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Re: The TwoThousandAndEleven Diaries

Monday Night Raw (June 06, 2011)

We open the show with number one contender to the WWE Championship, R-Truth, who is smoking a cigarette as we join him. Even as the cameras are on him he continues puffing away for half a minute. When a crewmember alerts him to the fact the show has started, he shouts at him, saying that he knows but he doesn’t have to stop what he’s doing at the beck and call of the fans. Truth says that he’s gonna smoke what he wants, when he wants and he says he’s gonna smoke John Cena at Capitol Punishment.

Truth puts out the cigarette and casually throws it to the outside. He says that this is his first shot at the WWE Championship and he says that it’s a long time coming, but he probably deserved to wait this long because back when he was dancing and rapping like a fool he was too stupid to deserve a title shot. He says that he is stupid no more and that he is smart enough to beat John Cena. He says that John Cena isn’t a smart man himself because he listens to the fans.

Cena comes out to a massive ovation and he says that listening to the fans got him to 10 world titles and he wouldn’t take back a minute of his last few years. He says that Truth might have been more successful before is he was a better rapper. Truth calls Cena ‘Vanilla Ice’ and tells him that if he’s looking for a rap battle, to look elsewhere. Cena says that he’s not looking for a rap battle, or a dance off, he’s looking for a fight.

Footage rolls of last week where R-Truth used a lead pipe to attack John Cena, Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger after the main event. Cena says that he’s been angry with a lot of people in his career, but only a few times has he been this angry. Cena says that he can’t wait for Capitol Punishment to finally give Truth what he deserves. Truth says that what we saw at the end of last week will be exactly what we will see at the end of Capitol Punishment, instead this time he will be holding up his brand new WWE Championship.

Jerry Lawler comes out and the Raw General Manager says that he has a massive main event for tonight and both competitors will be involved. He says that both John Cena and R-Truth will have to find themselves two partners for the main event, because they will go head to head as team captains in a six-man tag team match. He tells Truth and Cena to start searching for partners.

Commercial Break

Match One: Kelly Kelly defeats Eve Torres after the K2. After the match, Kharma comes out and instead of pummeling either of the divas, she points first at herself, then at Kelly, then at the Divas Championship, then at the Capitol Punishment logo up in the arena. Kelly shakes her head nervously but then Kharma picks up Eve and threatens to slam her down. Kelly tries to tell her to stop but Kharma keeps Torres up in position, forcing Kelly to change her mind and nod her head. Kharma smiles and tosses Eve to the ground before walking away with a devilish smile on her face.

We go backstage to John Cena, who is talking to Zack Ryder. He asks Ryder whether he is available as a partner but Zack says he is already booked in a match. Cena, however, is then approached by Rey Mysterio who says he would love nothing more than to get his hands on R-Truth. Cena accepts Rey’s offer and says that he has found his first teammate.

Commercial Break

CM Punk comes to the ring with The Straight Edge Society and he reminds the audience of how Kane appeared on Raw last week. He says that Kane is a Smackdown superstar and now that he isn’t a champion anymore, he isn’t allowed to appear on Raw. He demands that Jerry Lawler get out and take action on this blatant breach of the rules.

Lawler comes out and says that Punk is right, that Kane technically isn’t allowed to appear on Raw, and if it happens again he will reluctantly be forced to take further action. He says that in return for last week, Punk can choose any opponent for The Big Show to face for tonight. Punk smiles and he immediately chooses Mason Ryan, but Seth Rollins interjects, saying that he wants a chance. CM Punk nods and mulls over the decision before giving the rookie the chance to face Show. Lawler says that it will be Seth Rollins versus The Big Show, and it will be now!

Match Two: The Big Show defeats Seth Rollins by disqualification after interference from The Straight Edge Society. After the match, there is a four on one beat down on Show, who is helpless, as Kane isn’t allowed to make an appearance and try and save him. The beat down continues for a few minutes, with Show having to be stretchered off after sustaining too much pain.

Commercial Break

Match Three: Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston defeat Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre after Kofi rolled up Dolph when Drew jumped off the apron as he was to be tagged. After the match, Drew jumps onto the apron to presumably antagonize Dolph but Kofi dropkicks him back down to the floor. He says that neither McIntyre not Ziggler have impressed him over the last three weeks and that he’s giving them one last chance next week to prove themselves worthy of a title shot.

We go backstage to where Jack Swagger is standing with Scott Stanford for an interview and his leg is taped up. Swagger says that he is bandaged because of Del Rio attacking him last week twice, first early in the show and then after the main event. He says that Alberto isn’t very different to Michael Cole in the way they fight and he calls them both cowards. He challenges Del Rio to a match at Capitol Punishment and says that if he wants to be a man for once, he should accept the challenge. John Cena then walks into the picture and calls Swagger away as the two begin to talk.

Commercial Break

Kelly Kelly is backstage in the divas locker room stretching when Jerry Lawler walks in and tells her that he regrets to inform her that she will be defending her title at Capitol Punishment. King pats her on the back and tells her that she already knows whom she will be facing. Kelly looks nervous as Lawler walks away making some mumbled comment about “puppies.” The Divas Champion turns around but standing right behind her is Kharma and Kelly jumps as the camera immediately cuts away.

Match Four: Zack Ryder defeats Curt Hawkins after nailing his former partner with the Zack Attack; taking his record up to three consecutive wins.

We go backstage where Alberto Del Rio is talking to Ricardo Rodriguez and he says that Jack Swagger has some nerve challenging him. He says that nobody gets away with calling him a coward and for that, he accepts his challenge for a match. He says that Jack Swagger will learn what it feels like to be in the ring with someone from a real wrestling pedigree. He says that amateur trophies are nothing compared to bloodlines.

Suddenly R-Truth walks up and he says that Cena already has a team for the main event and that he needs partners fast. He says that Cena is partnering with Rey Mysterio and Jack Swagger and immediately Del Rio has interest on joining Truth’s team, saying that he wants to teach Swagger a lesson and make him regret challenging him. Truth is glad but he says that they need to find one more partner before the main event so they walk off in search with the limited time they have left.

Commercial Break

Main Event: R-Truth, Alberto Del Rio and The Miz defeat John Cena, Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio after Truth nails Mysterio with the Shut Up. The Miz returned after his Over The Limit match as Truth’s second partner. After the match, Truth got out the lead pipe and planned to attack Cena but this time John Morrison ran out for the save, returning from injury to a big pop! Morrison disarmed Truth and with the help of the other three faces, cleared the ring. Raw ends with Morrison, Cena, Swagger and Mysterio all standing tall over the heels to a massive ovation.
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