is the TNA and the WWE. Yes, the two strong and famous promotions will not shut down still as they are now handled by a new mega owner, Bill Gates! The Microsoft CEO also decided that he will have a 60 percent share on both promotions! So, the 40 percent of the share will still be on the McMahons and the Jarretts! Mr. Gates also added that he will reshuffle all the rosters in TNA and WWE right now and release some superstars from both promotions due to some budget cuts. He also planned that he will hire the veteran wrestlers and great in-ring workers like Carlito and the other guys because he wants to show the whole world that those superstars deserve a second run at the MWL.

There might be a reshuffle on the roster but, Mr. Gates said that he will be the one who will pick the superstars he wants on the two promotions! He also stated on the huge deal that Pay-Per-Views on TNA and WWE will still be used on the MWL but only the PPV who is considered as a big extravanganza like Bound for Glory, WrestleMania, etc. Mr. Gates wants to bring back some of the old WCW pay-per-views since WWE is now holding the rights of the old Wrestling Promotion. Names like Fall Brawl, Starrcade, Superbrawl and New Blood Rising will return to the pay-per-view scheme! The MWL will have 13 pay-per-views all in all, 4 PPVs from the TNA name, 4 PPVs from the old WCW name and 5 PPVs from the WWE name! The 5th pay-per-view in the WWE is the King of the Ring because Bill Gates really likes that pay-per-view because of its legendary and live quarter-finals and semi-finals matches!

Now, we go to the weekly shows and other stuffs. The deal stated that he will scrap WWE SmackDown, WWE NXT and WWE Superstars and they will have two weekly episodic shows, WWE Monday Night Raw and TNA Thursday Night Impact! Due to some low ratings of the 3 WWE Shows, he must scap it and focus on the real deal. They also decided that they will also scrap the WWE World Heavyweight Championship because of the WWE Championship as the main championship of the WWE promotion and sending the United States Championship in TNA! Now going to the booking rights and General Managers of the promotion, the two promotions still have the right to book matches and even fire superstars whenever they want. Bill Gates will focus more on the products, projects and charity works of the two promotions while the two Presidents of WWE and TNA can still hire new superstars, general managers and other stuffs. WWE President and COO, Mr. Vince McMahon decided that Mr. Theodore Long will the WWE General Manager and the head-in-charge of booking matches while the president of TNA, Ric Flair, assigned the founder of TNA, Jeff Jarrett to be the TNA General Manager.

With the Ric Flair thing, Mr. Bill Gates assigned the Nature Boy and the 16-time World Heavyweight Champion to be the new President of the TNA promotion due to some bad works of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, they need to fire these guys for the future endeavor of the MWL. The handpicked roster of Bill Gates on the two gigantic promotions will be announced later in the evening, as well as the complete schedule of the Pay-Per-Views, Championships, In-Ring Announcer, Commentators and other wrestling stuffs tonight, before April 3, 2011 ends. Tommorrow night, at Phillips Arena, the first Monday Night Raw of the MWL will happen as it will be a 3-hour special as well as the Thursday Night Impact episode! Also, the three sides agreed that the Tag Teams will be considered as one unit, so, they can be assigned on the show handpicked by Mr. Gates together. The contract also stated that the number of superstars/tag teams/womens in the two promotions will be equal and fair.

Mr. Gates requested that he wants to reinstate Crusierweight Championship and place it on the WWE Promotion! He also scrapped the TNA Knockouts' Tag Team Championship due to low popularity to the wrestling fans and the purpose of that is in order to focus more on the Knockouts' Championship! And vacating all the current championships! As a result of this new league in wrestling, all of the current champions before the contract signing will be having a first-class number one contendership at their new promotion or same promotion they worked for. Mr. Gates wants the last champions before the contract was made to have a shot on the title to have a fair treatment to others.

We hope that a lot of wrestling fans will participate and love this new wrestling league headed by Mr. Gates and the two presidents of the promotions, Mr. McMahon and Mr. Flair.

There will be also a new twist in my new Be the Booker Thread! Everytime you will give me an opinion/review, you must rate it the show (WWE Raw and TNA Impact) from 1-10. Every end of the week, the show who will get the higher number of ratings will be considered as the dominant promotion on that said week. This will go on each and every week, and there will be some pay-per-views that will be considered as an All-Star Game which consists the top 5 stars on each promotion who will team up with each other to face and clash with each other at Survivor Series! And at the final pay-per-view of the season, WrestleMania, two of the best stars of the promotion will be handpicked by their GMs or Presidents to square off with each other in a Big Interpromotional Match! Hope you will enjoy this one!

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