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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment: The 2002 Diaries

HarlemHeat, it is nice to see you back in your First Raw Episode after the King of the Ring! Well, the introduction promo looks really promising and solid to your followers and supporters. You really use Vince McMahon as the opening promo as you use him to declare and proudly announce that he is the King of this business as he is still the owner of his creation! The nightmare thingy was really funny, as Mr. McMahon exagerrated it as a real problem to their business. The promotion was really on the rocks because of these two owners and I'm glad you put an end to that thing. Even though it is really interesting and fun to see them kicking some ass with each other. I'm really puzzled on who will be the New General Manager of Monday Nights, now, Mr. Flair is gone as the Raw Owner! In the real WWE, Mr. McMahon hired Eric Bischoff as the general manager which is kinda contradicting with the former feud between WCW and WWE. Well, that is past. But, I'm sure, whoever that guy is, I'm hoping that the monday nights will be exciting each and every week,

Chris Nowinski? Woah. It is really a big match starter on your brand as you involve also William Regal on that match. Short matchup but really interesting and cool!

Brock Lesnar is not really done yet with Rob Van Dam? Sigh. I hope this one will end really soon because It's really obvious that Brock Lesnar will win against the superstar with an educated foot. First because, he is strong and unstoppable at that time and second, he is the No. 1 Contender for the WWE Championship and he needs a momentum for Summerslam as he faces the Undertaker! But, the promo is really extraordinary as you give us a sneak peek on what will happen at Summerslam! One more thing, comparing Brock Lesnar to the 1996 KOTR Winner, the toughest Son of a Bitch in the WWE, Stone Cold Steve Austin, is really cool and promising! Why? Because you prove to the WWE fans that Brock Lesnar is the new household name on every city and state and Stone Cold is not the fan favorite anymore!

Rob Van Dam and Brock Lesnar having a great match is really cool and one of a kind. Think about this one, Brock Lesnar showing the world that he is really the Next Big Thing and Rob Van Dam as one of the best in-ring competitors on the Raw Brand right now means something on your BTB. But, still, as I said awhile ago, Brock Lesnar desperately needs a push heading to his Summerslam Match with the WWE Undisputed Champion, the Undertaker!

The ending of the show was really UNEXPECTED. I thought it would had been Mick Foley, or even Shane O'Mac or even Eric Bischoff, but it's the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels! But, I have one question for you, pal. What will happen to the HBK? Will he stay as a General Manager of Raw or he will be also an in-ring competitor or both? I'm really puzzled and confused with that situation. But, nevertheless, it is really great that you use Shawn Michaels as the General Manager of Monday Nights! And trhe unexpected reunion of the DX is really exciting to see on your BTB!

I'll add something on my opinion section. Well, first of all, I hope you added some scenes on the DX reunion like the legendary pose, the suck it chant and other stuffass because that really signifies the real DX. But, still, brother, the DX reunion is really good and cool in my opinion. Another comment on your first episode is add some colors on your show, especially with the backstage promos, in-ring promos and even the match itself. I'm really having a hard time to distinguish what is the match, what is the in-ring promo and the such. And wait, add also this one.

Shawn Michaels vs. RVD

Like that one, so we can quickly see and divide our eyes in looking on the promos, matches and what have you. But, the matches are really good. You give us a teaser on what will happen leading up to the Biggest Event of the Summer, SummerSlam and WWE Vengeance 2002! I can't wait to see your second episode. Overall, your first Monday Night Raw show is a 7/10. Not so bad brother. I hope you can improve some of your flaws on your SmackDown! I really love your BTB Thread. It is promising and cool.

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