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Re: Being The Booker

Hey Wolfy I'm just going to briefly cover the important points and threads that you've got running at the moment. I've been a long time fan of this thread for years.


Although I'm a peep and I think you've booked Christian's title run well, he's a babyface but he's kept that sarcastic edge to him, I'm hoping to see Kennedy win the belt. He's slowly evolved into my favourite main eventer on Raw and you've done a great job in elevating him to the main event without it seeming rushed. It remember you toyed with making him more sadistic and taking away the KENNEDY schtick but I'm glad to see you've left a bit of his over the top character.

I've never been a fan of Matt Hardy although I know you are so I'm bracing myself for a Hardy IC Title run. The Black Diamond is such a cool nickname by the way, did you invent that? Also a clever idea to give Shelton a mouthpiece in Teddy Long. I'm hoping Shelton somehow keeps the belt but I'm probably going to be wrong on that one.

I've always thought you're one slight weakness was in the tag division. It was still entertaining but there wasn't as many fun storylines like there were in the other divisions but that's changed now. The MnM/ Straight Edge feud has been pretty epic with lots of twists and turns. I was certain you were going to split them up and have Nitro go out on his own but I was wrong. Am I right in thinking his Entourage may involve a Broski?

I have no idea where the British Lions fit in with all this and to be honest I'm confused quite a bit about them. Burchill seemed to turn face without any explanation and the whole Katie/DH Smith affair thing hasn't really been addressed yet. I thought maybe Burchill would have turned on Smith by now and revealed he was always heel but that ship looks to have sailed now. I'm sure you'll be able to explain it all in time though.

I've gotten to the point where I think you've almost booked yourself into a corner with Umaga. Who in the hell can believably beat him at this point? As strong as you've booked Christian I don't see him capable. Nor Kennedy, Angle, Cena etc. He's been dominant and it's been fun to read. You've got Armando down perfectly by the way, great stuff

The Women's stuff from an originality standpoint might be your very best work. You built up this secret so much I was wondering what it could be that would be a satisfying pay off but I think you did it. You've also managed to keep Mickie the sympathetic babyface which is no mean feat. With bad writing she could have easily come as a the heel here so well done. You've had one really good feud out of it with Melina/Mickie and I imagine it will be an even bigger grudge feud with Beth. I've always thought that if I had my btb the biggest thing I'd struggle with would the Womens divisions so I'm very impressed.

The other major talking point is of course the business with Cena. Legend has covered most of my thoughts but I think it has to be said again. The reason you're my favourite on here is the long term planning. I remember the Angle/Hart stuff that was a year in the making with loads of lovely subtle hints. The HBK/Rock feud was the same as well, it was one of the best aspects of the brand extension era when they'd hint at a possible inter-brand feud, like Angle/HBK or Goldberg/Brock and I think you're the master of it. You started to remark on the "Cena/Cena Sucks" chants during the Christian feud. I'm pretty sure up until then you'd always had Cena get a positive babyface reaction. Then the stuff at Vince's farewell, the tapping out to Angle and the recent losing streak suggest a long awaited heel turn may be on the horizion. I cannot wait for that.


I've enjoyed seeing Orton dominate on Smackdown and become the "Viper". I thought pre Wrestlemania he'd sort of been left out in the cold with nothing to do so it's nice to see him rack up the victories and become the main man on the Blue brand. The stuff with Arn Anderson was a nice twist on the evil GM thing. Having a babyface try to stack the deck against a heel and then realise his mistakes was an original piece of writing. It also led to AA leaving which to be honest I'm in favour of. I think having Eric running both shows as a tweener is the best way to go.

I know you've said yourself that Edge has been incredibly lucky in never winning the belt but I think that much like Batista Edge has probably lost his chance now at being Champ. He's been on the verge too often and there's only so many times you can snatch defeat from the jaws of success before people give up on you. As a heel it gives him a little more time but still I hope it's not too late for him.

Much like Kennedy I've loved the slow realistic build you've given London. You didn't hotshot him and make it look daft but instead he's slowly rose through the ranks and it now doesn't look out of place to hear him talking about winning the WWE title one day. He's always an ex Crusierweight, Tag Team and current US champion isn't he? I hope his feud with Kendrick is a long one. I loved the original The Brian Kendrick run back in 2008. Maybe have them battle to become double champions? Either way I hope it lasts all summer. They need to have a ladder match at Summerslam by the way.

Albright was a surprise choice as KOTR but it's one I'm happy with. Heels always work better as KOTR winners for some reason and I imagine this is the start of his ascent into the Main event. With the loss of Jericho and RVD I think the Main event needs some new blood.

By the way you should definitely develop the London/Albright rivalry. It should be like Rock/HHH in that they feud with each other up the ladder from the mid card into the main event. I have absolutely loved their matches, I think they gel really well and I hope to see more from them in the future.

I know you've never liked Booker T so I guess we're going to see him leaving very soon. Possibly due to a heel turn and gimmick debut of The Pope? On the one hand I think it's the right decision to get rid of the old guard like Booker T and if means us seeing The Pope then I'm definitely in favour but on the other hand I think the WWE tag titles need to be taken off AMW. They seem to have been champions forever, I remember the heel turn freshened them up a little but I think they need to take a break. Maybe it's because I never saw their TNA run but I've never really warmed to them.

I don't have my own thread so you don;t have to worry about replying to this but I just thought you deserved to hear some feedback for all your hard work and I felt bad lurking. Hope this helps.


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