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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

2002 brings me back to when WWE really felt like WWE, or F lol. This is a great time period and I have seen a few threads from you before so I decided to check this one out and I wasn't disappointed. I'll touch upon the major points as I go along here but first I have to say that I found the use of the future tense a little bit odd to read. Somebody would do this or they would say that. I don't know, I just found it a bit strange but if it works for you then why the hell not.

-I liked the build up to the reveal of the GM throughout the show. Vince was Vince and I think you wrote him well. Having the commentators speculating continuously over the course of the night was a great way to build hype and I was waiting to see who it was going to be. HBK is an interesting choice. He returned to feud against HHH in mid 2002 and with him bringing Hunter over to Raw I'm interesting in whether or not you are going to rehash the HBK/HHH feud or reignite DX? It's an intriguing scenario to say the least. Also, I'm wondering if the NWO are going to play any part in all this?

-Brock Lesnar's development was awesome. After winning the KOTR I'm expecting an even further push to the moon for him lol. I loved the promo backstage with Taker though. Again this feud happened in real life in 02 but I'm sure you'll do it justice. It will be interesting to see if you do go ahead with Taker/Lesnar and HHH/HBK full throttle. Ending the match with RVD in a countout is a good way to keep both guys looking strong although I would have preferred Lesnar go over to continue his push.

-The whole Bradshaw scenario raises a lot of questions. What was in the letter and why was he so happy about it. Great sense of intrigue and left me wanting to find out what the whole thing was all about.

Overall I really enjoyed the show. While there did seem to be some flatness it is to be expected as you are trying to establish your storylines and set them up etc. I felt that Raw followed on nicely from KOTR so kudos for both of them. The expected push for Lesnar along with the Bradshaw thing and HBK as GM and HHH's possible involvement have me wanting to read the next show to see what happens. Good job.
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