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Re: Getting high

Originally Posted by GamerGirl View Post
still can net you jail time
Only if you've been caught with a lot on you a few times or are selling it.

But the weed laws in Canada are a hell of a lot more lenient then they are in the States, that's for sure. Weed is decriminalized in Ontario so unless you have enough on you where they can charge you with selling the worst you will get is a fine.

@ Rated R, I've only ever done weed. Smoked it and eaten it. If I wasn't such a pussy I would do mushrooms. OH SHIT GATEWAY DRUG, I'M FUCKED!!!!!!

But realistically the only reason I want to do shrooms is because of Joe Rogan. Had I never heard him talk about them I never would have thought to do them and if I never smoked weed and heard him talk about them I would still want to do them. And now I'm sure someone will come in here and say I'm in denial about it and all those times I argued it wasn't a gateway drug I was full of shit, etc etc.

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